Arnold Hopkins Family Descendants

Provided by: Martha Gay-Morton

The following is factual and circumstantial evidence regarding ARNOLD HOPKINS and his descendants in PITT and EDGECOMBE Counties NC. Information developed from femily members, newspaper accounts, bible, land, tax and census records. I welcome any additional information and corrections. I would appreciate references and will be happy to give mine.


Generation 1

ARNOLD HOPKINS (I) migrated from Bertie Precinct to PITT Co. in 1761, 
In the early 1700’s he was listed as a “freeholder” living between Salmon Creek and the Cashy 
River. Name of wife is unknown. He inherited land on Bear Swamp in will of James NEWLAND. 
Will no longer extant.

Generation 2

Issue of Arnold (I) and wife
A. William (I)  m. ANN  
B.  Lewis (I) d. ca 1802  m. ELIZABETH

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Generation 3

A. Issue Wm. and Ann
1.  Louvenia m. Nehemiah DOWNS
2. Arnold (II) m. 1st unknown; 2nd Elizabeth (Betsy) PENDER
3. William (II) m. Sarah (Sally) STANCIL on 22 October 1799
4. Daniel d. 30 May 1846 m. 1st Elizabeth; 2nd Mary (Polly) JINKINS (widow     
    of Dempsey JINKINS) on 28 Dec 1827
5. Frederick m. Sabra STATON
6. Daughter
B. Issue Lewis (I) and Elizabeth
1. Patsy (?Martha)
2. Sarah m. Luke CHERRY

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Generation 4

1A. Issue of Lovenia and Nehemiah DOWNS
2A. Issue of Arnold (II) and 1st wife name unknown: 
1. Elizabeth Pennine b. ca 1800 m. John MAYO (as his 3rd wife)
2A Issue of Arnold (II) and 2nd wife Elizabeth (Betsy) PENDER
Nancy b. 29 Jan. 1803 d. 27 June 1840 m. Josiah ELLINOR
     28 Aug 1833(my line)
Martha b. ca 1804 m. John EVERITT
Whitmell b. ca 1808 d. 1845 m. Sidney BARNHILL
Tabitha b. ca 1810 m. Roderick C. VICK 16 May 1848 
Mary (Polly) b. 1814 m. Levi LEIGH
Telitha b. 1814 m. Wm. T. ELLINOR 10 January 1834
3A. Issue of William (II) and Sarah STANCIL 
Lewis (II) b. ca 1800/01 d. before 1820 never m.
Cinderella or Lucinda b. ca 1802/3 m. William C. POWELL 23 Dec. 1824. 
Lizinah b. ca 1805 d. b/t 1850/60 m. Lemuel BARNHILL
Ethlinda b. ca 1809 d. ca 1829( >age 17) never m.
William (III) b. ca 1814/15 d. 1862  m. Bathsheba PORTER (d/o Elisha PORTER)

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4A Issue of Daniel and 1st wife ELIZABETH
1.  (Captain) William D. d. 10 March 1841 m. Julia BEST 27 May 1830  
2.  Jarrott (Jared) d. 6 June 1846 m. Mary Ann STANCIL 2 Feb 1832
3.  Henry A. m. Nancy WHITLEY
4.  Thomas C. (M.D.) d. 29 September 1846, never married
5.  Harriet m. Jesse STANCIL January 1834
Marina d. ca  1846  m. James F. JINKINS 15 November 1831
(He was s/o Mary JINKINS HOPKINS)***Mary -----JINKINS HOPKINS had 4 children by her first 
husband Dempsey JINKINS:
James F. Jinkins; 2. Elizabeth m. Henry THORN; 
     3.  Sarah m. Silas WILKERSON; 4. Josiah D. JINKINS)
5A Issue of Frederick and Sabra (Savory) STATON
1.  John b. ca 1805 d. 29 May 1835
2. Staton b. ca 1806 d. 1837 m. Susan Mary Ann CRISP 20 Dec 1831
3. Cinderella (Rilla) b. ca 1810 d. 25 February 1848 m. Josiah D. JINKINS 
    10 January 1832 (he was s/o of Mary JINKINS HOPKINS)

Generation 5

1. (2A) Issue of: Elizabeth Peninne Hopkins and John MAYO (She was his 3rd wife; his 1st wife 
     d. in childbirth; he had children by 2nd wife)
1.  Louisa b. 1825 d. 1846 never m. 
2. Lucinda b. 1827 d. 1869 m. Mr. COGGINS
3. William H. b. 1829 never m.
4. Thomas Jefferson b. 1831 died very young

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5. Mary Elizabeth b. 17 Feb 1833 m. Robert BELCHER
6. Joseph H. b. 1834 m. Mary Elizabeth JOYNER Staton b. 1837 died very young
Peyton Hopkins MAYO MD  b. 4 Jan 1839 d. 26 July 1890 m. Susanna SAVAGE 
(Peyton graduated from the Pennsylvania Medical School)
1. (2A) Issue of: Nancy Hopkins and Josiah ELLINOR (he was m. 3X, Nancy  was his 2nd wife; 
    his 1st wife d. without issue; 3rd wife was Lucinda TAYLOR)
1.  Son (died young)
2. Martha Eugenia b. 27 March 1836 d. 31 May 1893
    m. Samuel James FLEMING (I) on 17 Feb 1853 (my line)
2. (2A) Issue of Martha Hopkins and John EVERITT
Martha Ann
Francis Grimes
3. (2A) Issue of Whitmel Hopkins and Sidney BARNHILL (after Whitmel died  she m. 
     Martin T. POPE 28 Feb. 1854)
Elizabeth m. Mr. DAVENPORT
Arnold (IV)

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4. (2A) Issue of Tabitha
VanBuren HOPKINS b. ca 1839 d. 15 September 1859 never married (evidently he was born on the 
wrong side of the blanket and was murdered by John Coggins who was feeble-minded and hit him 
over the head with an ax. He never married) I don’t know if Tabitha had any children with 
5. (2A) Issue of Mary Hopkins and Levi LEIGH; UNKNOWN 
6.(2A) Issue of Telitha Hopkins and William T. ELLINOR (brother of Josiah) UNKNOWN
1.  (3A) Lewis never married. 
2. (3A) Cinderella/Lucinda m. William C. POWELL, large family lived in MARTIN Co.  
3.  (3A) Issue of Lizinah and Lemuel BARNHILL   
   1.  William
   2. Henry A.
   3. Milley
   4. Daughter
   5. Lemuel Jr.
4.  (3A) Ethlinda never married 
5. (3A) William (III) and Bathsheba PORTER (unsure if they had any children)                        
1-6 (4A) No information at this time

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1. (5A) Issue of John;  No information
2. (5A) Issue of Staton and Susan Mary Ann CRISP; No information
3. (5A) Issue of Cinderella (Rilla) Hopkins and Josiah D. JINKINS  (***Grandsons of Frederick 
          and Sabra HOPKINS and sons Mary JINKINS HOPKINS 2nd wife of Daniel Hopkins)
   1. Frederick Hopkins JINKINS (Captain CSA Co. B 33 NC Reg., Planter,     
          Attended UNC @ Chapel Hill 1854-55) b. 18 September 1836 
      d. 3 June 1862 m. Hannah Gainer Drupina STATON.
   2. John McGilbra JINKINS (Farmer, attended UNC @ Chapel Hill 
          1854-57) b. 19 November 1837 d. 2 January 1911 m. Sally MOORE 
   3. Joseph VanBuren JINKINS (5th NC Reg. Vol. CSA, Graduated from  
           UNC @ Chapel Hill with A.B. in 1861) b. 24 December 1840 
        d. 7 October 1861 @ Yorktown, Va. Never married.

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(1.2A) Issue of Martha Eugenia ELLINOR and Samuel James FLEMING
(Sam & Martha lived in Leon County Florida on a plantation called Riverdale Hall outside of 
 Tallahassee on the Oklocknee River, all the children were born there.)
1.   Eugenia Celeste  b. 27 Sept 1854
2.  Iola Rectinah b. 29 Oct 1857
3.  George Henry b. 5 June 1860 died as an infant
4.  Eleanor Estelle 11 March 1863
5.  Elizabeth Leila b. 27 August 1865
6.  William McDowell b. 28 Feb 1868
7.  James Douglas (Douglace) b. 22 Aug 1870
8.  George Durant b. 16 Nov 1872
9.  Arthur Randolph b. Feb 1875
10. Samuel Knox b. 22 Sept 1876
11.  Forney Withers b. 1 Jan 1879

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