Rockingham County North Carolina

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In the name of God Amen, I William O. SHORT of Rockingham County and State of North Carolina being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and know that it is doomed for all men once to die, do this first day of March A.D. Eighteen hundred and fifteen make and publish this my last Will and testament in manner & form following. That is to say first I recommend my body to the grave to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executor and my Soul unto the hands of almighty God that gave it.

Item 1st First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Jean SHORT one hundred acres of land lying up and down the road it being part of the Mitchell tract during her natural life or her remaining my widow taking in my mansion house, provided she should raise my youngest son Wilson SHORT and give him one years schooling at least but if she the said Jean SHORT should fail to do that, she is only to have the benefit of Fifty acres taking in my mansion house and lying on the south side of the land and have the benefit of the one hundred acres for five years let her school my son or not. Also I give her one sorrel mare known by the name of Diamond mare also one cow and calf, one sow and pigs, our bed & furniture and her own saddle, also one flax wheel and one cotton wheal. 

Item 2nd I give to my daughter Polly BLACKBURN one Bay horse known by the name of Friday.

Item the 3rd I give to daughter Sarah DELAY the plantation whereon she now lives and apart of my old plantation beginning at the creek then up to the old house & thence up to the draw barn for two years provided she should take one of my sons that is to say Samuel SHORT & board wash make & mend for him during the time of two years and also give him schooling for one of the above years, for the use of said land & the balance of his time he is to work for her benefit. 

Item 4th I give to my daughter Delilah BLACKBURN the balance of the old plantation up to R CUMMINGS line for two years with the privilege of moving the old Shop anywhere for her own benefit, provided she should take my son Briar Short and board, make and mend for him and give him one year schooling the balance of his time he is to work for her benefit. 

Item the 5th I give to my Daughter Rachel RICKARD fifty dollars to be raised out of the sale of my chattel property. 

Item the 6th I give to my two sons Samuel SHORT & Briar SHORT all my old tract of land to be equally divided (equal number of acres) beginning at the creek and running up to the south line, and also I give to Samuel SHORT my Medly horse and to my son Briar SHORT my Pedge mare which Delilah BLACKBURN is to take with my son Briar and have the use of, and feed during the time she keeps him, and also Sarah DELAY is to take the horse left to Samuel SHORT & feed and use him during the two years she keeps Samuel SHORT

Item the 7th I give to my son Wilson SHORT all the balance of my land to have full privilege of the whole after the death of my wife or her ceasing to be my widow. I also give him a filly which is the only one I have. 

Item the 8th I give to my son Aaron SHORT five shillings and to my son James SHORT five shillings and to my son Moses SHORT five shillings and to my son William SHORT five shillings all to be raised out of the sale of my chattel property and all the balance of my property to be sold to the highest bidder and after paying all my just debts the balance of the proceeds is to be divided between my Daughter Rachel RICHARDS & my grand daughter Jean SHORT so as for Rachel to have fifty Dollars and Jean to have twenty Dollars and if a balance should still remain it is to be equally divided between the said Rachel RICHARDS & the said Jean SHORT my grand daughter - I also will that as much of my corn be sold for cash as will raise the sum of thirty three dollars which is money I hold in my hands due my Bro MosesShort as a legacy. And I hereby make and ordain my worthy friends John LOWE and Nathaniel D. MURRAY Executors of this my last will & testament in witness whereof I the said William O. Short have to this my last will and testament set my hand & affixed my seal this day & year above written. 

William O. SHORT (seal)


Signed sealed published & declared 
by the said William O. SHORT the Testator 
as his last Will & testament in the 
presence of us who were present at the time
of signing and sealing thereof

We were present at the signing and sealing of the within.

George SAMON **  his mark [? Lamon] + mark 

State of North Carolina
County of Rockingham 
May Sessions 1815 

The Executors of the within last will and testament of William O. SHORT was duly proved in open court by the oath of George SIMONS*** [? Lomons] and on motion the same was ordered to be recorded.


**Surname could be SAMON, LAMON or LOMON. 

***Surname could be SIMONS, LOMONS, or LEMONS. 

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