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Herman Park Zoo,  Goldsboro, NC

A regular site user writes:

I was hoping to get information on the Herman Park Zoo that was in Goldsboro. This Zoo was at the park in the 1930's and I think the town did away with it about l941. There were bears, monkeys, birds  and other animals.

My Dad would go to town on Saturday afternoon and would take us children by the park to play and see the animals. The Park was given by the Weil family and was named after Herman Weil. The park is still here. 

I thought maybe some other people had information and pictures of the Zoo that you could post.

A regular site user responds:

from Postcards of Old Wayne County,  The Wayne County Historical Association


Another reader writes:
I well remember Herman Park.  Years ago, when I was in Elementary school in Selma, North Carolina, that was a last school event to go to the park.  My mother also took us there as children. Over the years when my children were small I would take them there when we went home to visit.  Would anyone have pictures of the Carp pond/fountain where all the roses bloomed?  I will check with my mom and see if she has any photos of the park left.  Does anyone remember the train that all the kids used to ride? 
        Susan Smith
What a great addition to Wayne County homepage. I remember the park after the zoo with the train and the tall swings.  I would swing as high as I could.  It was unreal at the time.  There were goldfish in the pond at the circle with the rosebushes.  There was an old jet plane on the grounds that you could crawl inside of, no steering wheel, just a shell but it was truly exciting.  I know where the women's college was too.  There's a large school there now.  What great memories, thanks a bunch,
      Guy Potts
I well remember Herman Park.  It is still there and relatively unchanged.  The Kiwanis train still runs on weekends for kids of all ages.  The last time I was there, the goldfish still occupied the fountain.  Hurricane Fran didn't even destroy all the old Oak trees.
     Lynn Johnson

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