Rhodes/Joyce Cemetery
Rockingham Co. NC
(submitted by Howard Sparks)

Location:  Hwy. U.S. 220 Business North at City Limits of Stoneville, NC 27048

In trees on left side of road going north.

This is, in reality, three separate cemeteries -  Grogan/Roberts Family CemeteryNathaniel Dodd Family Cemetery and the Rhodes/Joyce Cemetery -one just outside of the tree line, one inside a rusting fenced area and the last in the trees to the North of both of these.  All three are within fifty feet of each other.  Graves are on private property of a Mr. Holland, who gave permission for the collection of this information.

(in trees)

Lots of gravesites marked only with stones.

NH Rhodes
Born 9-16-1821
Died 6-25-1865
"His toils are past, he fought the fight, the victory won" inscription on stone

Wife of Nathaniel Rhodes
Born 4-22-1837
Died 11-17-193?  (Stone in very bad shape and could not read last number of year)

One larger, broken stone, not on a grave site:

Daughter ?????? Joyce ????
???????? Joyce
Born Sept. 1803
????????(unreadable writing on stone)
Died  Dec. 1835
"Age 32 yr. 3 mnt and 2 wks"
?????????(another unreadable inscription)

NOTE:  All unreadable markings are noted with ?????'s


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