Inventory Of William Hasty and Estate Settlement - WAYNE COUNTY, NC,

(Copied by Virginia W. Alexander –
(Mrs. Charles C.), 903 Myers Ave., Columbia, TN)


two hundred  acres of land		
one horse	
six head of cattle
four head of sheep
nine head of geese
two saddles
three bridles
one shot bag
two powder horns
three feather beds & furniture
three bed steads
four chears
two chests
two tables
two wooling wheels
one linning wheel
one quilling wheel
one churn
two cans (?)
one looking glass
one trumpet
one bible
one testament
a parcel of old books
five pewter basons
two pewter dishes
eight pewter plates
one ladle
five pouringers
eleven tin cups
four earthen mugs
three tea cups & sassers
two milk pots
one tumbler
twenty table spoons
eleven tea spoons
one coffey pot
one coffee mill
one candle stick & snuffer
candle molds
one pair sheep shears
three jugs
three bottles
three vials
two brandy corks (?)
one case of knives & forks
one pare of  hard (?) mill stones
one trunk
one pare of stillards
one brush
one hat brush
two hammers
ink stand
four iron pots
one dutch oven
one griddle
three iron pot racks
one pair of tongs
one shovel
one spade
one flesh fork
two tubs
one pale
one pigen
five trays
one frian pan
one spider
some       ?       fodder
two plow hoes
two cutters
seven weeding hoes
four grubbing hoes
three axes
two hatchets
one froe
one adds
three iron wedges
one drawing knife
one carving knife
parsel of old iron
one pare Sturp (?) irons
one cart & wheels
one loom
two pare of harness
five slays
three sheckels (?) 
seven baskets
one box iron
three heaters  (or beaters ?)
six alls
one pare of spoon molds
one sadle  (or ladle ?)
one plow  fraim
one pare  trases
one pepper box
two bells
one barrel
one cag
parcel of gums
quantity of peas
one stand
one meale  tub  (?)
quantity of bacon
quantity of fat
five fat gords (?)
one augure
some cotton
some flax
one cradle
one pare of warping barrors (?)
one warping Scean
three pare cotton cards
one wheat ridle
one sifter
one spice morter
three cow hides
some leather
one rasor and strap
three pare pot hooks
one horse whip
one grubbin hoe
one pare nippers

Accounts     L 22..13..8
The hole of them are dough
One note of hand on John POTTER for L 3 .. 10..00

I hereby certify this to be a Trew Inventory of the property of Wm. HASTY  decd.

SETTLEMENT AND DIVISION OF THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM HASTY WAYNE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA RECORD BOOK 1 A, PAGES 245 – 246 Pursuant to an order of Wayne County Inferior Court at November Term 1809 we the subscribers as a select committee for that purpose have examined and settled the account currant rendered to the said Court of the Estate of Wm. HASTY late of the said county of Wayne dec’d by Jemimah HASTY Administrator of the said Estate and find the same as it stands stated to be just and right and that the several vouchers for the charges therein mentioned are perfectly authenticated and that the balance therein mentioned of thirty nine pounds and shilling and five pence is due from said administrator to the said estate. Which balance we divided amongst the heirs and claimants of the said dec’d Wm. HASTY’s being nine (to wit) Jemimah HASTY widow and relict of said dec’d, and eight children namely Nowell, William, John, Joseph, Benjamin, Robert, Delanah and Nancy HASTY, the share and division of each being four pounds, six shillings and ten pence which sum we say is due from said administrator to each of said claimants. Given under our hands the 18th day of Feby 1810. Jno. DUNN Thos. PERSON Aug 22, 1809 Paid Received From Clerk for Receipt 0 14 0 Sale of estate 105 0 0 Jas. Hill per acct 7 10 0 Henry EDWARDS 1 15 0 Etheldred RUFFIN “ 2 6 0 John SAULS 2 10 0 Henry EDWARDS “ 5 7 6 Wm. EDMONDSON 1 5 0 Willie FORT “ 1 16 6 Shadk. BRASWELL 1 0 0 Joseph HOLLOWELL ” 7 17 1 ½ Herod BARROW - 17 6 Isaac PAGGETS “ 1 10 0 James MINSHEW - 15 0 John SAULS “ 2 15 0 Jason YELVERTON - 10 0 Jesse MINSHEW “ 2 9 9 Thos. MORING - 10 0 Henry SAULS - 14 0 David DOHEIB “ - 16 6 Thos. EDWARDS - 6 4 Cullen EDMONDSON ” - 14 0 John BARTLETT - 2 6 CARTER & BLEU (?)” 1 5 0 Wright SANDERS - 2 6 Bryan EDMONDSON “ 2 0 0 115 7 10 Isaac DICKINSON “ 1 17 6 76 6 5 Thomas EDWARDS - Note 17 2 6 Bal. due Estate 39 1 5 to Z. MORRIS per certificate Note destroyed through mistake Edwin HOLLOWELL - 5 2 0 Jemimah HASTY Admx. Per Note approved John WOODARD , acct. 1 2 0 Jno. DUNN Zachr. MORRIS, acct 5 11 10 ½ Thos. PERSON Burwell MORINGS – note 3 9 2 My trouble as admins. 5 0 0 76 6 5 Balance due said Estate 39 1 5 I Jemimah HASTY do hereby Certify that all the accounts and other claims in behalf of the Estate of the within mentioned decd which have been inventoried for which the said Estate are not credited are not to be recovered on acct. of claims properly authenticated brought against them and insolvency. Feby Term 1810 JEMIMAH HASTY Admx.