About Wayne County

Wayne County was created in 1779, when it was formed from the western half of Dobbs County. Twelve years later, in 1791, the remainder of Dobbs County was divided into Lenoir and Glasgow (Greene after 1799), and Dobbs County thus ceased to exist.  The early records of Dobbs County were destroyed when the Lenoir County Court House was burned in 1878.  Wayne County was named for Revolutionary War General Anthony Wayne (called "Mad Anthony"), hero of the Battle of Fallen Timbers.  It is in the eastern part of North Carolina and is surrounded by Johnston, Wilson, Greene, Lenoir, Duplin, and Sampson counties. 

New:  War-Time Reminiscences and Other Selections by J. M. Hollowell

Back in 1909, the late J. M. Hollowell wrote a series of articles of a historical nature, which were published in The Goldsboro Weekly Record.  Following Mr. Hollowell's death June 18, 1912, these articles appeared in The Goldsboro Herald.

Believing that these articles published in handy booklet form would be of interest to many people, the publisher of The Herald gave them away with each year's subscription to The Goldsboro Herald in June 1939.

Articles on Wayne County's History:

American Revolution Bicentennial articles published by News-Argus in 1975

Early History Told In Bibles: Hatch & Lancaster Family Bibles
Early Goldsboro People, Homes
McKinnes Were Giants Among Early Settlers
Goldsboro Churches Organized in 1800's
John Kennedy Among Leading Wayne Settlers 
Gen James Rhodes Among Leading Settlers
Uzzles Settled Walnut Creek Area
Wayne Female College - A Part of Our History

"Our Heritage" articles published by  Mt. Olive Tribune

Wayne County - 1884
The Pioneering Ivey Family
The Lady of Vernon 
Waynesborough Park is Dedicated 
A History of Dudley 
You Could Be Living in King County 
Mrs. Mary Hinton Caraway Parker 
Dr. Andrew Bass: Founder of Waynesborough 
Dewey Brothers, Inc., of Goldsboro 

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