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Bryan McMahon purchased Lot #65


Mary Aldershain, spinster to Thomas Larke a carpenter purchased Lot #59

August 5, 1734


Richard and Catherine Barnes to Michael Coutench bought of John Collison from Husband of said Catherine purchased Lot # 63 & #64


Will Lot # 27 Robert Tune to John Tune in 1745


Will Lot # 38 Robert Tune to John Benson in 1745


Will Lot # 39 Robert Tune to Thomas and William Tune in 1745


Benjamin Barhard and Martha to Nathan Keais Lot # 12 April 21, 1773 Land obtained from Sheriff Patrick M. no lot listed only date of September 14, 1786


Benjamin Barney and wife to Dr. Ephriam Whiteman Lot # 45 August 13, 1795


John Benson and Mary Benson to John Turner Lot # 38 March 14, 1748


Lot Commissioners to George Birkenhead September 27, 1706


Commissioners to Thomas Peterson September 27, 1706 bounded upon Daniel Mathews


B- 1-69 Lot in Bath, Joel Martin, Mr John Lawson Commissioners to Thomas Roper of Maryland ofr lot in Bath January 8, 1707


Lot assigned by Thomas Roper to Captain John Bayley of Philadelphia

Feb. 27, 1707


James Linton to Geo Barchan Lot # 13


Robert Potter to James Linton Jan. 8, 1725


Christopher Dudley to Robert Potter


Joseph Morgan to Christopher Dudley


Thomas Harding and John Drinkwater to Jas. Morgan October 1, 1710


Captain William Cording to Gilbert Haliday back lot in Bath, Southward by a lot relopsis Captain Kenyon, east the path runs west the street and the front lot belonging to Dr. Edward Tranc was sawed by me and a good substanial, habitable house was erected thereon within the time limited by law but accidentally burnt down by fire after it had been tenanted some years.



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