Pamlico County, NC
Archived Data


Carrie Miller Gatlin Bible
Hancock Family
Nelson Family


Appleby/Ward to Gatlin, 1913
Baxter to Gatlin, 1918
Brabble to Gatlin, 1880
Casey/Fentress to Baxter, 1901
Casey to Baxter, 1901
Ferebee to Appleby, 1903
Gaskins to Gatlin, 1926
James L. Gatlin Land Entry, 1911
James L. Gatlin Survey, 1912
Gatlin to Gatlin, 1911
Gatlin to Gatlin, 1912
Gatlin to Gatlin, 1917
Gatlin to Gatlin, 1921
Gatlin to Gatlin, 1925
Gatlin to Gatlin, 1928
Gatlin, Wilkerson to Gatlin, 1910
Hamliton to Gatlin, January 18, 1919
Hamliton to Gatlin, December 10, 1919
Hamliton to Gatlin, December 12, 1929
Hamliton to Gatlin, February 22, 1937
Hamliton to Wilkerson, 1912
Horton to Lewis, 1875
Kenyear to Gatlin, 1916
Lewis to Gatlin, 1877
Long to Baxter, 1908
Long to Gatlin, 1909
Whorton to Lewis, 1875


Pamlico County Archives Bible Marriage Records
Lenoir County Marriage Index, A's, 1873-1900
Lenoir County Marriage Index, B's, 1873-1899
Lenoir County Marriage Index, 1900-1910
Miscellaneous Lenoir County Marriages
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Miscellaneous Records


John Bryan, 1741
William Bryan, 1746
William C. Bryan, 1876
Cary/Carey Estate Records
Dawson Estate Records
Dawson Will Abstracts
Estate Records (loose) Index
Gatlin Estate Records
Gatlin Will Abstracts
Richard Graves, 1730
Kinchwin Gray Jordan, 1875
Miller Estate Records
Tully Sprewell - 1879

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