Loving Wife ( Unnamed), Plantation Whereon I Now Live, Mare, 3


Cows, 2 Calves, Yearling, Beaufat, All My Pewter And Earthenware, 2


Spinning Wheels And (Cotton) Cards, All My Chairs And Chest, Cart And


Wheels, Plows, Hoes, Wheat And Wheatbox, Meat, Feed, Vessels, Hogs,


Sows, Pigs, My Knives, Forks Two Pots And Hooks, Skillet, 2 Stands, 2


Axes, Grubbing Hoe, Griddle, Corn Growing And In The Crib, And All


That Is Made In The Johnson Field, The Bread Tray And Meal Sifter,


During Life Or Widowhood, Then To My Three Children: James, William


And Sarah Woodard. I Leave To My Sons 347 Acres Of Land On The


North Side Of Bear Branch, Being In Three Separate Deeds, Also Part Of


Another Tract Lying On The South Side Of Little Quotankney Creek Which


Lewis Bandy Sold Me; I Leave To My Daughter Sarah, Land Lying On The


North Side Of Little Quotankney Creek, Lewis Bandy Conveyed To Me My



Exr: Elisha Woodard

Edward Mayo


William Ellis

William Eillis Sr.

William Josey


Abstracted By Tracy Smith 6-2000


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