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Augustus Church off of Durham Lake Rd in Brogden Township (partial listing)
Confederate graves  Most of the Confederate soldiers who died near Goldsboro were buried in various places.  Later, the bodies were moved to Willowdale Cemetery, where they were buried with one monument.  A list of those who were identified exists, and was published in the North Carolina Genealogical magazine within the past 5 years (sorry, but that's as close as I can get for you). There were about 800 names.  The information will be in the cemetery book the Genealogical Society is working on.
I hope this is helpful.    ---  Lynn Johnson
Cox - Coor Highway 70 West 
Daniel Davis  located outside of Pikeville, NC (partial listing)
Deans Tommy Road (SR 1574) off Rte 117 just north of Goldsboro, NC
Charley Denning  John Church Road – State Road 1205.  Southwest corner of Wayne County
Jessie Denning  Richard Smith Loop Road.  Connects to Selah Church Road and St. John Church Road – Southwest corner of Wayne County
Edwards  Southern part of Wayne County, close to Four Oaks, not far off Hwy. 13 
Elmwood Cemetery  Off of hwy 117 south in Goldsboro (partial listing)
Flowers  Harper House Road just inside Johnston County, one-tenth of a mile past Ebenezer United Methodist Church
Howell Vail Road about 2 1/2 miles west of Pikeville, NC in Wayne County 
Howell Grantham Township, Bentonville Road ( SR 1205 )
Indian Springs Free Will Baptist Church Located west of Seven Springs in Wayne County  (partial listing)
James/Seymore/Tilghman  Off of Oak Forest Road in Adamsville, NC

Located in the Saulston area of Wayne County, NC at the intersection of Artis Road and Hill Loop Road

Mays Chapel Baptist Church (partial listing)
Mount Calvary Cemetery  Parker-Hinson-Prince Cemetery. Near Hatch's Mill/Dudley Beach, West of Dudley, off Rd. 1129 on property owned by Barbara Hood Hatch
Mozingo/Wharters Cemetery Located about 6 miles north of Seven Springs in Wayne County (partial listing)
Pate Combs Road  (SR 1549) 
Pelt - Pate Hwy. 111 N. 
Pike Pikeville-Princeton Road  about  3 miles west of  Pikeville, NC
Pineview Cemetery  Southern Wayne County (partial listing)
Piney Grove Methodist Church Located 4.5 miles north of Seven Springs on Piney Grove Church Road
Potts Potts Road 
Providence Church Grantham (partial listing)
Rhodes Cemetery next to Augustus Church (partial listing)
Salem intersection SR 1313 and 1300 
Sasser - Talton Highway 581 between Rosewood and Nahunta, Wayne County 
Seven Springs Intersection of Piney Grove Chapel Rd and Hwy. 55 (partial listing)
Swinge Pig  Richard Smith Loop Road.  Connects to Selah Church Road and St. John Church Road – Southwest corner of Wayne County
Wayne Memorial  off of hwy 117 south in Wayne County (partial listing)
Wayne Memorial Park North (partial listing)
Willowdale Cemetery Goldsboro, NC  (partial listing)
Tombstone photos of these Wayne County  families:
Bagwell  -
Manly -

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Wayne County Cemeteries (a list of some cemeteries that have been identified to exist, not that are on this web site) 

Augustus Church Cemetery located off of Durham Lake Rd in Brogden Township

Blackjack Church Cemetery Located off Blackjack Church Rd on the left side before the intersection of Blackjack and Stevens Mill Rd in Brogden Township

Carver Memorial Park Wayne 351124N 0780449W Mount Olive 

Daniel Davis Cemetery located outside of Pikeville, NC

Deans located on Tommy Road (SR 1574) off Rte 117 just north of Goldsboro, NC

Edgerton Cemetery Wayne 353032N 0780343W Kenly East

Elmwood Cemetery Wayne 353247N 0775809W Fremont

Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Wayne 352640N 0780615W Northwest Goldsboro

Fields Cemetery off of Casey's Chapel Rd on the right hand side after passing the mill

Greenfield Cemetery Wayne 351525N 0775725W Southeast Goldsboro

Greenleaf Cemetery Wayne 352418N 0775811W Northeast Goldsboro

Maplewood Cemetery Wayne 351139N 0780335W Mount Olive

Mays Chapel Church Cemetery located off of hwy 117a right before Outlaw Rd

New Hope Friends Cemetery Wayne 351916N 0775459W Southeast Goldsboro

Old Mill Cemetery Wayne 352318N 0775417W Northeast Goldsboro

Pikesville Cemetery Wayne 352944N 0775753W Northeast Goldsboro

Pine View Cemetery Wayne 351230N 0775326W Williams

Price Cemetery Wayne 351236N 0780513W Mount Olive

Providence Church Cemetery Off of Providence Church Rd in Brogden Township

Resthaven Memorial Park Wayne 351959N 0780425W Southwest Goldsboro

Rhodes Cemetery Wayne 351837N 0780323W Southwest Goldsboro

Rhodes Cemetery located next to Augustus Church

Seven Springs Methodist Church Cemetery Located at the intersection of Piney Grove Ch Rd and Hwy.  55 at the top of the hill behind the church.

Willow Dale Cemetery Wayne 352226N 0775945W Southeast Goldsboro

Warricks Mill Road Cemetery Located 300 yards west of the mill Brogden Township

Wayne Memorial North Located Old Grantham Rd Brogden Township

Unknown cemetery located next to the church off of Casey's Mill Rd in Indian Springs Township

Unknown cemetery in a field off of hwy 111n and Park Rd

Unknown Cemetery located next to Spring Bank Rd in New Hope Township (hard to see) a new highway has been located right through the middle of it on the right (south side) of Sam Casey Bridge

List contributed by David E. Casey    August 2000
If you have any information on these or other cemeteries in Wayne County, please send it to Diana.

Augustus Church

Alice G Jones 1862-1926
John F. Jones 1860-1923
Tingy S. Caraway 1895 - 11/7/50
Charlie Caraway 3/16/35
Oscar D. Caraway 12/17/19 - 4/10/76

Contributed by David E. Casey    August 2000

Cox/Coor graveyard uncovered and cleared by Mr. Seaton Howell on his property some 7 miles west of Goldsboro on the North side of Highway 70 West, Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina.  Mr. Howell has very graciously cleared and made visible the headstones in this cemetery, which had been neglected and overgrown for many years.  He also gave me permission to look at and transcribe the headstones, and has no objection to my posting this transcription on this Wayne County GenWeb site.  Many of the graves are of the children and some grandchildren of Edmund Coor (1811-1895) and Anna Maria Cox Coor (1817-1880), who was his first wife.  Also buried here are the second wife of Edmund Coor, Adrianna (Ada) Hooks (1859-1923) and her second husband, Lonnie Dale (1867-1950). 
Contribution and notes  by Milford K. Kirby, 203 Nicholson Road, Garner, NC 27529. 


 1.  Coor,  Anna Maria, wife of Edmund Coor, born March  1, 1817, died Oct.13, 1880; 
        aged 63 years, 7 month and 12 days
 2.  Coor, Augustin, wife of N. C. Coor, born Oct. 6,1849, died April 5,1888
 3.  Coor, Edmund, born Mar. 10, 1811, died Jan. 18,1895; 
      "To live in the hearts we leave behind is  not to die."
 4.  Coor, Edmund F., born Dec. 31, 1874, died July 8,1876; Aged 1 year 6 months and 8 days
 5.  Coor, Five infant children of E.and A. M. Coor 
 6.  Coor, Johnn, son of N.C. and A.Coor, born Sep. 3,  1881, died June 25, 1883
 7.  Coor, Kate A., born Mar. 22, 1887, died Feb. 7, 1897
 8.  Coor, Levi L., born Sept. 1841, died June 4, 1879, 
        Aged 37 years, 8 months, and 18 days
 9.  Coor, Louisa M., born Aug. 8, 1835, died April 3, 1872; Aged 36 years, 8 months, and 26 days
10.  Coor, Louisa M., born July 8, 1846, died Dec. 10, 1879; Aged 33 years, 5 months and 7 days
11.  Coor, N. C., born March 21, 1844, died Jan. 8, 1886; Aged 41 years, 9 months, 17 days
12.  Coor, William, born June 19, 1839, died Aug. 17, 1870, Aged 31 years, 1 month and 23 days
13.  Coor, Willie, died July 4, 1896, aged 17 years and 7 months
14.  Dail, Lonnie, born Feb. 9, 1867, died Sept. 12, 1950
15.  Dale, Calvin, born 1821, died 1900
16.  Dale, Susan E., born Nov. 17, 1831, died May 22, 1915
17.  Holt, Sarah L. Cox, died June 18, 1871, aged 21 years
18.  Hooks, Ada, wife of Edmund Coor, Lonnie Dale, born Oct. 10, 1859, died Nov. 12, 1923;
        "She welcomed death as the fruition of eternal hopes."
19.  Howell, Emmer, born Mar. 24, 1861, died July 13, 1873; Aged 12 years, 3 months and 19 days
20.  Howell, Penninnah A. Coor Howell, born Oct 22, 1836, died Nov. 2,  1872,
        Aged 36 years and 11 days
21.  Jones, Frederick L., infant son of Benjamin and Martha  Jones, died Nov. 20, 1881,
        Aged 11 months, 24 days      "Farewell dear mother.  I am gone to rest."
22.  Kennedy, M. T., 1849-1893, “At rest.”
23.  Kennedy, Smithy Augustine Cox, wife of M. T. Kennedy, 1852-1888, “At rest.”
24.  Wiggs, Mary,  wife of William A. Corbitt

Charley Denning Cemetery

St. John Church Road – State Road 1205.  It is on the right about one half mile past the Selah Church Road.  Up a path in the field.  Visible if there are no tall crops planted.  Southwest Corner Wayne County.

Charley Denning. June 30, 1827 – April 15, 1910.
Nancy, wife of Charley W. Denning. March 26, 1832 – December 22, 1908.
Luther W. Denning. 1866-1920. Resting in Peace.
There is a cement covered grave next to this one with no marker.
Jesse F. Denning, Jr. November 4, 1902 – January 23, 1971.
John R. Denning. October 13, 1905 – January 30,1947.
E, Florence Denning, August 26, 1872 – May 16, 1951.
Charlie W. Denning. August 19, 1867 – October 22, 1937.
Nancy I. Denning. April 30, 1901 – January 30, 1902. Asleep in Jesus
Norman G. Denning, son of John W. and Minnie Denning. July 4, 1898 – July 5. 1919.
John W. Denning, Father. 1857-1937.
Minnie Mae Denning. Mother. 1871-1961.
Joseph J. Stafford. Co H. 20 NC Inf. CSA
William H. Denning. October 25, 1829 – May 13, 1917
Sallie Denning. March 26, 1830 – March 7, 1908.
George T. Denning. February 18, 1865 – March 26, 1917.
Sarah M. Denning. Mother. 1865-1933.

 Contributed by Judy Lynch <, Goldsboro, NC   24 February 2000

Daniel Davis Cemetery located outside of Pikeville, NC (partial listing)

Daniel Davis b.8/4/1826 d.8/23/1900 and his wife
Chellie (Combs) Davis b.9/16/1828 d.7/16/1896

Indian Springs Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery  
Located west of Seven Springs in Wayne County

Eloise Jones Wiggs 6/19/26 - 10/6/93
Jesse Cleveland Wiggs 12/18/20 - 10/10/89
Earnest Casey No Dates
William Casey No Dates
Infant Casey No Dates
Louise Casey No Dates
Laura M Casey 7/18/19 -
Jonathan Nathan Gregory 12/9/10 - 3/12/91

Contributed by David E. Casey    22 August 2000

Jessie F. Denning Cemetery     Established 1959
Richard Smith Loop Road.  Connects to Selah Church Road and St. John Church Road – Southwest corner of Wayne County

Clarence Wm. Denning. April 11, 1913 - January 11,1990.
Velaria Mae W. Denning. October 10, 1916 – November 2, 1985.
Married - December 30, 1934
Janice Lee Denning. August 9, 1951 - February 27,1998. Daughter.
Bradley James Denning. April 2, 1910 - September 14,1993. Father.
Ester Lee Denning. September 27, 1909 – March 19, 1985. Mother
Married - November 3, 1928.
Billy H. Denning. October 12, 1928. No date of death.
Christell B. Denning. November 22, 1930. No date of death.
Married September 12,1949
Jessie F. Denning, Sr. December 12, 1875 – September 9, 1962. Father.
Maggie L. Denning. April 8,1890 – January 23, 1965. Mother.
Married March 21,1909
Blaney F. Denning. October 26, 1917 – June 22,1959
Jessie Raymond Denning. February 18,1925 – February 4,1997.
Leslie W. Denning. August 2,1911 – January 12,1991.
Vara D. Denning. March 11, 1916 – July 15, 1995.
Lenard Enlow. A2C US Air Force. September 13,1928 – March 23,1976.
Kenneth R. Myers. September 12,1937. No date of death.
Doris D. Myers. July 14,1942 – January 10,1998.
Married - November 2, 1962.
William H. Byrd. 1946-1965.
Primrose A. Byrd. 1945-1965
These two share a stone. Primrose had a picture of a male in a Uniform.
Connie Frances Denning. Born and Died November 23,1962.
Albert Bradley Denning. January 25, 1937. No date of death.
Fay Mercer Denning. June 18, 1940 – August 17, 1999. 
A small metal marker used by Dunn Funeral Home has Elizabeth Denning buried in this grave.
Kenneth H. Denning. 1948-1999. Metal Marker from Dunn Funeral Home.
Jessie Warren Denning. September 28, 1972 – May 1,1993.

Contributed by Judy Lynch <, Goldsboro, NC   24 February 2000

Howell Cemetery This small family cemetery is located approximately 2 1/2 miles west of Pikeville on Vail Road in Wayne County, North Carolina.

1.  Harriet Howell [mother]  born 8-14-1829 died 2-7-1898 
2.  Ellen Radford [daughter] born 9-13-1856 died 7-12-1899 
3.  John W. Howell [son] born 8-5-1862 died 5-6-1934 
4.  Lizzie UNDERWOOD Howell [wife of John W.] born 2-24-1875 died 3-22-1949 

Contributed by Alton Parnell  August 1999 

Mays Chapel Baptist Church

Maude P Jones 4/18/13 -
Leonard Jones 3/9/13 - 11/26/93
James Edward Jones 1881 - 9/23/32
Emmie Howard Jones 4/18/1892 - 4/18/29
Carl Jones (NC prvt Company C 262 Infantry WWII BSM) 1/20/19 - 6/15/56
Nora Outlaw Jones 9/19/1878 - 1/15/56
Dr. Thomas Jones 2/21/1872 - 5/18/41
William Jones 11/14/20 - 1/26/27
Ashley M Jones 1/6/1893 - 12/24/30

Contributed by David E. Casey    August 2000

Mozingo/Wharters Cemetery
Located about 6 miles north of Seven Springs in Wayne County

Rufus Mozingo Sr. N.C. Provost Guard CSA 12/10/1830 - 2/14/17
Nancy Ward Mozingo 2/11/1836 - 1/18/07
Nan Mozingo (unreadable)
Rudy Mozingo (unreadable)
Sudie Mozingo (unreadable)
Jarvis Mozingo 9/1899 - 4/10/38
Ruffin Mozingo 12/10/1899 44 years old
Julia Mozingo 4/18/1899 - (unreadable)
Molly Mozingo 11/10/1873 - 11/19/34
B.F. Mozingo 9/7/1865 - 8/6/14
Pauline Virginia Mozingo 7/6/1878 - 1/1/04

Contributed by David E. Casey    22 August 2000

Piney Grove Methodist Church
Located 4.5 miles north of Seven Springs on Piney Grove Church Road

Clifton Tilghman 12/21/20 - 12/21/37
Albert Tilghman 10/26/1895 - 12/23/30
Alvin Tilghman 10/8/25 - 2/12/26
Thelma Tilghman 4/27/24 - 5/5/25
George R Smith 9/27/05 - 3/21/50
Lela M Jones Smith 10/17/05 - 4/8/66

Contributed by David E. Casey    22 August 2000


Providence Church in Grantham (partial listing)   

Donna Delores Hobbs - 12/4/51 - 11/10/59
Terry & jerry Hinson (infants)6/17/65-6/1875
Norman Gray Hinson 3/3/39 - 12/6/83
Robert Glenn Hinson 6/5/62
Sherry Lynn Hinson 1/30/68
Bertha Mae Hinson 1/6/02 - 2/12/54
Chelsey Floyd Hinson 2/13/00 - 3/31/50
Flora K Hinson 6/5/09 - 5/31/82
Wiley R. Hinson 9/26/06 - 9/5/82
Willie Hinson 6/10/00 - 6/13/17
W.M. Harvey Jones 4/13/1891 - 12/29/71
Lelia E. Jones 9/2/00 - 12/15/84
Alton Leroy Jones 5/7/26 - 4/26/44

Contributed by David E. Casey    August 2000

Rhodes Cemetery

Patricia Ann Hobbs 8/19/54 - 4/17/74
Thomas Earl Jones 12/2/67 - 4/19/78
Herbert Hobbs 8/5/24 - 10/15/82
Nellie Hobbs 3/5/20 - 4/28/82
Eula Mae Hobbs 11/7/31 - 7/18/78
Luby Jones 2/3/12 - 3/5/88
Zina A Jones 2/22/68 - 6/18/85

Contributed by David E. Casey    August 2000

Swinge Pig Cemetery
Richard Smith Loop Road. Connects to Selah Church Road and St. John Church Road – South West Corner of Wayne County

William H. Denning. November 4, 1901 - February 8, 1998. Husband
Mattie B. Denning. June 24, 1908 - July 8, 1986. Wife.
James Martin Denning. 1905-1967. Brother.
Sallie Denning. August 20,1897 - August 1, 1978. Sister.
Baby Girl Rhodes. Infant Daughter of John and Nancy Rhodes. September 5, 1967 – September 6, 1967.
Florence W. Williams. April 2, 1875 - November 28,1945.
Luby Gray Denning. November 8, 1932 - February 24, 1971. Husband.

Contributed by Judy Lynch <, Goldsboro, NC   24 February 2000

Wayne Memorial Park North

Ulysses T. Jones (NC Sgrt 123 base unit AAF WWII) 6/31/15 - 9/8/70
Leroy Best 9/18/19 - 12/29/89
J Haywood Hinson 9/24/13 - 6/13/81
Easter R Hinson 7/7/19 -
Jessie P Jones 7/30/43
Roger Jones 11/27/40
Dorothy Edwards Mae Best 1929
James Asheley Best 1931
James Casey Brown 11/29/11 - 8/27/83
Thelma Brown 6/25/17 - 2/16/2000
Archie Lee Daniels 7/16/36
Shirley Jones Daniels 9/6/40
Edward Murphy 9/15/15 - 2/14/74

Contributed by David E. Casey    August 2000

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