Information for Volunteers

Interested in adding your site to AHGP?  Hopefully, this page will answer any questions you may have.

Recommended Personal Requirements:

A love of history and genealogy.
Some ability to create web pages.
Have Fun!

Recommended County Requirements:

You will need to obtain your own web account.

Your site should contain some original content and not be a page primarily of links.

You must provide a link or logo back to AHGP's national web page ( and the NC AHGP State web site ( 

Logos can be found on the AHGP Graphics page. You are also welcome to use the NC AHGP logos found at the bottom of this page. You're can also create your own logo.  The logos must contain either "AHGP" or "American History & Genealogy Project".

You should respect copyright law. If you have any questions regarding copyright, please see U.S. Copyright Office.

If your pages belong to any other genealogy projects, you may also use their logos.

If you need help, feel free to ask on the AGHP mailing list or visit the Web-Help pages at USGenNet.

If you're interested in adding your county page to or creating a county page for North Carolina AHGP, please get in touch with us, NCAHGP TeamDebbie Axtman or Ginger Cisewski.

Mailing Lists

All webmasters belonging to AHGP are eligible to join the AGHP (note spelling) mailing list and the AHGP-Announce mailing list.  Visit or subscribe.

You may use either of these two logos, created by Ginger Cisewski on your NC pages. Just right click and save.

Thanks Ginger!!


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