Descendants of Mary "Millie" Bray-1

Millie Bray showed up in Rockingham County in 1878, with her 9 year old son, Francis. She never told anybody where she came from. Not even her son. She said her married name was Talley, but no relation to the Allen Talley Family. My Aunt Billie once told me that a man named Port McCoy said that Millie was so protective of Francis that she never let him out of her site to the point that he worked in the fields with her and never attended public school. Thus, the reason why he was shown in the 1910 United States Census of Rockingham County as unable to read or write but, his daughters; Sarah, Zola and Lelia were attending public school and were shown as able to read and write. No small feat in those days. Francis' first wife died in April 1923 and Aunt Billie told me that he went to Guilford County and married Carrie Ann Glidwell. It is the decendents of Francis and Carrie Ann with whom I have not been able to make contact.

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