Archives of Beaufort County NC

Kennedy Family Bible
Oliver M. Ellis Family-1823
William Oliver Ellis Family-1888
Gallaway-Butler Family

Jesse Jones Family

David Singleton & Polly
Cherry Singleton Family

Thomas Tuten Family

Martin W. Walker Family Bible

Peter Yeates Family

Gallaway-Butler Family
Noah Gallaway, Jr. Family
Williams Family (Record of
Removal, 1984)
North Carolina Gravestones Database
Kennedy Family Cemetery
Census Records
1850 Census Index
Church Records
Union Chapel Minutes, 1858
Washington Baptist Church, 1821-1883
Court Records
Estate Partition: Zachariah Boyd, 1873
Lazarus Pearce, Estate, 1801
W.L.B. Pearce vs Jno. B. Jasper, 1825
Beaufort County Deed Book, A
Beaufort County Deed Book, B
Beaufort County Deed Book, C
Beaufort County Deed Book, D
Beaufort County Deed Book, E
Beaufort County Deed Book, F
Beaufort County Deed Book, G
James Buck to Edward Laughinghouse, 1827
John Buck to Matthew Kelly, 1825
John, wife Gancy Peed and Samuel Peed, 1812
Johathan Wallace & Nancy Wallace, 1850
Johathan Wallace & John Hobourn, 1821
Sparky Wallace & Leven Osburn, 1856
Sparky Wallace & Thomas L Waters, 1832
Wallis Deeds, 1773-1869
Isaac Wallis & Levin Wallis, 1869
Thomas Wallis & Thomas Ellison, 1779
Thomas Wallis & Jonathan Wallis, 1812
Thomas Wallis & John Bowin, 1779
Thomas Wallis & Starky Wallis, 1829
Batson Whitehurst & Absalom Fulton, 1814
Noah & Sophia Woollard, Starky Wallis & Thomas Watters, 1831
Land Entries for Isaiah Woodard,
1795, 1820, 1821
Beaufort Precinct, Land List, 1717
Allen Atkinson to John Buck, 1819
Isaac Buck to Francis Buck, 1758
John Buck to Frederick Grist, 1801
James Calef to Edward Howcott
Frederick Downs (d. by 1850),
Div. of Property, 1910
Heirs of Shadrack Downs to
Lucy Downs, 1875
Edward and Martha Howcott - J. Calef
Edward Howcott - 1757 - Sheriff's
Sale of Bath Town Property
Edward Howcott to Samuel Smith
Martha Howcot/Hocout to W. Mace
Glidwell Gallaway to
Gustavus Dupree, 1832
Charles Kelley to son Tully 1791
Hannah Kelly to Magor Buck, 1826
Matthew Kelly to Barbara
Buck's Children, 1826
McGilbrey Mitchell to
Thomas Latham, 1849
John Newman to James &
Penelope Buck, 1781
Benjamin Peyton, 1804;
Petition for Division
Edward Ross to Sarah F. Kelly, 1833
Suttons and Blounts, land and tax, pre-1800
Edward Ward to William Congleton, 1731
Henry Warren to son Shadrick, 1825
Shadrick Warren to Henry Warren, 1826
John Worsley to Edward Howcott
Grist to Knox 1812
Jo. S. Pender
Col. C.C. Tew, Commander of Fort Macon, 1861
North Carolina Marriage Database
North Carolina Marriage Database -
Index for Beaufort County
Beaufort County Archives Bible Marriage Records
~NEW~ Lenoir County Marriages, 1873-1899
How to get to the Beach - 1850s
Early Kennedy Family History
History-Pantego School-1874 to 1949
"Pamticoe Cousins of Beaufort County, NC"  Surname Index
Beaufort County Militia, 1781
Joseph O. Moore, 1954
Solomon Mayo, 1796
Wyriott Ormond, 1773
Seth Pilkington, 1751
Johnathan Walles, 1773
Thomas Williams, 1796
Zachariah Boyd Estate - 1873
Isaac Buck, Jr., 1839
Joanna Downs, 1879
Susan Downs, 1895
J. L. Gower, 1920

Joshua Hill - 1833

Edward Howcott - 1749
Mary Ann Kewell, 1857
Daniel Ruff, 1837
William Ruff, 1808

Amos Tuten-1834

Thomas Tuten-1796

William Walker, 1844
Everard Warren, 1889
Henry Warren, 1710 (Bath Co.)

Peter Yeates-1852

John Bright, 9 Jan 1720
Richard Bright, 28 Nov 1731
Sarah Cannon, 26 Jun 1733
Phillip Conner, 20 Jan 1730
John Daivis, 1730
James Fortner, 1 May 1729
John Jackson, 15 Oct 1732
Walter Jones, 16 Sep 1728
Griffith Lewis, 26 Dec 1733
Francis Newton, 29 Nov 1734
James Scott, 6 Mar 1720
John Selvert (Sullivant), 28 Jan 1734
John Squire, 20 Jul 1723
Thomas Underwood, 22 Jan 1734
A-C Index, Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
D-G Index, Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
H-K Index, Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
L-N Index, Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
O-S Index, Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
T-Y Index, Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
Place Index of Beaufort County Will Abstracts 1720 - 1868
Slave, Servant, Housekeeper,
Yellow and Indian Boys

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