Division of the land of ELISHA PORTER

This indenture made the second day of March one thousand Eight Hundred & thirty seven between ELISHA PORTER of the county of Pitt and state of North Carolina of the one part and FREDERICK HOPKINS of the county of Edgecombe and state aforesaid of the second part, Witnesseth that the said Elisha Porter for and in consideration of the sum of Eighty dollars to me in hand paid before ensealing and delivering of these presents the receipt hereof is hereby acknowledged that the said Elisha Porter hath bargained sold unto the said Frederick Hopkins a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Pitt and state aforesaid Beginning at three water oaks thence south 64 west 62 poles to a pine the said Elisha Porter's corner thence north 4 East 227 poles to coneto creek to three small gums thence up the various courses of said Creek to a black gum the said Elisha Porter's corner thence south 206 poles with the said Porter's line to the beginning containing by estimation fifty three acres of land be the same more or less-to have and to hold the aforesaid tract of land forever and I do hereby bind myself and my heirs to warrant and defend the right and title of the aforesaid tract of land to the aforesaid Frederick Hopkins and his heirs forever against the claim or claims of any person or persons whatever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. ELISHA PORTER {seal}

Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence of

Test     EZEKIEL STATON  }      February Sessions 1842
         WILLIAM C. LEIGH }      Then this deed was exhibited into open court  
                                                  and acknowledged by Elisha Porter to be his 
                                                  act and deed let it be registered
                                                   Attest  Arch' PARKER Clk


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