Prior to 1726, Robert Route of Albemarle, was Provost Marshal of the entire province, including Bath County. On the 31st of May, 1726, John Bonde of Bath Town was appointed Provost Marshal of Bath County, “as Mr. Route, Provost Marshal of the whole government could get no deputy to serve, and relinquished his interest in the county.”

     From 1726 until, 1729 the principal law officer of Bath County was the Provost Marshal. From 1729, when Beaufort Precinct became a county, and Bath County ceased to exist, until 1738, the principal law officer for Beaufort County was the Provost Marshal. Other early settlers who are known to have served as Provost Marshal of Bath and Beaufort Counties included Benjamin Peyton (1731) and Robert Tripp.

     In 1738 the title of the principal law officer of Beaufort County was changed from Provost Marshal to Sheriff, or High Sheriff. “Pursuant to late law,” William Ormond was appointed as the first Sheriff of Beaufort County.

     Other sheriffs who followed William Ormond, and the years in which they served, are listed below. These names and dates were obtained from the Deed books in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Beaufort County, and are based upon land sold by the sheriff and recorded in these books. There may be some error as to the dates, due to delay in recording sheriff sales.


1738-1739         William Ormond

1738-1740         William Barrow

1740-1754          No Record

1754-1755         Thomas Williams

1755-1758         James Ellison

1762-1764         Thomas Bonner

1760-1762         James Ellison

1762-1764         Thomas Respess

1764-1769           Roger Ormond

1769-1771           Thomas Respess

1771-1780           Alderson Ellison

1780-1784          No Record

1784-1785          Richard Respess

1785-1786         Alderson Ellison

1786-1787          David Perkins

1787-1788          Edmond McKeel

1788-1791         John Kennedy

1791-1792         John Smaw

1792-1793         John Kennedy

1793-1794          Isaiah Woodard

1794-1795         John Smaw

1795-1796         John Kennedy

1796-1797          Lewis Blount

1797-1798          Isaiah Woodard

1798-1799          Lewis Blount

1799-1801   James Bonner

1801-1806          Stephen Owens

1806-1807         William Smaw

1807-1808          Slade Pearce

1808-1810         Thomas Ellison

1810-1813          Slade Pearce

1813-1814         William Smaw

1814-1815         Thomas Ellison

1815-1816         William Smaw

1816-1817          Slade Pearce

1817-1818         William Smaw

1818-1821         Allen Grist

1821-1822          Stephen Owens

1822-1823         Allen Grist

1823-1826          Stephen Owens

1826-1827         Allen Grist

1827-1828         Stephen Owens

1828-1829          Slade Pearce

1829-1830          E. Clark

1830-1831         Allen Grist

1831-1832          Stephen Owens

1832-1838         Allen Grist

1838-1839         William D. Roscoe

1839-1845         Allen Grist

1845-1855          Henry A. Ellison

1855-1860         Jarvis B. Harding

1860-1867          No Record

1867-1870          S. T. Carrow

1870-1871          F. J. Satchwell

1871-1874         W.B. Campbell

1874-1876          F.J. Satchwell

1876-1878         S.T. Carrow

1878-1881         F.J. Satchwell

1881-1883          S.T. Carrow

1883-1899        R.T. Hodges


Abstracted By Tracy Smith on 5-28-2000 a descendant of Isaiah Woodard



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