The Bright Family of Chocowinity with Related Connections
Can you identify the people in these photos?
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Contributed by Kristin Winfree

Surnames in this Bright family include, Nelson, Mayo. Hill, Godley, and a few others.

  1. Unidentified man, late 19th Century
  2. Unidentified man, late 19th Century
  3. Possibly Augustus W. Nelson. Late 19th Century, ca. 1880s
  4. Unidentified man, late 19th Century.
  5. Unidentified man, late 19th Century
  6. Unidentified men, late 19th Century
  7. Unidentified woman, late 19th century
  8. Unidentified men, late 19th Century
  9. Unidentified man, late 19th Century
  10. Unidentified man, late 19th Century
  11. Unidentified couple and their baby. Late 19th century
  12. Possibly Augustus W. Nelson and wife Annie Elizabeth Bright Nelson with one of their children - 1880s?
  13. Unidentified man, late 19th Century
  14. Unidentified woman, Given her costume and hair style - 1860s-1870s.
  15. Unidentified young man, late 19th Century
  16. This is the prettiest little baby...a boy or a girl? Late 18th century.
  17. This cute little fellow is unidentified too, late 19th century
  18. She is possibly Julia W. or Sarah Elizabeth Bright, ca. 1880s
  19. Possibly Annie Elizabeth Bright, ca.1870s
  20. POSITIVELY identified as being Mary Elizabeth Mayo Bright ca. 1880s
  21. Undetermined children, late 19th century
  22. Unknown gentleman late 19th century--paper frame included with tintype
    ...reads "F.B. Satterwhite, Photographic Artist, North Carolina"
  23. Possibly Elias Godley Bright Jr. 1880s
  24. Elias Godley Bright Sr. (maybe)
  25. Guessing she is Winnie Elizabeth Nelson, dau. of Annie Elizabeth Bright and
    Augustus W. Nelson. Taken ca. 1880s. If this is Winnie, she
    died at the age of 3 1/2 due to unknown causes in July of 1886.
  26. The Bright family photo, ca. 1874.
    The people in the pictures are as follows:

    Bottom row, left to right: Elias G. Bright, Jr.; William A. Bright (twin
    boy); Elias Godley Bright Sr. (father), Mary Elizabeth Mayo Bright (mother),
    Margaret A. Bright, (twin girl), Julia W. Bright, Sarah Elizabeth Bright.

    Top row, left to right: James Harvey Bright, Sidney Churchill Bright,
    Christopher Templeton Bright, Jesse G. Bright, Annie Elizabeth Bright, Mary
    J. Bright, and Charles Manly Bright.

Does anyone know anything about these photographers or studios or when
they were in business or went out of business? They are as follows:

F.B. Satterwhite, Photographic Artist, North Carolina

H.H. Lazelle, Photographer, Washington, North Carolina

J.L. Winner, Photographic Artist, North Carolina

Satterwaithe and Reed, Photographic Artists, North Carolina.

Diane K. Mason 2000