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Josiah was my great great grandfather and Garland City, AR was named after him as he owned a plantation there.  John Garland was his father & my great great great grandfather.



North Carolina, Wayne County 

In the name of God, Amen, as it is common for man when sick if he has any of the worldly wealth, to have a wish to divide it between his wife and children himself. I will divide my small property as follows: 

1st I give my wife, Lewis, Jobe, Old Tab, Charlot, my Schew Bon horse - Moring, Marie and her mule and the black horse and half my stock of cattle, half of my hogs one hundred barrels of sound corn three thousand lbs of good veal pork my yoke of oxen two beds & furniture all. Half of all my household and kitchen furnature and plantation utensils to her own use and disposal, I then lend her my plantation during her widowhood. 

2nd I give my Daughter Sally, Sirah, Charity and Willi, & five hundred silver dollars. 

3rd I give my son Josiah, Adam, Zelph, Ruben and one half of my land. 

4th I give my daughter Elinor, Rose, Fillis and Big Grace & five hundred silver dollars. 

5th I give my son Rufus, Little Grace, Harry, Little Tabb, Redding. Half of my land. 

6th I wish all the rest of my property sold and all my debts collected and equally divided between my three sons, Isaac, Josiah & Rufus Except what money is due me from Col Whites estate that I leave my wife. 

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this 14th of Oct. 1803. If either of my four young children die before it comes to lawful age to dispose of their property. I wish his legacy equally divided between the rest Except my land. If either of my sons die I wish the other to have all my land. Lastly I appoint my wife executor of this my will & acknowledge it to my last. 

John Garland (Seal) 

Wayne County 

February term 1806 

Then was the foregoing will proved in open court by the oaths of William Smith, Wm Croom William Bryan John Davis & Samuel Bird who swore that the whole of the will & signature was in the hand write of the testimony and ordered to be recorded. 

A true copy from the original to be filed in my office. 


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