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red push pin imageHello, my name is Tom Baker. My grandmother, Katherine Carmichael, and her sister, Anne Carmichael, were born in Goldsboro in the early 20s and grew up there. Anne was born in Goldsboro on January 26, 1923. Both sisters moved to Los Angeles in the late 1930s/early 1940s, Katherine to act and Anne to sing. Katherine became an artist and raised a family with 6 children in Los Angeles, where she died in 1992. Anne went on to some celebrity, starring in the Flying Leathernecks with John Wayne and a movie with Frank Sinatra, as well as quite a few other movies in the 1940s and 1950s. She was also the lead role in Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate on Broadway in New York City in the late 1940s, where she performed this role 867 times. Her online biography is at and considering she's a Goldsboro native who has done so well, I figured you might find her notable for your website. She will be 80 years old in 2003 and still resides in Beverly Hills, California. Now that my grandmother is
dead and I am not in touch with Anne (I live in Maine so it is difficult), I was wondering if you had any information on either of these women. You probably don't, but everything I've told you here is fact; I've researched it quite a bit and I'm just trying to learn more. I've heard I still have family under this surname in Wayne County. My great aunt Anne Carmichael later went as Anne Jeffreys during her acting career, so I don't know if there is anyone left under the Carmichael surname in Wayne County, or if they also changed their names to Jeffreys (I highly doubt it). Anyway, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I live in Maine now and do not have the opportunity to do any real family research other than internet searching. I know my family has been in Wayne County for some time; I have a family member named Zadoch Carmichael who resided in Wayne County in the later 19th century and was a graduate of UNC, Chapel Hill some time in that period, and I have a family member who was in the Civil War. I'm not sure if he participated in the battle of Goldsboro, but I heard he was one of the engineers who participated in blowing the bridge up and/or flooding the area during the retreat from the yankees. As you can see, my information on my North Carolina relatives is sketchy and fragmented at best. I was hoping some of this would ring a bell, and if it doesn't, if you could pass this on to others who might know a bit more. I'm totally out of touch with any relatives I might still have in the state, and if they're still there, I believe they're still in Wayne County and probably still under Carmichael.

Thank you for your help,
Thomas Baker
Bangor, ME

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red push pin imageLooking for a family cemetery on State Road 1745 about 4 miles south of Route 111.  I would appreciate a more definate location with a possible land mark.  My g-g-grandparents are buried there.  Matthew and Zilphia Smith.  Also buried are Lewis and Charlotte Outlaw.
Letha Marshall           Jun 02 2001

RESPONSE:  I received a note from the file manager of the Archives Project that he has recently added much cemetery information.  Advise you to check that site at .  Look under under Gravestone Inscriptions.             Diana  13 Jun 2001 

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red push pin imageThere is a cemetery in Dudley. I am not from the area but I can only say
that it is near the Georgia-Pacific plant. Many of my relatives are buried
there. It may be known as the Budd-Simmons Cemetery. Would you have any
information on it?  I plan to go to NC sometime during the summer. If there
are no records on this cemetery, I wouldn't mind doing a transcription (part
of it is overgrown, however). Are there transcription guides. 
Sharon  Coor-Barry   30 May 2001 

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red push pin imageI am trying to help a friend to find out about her Grandfather and his other relatives. His name was James Ballard. Supposed to have been born in Goldsboro.Married a Willie Florence Pearsall. They had two children Evelyn and Aileen. James and Willie  were married in Aug. 1928 in Duplin County. I run into a dead end with trying to get info about James Ballard and his
ancestors. Does anyone have any info to share. They were a black family.
    28 May 2001

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 red push pin imagecan any body help me find my  4x greatgrandfathers  reg.his pension papers
filed in 1903 state he was in one of the above units his name was curtis
                              thanks;   s mitchel l
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red push pin imageMy name is Jack Dixon Smith Jr and I grew up in Rosewood off hwy 581. I have an ancestor who fought in the civil war that was buried in an old family cemetery, which had not been maintaned for over 30 years. My father and I have been cleaning this cemetery; one day every week since January and it is finally presentable to the public.  While cleaning this cemetery when found a grave marker to a Union soldier named "Henry Myers" he was in Company A of the 2nd Maryland Infantry.  I know where he fought and when he got out of the service but what I don't know is why he, or how he came to be buried in this Wayne county cemetery.  Is there any way we could find out through Census or Wills who this gentleman is beyond being a Union soldier?  We're having a "Grave Marker Dedication" on Saturday May 5th at
11:00am to honor both Union and Confederate veterans of which your welcome to attend.  The cemetery is located off Hwy 70 east on 242 Ebenezer Church Rd (between Princeton and Rosewood).  There will be Civil war reenactors on hand as well as representatives from both the SCV(Sons of Confederate Veterans) and SUV (Sons of Union Veterans).  I would love to have more information on this "Henry Myers" if you could please help me find out more about him.  
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red push pin imageEach county in N. C. published a book some 20/30 years ago about families in their county.  It was strictly voluntary on submissions.  These books are available through each county library and through the State Genealogy Library in Raleigh, N. C. In addition, N. C. has a great state library with tremendous resources.  You would do well to come for a visit.  Good luck.  Debbie Ward  5 April 2001
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red push pin image Can anyone tell me  what hwy. the Carraway Plantation is on?  My mother was a Carraway from around  Goldsboro and Snow Hill. My grandparents Willie Carraway and Ida Sauls. ggrandparents James Carraway and Sarah Chase  
Ruby Taylor Moore 

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anyone who knows the story about faye evans, someone told me she had died at an early age, i was a friesn of hers and would like to know if this is true and the facts if possible, she went to charles b aycock, pikeville should have graduated 1965 or so, i know she married and i saw her and her husband and spoke to them but cannot remember his name. any info please e-mail me  garland (eddie) brinson   7 March 2001

horizontal rulered push pin imageI am trying to find the location of the Britt family cemetery.  I know it is near Mt. Olive, and was told it may be in Brighton or Fort Township.  My grandfather, Leland Birke Grantham (died May 28, 1942), great Grandfather, Richard Manly Grantham (died Feb. 7, 1907), and great Grandmother, Laura Virginia Britt (died Feb. 21, 1921) are buried there.  Thanks for any help.
Steve Smith   5 February 2001 
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red push pin imageOn several of your web pages there is a reference to Smith Chapel, Wayne County.  Where is that located on a map......  I can't find it..  Thanks, Dan   18 December 2000
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red push pin imageI have a relative who died on November 20, 1946.  Her location at the time of death is listed on the death certificate as Co. Sanatorium.  Can anyone give me more info on this institution?  Also, I am researching the African American Miller and Jones families of Duplin and Wayne Counties and also the people who owned them during slavery.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll be happy to share what info I have.
Lynecia Jones    28 November 2000 

horizontal rulered push pin image I would love to have information about Peacherina. I have been told by Dr. James Davis, late, of Durham, NC that some of our relatives lived in that area. It  was near the area of Genoa  or Dudley  I believe.  Sarah Lynne Davis  Isaacs

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red push pin imageCan anyone recommend a genealogist for hire that is very knowledgeable in Wayne and Greene County records? Please contact me at    Thanks,  Chris 2 October 2000 

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red push pin image NAME: Richard Long
DATE: Sep 27 2000
QRYTEXT: Is there a cemetery in or near Goldsboro where confederate casualties were buried. I am looking for the burial place of Bennett LONG, a private in Co. K, 15th NC Regiment who died in a Goldsboro hospital Apriul 6, 1862 of disease after only 10 months of service.

RESPONSE:  (because of general interest)  

Most of the Confederate soldiers who died near Goldsboro were buried in various places.  Later, the bodies were moved to Willowdale Cemetery, where they were buried with one monument.  A list of those who were identified exists, and was published in the North Carolina Genealogical magazine within the past 5 years (sorry, but that's as close as I can get for you). There were about 800 names.

The information will be in the cemetery book the Genealogical Society is working on.

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red push pin imageQRYTEXT: Looking for cemeteries in the Goldsboro area where Confederate soldiers may have been buried.  William Owen(s) died in 1863 at the hospital in Goldsboro.  I am hoping to locate his grave.
SURNAMES: OWEN OWENS  NAME: Budd Warren     Aug 02 2000
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red push pin imageLooking for directions and location of the Pate Cemetery in Wayne County, have been told it is somewhere between Mt. Olive and Goldsboro, thanks for any help, Helen 

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red push pin imageThe Deans Family Cemetery is one of the oldest in Wayne County. A number of graves predate the Civil War. For many years, families cleaned the graves of their relatives several times a year. Now, however, the survivors are either scattered around the state and country or they're in their 70's and 80's and physically cannot care for the graves of their loved ones as they'd like to. Add to that the damage (downed trees and the like) caused by Hurricane Floyd and this cemetery is in great need of tender loving care.

A irrevocable trust fund has been established to raise the money to care for this cemetery as it should be. There are three hundred graves and the goal is $100 per grave or a total of $30,000. This amount will yield enough interest to pay for the perpetual maintenance of the cemetery.

The trust is established under North Carolina Law. Tax Exempt Charitable Status has been applied for and should be forthcoming by the end of the year.

If you have ancestors buried in this cemetery, or if you think it's important to preserve these old cemeteries, please make a donation toward this goal. Checks should be made to the Deans Cemetery Maintenance Trust and mailed to 363 Tommy's Road, Goldsboro, NC 27530. Donors will be notified when charitable status is finalized.

If anyone needs additional information, please feel free to contact me.
Lynn Johnson

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red push pin imageNAME: Betty Crawford
DATE: May 05 2000
QRYTEXT: I am interested in purchasing a copy of the Heritage of Wayne County printed in 1982.  Can anyone help?

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red push pin imageI'm the Coordinator for the NC GenWeb Military  project for WWII.  I have been trying to compile a database of all NC veterans killed in WWII, by county.  Going to each of the 100 counties and getting this information is next to impossible for me.  I would also welcome any N.C. WWII-related queries, war stories or  links to veterans associations.   Thank You.    Randy Godfrey   
Union County N.C. GenWeb Coordinator
N.C. GenWeb Military Project-WWII Coordinator   28 February 2000

Note from Diana: send you WWII information directly to Randy and tell him what county it came from.

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red push pin image Can anyone enlighten me on the McAlphin Hotel that existed in Goldsboro, NC in the 1920's?  My grandfather is listed in the 1920 census as proprietor of this hotel.  His residence is listed as 126 South John Street, Goldsboro.  Would the hotel be at that location or  would that be a separate residence?  Thanks.   Diana    24 February 2000 

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red push pin imageWould someone be able to look up the particulars of 'an inventory of the personal estate of Charles Hood, deceased taken this 27th day of December 1793" to be found in Wayne County Record of Estates, Vol A, Part II 1782-1795.?  If someone has access to this book and Vol I, I would make a donation to your church. If someone has the time I would donate 25 dollars per hour  spent researching any other references to this Charles Hood . Please advise if this is of interest. Thanks. Darlene Hinton
From:  "Darlene Hinton" <>   24 February 2000

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red push pin imageMy maternal Grandfather, Hubert Russell Caraway, lived in Goldsboro with my Grandmother, Margaret Parnell Caraway, and their two daughters Barbara Ann Caraway and Dolores Marie Caraway in 1941.  Sometime on or around 1944 my Grandfather was murdered.  I would like some information on his death.  The actual murder might have been in the Deep Run area.  Anyone with this information my contact me, Suellen Ross Dixon at  Thank you

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red push pin imageCan anyone provide me with details of the military execution on 31 March 1865 of Pvt. James Preble of the NY 12th Cavalry beyond that information which is contained in the book, "The History of Wayne County, North Carolina," which was published in 1979 (revised edition in 1986) in Goldsboro, N.C. by the Wayne County Historical Association?  Please refer to my file at:  Kenneth Wooster
Jan 01 2000

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red push pin imageMy Husband's Great Great Grandfather was taken prisoner in Georgia.  The POW camp was in Goldsboro N.C. Do you know the name of the POW camp and where it was located? Thank you for any help that you could give me on this matter.
Treva Jones

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red push pin image Elizabeth Deihl <>
I found a reference to a William Nazareth WOMBLE Co. D, 35th Reg., Conf. Vet page 6 of the Military Records section V1 of the Thomas Ruffin Chapter UDC, Goldsboro, NC. Can someone please tell me if this chapter still exists and an address. Want to learn more about William.  Your help muchly appreciated.  

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red push pin imageWaynesborough, Everettsville, Goldsborough
Any information on Everettsville would be most appreciated - it existed 1830's to 1860's, Wayne County NC., south of present Goldsboro and near the Neuse River. Trying to put the area together. The Union took up the railroad from there to Goldsboro around 1865 blocking any supplies/etc. out of the area.   Guy Potts

horizontal rule ROOTSWEB ADDS SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX (SSDI). Now you can access the most recent version of the SSDI at RootsWeb <>.  Accessible fields include first and last names, date of birth, month and year of death, last residence, last benefit, Social Security Number, and the state where it was issued. You can narrow a search to a particular state, country, city or zip code, or to a particular date of birth or death, by using the Advanced Search Feature.

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red push pin image   Worley Murders in Wayne County, N.C. February 11,1878
     Was wondering if anyone has info on the book which was published about the Worley Murders in Wayne Co on February 11,1878.  It was published after the trial in June of 1878 with pictures, etc... for 35 cents per copy. Any info on this would be helpful. 

   Also, I purchased the Wayne County Heritage Book and was also disappointed that it was a photocopied plastic bound version.  I specifically asked for a hard bound version only. Does any one know when a reprint of the Hard bound book will be reprinted?  E-Mail   Thanks    8 May 1999  horizontal rule
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red push pin imageCan anyone tell me if any records exist of the wounded soldiers sent to the hospital during the war between the states?  If so, where are the records now and can I see them?  My ggrandfather's military record states that he was wounded and sent to the hospital at Goldsboro, June, 1863.  No mention of the name of hospital, only the hospital at Goldsboro, NC.

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red push pin imageARCHIVE PUTS HUDDLED MASSES ON-LINE - Volunteers scanning Ellis Island Records. (SF Examiner 2/2/99)

Climbing the family tree will take a lot less clawing as soon as a nonprofit foundation finishes a more than $15 million project to post Ellis Island immigration records on the internet.   By helping people to access information instantly that previously was buried in a bureaucratic quagmire, the project will revolutionize genealogical research for many of the more than 113 million Americans who already actively
pursue their family histories. 

Officials at the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation in NY, the same organization that gave Lady Liberty a face lift in 1986 without any public funding, estimate that more than 40% of Americans can trace their European ancestry back to Ellis Island.  "This is going to be a reference point", said Vern Deubler, Pres. of the Calif. Genealogical Society, which was based in San Francisco for a century before moving to Oakland this year.  "It's going to provide people with very important leads".

   By the end of next year, the foundation hopes, people will be able to enter any information they know about a progenitor and the program will search more than 20 million records for a match.  The software will even be able to tolerate misspellings.  If a match is found, the researcher can choose to print out a photo of the
ship and a copy of the original manifesto that marked the immigrant's arrival.  At Fisherman's Wharf on Monday, Stephen Briganti, Chairman of the foundation, said the new database would especially help Bay Area researchers.  He said the Bay Area remains one of the major hubs for Eliis Island immigrants and their descendants. Tens of thousands of immigrants came here after arriving through the port, first to fuel the Industrial revolution and later to farm wine grapes.  He said first generation travelers from the main Ellis Island years - 1892 to 1924 - still live in the area.   Briganti added that Californians' interest in Ellis Island immigration research, based on requests for the foundation's resources, is outstripped only by New yorkers'.

The database - which organizers say could be ready by the end of 2000 - will catalog records of almost 20 million immigrants who flooded the tiny NY Harbor island.  Until now, those documents have been stored at the National Archives and Immigration and Naturalization Service in the clunky microfilm format.  The first phase of the project was to collect and digitize records and install computers at the museum.  Now, Briganti said, putting the information on the Internet has become a top goal as well.  "We're pretty confident this is going to work," Briganti said. "It's not perfect, but it's light years ahead of going to the Archives."  A demonstration of the system showed that a researcher can enter information in any or all of 11 fields, which ask for personal information such as the subject's name and country of birth, and immigration, like the subject's port of entry.   Foundation spokeswoman Peg Zitko said the project got off the ground when a
nationwide network of Mormon volunteers agreed to digitize the microfilm information for free. Thousands of volunteers have logged more than 2 million hours; they've entered 3/5's of the data so far.  A spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City said the project was important to the church's mission. "We've always been involved in genealogy," said Dan Rascon, "because linking to our family
helps us understand who we are and what we may become."  Information on the project may be found at  on the Internet.  8 February 1999 

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red push pin imageDoes anybody know if the Wayne County Court Minutes have been abstracted ? 
Guy Potts     3 February 1999
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red push pin imageAnother way you can volunteer to provide free genealogy online:
 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild <>.
 Since the birth of ISTG in August 1998, more than a hundred volunteers have transcribed and made available for search at the ISTG Web site the passenger lists of 285 ships. The work is ongoing, the ports of arrival are being broadened, and a new Resource Center is planned. 
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red push pin imagelisa y. henderson        23 August 1998 
do city directories exist for goldsboro for the period 1900-20?  if so, would any one be willing to look up a few names (about 5) next time they're in the library?  thank you.  -- lisa henderson 
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red push pin imagelisa y. henderson        3 August 1998 
to whom it may concern:  i have done considerable research on african-american 
families with roots in wayne county, particularly those free before the civil 
war, such as hendersons, aldridges, winns, simmonses, artises, greenfields, 
jacobses, reid/reeds, burnetts, haganses, etc.  i'd be happy to assist anyone 
looking for such information.  i've got 13 years of genealogical research and 
a master's thesis concerning free blacks under my belt, so i may be able to 
help in this often frustrating area.  -- lisa y. henderson 
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red push pin imageSK Publications has 1800-1840 and 1850 Census Books for sale for Wayne County, North Carolina.  They are described at:
An 1850 North Carolina map can be found at
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A selected list of genealogy books pertaining to North Carolina is available at Diana's Book House for purchase.  This is one of the best genealogy collections on the Internet.  Your patronage is very much appreciated;  it helps support this page.  
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red push pin image Click here for a Special Notice about Online Classes
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red push pin imageMichael Research Services.  Offering for-fee research; located near the National Archives in Washington,DC.  Click here for more details
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red push pin imageTo: David Francis               FROM: Bernie Dudek       13 Nov 1997 
RE: Your e mail address on the Wayne Co Query Page does not work.  Can you contact me 
Bernie Dudek: (Added note:  notify Diana of you correct address, too.)
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red push pin imageMessage for Jan Norwood. The email address you gave when you posted a query Jan. 22, 1997 is no longer valid.  Mooring wants to contact you about your Mooring line.  (Added note:  notify Diana of you correct address, too.)

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red push pin imageVolunteers needed
You have an interest in genealogy or you wouldn't be here reading this page.  Now you have an opportunity to participate in and contribute to history.  Two very ambitious and extrordinarily worthwhile projects are under way and are in need of volunteers. 

red push pin imageThe US Census Project is signing up volunteers to transcribe the entire US Census records so that they may be made freely available to all on the Internet.  If you would be willing to adopt a county and a decade, go to for details. 

red push pin imageTombstone Transcription Project is a nation-wide effort to record the fast-disappearing inscriptions on our nation's tombstones and to make the data accessible to the world.  To find out about this project and how you can participate, go to

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24 April 1997 
Book Notice 

Griffin, Jr., A. Ray. Along The Neuse, The Craven Bryan Griffin Family, 1728-1992 (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1993). 8 1/2 x 11, hard cover, smythe sewn, 304 pages, acid free 60 lb paper, fully indexed, maps. Order: $43.50, includes postage and tax. Send order to the author at 333 Chadwyck Dr, Danville VA 24541-3306.

This family history is believed to be the first comprehensive compilation of this large eastern NC family centered in Craven, Lenoir, and Wayne (Old Dobbs) counties. Surnames: Bryan, Croom, Hardee, Tyson, Rouse, Dail, Griffin, Price, Lindsey, Lloyd, Robertson, Casey, Hawkins, Herring, Raiford, White. George Oliver Griffin and Sarah Catherine Griffin Price moved to Seven Springs area. 

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red push pin image     22 April 1997 
Wayne County Book Notice:  The Heritage of Wayne County North Carolina
by: The Wayne County Historical Association, Inc. and The Old Dobbs County Genealogical Society. 
Cost of book: $40.00 made payable to Wayne Historical Society 
Postage: $5.00 made payable to Wayne County Public Library 
or You can go into the library to purchase. 

Address: Wayne County Public Library 1001 East Ash Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Comment received about the book:  I just received the book and have been swept right off my feet.  I can't put it down.  Kind of like going home again.  I was so surprised to find so much information and am appreciative to all those wonderful people who supplied their family memories.  Lots of photographs, too.  It is well worth the price, at least to me, and I plan to have alot of fun. 

Alas, a more recent comment about the book  received in January 1999 reports that what is being sent out now is a badly Xeroxed copy, poorly bound in a plastic ring binder. 

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