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1824 September Term Richmond County Superior Court. Petition for Division of Slaves. John Green shows that his father, William Green, died in the year 1818 having first made a will appointing Robert Green of the County of Montgomery his executor, that this will was proved in Montgomery County. William Greenís desire was that the Negroes should be divided among his heirs including Sarah Green, his wife. The petitioner further shows that Robert Green has delivered to the children of said William Green their share each of said Negroes, except one share which he retained in his possession as the share of Fanny Hill, a daughter of said William Green who died about thirty years past and many years before the death of said William Green, which share the said Robert Green holds in his own hands. Sarah Green has departed this life and that Robert Green has taken into his possession her share of the Negroes ... The Children of said William Green who were living at the time of his death are William Green, Robert Green, James Green, Mastin Green, Joel Green, Sally Green intermarried with John Flinn, Polly Hogan and the petitioner, John Green. James Green resides in the State of Virginia, Polly Hogan in the State of Alabama and the Flinns in the State f -?- Joseph Pickett, Attorney. A copy of this Petition was handed to David Green of Montgomery County by A. Forrest, Sheriff and Samuel Pemberton, Deputy Sheriff. (Source: Richmond County Estate Records CR 082.508.21)