Rockingham County, N.C. Superior Court Minute Docket
[LDS film #518257]

p. 103: Sept. 1846 court
JAMES MARTIN and others
Petition for sale of land

    The master having submitted his report to this term in obedience to an order of the last court, setting forth how the monies arising from the sale of the lands mentioned in the pleadings in this case is to be divided, and no exceptions being taken to said report, it is ordered that the same be in all things confirmed.

    It is further considered and adjudged by the court that the master be allowed the sum of five dollars for his said report to be taxed in the Bill of Costs.

    This cause coming on to be further heard and for the further direction upon the masters report, orders heretofore made and the suggestions of counsel, it is considered ordered adjudged and decreed by the court, that the master proceed to collect the purchase money for the lands set forth in the petition in this case when the same shall fall due, and that after deducting the cost of suit, he pay over the net proceeds of the sales of said lands (to wit, the sum of eight hundred and seventy three dollars and eighty eight cents as follows. Viz --

To JAMES MARTIN........ 1/8 part...$109.235
To ELIZABETH WITTY.... 1/8 part...$109.235
To LEVI K. MARTIN....... 1/8 part...$109.235
To ELIJAH MARTIN........ 1/8 part...$109.235
    1/8 part for  his said wards to be
    equally  divided between them...$109.235
To REBECCA MARTIN... 1/8 part...$109.235
To ANSELUM REED Guardian of
    DETHA MARTIN 1/8  part
    for each of his said wards..........$218.47

upon the said Reed entering into bond with good and sufficient security, securing to his said wards or their legal representatives according to law the sums to which they are entitled before the same is paid over to him -- It is further ordered by the Court that in case the said Anselum Reed fails to receive the shares of his said wards and give the bond aforesaid, that the Clerk & Master of this Court loan out the same until the further order of this court.

Rockingham County, N.C. Superior , Court  Minute Docket
[LDS film #518257]

p. 154: March 1848 court
Petition for sale of land.
 In this case it is considered by the Court that the master pay to the husband of the petitioner, Detha, CALEB A. LAURENCE, on the conveyance or power of law husband and wife duly executed and to which the wife may be privately examined.
 It is further considered that the master make title to the purchasers on the payment of the several purchases and one of the purchasers, ELIJAH WITTY, being dead, it is considered that the master make title to the heirs at law of the said Elijah Witty..


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