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Family of Francis J. Deaton
17 Jan 1999

Francis J. Deaton was born April 27, 1801 in Montgomery County, North Carolina, and died August 3, 1876 in Allreds, Montgomery County, North Carolina. Francis J. was the son of Joseph Deaton, grandson of Thomas Deaton, Jr., and great grandson of Thomas Deaton, Sr. who arrived from England in 1701.Joseph Deaton arrived in Montgomery County in approximately 1768, with his father, Thomas Deaton, Jr., and settled on the Forks of the Little River, approximately two miles east of Troy.

Of the children of Joseph Deaton, only three sons remained in Montgomery County, N. C.: Joseph Deaton, Jr. (born about 1796), Francis J. Deaton (born 1801), and the youngest son, Dison Deaton (born 1806).Francis J. married Rachael Holderness, the daughter of Reuben Holderness on August 03, 1826 in Montgomery County, N. C. Many of the Holderness family are buried at Dover Baptist Church, Moore County, N. C.

In 1826, Basel Deaton and his wife, Barbara Stewart (Deaton) deeded land in Montgomery County to his brother Francis J. Deaton. Of interest, Reuben Holderness, father of Rachael the wife of Francis J. Deaton, previously held the land. Shortly after 1830, Basel and his wife Barbara Stewart left for Tennessee.

Francis J. Deaton settled on the West Prong of Little River, about 8 miles north of Troy. Francis J. owned a large body of good land, was a hard worker, a good contriver, and had an abundance of life's necessities and comforts. He was skillful in many lines of useful industry besides being a good farmer and stock raiser. His children were 12 in number, 8 sons and 4 daughters.

Francis J. Deaton was proceeded in death by his wife Rachael, who died in 1875. Francis J. Died on August 3, 1876 at the age of 75 years. Francis J. Deaton died 50 years to the day from his wedding to Rachael. Rachael, Francis J., several children and grandchildren are buried in the old Deaton Family Cemetery in Allreds, North Carolina. The cemetery is located approximately 8 miles north of Troy near the site of the old Allreds Post Office. The old Allreds Post Office was once located in the center of the cul-de-sac on the Old Allreds Post Office Road, of Okeeweemee Road, about 4 miles north of the Forks of the Little River Baptist Church.

The Last Will and Testament of Francis J. Deaton was probated in Allreds, N. C. on May 18, 1876.

Three sons and one son-in-law served in the Army of the Confederacy. One son lost his life in Virginia during the war. Two sons and one daughter married into the family of Jonathon C. Cornelison and Rachel VonCannon. (VunCannon).

The children of Francis J. and Rachael Holderness were:

Temperance Ballard Deaton, born May 20, 1827 in Montgomery County and died October 16, 1895. On May 4, 1848, Temperance married Goodman Cornelison. Temperance's nickname was 'Tempy'. Goodman Cornelison served in Company E, 5th Regiment, North Carolina Troops in the War For Southern Independence. They had six children, Bezalul Cornelison, Julia Ann Cornelison, Wincy M. Cornelison, Ellen Cornelison, and Bethuel Cornelison. Goodman, a CSA veteran is buried at Suggs Creek Primative Baptist Church.

Nathan R. Deaton, born May 3, 1830 in Allreds, Montgomery County and died after 1880. Nathan R. married Nancy Ann Cornelison on October 9, 1852. Nathan was a farmer. Children of Nathan R. Deaton and Nancy Ann Cornelison were: Roxanna Frances Deaton, Francis Deaton, Isaiah M. Deaton, Virgil H. Deaton, Martha C. Deaton, Martin Deaton, and Simon Constantine Deaton.

Martin S. Deaton, born April 21, 1832 in Montgomery County and died about 1865 in Leesburg, Virginia. On February 10, 1859, Martin married Mary Ann McLeod. Martin S. served the Confederate States of America, having enlisted in Wake County at the age of 23 with Company G, 14th Regiment, North Carolina Troops. Martin S. died of disease at Leesburg, Virginia during the War for Southern Independence. Martin's wife, Mary Ann McLeod never married again and lived past age 80. They had two children, an unknown daughter, and a son, Matthew Francis Deaton, 12/07/1861 to 11/24/1934.

Reuben L. Deaton, born April 3, 1834 in Allreds, Montgomery County and died June 24, 1904. Reuben L. married Temperance (Tempy) Cornelison on February 22, 1857. Reuben is buried in the Sharon Cemetery in Montgomery County, North Carolina. Children of Reuben L. Deaton and Temperance Cornelison were: Emory Melvina Deaton, Phillip S. Deaton, Lucy Louisa Deaton, Minerva A. Deaton, Marshall B. Deaton, Rufus London Deaton, Sr., Clarence Milton Deaton, Christian M. Deaton, Willis Franklin Deaton, Emanuel Soloman Deaton, and Delphina S. Deaton.

Sarah Deaton, born March 20, 1836 in Allreds, Montgomery County and died October 10, 1903. Sarah married William Riley Cornelison on March 24, 1855. Children of Sarah Deaton and William Riley Cornelison were: Andrew D. Cornelison, Martha Cornelison, Ira M. Cornelison, Barbara Cornelison, Lucretia Cornelison, Albert S. Cornelison, Eli S. Cornelison, James B. Cornelison, TempieD. Cornelison, and Julah Cornelison.

Barbara Deaton, born May 5, 1838 in Montgomery County and died about 1853. Barbara died at age 15 from unknown causes. Barbara never married. Barbara died in the same year as her youngest brother, Abel.

James B. Deaton, born May 6, 1840 in Montgomery County and died March 30, 1917. James B. married Henrietta Jordan and later married Mary Smith after he moved to Tennessee. James B. served the CSA, having enlisted as a 4th Sergeant in the 44th North Carolina Regiment, called the Montgomery Guards on March 1st 1862 in the War for Southern Independence. James B. was wounded at Deep Gully during the War. His wife died in mid-life, leaving him with two daughters. Following the war, he was a dentist whose office was located in Star, N. C. It is believed he migrated to Tennessee late in life.

William Franklin Deaton, born September 27, 1842 in Allreds, Montgomery County and died April 03, 1915. William Franklin married Susan Jane Northington and later married Elizabeth T. Ballard. Warren Franklin served the CSA, having enlisted as a private in the 44th Regiment, Montgomery Guards. Date of enlistment was March 1st, 1862. This is the same enlistment date as his brother, James B. Deaton. It would appear that the two brothers enlisted together. Children of William Franklin Deaton and Susan Jane Northington were: Lucy Rebecca Deaton, John Bunyan Deaton, James Baxter Deaton, David Steward Deaton, Minnie Irene Deaton, Bethel Claudius Deaton, and Austin M. Deaton.

Pleasant Goodman Deaton, born June 9, 1845, in Allreds, Montgomery County and died January 5, 1913. Pleasant married Martha Spencer Burroughs on January 16, 1868. Pleasant Goodman Deaton and Nathan Deaton were the only two members of the Francis J. Deaton family that remained on the large estate of Francis J. Deaton until their death. Now all the property is in the hands of others. Pleasant Goodman's Will named his children as heirs. Children of Pleasant Goodman Deaton and Martha Burroughs are: Alice Deaton, Abner Byron Deaton, Bradley J. Deaton, Wincy J. Deaton, Francis Deaton, Ulysses Hayes Deaton, Sarah Louella Deaton, William Oliver Deaton, and Altaman Byron Deaton.

John Christian Deaton, born September 17, 1847 in Allreds, Montgomery County and died July 28, 1915 in Biscoe. John Christian was 14 years old at the beginning of the War of Southern Independence. John Christian married Sarah Jane McQueen. John Christian and Sarah Jane are both buried at Dover Baptist Church, in Moore County, N. C. Children of John Christian Deaton and Sarah Jane McQueen are: Florence Annetta Deaton, Burton Melton Deaton, Chester Belton Deaton, Duncan R. Deaton, Flossie E. Deaton, Dorsey Elbert Deaton, Charles Luther Deaton, Ida Mae Deaton, and Julian Walker Deaton, Sr.

Mary Ann Deaton, born March 6, 1850 in Allreds, Montgomery County. Mary Ann married John Wesley Moore on August 18, 1867.

Abel Deaton, born about 1852 and died in 1853 in Allreds, Montgomery County. (Note: Abel and his sister Barbara both died in 1853.)

Prepared by: James Ronald (Ronn) Deaton
son of Herman Coolidge Deaton,
son of Chester Belton Deaton,
son of John Christian Deaton,
son of Francis J. Deaton,
son of Joseph Deaton,
son of Thomas Deaton, Jr.,
son of Thomas Deaton, Sr.

James R. (Ronn) Deaton; 2006 Echo Forest Drive, #203; Charlotte, N. C. 28270 704-846-3123

Contributed by Diana Flynn who is researching this family.

EDWIN WOOD--RANDOLPH CO., NC EDWIN WOOD, grocer, was born in Randolph County, N.C., October 31, 1815, son of ZEBEDEE and HANNAH (BROWER) WOOD, natives of North Carolina. In 1818 our subject came with his parents to Lawrence County, Ind., who settled in Marion Township, the father being born in 1791, and dying in 1872, his wife also dying the same year. Our subject remained at home farming till he was twenty-five years of age, when he purchased 160 acres of land, where he remained till he located in the town of Woodville. He was also engaged in contracting on the railroad, starting a store at the same time, and in addition ran a mill. In 1877 he came to Mitchell and opened a store, which he still runs. He has been twice married, first in Lawrence County, February 25, 1841, to MARY E. SHEEKS, a native of this county, born November 12, 1824; she died September 7, 1857, leaving six children: ANSELM, GEORGE Z, JOHN B., HANNAH E., MALINDA and THOMAS J. June 24, 1858, he married MARY L. BROOKS, in Orange County, Ind. Mr. Wood was appointed First Lieutenant of the company of this township, when he was twenty-three years of age. He is one of the pioneers of this section, and does a very fair business. He has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for fifty years, and is a Republican in politics. "HISTORY OF LAWRENCE, ORANGE & WASHINGTON COUNTIES INDIANA" GOODSPEED BROS. 1884


Montgomery Co NC>Carroll Co TN
Montgomery Co NC>Owen Co IN

If you have or know of any other connections please contact me

Montgomery County to Carroll County TN

We have found that many of the people in Montgomery County, NC migrated to Carroll Co TN This letter was received from the Carroll Co. TN USGenWeb coordinator Jere Cox.

"I research Carroll Co. Tn and did the genweb page for Carroll co. Tn. I researched with the county historian until she got too feeble. Showed her the Montgomery Co. NC 1810 census one day and she stated "That looks like a Christmasville, Carroll co. Census. My Joseph COOPER both came from Montgomery Co. We found his marriage to Celia McCLENDON in Montgomery Co. marriages that were recorded in the state capital. Joseph Cooper Jr married Margaret born Wake co. NC thought to be GREEN. A host of Green came with Joseph Cooper to Carroll. We think they came through Montgomery also. McMAKINS, BARNHARDT, GlOSSON, RODGERS, PARK, McCLENDON, FOWLER on and on. My John COX came from Montgomery also. He left 1819 for Carroll. His son William married Rachel RIBLIN of Montgomery/Cabarrus area Dutch Creek area. Seems like she was daughter of Peter Riblin. Black Dutch German got in there someway. Be glad to share any thing that will help. Jere"

Information on Elias Butler states that "Other families who moved with the Butlers include SAMMONS, KEELAND, OZIER, KIRBY, NORDEN, WILLIAMS, MORRIS, SKATES (SCATES), and perhaps ADAY and JONES."

* Terry Noye said her QUEEN family moved from Montgomery County to Carroll County with the Elias BUTLER family.

* Barbara Stacy Mathews said one of the Stacy brothers moved to Carroll County from Montgomery County.

* Dorothy W. Potter submitted the following that migrated to Carrol County TN.

I have a few family names that can be added to this migration: Rowland WILLIAMS (md Mary Mills); Nathaniel EDWARDS (md. Nancy HOWARD); William ROGERS (md. Nancy Green?). Contact Dorothy is you have knowledge of these families.

* Elizabeth Stoddard submitted the following that migrated from Montgomery County to Carrol County & Gibson Co. TN.

Need to add the Smith, Taylor and very possible the Perry family who migrated from N.C. to Tennessee. The Hudson Taylor line from 1790 census - Berry Taylor and George Smith. Contact Elizabeth Stoddard if you are related to any of these families.

If you know of any to add to this Montgomery County NC ---to--Carroll Co. TN list please contact Carroll Co TN

Montgomery County NC to Owen Co IN

Roger Peterson contacted us with a list of Montgomery County Families that migrated to Owen Co IN

"Members of the following Montgomery Co, NC families came to Owen Co IN between 1824 and 1834. BEAMAN, BOLIN, CARTER, HALTOM, HICKS, HURT, JORDAN, LANGDON, LUCAS, LUTHER, MORRIS NICHOLS, RANDALL, REYNOLDS, SINGLETON AND STEPHENS. Their primary church, New Union Baptist Church, is even today, commonly known as Carolina Church. Two Rev.War vets who came from Montgomery died in Owen Co. and filed applications there as did a widow of another. The soldiers were Benager Randall, Joseph Haltom and James Langdon."

You may go to the Owen Co. Historical & Genealogical Society page by clicking on the name and the IN GenWeb page by clicking on the County Name above.

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