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I William Ellison. Land entry officer for the County of Beaufort, to the
Surveyor thereof said writing.

You are hereby required, on Receipt hereof to Survey and manner according to
the Law for Isaiah Woodard three hundred acres of land in Beaufort County,
North Side of Pamlico River near Town Creek adjoining Stuarts Land and the
land which originally belonged to Isaiah Woodard dec. part which was sold by
Isaiah Woodard to William Boyd and adjoins John Odery? living at Samuel Wards.

Entered in our Entry office on the 9th, December, 1820 and numbered in the
Entry Book 127 and make your return thereof as the law directs given under
my hand at the said office the 21st November, 1820 William
Ellison E.S.

Surveys for Isaiah Woodard
No. 874 Seal just to 100 pole

Surveys for Isaiah Woodard 300 acres of land Beaufort on the north side
Pamlico river and the West side Bath Town Creek Beginning at a Holly and
Dogwood Joel Martins upper corner tree and beginning tree of the land whereon
the said Woodard now lives running No.65 W. 160 Pole to a gum on Jacks
Pond No.1100 pole to appear? in the Huckle Berry Pond East 258 pole to a
pine on a bearch No. 20 E. 60 Pole to Water Oak on a branch No.60 E. 20 pole
to a pine No. 24 E. 34 pole S. 50 E. 8 pole S. 21 E. 20 pole S. 75 West 12 pole
to a White Oak Round the corner S. 15 W. 172 pole S. 86 E. 18 pole to Woodards
line S. 16 W. 16 pole W. 80 pole then to the beginning.

October 16th, 1795
Robert Stewarts
John Woodard
Thomas Smaw G?

State of North Carolina Beaufort County Land Warrant No. 15

A? appears in the warrant Surveyed for Isaiah Woodard two hundred Acres of
land on the North side of Pamlico river near Town Creek Beginning at a sweat
gum Stewards corner near the south Land near Jacks pond and from hence
north the seventy five East sixty fore pole to a Red oak and a Water oak Boyds
south west Corner of the land he bought of Isaiah Woodard and from hence
North sixty five west eighty eight pole to a black gum Oden corner near
the East side of said Jacks pond and from hence with Odens line North One
Hundred and two pole with said Odens line to his corner and from hence north
twenty for pole to a corner and from hence west one hundred and fifty seven pole
to a Wards line and with his line South twenty two west seventy nine pole
to a Woodards line and with his line south forty one East sixty five pole to a
Stake and a Blackjack in the Surveyor and from hence with his line south
fifty two and a half west one hundred and sixty pole to a pine Joel Martins
Corner and a Woodard corner standing on the North side of the main road near
the south land of the Redy? and from hence south eighty six East two hundred and
seventy fore pole with the main road and Stewards line and from hence to the
beginning Surveyor.

March the 24th Day ,1821

James Boyd
Daniel Windley
Chain Beare
By R? Windley D.B.
Additional signature illegible

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