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Mount Calvary Cemetery (Parker-Hinson-Prince Cemetery)
  near Hatch's Mill/Dudley Beach, West of Dudley, off Rd. 1129
  (on property owned by Barbara Hood Hatch)

Plate at the gate-"One acre this enclosure, the center and a driveway
twenty feet wide extending to the public road is deeded forever to the
heirs of Amos M. Prince, George F. Parker, Giles Hinson and the founders
of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. 1922"

Mary D. Prince  Born February 9, 1827  Died May 3, 1901

Amos M. Prince Born October 2, 1846  Died May 20, 1902

Delila Jane Hinson-wife of Amos M. Prince  Born June 17, 1848  Died March 4, 1920

Elmer Cleveland Prince-son of Amos M. and D. Jane Prince  
Born August 4, 1883   Died August 15, 1913  "Why shouldst thou die before thy time?"

Alice-daughter of A.M. Prince and D.J. Prince  Born November 30, 1872
Died May 15, 1880  "safe in the harbor before the storm"

Susan Frances Prince Pate  Born October 22, 1867  Died March 4, 1944

Alex Miller Pate  Born November 15, 1868  Died November 7, 1947

James Rufus Satterfield  Born May 1, 1867  Died July 10, 1889  "He who
doeth the will of God abideth forever"

Infant daughter of R.P. and Julia G. Satterfield  March 13, 1923

Rufus Prince Satterfield  Born February 18, 1890  Died December 14, 1934

Infant son of Hallie Pate Ward  February 8, 1938

Our Father-Robert R. Hinson  Born August 8, 1825  Died March 2, 1901
A member of C.C. 51st N.C. regiment 1862-1865  "We question not, God
knoweth best, we should not murmur when we weep, His feet were weary,
let him rest, God giveth his beloved sleep.  But it is hard, but God is
just and well we know his ways are wise and someday from the dreamless
dust, Our fondest hopes again will rise, we can but trust and trusting
wait  And waiting will not be in vain, Some day we'll read the book of
fate and God will make his purpose plain." CSA

Melvin-son of R.R. and Molsey Hinson  Born May 9, 1871   Died November
22, 1893  "To die is gain"

Rebecca Hinson  Born August 21, 1850  Died November 17, 1871

Our Mother-Molsey Hinson  Born April 25, 1831  Died July 17, 1883

Maude L. Hinson   March 29, 1904

Douglas W. Hinson  January 12, 1908

Alvis B.  son of R.A. and M.S. Parker  Born August 11, 1889  Died
October 23, 1891  "Suffer little children to come unto me"

Infant son of E.H. and M.H. Parker  Born March 24, 1899  Died April 7,
1899  "Gone so soon"

George F. Parker  Born November 14, 1832  Died October 16, 1895
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints"

Kitty, daugther of G.F. and K.F. Parker  Born May 23, 1866  Died
November 14, 1899

Hilda G.  daughter of R.A and M.S. Parker  Born June 27, 1903  Died
February 4, 1904

Robert W.  infant son of C.N. and F.M. Parker  Born May 6, 1908  Died
August 16, 1908  "Not lost but gone forever"

Fred H.  infant son of C.N. Parker  December 5, 1905  April 25, 1906

Clarence J. son of B.A. and M.S. Parker   Born August 2, 1887  Died May
27, 1889   "only sleeping"

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