Announcing . . .


Chronicles of Pitt County, North Carolina—Volume II


[Intended as a supplement to Volume I—published in 1982 and reprinted in 2003]

Projected Publication Date:  Winter of 2004 - 2005



The Pitt County Historical Society invites Pitt County citizens, former residents, and those with Pitt County ancestors to record family histories in the Chronicles of Pitt County, North Carolina—Volume II.  The book will contain the same features as Volume I—new or updated information on Pitt County communities and organizations, new family histories and photographs not included in Volume I, an index, and a list of names and addresses of contributors. 


This second book of Chronicles will resemble Volume I with a handsome 9 x 12-inch hardbound black cover embossed with a gold seal, and the pages will be printed on archival-grade paper.  Because of anticipated publication costs, the book will be limited to approximately 500 pages.


Since this is a limited-edition book, only those who order and pay in advance are guaranteed to receive a copy.



ê    Write an article (maximum of 1,000 words) about your family or organization in paragraph form, similar to the sample articles included in this brochure and in Volume I of the Chronicles.   There is no charge for the article.

ê    Include photographs to accompany your article, if you wish.  Each photo will cost $10.00.

ê    To honor your family or organization, you may submit photographs for a separate pictorial page at a cost of $150.00 per page.

ê    Complete the order form in this brochure to guarantee receiving one or more copies of Chronicles—Volume II.

ê    Submit your information before the deadline of March 1, 2004.






A.    What to Write

1.  Introduce your ancestors, including names, dates, and special recollections.  Please check spelling and dates for correctness.

2.  Present your immediate family, including names, dates, and your special memories related to Pitt County.

3.  Provide a history of a Pitt County church, club, or organization with information not included in Volume I.

B.   Preparing the Article

1.  Double-space articles (typed or printed from computer), and use uppercase and lowercase letters, not all caps.  Remember to write in complete sentences in paragraph form (outlines and lists are unacceptable).  Include a title for the article.

2.  Limit your article to 1,000 words.  The Chronicles Committee reserves the right to edit articles for grammar.

3.  Devote the last paragraph of your article to your sources (where you found your information, such as a family Bible, personal knowledge, cemetery records, census records, wills, deeds, etc.).

4.  At the end of your article, make a list of every name that should be included in the index (last name, first and middle).

5.  Include your name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number at the bottom of your article.

C.   Photographs

1.  Include, at a cost of $10.00 each, glossy photograph(s)—maximum 8 x 10—in color or black and white.  Do not send a photocopy.

2.  Place your return address label on the back of the photograph for identification.

3.  Write a caption for the photograph on a label or sticky note and place on the back of the photograph.

4.  Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the eventual return of the photograph.

D.   Submitting the Article and Photographs

1.  Complete the order form with your name and address.  To order one or more copies of Chronicles of Pitt County—Volume II, fill in the information requested and enclose a check or money order, made payable to Pitt County Historical Society.

Mail your article, photograph(s), self-addressed envelope, order form, and check or money order to the address on the order form

Order Form         Deadline:  March 1, 2004


Name                                                                              _______________________________________________________

Text Box: Chronicles Committee
Pitt County Historical Society
307 Queen Anne’s Road
Greenville, NC 27858
UPS Address        __________________________       

                                                                     (no P.O. boxes, please)                      

City, State, ZIP   __________________________       

Telephone     _____________________________

E-mail address   _________________________       


Text Box: Please enter my order for:

            Quantity           Amount



Local         _____ Copy/Copies of Chronicles of Pitt County—Volume II

Pickup                   @ $53.50 (includes tax)……………………………$_________


UPS               _____ Copy/Copies of Chronicles of Pitt County—Volume II

Delivery              @ $60.00 (includes tax and UPS shipping)………$____________


Photographs ____ Photograph(s) to be included with article @ $10.00 each.



Pictorial page(s) honoring individual, family, or organization @ $150.00 each$__________


          Total Enclosed      $____________


Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of your pictures.

Mail order form, check, article, photographs to:


Chronicles of Pitt County Committee

Pitt County Historical Society

307 Queen Anne’s Road

Greenville, NC 27858


For additional information, contact  or