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3. You may include a fixed timeframe if you wish and give some dates other info that will help others connect to you.

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Surname Time or Name Researcher
ADAMS = Linda Adams Phears
ARCHBELL = Roy A. Archbell, Jr
ARMISTEAD To Present George W Armistead
BARTLETT 1695-1820 Sheri Bartlett
BATTERS = Win Wood
BEASLEY = Sandy Logan
BOND 1695 to ? Mary L. Nyquist
BOYD 1750-1800 Jim Boyd
BRITE 1642-1998 Joann D. Kuefner
BROCKETT = Richard Nash
BRYANT = Sandra Herbert
CARROW = Donald Carrow
CARROWAY = Charles R. Odom
CATON/CAYTON = Hyatt E. Cayton
CREECH = Roy G. Creech
DAW = Juanita T. Paul
DELAMAR = Charles R. Odom
ELLIOTT 1690 to ? Mary L. Nyquist
EVERETT/EVERIT = Ernestine Buck Hurst
GALLAWAY = Charles R. Odom
GIBBS = Diane Mason
HUDNELL = Charles R. Odom
HILL = Charles R. Odom
HOSEA = Susan Marshall
JONES = Diane Mason
JOHNSON = Deborah Devine
KENYON = Tim Kinion
LATHAM = Deborah Devine
MALLISON = John Hill
McCOTTER = Sandra Herbert
MIDYETTE = Rick Midyette
John Nelson
Gail Swain
NOBLE = Chris Noble
PALMER = Anne D. Palmer
PEYTON 1700 to ? Mary L. Nyquist
PRICE = Charles R. Odom
PRITCHETT/PRITCHARD 1600S to 1795 Mary L. Nyquist
RUSSELL = Joel S. Russell
RIGNEY 1670s-1730s Lynn Thomas
SHINGLETON/SINGLETON mid 1700s Anne Condran
SPARROW = Charles R. Odom
FREEMAN 1765-1830 Joy Batteate
THOMPSON = Mary L. Nyquist
TRIPP = Charles R. Odom
WALLIS = Mary L. Nyquist
WHITEHURST = Joel S. Russell
WHITEHURST = Charles R. Odom
WALLACE = Deborah Devine
WATERS = Deborah Devine
WILSON = Vivian Wilson Goodgame
WINDLEY = Ernestine Buck Hurst
WINSTON To Present George W Armistead

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