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John T. Boone and Trucey Jane Noblin
Brenda G. ::brug@3web.net

I'm looking for parents and siblings of my great-great-grandfather, John T. BOONE b. 1820 in North Carolina. He married Trucey Jane NOBLIN b. 1828 in Rockingham Co., N.C. Her father and mother were Christopher and Talitha NOBLIN. Christopher was born in Halifax Co. N.C. I'm not sure that John T. was born in Rockingham, but I believe there's a strong possiblility. This couple was living in Weakley Co., Tenn. by 1850, according to the census of that year. I would appreciate any information on John T. Boone. My e-mail address is brug@3web.net . Thank you.

Brenda G.


Gordon Cole ::smokey845@hotmail.com

Looking for information on William Calvin COLE, b approx 1822 and Peter R COLE, b approx 1826 d 1847 in Mexican War, both born in Rockingham Co, NC. They had the following siblings, age unknown: James M. COLE, Rebecca FIELDIN, Julia ELLINDER, Eliza HILL, Mary Ann FRANCIS. Also looking for their relation (probably cousins) William COLE, b 10/12/1827 in NC who married Mary Banks UHLS; with other siblings Charles Slevle COLE, b 4/10/1837 in NC who married Sarah Frances HENDERSON, Frances Jane COLE, b approx 1827 in NC who married James DARNELL or DONNELL and Mary Elizabeth COLE, b 8/29/1845 who married Winston B WARD. Thanks

Moores and Southards
Joyce Southard Reavis ::joycereavis@hotmail.com

I am looking for info on Robert Lee Southard Walter Oscar Southard, Maggie Southard or Joel Enoch Moore also looking for old pictures of them if you have any info pleases let me know.

Jo Ann Murphy ::jmurphy@webound.com

records of any sort on james hunfrine burgess jr. of rockingham co. n.c. he was born dec. 1910, died may 20,1947. anything very much appreciated. jo ann of mo.

Jo Ann Murphy ::jmurphy@webound.com

records of any sort on james hundrine burgess jr. of rockingham co. n.c. he was born dec. 1910, died may 20,1947. anything very much appreciated. jo ann of mo.

Crowder Family
Cheryl Fromhold ::fromholdfam@home.com

I am looking for information on Anderson Crowder who died in Rockingham Co. bef 1857. He is on the 1820 & 30 census in Rockingham Co. and owned land there on Jacob's Creek (which I think he got from James D. Taylor about 1834) which went to his children when he died intestate. Children were listed as Jeremiah M. Crowder, Jacob Crowder, Samuel D. Crowder, Jane Crowder w/o Wm. Green, Polly Crowder w/o Thomas Vincent, Patsey Crowder w/o Joseph Solomon, Anderson Crowder, and Isabella Crowder. Any info on this Crowder family, particularly the children Anderson and Isabella, would be greatly appreciated!!!

R.H. Reid
James Bishop ::JBishop538@aol.com

Searching for my gg grandparents. R.H. and Lou (Louise?) Reid. They were born 18 Oct 1850 and 5 Jan 1851. R.H. died 26 May 1913, Rhea co, TN. Lou's resting place is unk. Their son James was born 29 July 1885, NC. He is the only child known for sure. But, may have poss. sisters Katie b. 22 March 1891 and Beryl b. 12 May 1896. These birth dates were found in the family bible. Saw that a R.H. Reid died in Rockingham co, 1850. He was 15, male, and a student. Thought my R.H. maybe a younger brother or cousin. Looking for a connection. JBishop538@aol.com

Jo Ann Murphy ::jmurphy@webound.com

In Rockingham co.,N.C. town of (Leaksville) Eden N.C. looking for James Hundrine Burgess Jr.Married Ethel Pearl Hurst in 1933. He was born 1910 in N.C. He died May20,1947.Trying to locate any and all info on him. Thanks, Jo Ann of Mo.

Agnes Starrett
Jim Fleming ::cdesigns@gte.net

Seeking information on Agnes Starrett. She married William Fleming and they were residing in Rockinghan county at the time of his death--about 1793.

D. Casey ::dandj@peachnet.campuscwix.net

Need info on Joseph T. Barton who was in the 1850 Census in Rockingham Co., NC. He was listed as a Merchant. Any information on this person will be greatly appreciated. Looking for who his parents were. Also any other info on him. Thanks.

Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I am looking for information on Andrew Fargis who was given a land grant in 1784. The land was located near Towne Creek on the south side of Eden and near land owned by Thomas Young, Charles Toney and James Norris. Andrew came from Halifax Co. VA. Would also appreciate any information on any Fargis (Forgis, Fergis, Forgus) in Rockingham Co. Thanks.

Barber genealogy
Kathryn Striley ::sewace@aol.com

Am looking for parentage of Travis Barber who I believe was born in NC, possibly Rockingham Co. He moved to Ray Co. MO and was married there to Mariah Jackson on 26 Jun 1846. Any info welcome and appreciated.


Re: Crowder Family
Donald R. Simpson ::DRSMP@Qwest.net 6

I have an interest in some other Crowders who were probably related to your Anderson Crowder of Jacobs Creek. Nathaniel Simpson made his will in 1827, probated May, 1830, Guilford County, witnesses Jeremiah Crowder & Sally Crowder. This Jeremiah presumably the son of the Jeremiah Crowder who made will Jan., 1795, probated Feb., 1795, Guilford Co. The will named sons Isaac, John, William, Anderson, Jeremiah & Pleasant, and daughters Sarah wife of Joseph Pritchet, Fanny Wilson Crowder, Elizabeth Crowder, Patsy Crowder, and wife Martha. Possibly your Anderson of Jacobs Creek was the one named in the 1795 will(??).

Nathaniel Simpson of 1827 will had son, Nathaniel, Jr., and son, Nathan Simpson, both of whom moved in 1830's to Kentucky, settling on both sides of the Grant & Pendleton County line. 1850 census Grant Co. lists Nathaniel,Jr., age 76 with daughter, Jane, age 37, son Richard, age 30, and Anderson S. Crowder, age 14, all born N.C.

Anderson was married 1855 Grant Co. to Priscilla Simpson, daughter of John & Mary (Mileham) Simpson. John was son of Nathan & Patience (Hillman) Simpson. I have not been able to find evidence for parents of Anderson S. Crowder.

Nathaniel Simpson, Sr., (will of 1827) had older brother, Thomas Simpson who lived Jacobs Creek, Rockingham County, 1792 to ca. 1808, then moved to middle Tn. Nathaniel also had sister & brother-in-law, Thomas & Elizabeth (Simpson) Knight who lived Jacobs Creek until ca. 1808 when they went to middle Tn. They left son, Thomas Knight, Jr., on Jacobs Creek where he remained.

Sheila T. Nance ::rob-n-sheila@erols.com

Looking for the parents of the following brothers: William P. Noles (b. ~1823) , Daniel T. Noles (b. ~1821), & John Noles (b.~1828). Daniel T. Noles married Martha E. Reid on 10/7/1845 in Guilford County. John Noles married Charlotte Smith in Forsyth County. William P. Noles married Sarah H. Ledwell on 4/20/1852 in Mecklenburg County. All three of these brothers moved together from Rockingham County to Guilford, to Forsyth, and then to Mecklenburg. William stayed in Mecklenburg as a shoemaker and Daniel continued on to Lincoln. John disappeared from the North Carolina census after 1850 (Forsyth). I believe their mother's name was Lucinda. I also believe they are descended from one of the following brothers in Rockingham County: William Noles, David Noles (b. 1798) or John Noles (b. 1796). Some of their cousins also moved to Mecklenburg County and some of them moved on to Tennessee. There was a Abraham Noles (b. ~1795) in Mecklenburg County whom I believe to be their uncle. Any information on these Noles brothers or on Martha Reid (Daniel's wife) would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Crowder Family
Cheryl Fromhold ::fromholdfam@home.com 13


I'm thrilled to find someone who is interested in this line also!! What is your connection to this family? The Anderson S. Crowder that you mention as living with Nathaniel Simpson in Grant Co. KY in 1850 and marrying Prissilla Simpson is my great-great grandfather. I have a lot of information on his descendents, but have been looking for quite some time for any clue as to who his parents were. I have suspected that the Anderson listed as a son of Jeremiah Crowder who died 1795 Guilford is a likely candidate for my Anderson's father, but have no solid proof. This land record, dated 1857, that lists Anderson as deceased and having a son named Anderson, is the first hopeful lead I've had. I also think that Jeremiah M.,another of the children listed in that deed, was married to Eliza B. Simpson abt. 1856 (his 2nd marriage). There is a stong connection between the Simpson and Crowder families!

Let me know if you think we could share info. Hopefully we can help each other out!




Joan Straka ::jomastr@hotmail.com

Looking for the parents of John Bankston who was supposedly born in Rockingham Co or Guilford Co on May 8, 1760. He became a Baptist minister and married Mary Lanier, daughter of James Lanier and Mary Cooke. After ministering in SC he went to Gwinett Co, GA in 1820 where he died in 1838. Does anyone have any info that might help? Thanks.

Re: Crowder Family
Donald R. Simpson ::DRSMP@Qwest.net 15

Cheryl, Wonderful, I've hoped to find some descendant of Anderson S. & Priscilla Crowder. I am descended from Nathaniel Simpson (d. 10 Nov., 1857, Grant Co., Ky.) & his 2nd wife, Jane (maiden surname unknown). They were my 2nd gt. grandparents. My gt. grandparents were Peter & Elizabeth (Phibbs) Simpson. Peter & Elizabeth stayed in Guilford Co., N.C., until ca. 1848 then came to southern Ky (Casey Co.) for about 12 or so years then on to northern Missouri (Gentry Co.). I don't think they ever lived in northern Ky (Grant & Pendleton) where Nathaniel & Jane lived.

I have census 1860, 70, & 80 for family of Anderson & Priscilla, but do not have any further info on their family. Also have the 1880 mortality schedule record for death of Anderson. Would like to have a good listing of their children and their spouses.

I have some questions: who was the Eliza B. Simpson, 2nd wife of Jerimiah M. Crowder, (mentioned in your message) and where & when were they married? Also, do you have any clue to the identity of the wife of Anderson Crowder of Jacobs Creek?

I have much info on the ancestry of Priscilla (Simpson) Crowder and am happy to share.

I have in years past searched some years of Guilford Court Minutes in 1830's looking for possible guardianship of Anderson S. Crowder, butfound no mention. I don't think I have searched Rockingham Court Minutes but will do so when I can get time for it. I live Salt Lake City and am in walking distance of the Mormon Church's Family History Library.

I have written several articles on our Simpsons that are published in the newsletter called "The Simpson Clan" and published in Santa Cruz, CA, by Wenonah Williams. Are you acquainted with that newsletter?

Can you tell me the deed book & page for that deed in Rockingham Co., for sale of land by the heirs of Anderson Crowder? Don S.

Cip Hart-may be spelled Sypian or Cypian
B. L. Brown ::bloubrown45@yahoo.com

I'm searching for descendants of Sip/Syp Hart who lived in Rockingham County in 1928 and was in his 90's the last time he was heard from. Syp Hart had five children and at that time nearly 50 descendants. He was the oldest son of Britton Hart and his grandfather was John Hart believed to have been born in Northampton Co., NC. If you relate to this person please contact me. I'm a descendant of Britton Hart who migrated to Drew Co., Ar and died there in 1887.

Vicki Hudson ::gickibear@aol.com

We are researching our family tree. Last name is Gibson - first names Sanford and Nannie. We have several names for Nannie's family but nothing on Sanford's. They both passed away in the 70's.

Richard Webster III
Bobbi Davis ::Dawg1948@aol.com

Does anybody know who Pleasant Webster's grandmother was? Richard III married a Rebecca ???, I need her last name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bobbi Davis ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bridget Cooper Castle ::bccastle@msn.com

Does anyone have any information about the William Cooper who appears in the 1790 Rockingham County Census?

Elizabeth Wright & W. W. O'Bryan
Dottie Dunlap ::jld2@earthlink.net

I am searching for information on Elizabeth Wright who was born Jan 10, 1825 and died July 30, 1864. She was the daughter of Samuel, born Nov. 13, 1802 and Anna (Gibson ?) She married W. W. O'Bryan before 1845. She had 3 known children: Suzanna, Sara, and Samuel. She died in Harleesville, S. C. around 1864. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Contact me at : www.jld2@earthlink.net

Margaret Dimond - 1810 Census
Stuart Diamond ::jroyal68@bellsouth.net

Looking for any information relating to the Margaret Dimond family noted on Rockingham County Federal Census of 1810. She is shown with 2 males 15-20 and 2 female under 10 and her as 45+.


Soyars, Lynn
Crystal ::clsoyars@hotmail.com

Does anyone have information about Soyars or Lynn families? Several Lynn's are buried at Lowes United Methodist Church on Hwy 87 in Rockingham Co. I am looking for any information about Margaret Lynn who married a Soyars, Albert Lynn, and W.R. Lynn.

Thanks. Any info appreciated.

Clyde Allison Shreve
Julia Williams Kodak ::Jkodak@aol.com

Seeking info on Clyde Allison Shreve b Rockingham NC m Ruth Marie Unknown (b. 1910) on 3-19-1939. Mr. Shreve was an attorney and I believe at one time a member of congress. I believe he lived in the Greensboro area. My great-grandmother was his children's governess for many years. They were very close friends and I met them before and at the time of my great-grandmother's death. I would like to have info about him and his family to add to my family history since they were so close. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Samuel Southard, 1850
Merle Southern ::mjsouth@rollanet.org

Looking for info from the 1850 Rockingham Co census conerning the following: Southard 11B, 12A, 12B, 19B, 20A, 34B, 51B, 54B, 78A, 93B. 94A, 100B, 101A, and 104A Trying to find my GGgrandfather Samuel Southard and his family.

Re: Clyde Allison Shreve
Michelle Shreve-Thomas ::mcclarghty@aol.com 26

Contact me at mcclarghty@aol.com. I can help you out.

Michelle Shreve-Thomas ::mcclarghty@aol.com

I'm trying to find info on the Rierson family. My grandmother was Trula Rierson (m. Earl Neal). Her parents were Walter Lee Moser and Anna Moser. Her great grandparents were Thorton Rierson and Mary Ellen Tuttle. If you have any additional information, please post or contact me at mcclarghty@aol.com.

Re: Rierson-correction
Michelle Shreve-Thomas ::mcclarghty@aol.com 29

Walter Lee Moser should have been Walter Lee RIERSON.

Parents of Abraham Martin
Evelyn Skelton Sell ::esell@netins.net

Seeking the parents of Abraham Martin who was born in Rockingham County ca 1781-1791.

He died in Missouri on April 29, 1862. He married Mourning Biggs, but no marriage dates have been found. She was born ca 1792 in Edgecombe Co and died Sept 29, 1877 in Missouri. This couple is listed in the History of Newton Co Mo Book , by Goodspeed. The dates given here are from the book. No place of death was given, except it was believed they died in Newton or Greene Co. MO. I will glady exchange what information that I have. The family lived in Summer Co and Robertson Co.TN before moving to Greene Co. Mo ca 1843-44. In 1845 They moved to Newton Co. Mo My slow mail is P.O. box 1005 Neosho, MO 64850 or by email.

ronnie whitten ::gogodancer@webtv.net

JAMES ARCHIE NICHOOLSON b 24 january 1840 in rockingham, rockingham, north carolina m 23 july 1865 in kemper county, mississippi d 24 november 1914 in san angelo, tom green, texas who were his parents..did he have any brothers or sisters well documented forward but hit a brick wall here

Wright, Armfield, Soyars
Crystal Soyars ::clsoyars@hotmail.com

I am searching for information on the Wrights descended from the marriage of Mary J. ARMFIELD and P.R. WRIGHT on Sept 2, 1860.

Mary J. ARMFIELD WRIGHT was widowed and later married John C. SOYARS.

Any information you may have about children from her first marriage would be appreciated.

Thanks, Crystal

Sharren Mitchell ::smitch76@bellsouth.net

I'm trying to locate info on Samuel Meeks who died in Rockingham County 1947. Also trying to obtain information on John A. Meeks married to Francis 1866 in Edgar County, IL and later moved to Franklin County, VA. I believe this was Samuel's parents but need additional information which may come through descendants of his siblings. They are believed to be Victoria, Ima William, John born between 1866 and 1880. If you have any connection at all please advise.

Carvers and Oak Grove Bap. Church
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I recently ran across an old obituary for James Lee Carver, son of James Carver and Myrtle Fargis. The paper said burial was in the church (Oak Grove Baptist Church) cemetary. The only Oak Grove Church listed in the phone book was actually about 10 miles into Stokes Co. I went there but didn't find the grave. I don't know the date of the death. Is it possible there was another Oak Grove Baptist Church in Rockingham Co.? James had two sons--Mike and Donald Lee Carver. He also has two sisters, Minnie Lou Earles and Cheryl Watts, both listed as living in Reidsville. Does anyone have any information on these families? Thanks.

George Parks
Judy Parks ::jap1953@yahoo.com

Looking for information on George Parks listed Rochingham County cenus 1900. Need info on his brothers, parents. Thanks for any info.

Kadar Madren
Debbie Koch ::pinkybrain@winco.net

I am looking for information on the family of Kadar Madren. He was born 1803 in North Carolina. He married Nancy Hunter,b. 1810 in North Carolina. Her mother's name is believed to be Rachal. Kadar is found in 1830 census of Rockingham County, North Carolina. They are the parents of at least three children all born in North Carolina; they are George, Elizabeth and Mary. In the 1850 census Kadar is in Harrison County, Missouri. Would love to find information on Madren and the Hunter families. Any help is appreciated.

Luther Winchester
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I am looking for information about Luther Winchester. He had at least one son, Lindsey. Can any one help me?

Mendenhall and Jones
Opal ::

Does anyone know of a Thomas H. Jones whose wife was Minerva Mendenhall? They were married in 1837 in Rockingham, NC.


Hudson or Jones
Larry Hudson ::hudson@stixroads.com

I am looking for information on Daniel Hudson born jan. 9, 1829 in Rockingham or Onslow Co. he married Mary Jones she was born June 2, 1912. Mary parent were Henderson and Polly (Caffey) Jones. Any information would be helpful.


Re: Margaret Dimond - 1810 Census
Cecelia Ziff ::CZiff@aol.com 24

According to the book by my great grandfather, Peggie Pritchett was the third child of Joseph Pritchett. Joseph's will is in the NC Archives. "III. Peggie Pritchett married Steward Dimont and settled in Rockingham county." I have seen Diamond family graves in Friendship Methodist Church Cemetery in Rockingham county.

Re: Margaret Dimond - 1810 Census
Cecelia Ziff ::CZiff@aol.com 41

The book I referred to in the above response is A Short History of the Pritchett Family. Coley Madison Pritchett A. D. 1910 wrote the sections containing the info you requested on the Diamond family.

Archibald Campbell, mid-late 1700's
Mary L. Sanders ::kyncsanders@yahoo.com

I am looking for information on Archibald Campbell in hopes of finding out more information on my Nahum Sanders (1740-1795). Archibald Campbell was a witness to Nahum's will and went with Nahum's widow, Susannah, to prove the will at probate. While Archibald lived in SW Rockingham Co., Nahum lived in SE Stokes on Belews Creek and it is possible that they were neighbors.

Any information on Archibald Campbell would be greatly appreciated - thanks - Mary

Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Mary L. Sanders ::kyncsanders@yahoo.com

Some several years ago I had a copy of a historical 18th century map of Rockingham Co. prepared by Fred Hughes. Unfortunately, I loaned it to someone who cannot now find it and I do not know where I can obtain another one.

My interest in this map is the fact that one of the men who witnessed my Nahum Sanders will was Archibald Campbell and the Rockingham Co. map showed Archibald Campbell's property in SW Rockingham Co. near the Guilford Co. line to the South and the Stokes Co. line to the west. My Nahum Sanders (1740-1795) lived on Belews Creek in Stokes Co.

If someone knows where I might purchase one of these maps, please let me know. If these maps are no longer available, should someone have one and be willing to photocopy the SW corner of the county where Archibald Campbell's name appears, I would be very appreciative and more than happy to reimburse the expense.

Thanks - Mary .

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com 44

Hi there. I have a map that shows landowners and land grants during the 1700's for Rockingham Co. There is no Archibald Campbell on Belews Creek but there is a William Campbell on the Dan River, just north of Belews Creek. Could this be the same family? I got my map from the Dan River Art Market located at 1122 NC Hwy 65, Wentworth, NC 27325. You can also call them at 336-349-4099. The map is called the Rockingham County North Carolina Historical Documentation Map.

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Mary L. Sanders ::kyncsanders@yahoo.com 45

Hi, Elizabeth - thanks so much! That is exactly the map I am looking for. I will call the Art Mart today!! I'm not sure about William Campbell and Archibald Campbell being kin, but there is certainly that possibility.

Archibald also had 50 acres of land in Stokes Co. and 50 acres of land in Guilford Co., so his property must have been right there on the place where these 3 counties met!

Thanks again! Mary

Ferrell Burch
Ken Davis ::kendavis1936@cs.com

Looking for information on Ferrell Burch. Born in Pitt Co about 1893, livng in Reidsville in 1932 and 1945. Marrried, one known child.

Mayo Sam Dalton
Rob Williams ::gutterman1966@yahoo.com

Searching for burial place of Samuel Dalton(1699)

Settle Family
Mark W. Settle ::rfhoke@earthlink.net

I am interested in becoming a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I have discovered that I may, in some capacity, be related to the former Capt Thomas Settle, CSA, of Rockingham County. I was born and raised in Forsyth County, next to Rockingham. Any information relating to Capt Settle would be appreciated.

Re: Hudson or Jones
Tim Stewart ::Tim101057@home.com 40

I have a Daniel Hutson Williams that was born on July 10, 1851. His parents were Charles Moore Williams (born 1814) and Betty Hutcherson. I don't know anything about Charles and Betty's parents but I bet there is a relationship to your Daniel. Sorry I couldn't be more help but if you see a relationship with your Daniel Hutson please let me know.

Pleasant H. Price
Daphne Mitchell ::daphnecm@home.com

I am seeking information about Pleasant Henderson Price (d.o.b. 10/13/1839), father of James Spears Price. Pleasant was married to Delahia "Dillie" Wallace (or Walker).

Please email me directly with information.

Thanks, Daphne Mitchel

Risana Barnes and James Pickney Grogan

Possibly someone can help. Looking for any information on Risana Price Barnes that married James Pickney Grogan on Oct. 24, 1878. Risana's parents were Henry Walker Barnes and Elizabeth Grogan of Rockingham NC. I know of her having one sister Luzanna Barnes which married Andrew Jackson Grogan. Anything can help! Thank You.

Jess Brodnax ::xerxes14@altavista.com

My family goes back at least 4or 5 generations in Rockingham County. How do I document our history?

Carrie Bean Lane
Karen ::deank@triad.rr.com

Searching for info on Carrie Bean Lane and Ira/Irie Lane. Couple was probably born around 1910-1915 and had at least 4 known children in the 1930's(Betty, Bobby, RC, Shirley). Couple lived in western nc in the thirties, but I do not know where they were from. I can only find the birth record for one of their children. If you have any info on Carrie or Ira Lane, please email me at deank@triad.rr.com I just recently found out that they are my grandparents and would like to piece together a little family history. Thanks for your time and help. Karen

Jesse Weaver
parnell ::parnell50@aol.com

Looking for any information on Jesse T Weaver my grandfather.

William Anderson Grier(Greer)-Sallie Moore
Fred Felter ::Ffelter@AOL.com

Iam seeking infro regarding above: From 1880 census: William Anderson Grier born abt 1830 and Sallie Moore. Children Sallie 6/21/1874; Bettie abt 1860;Nancy abt 1862 Martha abt 1866; William abt 1871. Both parents died before 1890 when 2nd Sallie married Thomas Baker Bailey of Alamance. Census indicates he was born in Virginia as well as his parents. The Moore's are from Rockingham. Seek infro about the parents and their ancestors

Mary Zeigler, Zeigler Family
William G. Mitchell ::mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net

I am seeking information about my 3great grandmother, Mary Zeigler. She was born in Rockingham CO even before it was a county, about 1750. Her mother was a Zimmerman. Mary married my 3great grandfather, John Henry Mitchell of Dinwiddie CO, VA, and they had a son, Thomas Hardaway Mitchell, born in Dinwiddie Co, VA in 1793.

I would like to find out more about just when and where Mary was born, and who her mother and father, other ancestors, were.Another realtive, Ruth Tillery, was born in Rockingham Co. her father was Joshua Tillery, whose wife was Susannah Zeigler. Ruth married the son on Mary and John Henry, Thomas Hardaway Mitchell. I believe there was a relationship with Susannah and Mary Zeigler (Cousins?) I would like to know how these families were connected.

Mary and John Henry moved to Oglethorpe CO, GA about 1800, as did Joushua Tillery and his family. Did they travel together?

Any information would be most appreciated. Bill Mitchell

Hall and Hobson Families
Jeanie Long ::locosam36@hotmail.com

I am looking for any info on William F. Hall and Nannie or Nancy J. Hobson. I do know they were married 1/26/1839 in Rockingham. But I do not know whether that was county name or town name. If anyone can help, please email me at locosam36@hotmail.com

Thanks, Jeanie Long


rk ::rkleine@metromat.com

LOVELL, COLSTON, DAVID - 1796 then on to Orange Co., love to hear from you

rk ::rkleine@metromat.com 59

LOVELL, DAVID/COLSTON 1796 then on to Orange. Love to hear from you.

Re: Mary Zeigler, Zeigler Family
William G. Mitchell ::mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net 57

Woukd the person who replied to this message earlier please do so again? I lost the notification of your reply. Bill

Frances Reid ::reid@pld.com

I would like soome information on J. Thomas Fulford. I have no dates, but could be around the late 1700 or early 1800, He had a son or adopted son by the name of James Jefferson Fulford. James Jefferson later changed his last name to Gum or Gumm

Town of Avalon
Chris Crowder ::ccrowder@vnet.net Avalon, A forgotten town remembered http://www.sharp-focus.com/avalon/avalon.htm

Hi, I've been working on a web site about the town of Avalon that was located just above Mayodan. I'm looking to find photographs, postcards, maps, stories, and records of any kind to be used on the Avalon Page. Thanks! Feel free to visit the Avalon site and let me know what you think.

Norman/Dear Families
Elizabeth ::Kinsinger@knology.net

I am looking for information about John Norman and his wife Fanny Dear Norman. Fanny was the daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Bradley Dear. John had a brother named Job. John and Fanny had three sons, Hiram, Charles Dear and Joseph. Does anyone have any information on this family? John's father? What happened to John? Hiram went to Alabama with Uncle Job. Where did others live? John is my GGgrandfather.


Jarrett Boulden Garrett family
Ginger Garrett Wineman ::wilngin@juno.com

My Garretts were in Burke Co. NC (William Garrett m. Jane Stroud) but moved to Georgia. My great uncle (b. 1887) had the name Coil Garrett. We have never been able to find out where his name came from. I recently saw that Jarrett Boulden Garrett has two daughters with Coil as their middle names. Does anyone know where they may have gotten the name, Coil?

Here is what I found on this family:

2) Jarrett Boulden Garrett b. Nov 1813, Culpeper Co., VA d. Feb 1887, Rockingham Co., NC bur. Madison, Rockingham Co., NC m. 13 Nov 1834, Rockingham Co., NC

+ Clarissa Walton Hill, d/o William Spaulding & Sarah Anna (Walton) Hill

i. Sarah Anna Garrett 1836 NC-1911 NC ii. Susan Elizabeth Garrett 1838 NC-1918 NC iii. Mary Jane Garrett 1840 NC-1845 NC iv. William Garrett 1842 NC-1845 NC v. Elizabeth Coil Garrett 1845 NC-1938 NC vi. Emeline Coil Garrett 1848 NC - vii. James Washington Garrett 1852 NC-1920 NC viii. Robert Newton Garrett 1855 NC-1931 NC ix. Joseph Walton Garrett 1858 NC-1947 VA

Many thanks, Ginger Garrett Wineman

William Noles, late 1700s
J. Norvill Jones ::nj3568@mindspring.com

I am seeking information on William Noles or other Noles males who may have been in Rockingham County in the late 1700s or early 1800s. I am trying to locate a Noles who was married to Catherine Jones in Bute/Warren County, NC in 1776 when her married name was listed in her father's will as "Catherine Noles". Any help in identifying male Noles who may have come to Rockingham County from Bute/Warren County will be appreciated.

Smith Family
Martin Smith ::Cardinals4me@aol.com

I would be happy to communicate and share information with anyone from your county who might be related to Walter Raleigh Smith, born in 1870 in Mayodan, NC. He had several brothers who remained in NC after the family migrated to Bond County, Illinois about 1878. As you can tell from my name, this family married into the Martins of Virginia and northern NC. Thank you from Olympia, Washington.


Fuqua's in Ruffin-Rockingham Co.
Rita Barnes ::madmomma@earthlink.net

Would like info on family of William Franklin Fuqua's son, Frank born abt 1867. Frank's daughter Susie Emma Fuqua was born in Ruffin 1879/1881 Had a brother William, and a sister Jaunita. Susie was my grandmother. They moved to Danville sometime before 1892 or about that time. Any info would be appreciated. Especially on her mother Thank You

Proctors in Rockingham County
Eldon Proctor ::Proc9610@cs.com

I am working on the theory that my ggggrandfather, Paul S. Proctor was born on 8-31-1826 in Rockingham County. The census of 1840 shows a Lucy Proctor with Children and the age would correspond with Paul Proctor as well as a Michael Proctor, census of 1830 shows a young male that would work. The census of 1840 shows a H. Marcom family near Lucy Proctor and Paul Proctor married H. Marcom's daughter later in Tenn. in 1850. Anyone having any information about this family, please email me. I would appreciate it.

Stokes Family
Anne Rousseau ::ARous72400@aol.com

I am searching for CALVIN STOKES and a daughter, LUCINDA STOKES, who were said to be in Rockingham, N.C. around 1875. They came to Georgia when Lucinda was about 8 years old. Calvin is said to have come from Spain and came into the U.S. around Raleigh, N.C. I was told that he took the name STOKES from a family that he was staying with. Any information will be appreciated.

Anne Rousseau

Southard/Southern Lookups
Merle Southern ::mjsouth@rollanet.org

Trying to determine who the other family members are for the following: 1850 Rockingham census - Samuel Southard, RF Southern, SM Suthran, Thomas Southard, SW Sothard, and Henry Southard. 1860 Rockingham census - Samuel W. Southard, and Mary Southard. 1870 Rockingham census - Mary Southern, Sarah Southern. Thank you for your assistance.

Philip Jacob Irion
Jennifer Irion ::jenirion@bellsouth.net

Any information on Philip Jacob Irion.

He died on Oct.12,1794 in Rockingham County. His will was proved in Feb. 1795 open court in Rockingham County.

I am trying to establish the relationship of Philip Jacob Irion to his son John Poindexter Irion who was born Feb. 16, 1776 in Culpeper County, VA.

William G. Mitchell ::mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net

My third great grandmother, Mary Zeigler, was born in Rockingham Co., N.C. (don't know when or exactly where, but before 1750, I think), and lived there until her marriage to John Henry Mitchell of Dinwiddie CO., VA. They had an undetermined number of children, one of whom was my ancestor, Thomas Hardaway Mitchell, born in Dinwiddie CO, VA in 1793. John Henry and Thomas Hardaway moved to Ogelthorpe CO., GA about 1800 (don't know about Mary). I am anxious to find out more about Mary Zeigler. When was she born, where, who were her parents, ancestors? Did she die in GA as John Henry did? Was she related to Sussanah Zeigler who married Joshua Tillery in Rockingham Co., and whose daughter was Ruth(ie) Tillery? Any help will be much appreciated. Bill Mitchell

"Glenn Farm" Estates near Eden, NC
Robin Willingham Moore ::RobinW.Moore@Excite.com

I'm interested in the history of Glenn Farm--as the possible home of my great-great-grandparents, Chalmers Lanier Glenn and Anna Sarah Dodge. My grandmother had told me many years ago that her uncle, Governor Robert Brodnax Glenn, had sold the Glenn "plantation" to developers following the death of his two brothers, James Dodge Glenn and Edward Travis Brodnax Glenn (my great-grandfather). And recent books transcribed by Professor Wayne Kime from journals written by my great-great-granduncle, Richard Irving Dodge, mention several letters to and from his sister, Annie, in Leaksville (now part of Eden). Is there a Glenn family cemetery within the boundaries of the original farm. I'm also interested in what property Glenn Farm was originally carved out of--as my great-great-grandfather, Chalmers, was orphaned as a small child and was raised by his maternal aunt, Janet Hamilton Chalmers, and her husband, Dr. Edward Travis Brodnax, with possible assistance from Dr. Brodnax' oldest brother, Robert Brodnax of Cascades Plantation, who was the husband of one of Chalmers' paternal grandaunts, Nannie Wilson (I know, it's confusing--plus Robert and Edward Brodnax' sister was the husband of one of Chalmers' paternal granduncles, George Wilson). Chalmers' paternal grandmother, Isabella Wilson Glenn, does not mention Chalmers in her will and I suspect that's because his inheritance came through other (that is, Wilson or Brodnax or Chalmers) channels. Any information would be appreciated.

Reuben Johnson
Mitch Warren ::mitchwarrn@aol.com

According to a letter to my gr-grandmother in 1925, her father, Reuben James Johnson, was the son of Henry Johnson, and gr-son of Reuben Johnson, the first, who lived in or near Wentworth. The older Reuben Johnson was buried in a tomb "at an old church near Wentworth", and his son Henry was buried "at Speedwell, a country church, about 6 miles from home." Can anyone give me directions to these cemeteries?

Re: Reuben Johnson
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com 75

Speedwell Church Cemetary is located on Iron Works Road. Take 158 West toward Winston Salem. About a mile outside the city limits there is a convenience store in the fork of the road. The right fork is Iron Works Road. The church and cemetary is about 3 miles down on the left. I believe there is also a church historian who may be able to answer any questions. You may want to call the pastor for information about that. I don't know about the other cemetary you inquired about. Hope this helps.

Re: Documentation
Robin Willingham Moore ::RobinW.Moore@excite.com 53

Jess - If your ancestors were Brodnaxes from the Leaksville (now Eden) area, I'll be glad to share information and sources with you. There were four different marriages between my Wilson/Glenn aunts and uncles and the Brodnaxes who settled Cascade Plantation and Willow Oaks Farm near Leaksville in Rockingham County.

William Wray Family
Dickie Wray ::history65@msn.com

I am seeking information on one William Wray of Cumberland County, Virginia who first appears in Rockingham County, NC in 1816. He married Nancy Phelps (dau. of Samuel Phelps) after 1785. Would like to correspond and exchange information with anyone working on this line.

Lynda Becker ::beckerw@ix.netcom.com

On the 1790 census of Rockingham NC there is listed 4 McElroy families--John McElroy 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 3 females. 4 houses down from him a Wm McElroy 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, and 1 female. And living next door to him is Agnis McElroy 2 females (no males listed) On another page of the census is a Jas McElroy Jr 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 1 female. Can anyone tell me anything about these McElroy families? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Am especially interested in the Agnis McElroy. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Re: "Glenn Farm" Estates near Eden, NC
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 74

Yes, you are correct that Chalmers Lanier Glenn did live at Sauratown Plantation but is not buired there. He was killed at the battle of South Mountain, MD in 1862 and is buried there. The history of the plantation was published in and an 1983 issue of the Journal of Rockingham County History and Genealogy. Copies of this issue can be purchased for $2.75 postpaid from the Rockingham County Historical Society, P.O. Box 84, Wentworth, NC 27375. I have other family information if interested.

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 44

The map to which you referred is also available for purchase through the Rockingham County Historical Society, P.O. Box 84, Wentworth, NC 27375 at the cost of $9.50 postpaid.

Re: Reuben Johnson
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 76

Reuben Johnson is buried in a family cemetery on Almond Road in Simpsonville Township in southern Rockingham County. Property is owned by Mrs. Bettie Jones. Only one marked grave is there as follows (RECORDING WAS MADE IN 1980):

Reuben Johnson, died 25 Jul. 1856, age 86y, 2 ms, 10ds.

There are a few Johnsons buried at Speedwell Church but Henry, if he is there, does not have a marked grave. The ones listed there are Francis, Katherine, Mary Scott, Mary Turner and Polly. The Speedwell historian died three years ago and there are few, if any, members there today who are familiar with the older families in the area. For more information you might contact the Rockingham County Historical Society, P.O. Box 84, Wentworth, NC 27375.

Setliff ancestors
Kristie Setliff Lovelace ::LOVELAC1@BELLSOUTH.NET

I am doing a family geneolgy on the Setliff's. I have traced back to 1824 with the birth of Abraham Setliff my great-great-great-grandfather. I cannot find the names of Abraham's mother and father. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you very much. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Kristie Setliff Lovelace ::LOVELAC1@BELLSOUTH.NET 45

Could you tell me if there are any Setliff landowners on your map? I am looking for any information I can find on the Setliff family. Thank you.

Re: Reuben Johnson
Mitch Warren ::mitchwarrn@aol.com 82

Many thanks to Elizabeth Hanks and M. E. Perdue for your prompt and very helpful information. I only recently learned that Henry and Reuben Johnson are my 3rd and 4th-great grandfathers, and that they had lived in Rockingham County. My Warren ancestors are from Halifax County, Virginia, which is probably within 50 miles of Wentworth. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but the next time I head for Halifax County I will certainly spend some time in Rockingham County.

Delwood Cannery-Will Cummings
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I am searching for information on Will Cummings who lived on 158 West. On his farm he ran a cannery. I would like to know about that canning operation. Also, if there are any pictures of the old homeplace I would like to get a copy. Will Cummings had at least one son-Ralph Cummings who lived in Raleigh and recently passed away. These Cummings were related to Mike Cummings of the Monroeton community. Thanks for any help.

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com 84

Hello Kristie, No Setliffs are on the map. I looked through some of my books and here's what I found. Rockingham Co. Marriage Records 1758-1868: Setliff Alexander m. Delila Jones 10-3-1858

George W. m. Sarah J. Miller 11-11-1856

Joel J. m. Nancy Wall 1-25-1866

Joseph m. Cinthia Haslip 2-10-1852

William D. m Eliza M. Holt 8-15-1857

Jane m. Alfred Wall 12-20-1855

Susan m. Henry Holt 8-15-1853

N.C. Will: Testator Index 1665-1900

Setliff Abraham Rockingham Co. Will book C pg. 47 at Courthouse.

Setliff John Rockingham Co. Will book C pg 237 at Courthouse.

Hope this helps you out. Elizabeth

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Jim Dobbins ::dobbins@en.com 87

Elizabeth, Would you please review the map and see if James Dobbins or any McElroys are listed as land owners in the county? They were on the 1790 Rockingham Co NC census. Am trying to prove that the James and Margaret Dobbins, found in Caldwell Co Ky in 1797 is James and Margaret McElroy Dobbins, who were married in Rockingham Co NC, in 1792. Thank you. Jim

Re: Historical map of Rockingham Co.
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com 88

Hi Jim. On the map there is an Agnes McElroy who purchased land near the Haw River in 1787. In the Rockingham Co., NC Marriages 1785-1868 this is what I find: James Dobins m. Margaret McKleroy 6-12-1792. There are no other Dobbins listed under any variation of the spelling. There are 3 listed under McKelroy: Lydia, Lavina and Betsy (Mcilroy). Hope this helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: McElroy
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com 79

Agnes McElroy purchased land near the Haw River in 1787. Hope this helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Greenberry & Frances Q. Holderby Wilson family
Joy Q. Gallagher ::gallagherj@cafes.net

Below are three sketches about the ancestry of Joseph D. Wilson who died and is buried in Winchester, Franklin Co., TN. He was a son of Greenberry Wilson and wife Frances Q. Holderby who were married February 6, 1817 in Rockingham Co., NC and were the parents of 12 children. Greenberry Wilson was a son of Jesse Wilson and wife Sally LeGrand. Frances Q. Holderby was a daughter of Joseph Holderby and wife Lucy Broaddus. Notice these family names in the children of Joseph D. Wilson in the accompanying sketches. Would like to find a researcher who knows the names of the other 11 children of Greenberry Wilson and wife Frances Q. Holderby. Some of the above names and dates were found at familysearch.org.

Ancestry of Confederate Soldier Joseph D. Wilson

Soldier Wilson's sketch in Goodspeed's History of Franklin County, Tennessee, published 1886:

JOSEPH D. WILSON, of the firm of Wilson & Francis, general merchants, was born in Pittsylvania County, Va., May 20, 1824. The father, Green B. Wilson, was a farmer by occupation, and in 1848 removed to Henry County, Tenn., where he died in 1866. The mother, nee Frances Q. Holderby, survived the father, and departed this life in 1874. Joseph D. was reared on a farm, and remained with his parents till after coming to Henry County, Tenn. He received but a limited early education. In Henry County he engaged in farming and in the tobacco business till 1885, when he removed to Winchester and engaged in his present trade in February of that year. He has been successful, and carries a stock of about $8,000. He chose as his helpmeet, Miss Annie E. Cox, the matrimonial ceremony being solemnized October 29, 1868. This union has been blessed in the birth of eight children, one of whom died in infancy. The others are Annie Q., Hunter L., Ruth A., Asa B., Lydia M., Flora D., and Hoyland L. Mr. Wilson, his wife, and three children, are members of the Baptist Church. Politically, Mr. Wilson is a firm Democrat, and always has been. He is an enterprising and respected citizen of the county.

Soldier Wilson's sketch in Volume VIII, Confederate Military History, published in Atlanta, Georgia, 1899:

Colonel Joseph D. Wilson, of Winchester, is a native of Pittsylvania County, Va., born in 1824, son of Greenberry Wilson, and grandson of Jesse Wilson, a native of Maryland. Removing to Tennessee in early manhood, he engaged in the manufacture of tobacco until October, 1861, when he enlisted as a private in Captain Weldon's company of the Forty-sixth regiment, Tennessee infantry, Col. John M. Clark. He was in the garrison of Island No. 10, during the bombardment, and after the abandonment of New Madrid was surrendered with the forces under General Mackall, April 8, 1862. As a prisoner of war he was held at Johnson's Island and Camp Chase, Ohio, until exchanged at Vicksburg in August. The regiment was then reorganized at Jackson, Miss., and he was elected major. In this rank he was attached to S.B. Maxey's brigade at Port Hudson under fire of Farragut's fleet, and with Gen. J.E. Johnston in his Mississippi campaign against Grant, including the siege of Jackson, and subsequently was on duty at Mobile, under the brigade command of General Quarles, until just after the battle of Chickamauga, when they joined the army under General Bragg at Missionary Ridge. After spending the winter at Dalton, Quarles' brigade was sent back to Mobile, but was recalled in time to participate in the Atlanta campaign, and won great distinction at New Hope Church, Kennesaw [also spelled Kenesaw] Mountain and the battles around Atlanta. Wilson, having been promoted to lieutenant-colonel, was in command of his regiment at Atlanta until the battle of Ezra Church, July 28, 1864, when he was shot through the body near the enemy's works and taken prisoner. He was reported killed, and General Quarles, as is noted on another page of this volume, paid an eloquent eulogium to his virtues as a man and soldier. He lay in the Federal hospital at Marietta until convalescent, and was subsequently a prisoner at Johnson's Island until July 26, 1865. After his return to Tennessee, he was a merchant and farmer near Paris, until 1882, when he retired from business, and made his home at Winchester. The wife of Colonel Wilson, who died in 1892 [tombstone has 1894], was the daughter of Rev. Asa Cox, a Baptist minister and Confederate soldier. Their children are Hunter LeGrand, of Austin, Texas; Asa Broadus, an attorney at Paris; Anna, wife of Emmet [sic] Cooper, of Winchester; Lydia, Flora, and Hoyland Lee.

Soldier Wilson's obituary in Volume 19, May 1911, Confederate Veteran Magazine:

Joseph D. Wilson, who was born in Pittsylvania County, Va., near Danville, May 20, 1824, was the fifth of twelve children born to Greenberry and Frances Holderby Wilson, who were married in Virginia in 1798 [sic, believe this should be married in Rockingham Co., NC Feb. 6, 1817]. His grandfather, Jesse Wilson, a Marylander, was in the Revolutionary War.

In his early manhood the family removed to West Tennessee, where he engaged in the manufacture of tobacco and in the mercantile business until the breaking out of the Civil War. He enlisted as a private in Captain Weldon's company of the 46th Tennessee Infantry, under the command of Col. John M. Clark. He was in the garrison of Island No. 10 during the bombardment, and after the abandonment of New Madrid surrendered with the forces under General McCall April 8, 1862.

He was held as a prisoner at Johnson's Island and Camp Chase, Ohio, until exchanged at Vicksburg in August. The regiment was then reorganized at Jackson, Miss., and he was elected major. In this rank he was attached to S.B. Maxey's brigade at Port Hudson, under fire of Farragut's fleet, and was with Gen. J.E. Johnston in his Mississippi campaign against Grant, including the siege of Jackson. Subsequently he was on duty at Mobile under the brigade command of General Quarles until just after the battle of Chickamauga, when they joined Bragg's army at Missionary Ridge.

After spending the winter at Dalton, Quarles's Brigade was sent back to Mobile, but was recalled in time to participate in the Atlanta campaign, and won special distinction at New Hope Church, on Kennesaw Mountain, and in the battles around Atlanta.

Major Wilson was promoted to lieutenant colonel, and was in command of his regiment at Atlanta until the battle of Ezra Church, July 28, 1864, when he was shot through the body near the enemy's works and taken prisoner. The "Official Records of the War of the Rebellion" contains an official document of General Quarles to the effect that Colonel Wilson was killed, stating: "Among the killed of Quarles's Brigade was Col. John R. White, of the 53d Tennessee. Major Richardson, who succeeded to the command, was mortally wounded, and the gallant Col. Joseph D. Wilson was desperately wounded and by the brigade commander reported killed. They fell in front of their regiments, leading them on the enemy's works. Truer and more earnest patriots never lived, and the purity of their private characters gracefully softened the ruder qualities of the soldier."

Colonel Wilson lay in the Federal prison at Marietta for a short time, and was then removed to Johnson's Island, where he remained a prisoner until July 26, 1865.

In 1868 Colonel Wilson was married to Miss Annie E. Cox, daughter of Rev. Asa Cox, a Baptist minister and Confederate soldier, at Paris, Tenn. He made his home at Buchanan, near Paris, where he engaged in the tobacco, cotton, and mercantile business. He sold out here in 1884 and removed to Winchester, Tenn., where he engaged in mercantile business, from which he retired in 1892.

Eight children were born to Colonel Wilson and his wife--four sons and four daughters--all of whom survive except a son and a daughter. He was an extensive observer and reader, especially after his retirement from business. He was a man of deep and positive convictions, but never gave offense to those who differed with him in their opinions. His manners and habits were of the simplest and most modest character. As a devoted and faithful member of the Church, he was sustained by an unfaltering faith. His death occurred on February 21, 1911.


Alice Brandt ::abrandt@texas.net

I am searching for information on the AQUILLA WILSON family and I am hoping that the abstract of the AQUILLA WILSON will, (ca 1787-1865) listed on this web site is the correct family.


Any information that you can share will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Alice Brandt

Mitchell and Bondurant
Lisa Wright ::loy@pinehurst.net

I am looking for information on my great grandfather Joe Cephus Mitchell (not sure of spelling). He was born 6/2/1865 and died 12/19/1930. He is buried at Shiloh Baptist Church. His wife Fannie E. Bondurant was born in Stokes County 6/15/1870 and died 10/10/1925. Children: Abe, Essie, John, William McKinley, Frank, Rufus, Annie, Ida, Pearl and Joe. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm not sure which township he lived in but I think it was in or near Mayodan.

Re: Mitchell and Bondurant
Lisa Wright ::loy@pinehurst.net 93

I've just learned they lived on Madison and Stokes Rd. but am not sure where this is.

Fowlkes, James
Bob Duncan ::rwduncansr@aol.com

I am trying to find information on my great grandfather James H Fowlkes who was married to Jane Osborne. They are the parents of Charlie C Fowlkes who lived and operated a store on old highway 29 a little north of Reidsville. They are listed in the 1880 census in the Oregonville community. According to family info and the census both James H and Jane were born in VA. Any help will begreatly appreciated.

All Hale researchers NC, and VA
Dillard Hale ::dillhale@excite.com

Your help is need to solve the following mystery!

(Rockingham County, NC) Eliza Hale a resident of The Rockingham County Home died in 1926 and was buried in the home’s cemetery in Wentworth, NC. The stone is deteriorated and old, but still standing and readable. On file at the Wentworth Courthouse is her death certificate listing the following information. Place of Birth: Franklin County, VA Cause: Sudden Death Father: Francis Marion Hale Mother: Nancy Leffew

(Franklin County, VA) My grandfather Samuel Henry Hale Date of Birth: April 1860 Place: Franklin Co., VA Father: Francis Marion Hale Mother: Nancy Leffew Note: Samuel married Missouri A. Jones in Franklin County, VA in 1895 and they had three children. My father James Frank, Lillie Florence and Hattie. Missouri died in 1905 and sometimes after 1910 Samuel along with the three children moved to Rockingham County. His brother William J. and his family also moved here. Samuel died in 1929 was was buried at Happy Home Church Cemetery. (No sign of grave has been located)

Census of 1920 for Rockingham County shows Samuel living with the three children plus his widowed sister whose name is given as Angelina Hale.

The census of 1860 for Franklin County, VA show only two girls born to Francis and Nancy. (1) Frances P. Hale who married a James Janney (2) Louisa Hale who married a Robert Davis. Therein lies the mystery. Who were Eliza and Angelina.

I’m close to finishing out my family history and having it published but until I get this solved It will remain incomplete. Please help me solve this mystery.

James & Dianna Walker
Jerry Ferrell ::ferrelljm@aol.com

Interested in information for James Walker who died 1810 Rockingham Co. Lived on Dan River. Wife Dianna. Children: James Smith Walker, William Smith Walker, Jinnet Walker, Nancy Johnson, Polley Walker, Milly Walker, John Walker, Lucy Walker, and Catherine Walker. Associated with the Menzies, Leak, Coleman, and Smith familes. May have lived in Henry Co. VA for a time.

current map of Rockingham County
David Lamberth ::jordel@bellsouth.net

I am looking for an up to date detailed, digital map of the county. Thank you if you can help.

Mary Donovan ::MT-Dono@worldnet.att.net 92

Hi Alice Fellow Wilson family researchers and myself believe that an Aquilla Wilson b. 31 Mar 1731, Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1803, Rockingham Co. NC; sons: Jesse, Able, John, Amos, Aquilla, William; Daus: Hannah Payne, Ann Vinent, Betsy Brock, Sarah Macke (or Mack) might be the grandfather of our own Thomas b.1795, Rockingham Co, NC, m. 1816 Elizabeth Mackey b 1796, Rockingham Co. Do these places and dates seem to fit? Mary D.

Hall/Hobson, 1830's
Jeanie Long ::locosam36@hotmail.com

I am looking for any info on William F. Hall b.1813 VA d.1878 MS married Nancy J. Hobson b.1830 NC d.1913 on 1/26/1839 in Rockingham County, NC. Their children were: Albert W., James, John, Dick, William Jr., Susan, Julia, Dollie, and Sally. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Short family Mt. Airy
Pam Faires ::blondert@hotmail.com

We are looking for family information on the William Short family. There was a Short reunion in 1948 in Mt. Airy. We have a picture and that is all info. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

George Hunter
Judy Reeves ::jar20001@juno.com

Would like to find George Hunter's parents-He was b.20 Feb 1787 Rockingham Co. NC-M.Christina Ann ? I believe in NC-Came to Bond Co.IL 1818 per census-Also listed on that censes were John,Sr.,John,Jr.,Samuel & Elizabeth all llisted as heads of household. I am wondering if Elizabeth could be his mother. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Samuel Southard - 1860 Census
Merle Southern ::mjsouth@rollanet.org

Need help searching the Rockingham Co, NC 1860 census for Samuel W, Southard, page 98, Hogans Creek. Trying to determine if this is my GGgrandfather. He was married to Susan, and his children were Robert, Alfred, and Mary. Thank you for your assistance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

1850 Census Look-up
Joan Hudson ::jfhudson@att.net

Can someone please look up in the 1850 and 1860 census records for ALL the names of HUDSON and write them down please for me? Thank you ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Greenberry & Frances Q. Holderby Wilson family
George O Wilson ::geobev2@aol.com 91

We are researching the Aquilla Wilson family, we beleave he is part of our family. In the 1850 census Henry County, Tenn you will find Greenbeery Wilson and five of his children, George, Martha, Jane, John C, Andrew

George O Wilson ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bud Griffin Hairston
Elizabeth ::Mbna00americA@aol.com

1. Bud G. Hairston is my great grandfather, born in Pittsylvania County, Va, 1887/1891, but lived in Reidsville, NC. He married Nannie Wright(born 1891/1937). She died in Reidsville, NC.

2. I have a copy of his marriage certificate, but can barely make out his mother's name, which looks like "Addie." I have also seen her name spelled: Edie, Eddie,and Etta. I was told her maiden name was "Wright," but I believe it is "Smith." What is her real name?

3. Addie? was married to Patrick Hairston. Patrick was born around 1847 and Addie was born around 1860. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You In Advance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Weldon and William Southard
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I am looking for information on Weldon and William Southard. I don't know if they are related. Weldon Richard Southard b. 1843 married Sarah E. Forgis (Fargis) on 7-26-1866. Their children were Mary Isabell b. 1861 (probably 1869), James b. 1871, Henry b. 1873, Maggie b. 1878 and Edward b.1879. William Richard Southard b. 1891 in Rockingham Co. d. 1951 married Pearl Mae Cassada 4-5-1914. Their children were Helen b. 4-26-1915 (m. Larry Dula), William R. Jr. b. 1918 d. 1920, Haywood b. 4-28-1925 d. 5-5-1944 in France during WWII. There is one more child but he is still living and I don't wish to give out his information. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Martha Todd b.1834or37mGeorge W. Talley d.ca.1859
L.C. Reese ::z3girl@hotmail.com Talley-Hedden-Todd-Reese HomePage http://www.genealogy.com/users/r/e/e/Charlotta-M-Reese/?Welcome=1007221604

I am searching for my great-great grandfather's whereabouts (cemetery) he died approx. 1859. please visit my genealogy home page for more info. Any leads are greatly appreciated! He was married 1854 to Martha Todd b.ca.1834 No.Carolina ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: All Hale researchers NC, and VA
Audrey Goforth Johnson ::audreyj@inetone.net 96

I am a dec. of Thomas Leffew and his first wife Elizabeth Perdue. Was this Nancy a dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth? Am also a dec of John W. Jones Through his son John Wilson Jones and wife Eliza Oakley from Rockingham Co. NC and Franklin Co VA. Do you have a Sparrell Hale in your records? A very early Perdue lady (Edie) married an Edward Hale. Edie was daughter of William amnd Morning Hale of Chesterfield Co and was a sister to one of my great gf's who married 1775 Eleanor Dillon. A lot of the Hales came on here to Mercer County WV where they became very successful people. My grandmother's sister, Christina Perdue also mrried a Hale from Franklin County. His name escapes me at present, but if you need, I will look in my records for you. Another child of William and Morning was Hale Perdue who went to and died in TN. Audrey G. Johnson ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Leffew and Johnson
Audrey Goforth Johnson ::audreyj@inetone.net

Would like to correspond with any one researching Leffew family and am also interested in one of the son's of Gideon Johnson and wife Ursula, namely, Wright Johnson . who married probably in Rockingham Co Nancy Collins. Am also interested in the Oakley's and Jones families of Rockingham NC and Franklin Co. Va. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Alvis London- Christina Grogan
Lucinda North ::north@acsworld.net

I am looking for information about James Alvis London who was born in Rockingham county. I know that he married Christina Grogan, but have found little other information. My grandmother Amy Rivers London was their daughter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarah Southern - 1870 Census
Merle Southern ::mjsouth@rollanet.org

Trying to determine the other family members listed with Sarah Southern in the 1870 Rockingham Co, Huntsville Twp, NC, census. Trying to determine if this is my GGgrandmother and her family. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Patrick, Sr.
Arnold Taylor ::ataylor10@fuse.net

The Patrick Family Cemetery is situated in Rockingham County, N.C. just north of the Guilford/Rockingham County line on state road #2424. Two of the tombstones read: James Patrick, Sr. died 16 May 1835 in his 74th year ; Nancy Patrick died 19 May 1835 in her 68th year

If anyone knows the names of any of James' children, I would appreciate hearing from you. I am trying to learn whether he is my ancestor James Patrick Sr. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Dan Judd ::danjudd@qwest.net

Looking for desc. of James Dearmin who died 1848 in Rockingham Co. He was probably born circa 1780 in PA or VA. Children included Matthew, John Barnabas, Robert, James M. and Polly Barnes. Matthew, John and Robert migrated to Indiana and James resided in Stokes Co. where he probably died in the later 1860s. Many connections to the Smith and Kallam families. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

William Asbury Patterson
Fred S. Patterson 111 ::ppspatters@blueridge.net

Looking for any information on: James W.Patterson 1852 lived in Henry Co Va and was a child of 2 on census. We believe he was married to Elizabeth Dichens or Dickens. James had a son William Asbury Patterson. William A moved to Riedsville, Rockingham Co. NC by 1901. William A. married Margaret Sue Green and they had a son Fred Samuel Patterson b. 1901who married Nelsie Kimes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

KAY BLANTON ::k_blanton@yahoo.com

I am seeking the Parents and siblings of my 3rd g. grandfather, Abraham Martin b. ca 1790/91 there in Rockingham. He married Mourning Biggs ca 1810/11 place unknown. Mourning was b. ca 1792 in Edgecomb Co. NC. They were living in Robertson Co TN by 1816. Abraham had received a land grant of 20 acres that layed on the waters of Red River in the 1st Dist. He sold it in 1818 and sometime later moved to Sumner Co TN. All of their children were born in TN before they moved in 1843 to Newton Co, MO. Abraham and Mourning left there at the beginning of the Civil War. It is known he died April 29, 1862 and Mourning on 29 Sept. 1877 but in time it has been lost as to where. I am searching for the place of their interment also. It is believed they went to Green Co. Mo yet is not found there. Any help on them will be very much appreciated. Kay ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Nell Langwell Gronberg ::Ngronberg@aol.com

Is there a kind soul out there that has access to the 1820 Rockingham County, N.C. census who would do me a giant favor.

I am trying to get the listing for the Nancy Langurl household showing two minor children and the families that surround her. I am almost positive there were numerous Pritchett families in the vicinity. I saw the census at one time, but if I copied it, I cannot find it now and I cannot find her in the on-line photos of the census. I have no idea what page Nancy is on.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Augustine Lee or Hezekiah
winnie ::winnylee@multipro.com

Augustine Lee or Hezekiah

Posted By: winnie Date: Wednesday, 2 January 2002, at 9:09 p.m.

I am searching for info concerning Augustine Lee who married Rachel Nickols in 1821 of march, in Rockingham Co., N.C. His father and mother were suppose to be Wm. Hezekiah and Chloe Lea Lee. Her parents were Jezekiah or James Nickols. The Nickols and the Lees had farms joining each other in 1920. If someone out there has info on these families, would you please contact us. We made one trip over there for one day research and found several land deals with Hezekiah and Augustine's wedding certificate. Willouby Lee also was a witness or something on the Sale of Hezekiah Lee's estate. Hezekiah must have been a bad boy, since they sold his eatate to pay off two bar bills he owed when the notes came due. Would appreciate any help I could get and will send you any info I have regarding Augustine and Rachel Lee. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Winn & Bellenfant
Elizabeth ::estep@geac.com

Looking for parent information on Archeleus Winters WINN (who married Susanna BELLENFANT on 1/13/1808 in Rockingham County, NC). He supposedly was born in Rockingham County on 11/17/1784.

Any and all information would be appreciated on these two surnames in this timeframe!

Thanks, Elizabeth (Dallas) ----------------------------------------------------------------------


I am trying to trace my great grandfather Pleasant Nicholas Foy. He and his brother were both married in Franklin Co. MS to my great grandmother Pemmie Emfinger also from that county. I had heard it was possible they had came from NC. If anyone knows of a Pleasant Nicholas Foy born approx. 1850 and Lewis Stevenson Foy born 1853, please contact me. I am trying to find out who their parents were etc. I had heard they also had a sister named Catherine. I can be reached at JCARROLL55@HOTMAIL.COM THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Webb family
Mary ::mvwebbgibson@msn.com

Looking for information about William D. Webb who married Nancy Vernon in the 1840's.

Also their son Thomas Walter Webb of Rockingham Co.who married Laura Jane Cardwell of Stokes Co. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Betty A. Pace ::bapace@juno.com

My VA Read/Reid/Reed family came down to NC in the mid-1700s. They established themselves in Rockingham, Granville, Guilford, Stokes, and Iredell Counties, NC. The original name was READ but now is REID or REED. Here is my ancestry when the family was in Guilford Co.


1. John Clement Reid b. ? Brunswick Co. VA or Wake Co. NC

……2. Nathan Reid (?m. Mary Cotrell in 1833Guilford Co.NC) ……… + Mary Cotrell /Cottrell m. 1833Guilford CoNC

…………..3. William Emory C. m. 1856 to Sue Bevins, Rowan Co., NC

…….2. Green Reid

…….2. Jesse Reid/Reed b. 1803 Wake Co. NC d. 1877* Guilford Co. NC ………….+ 1st wife Jenny/Jane Cotrell/Cottrell b. 3/1803Guilford? m. 7/1/1823Guilf.

.. ……..3. Elizabeth Jane Reid b. 1823

………… .3. Julia Anne Reed/Reid b. 9/23/1825Guilford d. 1911Guilford . NC ………….. + Abner Pace (1821Guilford-1890?Rowan Co. NC) m. 1843 Guilford

.. …………….… 4. John Fletcher Pace (12/28/1844-11/9/1901Rowan*****) ………………….…..+ 1st wife: Mary Louise Woodson (11/20/1846-2/24/1873****) ……………………..…..5. Margaret L. Pace b. 1873Rowan-d. 1960sBlkMtn.NC ……………………………+ Robert L. Woodard of Lexington m 4/21/1890 ……………………..+2nd wife Clara Bell Wilson m. 11/25/1874 (b.1857Rowan-1943Guilford) …………………………5. Charles Wakefield Pace b. 1878 d. Bluefield WVA ……………………………..+ Mary Ann Poole (1879-1953Norfolk, VA (5 children) ………………………...+ Henry Frank Starr (CBWPace rem'd 1904 to Rev.Starr, Guil.NC)

.………3. John Clement Reid b. 1827

..….… 3. Emily Caroline Reid b. 1829

……….3. Clarisa Irene Reid b. 1831

……….3. Mary Catherine Reid b. 12/19/1833

………3. Martha Eliza Reid b. 1836

+ Jesse's 2nd wife Lucinda Minor/Miner b. 1815**d. 1861*** m. 1838

…….….… 3. William Fletcher Reid b. 1839 d. Guilford *

+Susan Howerton b. ? d. Guilford *

…………..3. Frances Amanda Reid b. 1841

…….……..3. Susan Cornelia Reid b. 1843

…….……..3. Hezekia Green Reid b. 1845

…………...3. Nathan Jasper Reid b. 1848

…………...3. Ellen Demaris Reid b. 1850 (D. Mitchell line) ……………….+ Marshall Wiley Blaylock …………………..4. Susan Blaylock

.…………..3. Alice Maria Reid b. 1852

…………. 3. Henry Alton Reid b. 1855

.…………..3. Alexander Gattis Reid b. 1858

* buried in Deep River Friends (Quaker) Cemetery at High Point, NC ** probably the daughter of Reubin Minor and Frances Southerland of Brunswick Co., VA *** buried at Muir's Chapel, Guilford College, Guilford Co. NC **** buried in Old English Cemetery, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC ***** buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, NC

On census reports in this early period, REED and REID seem almost interchangeable, as do COTRELL/COTTRELL and MINOR/MINER. There are even some READs in NC census reports in the early 19th century. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Robertson, Lemon
Jean Wheeler ::JeanHW@msn.com

I would like to hear from anyone concerning the Robertson, Lemons of Rockingham Co.my 4th great grandfather was John Robertson,born Feb.3, 1805, died, April 22, 1880. He married Katherine Lemons, she was born 1802, died Oct.9, 1884. Listed living with them on the 1850 census are Joseph H.Robertson born June 18, 1827 ( my 3 great grandfather) he died Nov.3, 1913 in Patrick Co. Va. Also listed were Thomas B.Robertson, John K. Robertson, William & Martha twins, and a Martha E. Robertson, Joseph H. moved to Patrick Co. Va. and married Sara C. Harrell,Dec. 5, 1855, she was born June 2, 1828, died July 17, 1920. I am looking for the Parents of Katherine Lemons, and John Robertson, I do have more imformation on Joseph H.Robertson I would love to share. MY email is JeanHW@msn.com Thanks Much ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Witty Family
Harold Paris ::hparis@sc.rr.com

I am looking for the name Witty. My Grandfather was William H. Witty. His father and mother was Calvin B. Witty b:11-12-1848, d:11-20-1911. His mother was Dorothy Francis Witty b:7-18-1836, d: 6-18-1890 all in Rockingham County. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarah Henderson Searcy
Karmen Earnheart ::karmenearn@aol.com

I am looking for the parents of Sarah Henderson Searcy born 1807 in Rockingham, NC. She married a Charles Slater in 1828 in Mt. Pinson, TN. Any info appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

John MEANS / Susan JOYCE 1797
"OD" Odsather ::sro2alaska@gci.net

SEEKING VERIFICATION: My several times Great grandparents: William MEANS [b. 1757 in RC, NC] married Susan JOYCE [b. Abt. 1779 in RC, NC] had it appears 9 children including John MEANS [b. January 28, 1798 in RC, NC] who married Nancy Smith [b. September 03, 1801 in RC, NC] Both John and Nancy died in Pleasant View, Shelby Co, Indiana.

The John MEANS family ancestors included: the JOYCEs and MEANS families.

The MEANS family included at least the ROBINSON and McCORD families.

The JOYCE families branched out and include: AUSTIN, ALLEN, ARNOLD, and HUNT.

Any information as to:

[1] How these families got across the pond would be appreciated. [2] Life style, occupations, Dates, location, etc. would be appreciated.

Thank you, "OD" sro2alaska@gci.net ----------------------------------------------------------------------

NEAL Family
John E. Neal, JR ::eckmahdis@hotmail.com

Trying to locate relatives in Rockingham NC. My father is John Edward Neal, born 1911 in Rockingham NC, son of Arthur Neal with sisters Elizabeth Bell Neal, Anna Mae Neal, Glen Neal.

Thanks for any assistance by the public. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Witty Family
Frances Trimble ::ftht98@att.net 124

I have an Ezekiel Witty who married Jane Cummings 28 June 1791...not certain this helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Cummins - Hunter - DAR
Frances Trimble ::ftht98@att.net

I need to have an address for a contact person with James Hunter chapter, DAR, if possible. I am researching the a Hunter and Cummins family that appear in upper middle TN records and have been thus far unable to attach them to a birthplace or location during the Rev. War. There are Cummins references in one volume of a book entitled Early Families of the North Carolina Counties of Rockingham and Stokes with Rev. Service and I see that this book was published by James Hunter chapter, DAR. Help appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Carol McNair Garriques ::ckglorac@ivillage.com Ireland McNairs http://ckglorac.tripod.com/irelandmcnairs

Hello everyone. I am in search for a church or cemetary named: Ashley Chapel Church in Rockingham. The family name is McNair, Can you help me? If you can please e-mail me at: ckglorac@ivillage.com Thanks PS a link to my McNair site is below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Thomas J. Reed ::tjr0001@mail.widener.edu

My great-great-great grandfather, Andrew WILSON, a veteran of the Revolution, lived in ROCKINGHAM CO NC from the date of its formation to ca. 1798 when he emigrated to Wilson Co.TN. In 1774 he married the daughter of John ROBERTSON of Orange CO, NC at Haw River Meeting House in what is now ROCKINGHAM CO, NC. I am looking for his parents, brothers and sisters, and would appreciate any help that anyone can supply. Will swap for info on his descendants Prof. Thomas J. Reed Widener University School of Law P.O. Box 7474 Wilmington, DE 19803-0474 TEL (302) 477-2070 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

sampson lanier,sr
Nancy Bray Bowden ::nbb@alltel.net

Trying to locate photo of Sampson Lanier,Sr. m Elizabeth Washington. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Mary Pauline BROWN
Barbara ::scrivano@frugal.com

I am seeking info about my gggrandmother, Mary (Polly) Pauline BROWN. (b c. 1802, Rockingham Co., NC) Her parents are said to be Hubbard BROWN and Elizabeth MARTIN. Mary married Joel David HAWKINS, Sr. (b 1800, Stokes Co., NC; d c. 1871 in Stokes Co., NC.) Can you document her date and place of birth, marriage, and death? I would appreciate any info you have. I am willing to share what info I have on this line. Barbara scrivano@frugal.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Betty A. Pace ::bapace@juno.com

JOHN CLEMENT READ/REID came down from VA in the late 1700s. He first went to Rockingham, Guilford, Halifax, or Wake counties. I would love to contact other researchers of this line.

1. John Clement Reid b. ? Brunswick Co. VA ……2. Nathan Reid (?m. Mary Cotrell in 1833Guilford Co.NC) ……… + Mary Cotrell /Cottrell m. 1833Guilford CoNC …………..3. William Emory C. m. 1856 to Sue Bevins, Rowan Co., NC …….2. Green Reid …….2. Jesse Reid/Reed b. 1803 Wake Co. NC d. 1877* Guilford Co. NC ………….+ 1st wife Jenny/Jane Cotrell/Cottrell b. 3/1803Guilford? m. 7/1/1823Guilf. .. ……..3. Elizabeth Jane Reid b. 1823 ………… .3. Julia Anne Reed/Reid b. 9/23/1825Guilford d. 1911Guilford . NC ………….. + Abner Pace (1821Guilford-1890?Rowan Co. NC) m. 1843 Guilford .. …………….… 4. John Fletcher Pace (12/28/1844-11/9/1901Rowan*****) ………………….…..+ 1st wife: Mary Louise Woodson (11/20/1846-2/24/1873****) ……………………..…..5. Margaret L. Pace b. 1873Rowan-d. 1960sBlkMtn.NC ……………………………+ Robert L. Woodard of Lexington m 4/21/1890 ……………………..+2nd wife Clara Bell Wilson m. 11/25/1874 (b.1857Rowan-1943Guilford) …………………………5. Charles Wakefield Pace b. 1878 d. Bluefield WVA ……………………………..+ Mary Ann Poole (1879-1953Norfolk, VA (5 children) ………………………...+ Henry Frank Starr (CBWPace rem'd 1904 to Rev.Starr, Guil.NC) .………3. John Clement Reid b. 1827 ..….… 3. Emily Caroline Reid b. 1829

……….3. Clarisa Irene Reid b. 1831 ……….3. Mary Catherine Reid b. 12/19/1833 ………3. Martha Eliza Reid b. 1836 + 2nd wife Lucinda Minor/Miner b. 1815**d. 1861*** m. 1838 …….….… 3. William Fletcher Reid b. 1839 d. Guilford *

+Susan Howerton b. ? d. Guilford * …………..3. Frances Amanda Reid b. 1841 …….……..3. Susan Cornelia Reid b. 1843 …….……..3. Hezekia Green Reid b. 1845 …………...3. Nathan Jasper Reid b. 1848 …………...3. Ellen Demaris Reid b. 1850 (D. Mitchell line) ……………….+ Marshall Wiley Blaylock …………………..4. Susan Blaylock .…………..3. Alice Maria Reid b. 1852 …………. 3. Henry Alton Reid b. 1855 .…………..3. Alexander Gattis Reid b. 1858

* buried in Deep River Friends (Quaker) Cemetery at High Point, NC ** probably the daughter of Reubin Minor and Frances Southerland of Brunswick Co., VA *** buried at Muir's Chapel, Guilford College, Guilford Co. NC **** buried in Old English Cemetery, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC ***** buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, NC

On census reports in this early period, REED and REID seem almost interchangeable, as do COTRELL/COTTRELL and MINOR/MINER. There are even some READs in NC census reports in the early 19th century. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Robertson, Lemon
Faye ::caynor@netpath.net 123

In my search for the parents of John D. Robertson I found a reference to Katherine Lemons and John Robertson. There is either a deed or will in the courthouse that would help you. I do not have the information, only the reference. It is BK C page 284. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Charlotte Brann
Cecil Babcock ::clbabc227@aol.com

Am seeking information on Charlotte A. Brann born abt 1790 in Rockingham County, N. C. Married Jacob Marcilliotte, Rockingham County, N.C. 5 Dec 1806. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: John MEANS / Susan JOYCE 1797
Cecil Babcock ::clbabc227@aol.com 126

I have some information on the Joyce family. Nothing that indicates immagration to the US. Some sources that might give family information. Please contact me if I can help you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Barb ::schreiber@madisontelco.com 132

Did he have a son or brother by the name of John. John had a daughter, Harriet, married Wm.Craig. Harriet was born in 1812 in Rockingham Co. NC, Barb ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Gloria ::prairiefarm@csinet.net

Have recently stumbled across a document stating that a Revolutionary War veteran from Rockingham Co. N. C. may be buried in a small cemetery in Indiana. Possible relatives: Mary Parrish wife? Daughter Nancy Parrish Roberts married to William Roberts? Mary Parrish was born in 1762 in Leaksville, Rockingham, North Carolina. I checked your 1790 census and see a Abner Parrish listed. Can anyone confirm that he was in the Revolutionary War? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Chart for George Oliver-Susannah White
Harry Erwin ::erwinlouis@hotmail.com

Quite some time ago , someone offered to FAX a copy of a chart on the family of George Oliver - Susanah White family. I would like to obtain such a copy, if still available. Harry L.Erwin FAX (423) 245-8957 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Robert A. Amos ::dotbobby@comcast.net

Robert Francis Amos, my gf of Rockingham Co. married Isabella Powell,of Rockingham Co, daughter of James Powell. She was the second wife and the sister of Elizabeth who died in childbirth in 1875. Any one interested, please contact me.


Bob Amos ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Harrison's in Reidsville, NC
Kathy ::chapmank@msn.com

Help! I'm looking for any info on Harrison's in the Reidsville, NC/Rockingham Co. area. My father was William Burke Harrison, his father William Herbert Harrison, married to Zena Wilmer Strader, I have info on that side of family, but looking for Harrison's. Anyone having any information for me, I'd surely appreciate it. Thanks, Kathy Chapman ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Webb, Cardwell, Stewart
Mary ::mvwebbgibson@msn.com

Searching for info on William D.Webb, born in Va. about 1818; moved to Rockingham Co., N. C., married Nancy Vernon in the 1840's. Their children were: William P., Charles, Thomas Walter,James L., Elizabeth, Mary, Nanny, and Francis (who married a Harris).

William D. Webb's son Thomas Walter married Laura Jane Cardwell. Their children were Anna Lula, m. J. Grogan; Nannie Elizabeth m. J.W.Dodson; Bell m. Pomp Smith; Walter G; Fletcher L. m. Daisy Darnigan; Naomi J., m. A. Middleton; Ruth; Della m. J. White; and James Valentine Webb.

I need the names of the parents of William D. Webb. If someone has info on any of his children it could give me some leads.

Also Laura Jane Cardwell was the daughter of Henry H. Cardwell and Sarah Elizabeth Stewart. I need the names of the parents of Sarah Stewart.

John & Eleanor Atkins Harris
Betty Maynard ::Bubatut@aol.com

Am seeking information about the John and Eleanor (Nellie) Atkins Harris family. They were suppose to have been married in Rockingham County before 1800 and later migrated to Marlboro, SC. However, in reading the census records of 1820, I find a Nellie Harris listed as head of a family in Rockingham County. Any assistance on this family would be most appreciated. Thank you. B. Maynard ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Charlotte Brann
Don Simpson ::DSMPSN@email.msn.com 137

In Bulletin of VA-NC Piedmont Geneal. Soc., vol. 5, no. 3, is family bible record of Marcilliott family. It has Charlotte, wife of Jacob Marsilliot, b. Jan. 4, 1786, d. June 22, 1845, married Jacob on Dec. 6, 1806. In Rockingham Co. Deed Book Z, pp. 224 - 227, is deed to John Brann from "Thomas Brann, Jacob Marcilliot & his wife Charlotte, John Kelley & his wife Betsey, & James Brann as heirs at law of Vincent Brann, late of Rockingham County, deceased." It appears that Jacob & Charlotte were the parents of 4 children as follows: 1. Peter Marsilliott, b. 31 Dec., 1807, d. 27 Nov., 1842; md. Sinthia who d. 16 March, 1845; 2. Leonard Vandegriff Marsilliott, b. 22 Nov., 1810, d. 22 Nov., 1878; md. Sarah Starrett; 3. Jacob Marcilliott, b. 13 Feb., 1813, md. Margaret Burress/Burroughs 25 Feb., 1833, [probably moved away between 1850 & 1860]; 4. James Marcilliott, b. ca. 1819; d. 29 Nov., 1881, not married. Jacob Marcilliott (husband of Charlotte) was son of Peter & Jane (Simpson) Marcilliott. Jane was half-sister to Nathaniel Simpson, Sr., of Guilford Co., my 3rd gt grandfather. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Champ Gibson
Cliff Rogers ::rogerscliff@hotmail.com

I am looking for Champ Gibson ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Linda Glass ::Glasslmjl@aol.com

Looking for information on James Sipple who married Magdalene Lerkin on Dec. 22, 1800 in Rockingham Co. NC. I have found him in 1810 and 1820 Census. My gg grandfather Benjaman F. Sipple was born in Rockingham Co.N.C. on 1/1/1823. Can anyone give me any help. Thank you ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Kalogrides Family
Mark Almond ::malmond2@netzero.net

I am looking for information on a Theodore Kalogrides. Wife name: Wilhelmina (Almond) Kalogrides. Theodore operated a business in or around Reidsville, NC. I think it was a food service or cafe back in the 1930s, 1940s. I think he is buried around Enden or Leaksville, NC. I really would like to know where or which cementary Theodore Kalogrides was buried.

Any infomation will be most appreciative.

Mark Almond ----------------------------------------------------------------------

BOON/NOBLIN, 1820's Rockingham Co. N.C.
Brenda ::Bgart111@aol.com

Looking for information about ancestors of John T. BOON, b. 1820, N.C. (not sure of county). In 1843, in Weakley Co. TN, he married Trucey Jane NOBLIN, b. 1828, in Rockingham Co., N.C. The NOBLIN family, evidently migrated from Halifax Co.>Rockingham Co. and then to Weakley Co. TN in the late 1830's or early 1840's. I'm wondering if John T. BOON and family may have known them previously in N.C., and perhaps migrated to TN at the same time. John T. has been my "brick wall" for a very long time. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you very much.

Brenda ----------------------------------------------------------------------

webb family
fred anderson ::anderson.fred@worldnet.att.net

I am looking for information about Robert H. Webb born 1818 wife Martha C. born 1816. Moved to Dekalb Co. Ga. before 1854 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Richardson or Somers
Betty Shafer ::shaferb@aol.com

Looking for information on family of Joseph Turner Richardson 3/6/1871-4/1/1960 married to Jullia Somers 4/2/1874-6/12/1897 and then to Margaret Elizabeth Somers 1/10/1878-5/10/1962. Any information helpful. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Richard Nance
Alice Nance ::hanance@msn.com

I am trying to find information on Richard Nance b. in NC abt. 1840. He later moved to Arkansas with his family and married Orlena Cloud abt. 1868. Does anyone have any information on Richard or his family? Alice Nance ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Griffith Family genealogy
Anne Griffith ::uriah@netpath.net

I am searching for John H. Griffith from Rockingham County. (Died before 1900) He married Lizzie (?). They had at least one son (1870) and maybe 2 daughters. The son was William Franklin Griffith, the daughters may have been Maude and Ada. The son left Rockingham and moved to Alamance County, where he became a coffin striper for the old Burlington Coffin Company. Does anyone have info on this family and its ancestors? Please let me know. Thanks Anne ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Marriage Records
Judy ::hosto@olypen.com

Who can I contact to order a copy of an old marriage record in Rockingham Co? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Dr. W.P. Cummings
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I am looking for information about Dr. W. P. Cummings who was a doctor in Reidsville around 1920-1940. I appreciate any information. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Cockram/Nancy Canady
Lori Rogers ::Lori.Adams@murraystate.edu

Seeking information on James Cockram and Nancy Canady who were married in Rockingham County, NC, in Oct 1804. Would like to make contact with descendants and/or anyone searching the ancestral lines of these two. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Angel Family
Ray Angel ::me_injun@yahoo.com

I am looking for info on Anderson Angel who lived in Rockingham County in 1860. His wife was Clarisey ( second wife I think ) children were: Charles, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas, Julinia, Martha, Gilly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

any information about john goins married to joseph
thomas owens ::usmcto@adelphia.net

looking for relatives of john goins. died early 1930's. married to josephine harris. lived around goinstown area. childrens names joe f owens,my father. haywood, ester, gurthie, bernice.maybe some rickman kin. josephine and chidren moved to danville va after john's death. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Marriage Records
M. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 155

All Rockingham County marriage bonds before 1868 have been sent to the North Carolina State Archives at Raleigh. For licenses since 1868 you can write to the Rockingham County Register of Deeds Office, P.O. Box 56, Wentworth, NC 27375. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Knight Family
Barbara Olmo ::baolmo@mindspring.com no IP_ADDRESS dialup- PREVIOUS>

Looking for members of Thomas and Sarah Knight and Thomas and Elizabeth Cummings Knight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Dr. W.P. Cummings
M. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 156

I am sure you are referring to Dr. Michael P. Cummings of Reidsville who was a well-known physician. He was born 14 March 1887 and died 30 March 1958. He was married to the former Bessie Grove (d. 1965) of Pennsylvania and was affiliated with the First Baptist Church of Reidsville. I know of at least two sons born to this union. Dr. and Mrs. Cummings are both buried in Greenview Cemetery in Reidsville. If you need additional information please advise. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Gibson / Rickman 1800's
Nancy Gibson ::gibsn1grl@aol.com

Looking for any information on the family of Andrew Gibson b. abt. 1822 and Ruth Ellen Rickman b. abt. 1827.

I have a very interesting line going . . . but the Gibson's seem to stop at Andrew and Ruth Ellen.

Any help would be appreciated and I will share what I have. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

griffith family genealogy
Anne Griffith ::uriah@netpath.net

Need information on James H. Griffith and his wife Margarett Climer Griffith. If anyone can help, please email me. Thanks. Anne Griffith uriah@netpath.net ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Richardson/Somers - response address corrected
Betty Shafer ::shaferbetty@aol.com

Looking for information on family of Joseph Turner Richardson 3/6/1871-4/1/1960 married to Jullia Somers 4/2/1874-6/12/1897 and then to Margaret Elizabeth Somers 1/10/1878-5/10/1962. Any information helpful. Thanks.

"Rock Farm" Cemetery
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com

I am looking for information about a cemetery located on Lebannon Church Road. It sits off the road at the edge of the woods. There is a sign on the mail box that calls the place Rock Farm. There are only 2 head stones that are readable: Abel Lawson Williams (1820-1892) and Susan Garrett (wife, 1840-1918), William Williams (9-30-1846, 74 yrs, 7 mo, 29 days). There are about 60 stones that mark other graves. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Champ Gibson
Cliff Rogers ::rogerscliff@hotmail.com

Looking for Champ Gibson ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Jill Slocum ::jms56@aol.com

I am looking for descendants of by grandfather, Frank S. Morse, born 1/9/1900. His parents were John A. Morse and Julie Hogans. Their daughters were, with married name in (): Alice (Charles), Bess Gallimore), Lula (Davis), Evelyn (Long). Their sons, in addition to my grandfather were: Watt, Jay, Fred. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Webb family
Mary ::mvwg@comcast.net

Looking for information on the family of William D. Webb and Nancy Vernon, married in the 1840's. Their son Thomas Walter married Laura Jane Cardwell of Stokes Co., Their children were: Anna Lula, m. John Grogan; Nannie Elizabeth,m. J.W.Dodson; Bell,m.Pomp Smith; Walter Green, m. Hester Herd; Fletcher Lee, m. Daisy; Naomie Jane,m.Arthur Middleton; Ruth; Della V.,m. John White; and James Valentine Webb.

Any information on the Webb family will be appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

DONALD A. DUNN ::donaldadunn@shaw.ca


IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT THE ATTACHED ADDRESS ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Rose Bank Farm, Roc. Co. ,1809
Pete Ambler ::amblerp@yahoo.com

Looking for info on the birthplace of Patrick F. Price in 1809, son of Thomas Price (1765-1839). According to family it was on Rose Bank Farm, Rockingham County, NC.

Anybody know of such a place? Does it still exist? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Patrick F. (Thomas,Thomas, Rice) Price
Pete Ambler ::amblerp@yahoo.com

Seeking info on the line of Patrick F. Price, born 1809 in Rockingham County.

Apparently he moved on to GA by 1835 and later to OK. I would suspect he left kin in Rockingham County who may have family info.

Are there any local resources I can visit in Rockingham County?

Thanks in advance,

Pete ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hingson/Moore marriage
Jessie Hingson ::jhin731@aol.com

I would like to have information on John Hingson and Elizabeth Moore, who were married in Rockingham County about 1801.


Jessie Mathis Hingson ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Edward Killian
Ron Killian ::R-BKillian@Juno.com

If anyone reading this message has knowledge of Edward Killian, please respond. Edward was born about 1870 in Catawba County, NC. His parents were Jonas C. and Roxannah Killian. Edward moved to the Rockingham County area sometime after 1890. I am particularly interested as to the members of his household- did his mother live with him? Also, any descendents would be of great interest.In fact, anything whatever on Edward would be of immense help. Thanks. Ron V. Killian


Dodson, Ralph
Barbara ::jerrybarbara@earthlink.net

I am looking for information on Ralph Dodson born 1774 . Married twice. On 1810 Rockingham County, NC census. Later moved to Pittsylvania county Virginia. A possibility is that he could have been born in SC. Any help would be appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Rockingham Co. Alms House
William Underwood ::bepiedctr@northstate.net

Desire any information concerning the Rockingham County Alms House or as it was better know the Poor House. Desire any info concerning location, existing records and where residents were buried. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Susan ::hawkwoman@bpsinet.com

I am looking for any information pertaining to Jesse BARKER marrying Millie HARRIS in Rocky Springs,Rockingham Co, NC on 3-28-1821. Jesse later married Julia Ann GILLILAND d/o John J. and Susannah HARRIS GILLILAND in 1830 in Decatur Co., IN. Julia Ann was born in Rocky Springs, Rockingham Co also but family moved to Decatur Co. IN, sometime in late 1820s. Looking specifically for the parents of Jesse BARKER and MILLIE HARRIS and a death record for Millie. I believe that Jesse and Millie had at least one daughter, Eliza Ann b. abt 1825 in VA and possibly a Sally abt 1822-23. According to 1820 Rockingham Co. census there were only 5 BARKERS listed, all women, Lydia, Sally, Sarah, Mary and Nancy. 1810 census lists: George W., James, John, William and Leonard, although there was also in other records, a Thomas and Reuben BARKER listed. If anyone has information on any of these families, please feel free to email me at hawkwoman@bpsinet.com. Thank you in advance for any shreds of information you may be able to share!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarah E. Lewis
Jim Kimble ::jjkimble@bellsouth.net

I am trying to find info. on Sarah E.Lewis b. abt. 1872 d. abt. 1907. She was married to John H. Kimball in 1894. Her father was T. (S) Lewis. If you have any info. on this person please let me know. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Kelly ::chaves1959@earthlink.net

Looking for information on Nancy Ann Callihan (Callahan) born abouat 1784 in Rockingham County, NC


Re: Rockingham Co. Alms House
M. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 176

The Rockingham County Home for the Aged and Infirm (aka County Home or Poor House) dates back to the late 1820s when one was established on the eastern outskirts of Wentworth,the county seat. The last County Home closed there in 1955. The main building built in the early 20th century still stands and is used for county offices. Practically all records of the County Home were destroyed at the order of county officials. The County Home Cemetery at the intersection of NC Highway 65 and County Home Road contains the graves of at least a few hundred patients- though most are unmarked. The county gives little maintenance to the cemetery. A display board at the site lists the names of those who have actual gravestones in the cemetery (all since 1900) and those recorded burials at the home between 1913 and 1955. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Stone surname
Rebecca Ballard ::ballard@northerntel.net

Hello. My gr-gr-gr grandfather William Stone was born 14 Dec 1825 Decatur City, Decatur, IN. The 1850 US Census has Abner, age 4, with William and his wife Rosannah. We know that this child died as a child. William's parents are listed as being born in North Carolina. William's son George Robert (my gr-gr grandfather) was born in Bartholomew County IN 28 May 1857. In the 1850 US Census for Bartholomew County IN there is Abner Stone age 55, wife Deniza 32, George W. age 16, and James age 13. This Abner was born in North Carolina (wife in IN- perhaps second wife). In the 1820 US Census for Rockingham County, there is an Abner Stone- 1 male 16-26, 2 females under 10, 1 female 16-26. He was engaged in agriculture. I suspect this Abner, born in NC, is our William's father. Please if anyone has any information on this, please email me or reply to this message. Thank you very much. Rebecca. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Terry Smith ::hguw@yahoo.com

looking for obit on my brother James Brent Smith died in Feb 60 or later can,t remember any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank-you ----------------------------------------------------------------------

larry shelton ::surryadkingenealogy@yahoo.com

hello, looking for august roberts, sr, and cora elizabeth shelton, family of rockingham county, north carolina.would like to know august roberts parents. do know who cora's parents are, believe to be lawrence shelton, and mary riggs. if anyone can help onn this would apppreciate any help.

thank you,

larry shelton ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Webb family
Mary ::mvwg@comcast.net

I am trying to gather information about the following Webbs in Rockingham and Stokes counties in the 1800's.

William D. Webb, born in Virginia about 1820. He married Nancy Vernon in 1842 in Rockingham Co.

Their children were: William P. (married a Cardwell) James L. ( " " " Charles Thomas Walter *** Married Laura Jane Cardwell Elizabeth Frances (married a Harris) Mary Nanny

Children of Thomas Walter Webb & Laura Jane Cardwell:

Ann Lula.... m. John F. Grogan Nannie Elizabeth....m. J. W. Dodson Henry Clay James Valentine Bell.....m. Pomp Smith Walter Green Fletcher Naomi J........m. Arthur Middleton Ruth....m. another Middleton Della.....m. John White

Any information will be appreciated. Thanks, Mary ----------------------------------------------------------------------

larry shelton ::surryadkingenealogy@yahoo.com

hello, I posted another message about august roberts, and tecora elizabeth shelton. wanting to know their parents, well, I have done more reserach now, and know who their parents, grandparents and great grandparents are now. august roberts parents are lawrence roberts, and bettie elizabeth shreve, lawrence roberts, parents are, robert j. roberts and julia a. webster. if any one knows of this family and more information, I would appreciate it.

thank you,

larry shelton ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: roberts/shelton
Tom Williamson :: 185

My great grandfather was Jones Washington Roberts. He married Jennie Elizabeth Grogan. He was in the civil war and was postmaster at the Stoneville post office. Do you have any information about Jones Washington Roberts? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Wilma Godsey ::wilma_godsey@msn.con

Looking for any info on any Godsey connection in this area. William & Elizabeth Obedience ( Biddy) Hall Godsey lived in Madison area for many years. Looking for family connections Thanks Wilma ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Ezekiel Curry
Frances Trimble ::ftht98@att.net

I see additional information on a man named Ezekiel CURRY who resided in Nottingham County ca 1796. This man is mentioned in a deed record. Ezekiel Curry to Daniel Deane for 150 # 150 A on S side of Haw R adj Peter Merselit. April 20 1796. A. Phillips, William Jones, Robert Curry."

Agnes Cummins m James Grier in Person Co, NC in 1790. Their third son was named Ezekiel Curry Grier and I would like to know what the connection is between the families. I assume that Ezekiel Curry is a son of John Curry. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Jean Anne Dixon-Anker ::jadadixon@k2services.com

I am searching for any information that might point to the parents of TURNER CARTER, b/abt1813, (I was told by my uncle) in Rockingham Co., NC. He was the Overseer for Meads A & Sally C. KIRBY of Halifax Co., Va and married their daughter Martha R. on 9 March, 1849 in Halifax Co., VA> The name of Turner has been reversed in Carrington's "HISTORY OF HALIFAX CO< VA and on the LDS-IGI. Since I have a copy of their marriage, I sent that,along with a copy of 1850C showing his correct name.

He is my "brickwall", as I have been searching for over 20 years for any lead to his parentage. Anyone with any information, I would appreciate it. Turner died sometime between 1850 & 1860. He and Martha had 2 children, Sarah J "Sallie" and Richard Samuel. Sallie is my grgrandmother.

Thank you. Jean Anne Dixon-Anker


Henry Tillery, m. Cathrine Zimmerman
William G. Mitchell ::mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net

Hello, searchers. I am interested in information about Henry Tillery, who married Cathrine Zimmerman (Procter). Henry was probably born abt. 1720. He and Cathrine had a son nammed Joshua Tillery, who Married Susannah Zeigler. Their daughter was Ruth Tillery, who was born in Rockingham CO. 25 March 1787. I would like to know who Henry's father and mother were, other ancestors. I'd also like to know who were Kathrine Zimmerman's father and mother, ancestors, and her dates. Finally, I'd like to know who was Susannah Zeigler's father and mother, ancestors.. If you can help, I'll much appreciate it. Thanks, Bill ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Mary Ziegler
William G. Mitchell ::mitchell3121@worldnet.att.net

I would like information about Mary Ziegler, who was born in Rockingham Co. after 1745. My information says that she lived in the county until her marriage to John Henry Mitchell of Dinwiddie Co., VA. I would like to know Mary's father and Mother, ancestors, and exact dates. Your help will be much apprecaied. Bill ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Raleigh
Glenn Raleigh ::tatanka@qx.net

I understand that James Raleigh was born in Rockingham County, NC. in 1795. I have been unable to find any information about his parents except they were killed by Yellow Fever when he was young. My uncle tells me he thinks that James' father was Enoch Raleigh but I have been unable to find any information on him. Can anyone help with information on James and his parents? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Barbara Jones ::baranjones@aol.com

Looking for J.C.H. Jones born in Rockingham Co. in 1829. Later lived in Guliford Co. when married in 1847 to Margaret (unknown) first chold Pinkney L. Jones born 1848. Looking for parents and Margaret's last name. Any help appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Walker
Jerald Ferrell ::ferrelljm@earthlink.net

Researching James Walker who lived on Dan R. near Eden and died 1810. Children: Jennet Coleman (wife of Tilman), John S, James S., William S., Nancy Johnson (wife of William), Mary, Mildred Stubblefield (wife of Robert), Lucy Coleman (wife of William) and Catherine. Allied with Coleman, Barnett, Menzies, Leak, Matlock, Pratt. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hopper Family
James N. Hopper ::jnhopper@planttel.net

John Hardee Hopper (1824-1906), was born in Rockingham County, NC. His newspaper obituary says that he went drove tobacco wagons to Georgia where he settled in the Valdosta and Quitman area. He married and has descendants in that area of Georgia, including yours truly. Would like to correspond with Rockingham connections. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Hopper Family
Barbara Hopper Garrison :: 195

I descend from Joshua Hopper, b abt 1740, d. 1827 (will prob. 1834)(Rockingham Co., NC) wife at time of death was Lucy ?All sons but l (Jesse) left for KY abt 1810. I believe that this family came from around Culpepper Co., VA. Joshua's son, William b. 1768 in NC m Hester Stephens in Henry Co., VA. 6 May 1793. Would be happy to share any Hopper information I have - can't seem to get back of Joshua. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Saunders family
Carol Patton ::cdpatton@sbcglobal.net

I have recently come to believe that my ggrandfather was married to Anna Manerva Saunders in l851 in Rockingham. I have been unable to find any information regarding her or her family. She married James B. Hill with whom I have also hit a brick wall. Does anyone have any info or leads on these people? I would appreciate any clues. Thanks you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Lick Fork Primitive Baptist Church
Bobbi Rowland ::browland96@aol.com

I am searching for the Lick Fork Primitive Baptist Church. The grave site of John J. Hancock should be there. He was a deacon. His son was Isaiah Hancock. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you, Bobbi Rowland ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Robertson Family
Bob Nelson ::fidridge@bellatlantic.net

Searching for descendants of the Robertson family who owned (in the mid 1800's)Spring Grove Plantation located on the Dan River in the Berry Hill District. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Mitchell Family
Dan Mitchell ::twoxtwo@infi.net

Looking for information on Charles G. Mitchell, resided in Rockingham at the start of the war between the states, b. 1827, Wife, Mary b. in Virginia, three children that I know of, Elizabeth,Polly,Franklin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Burke family
Elizabeth Plattsmier ::eplattsmier@yahoo.com

Any information on John or Anson Burke family in Rockingham County from 1787 to 1819, John was married to Rhoda Compton, Anson to Elizabeth Fielder. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Marriage Record
Evelyn Harper Jackson ::hegayle@epowerc.net

I am searching for the marriage record of John Harper and Rachel Smith Russell. Their marriage took place between 1796 (when Rachael's husband, William Russell died) and 1800 when their first son was born. The three children of her marriage to John Harper lists their birth place as Rockingham County, NC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

John Harper
Evelyn Harper Jackson ::hegayle@epowerc.net

Looking for burial site and death date of John Harper. Family history says he was born in 1755 in Orange County, NC and died in Rockingham County, NC after 1806 (the birth of his last child)and before 1812 when his wife, Rachel Smith Russell Harper, came to IN with a married daughter, Sarah Russell Thomas,and Sarah's husband, John Thomas. Would like to hear from anyone who is familier with any of these family names. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Rawleys (Raleigh or Roley)
Robert ::RLMitchell@aol.com

Am researching my Rawley connection to Rockingham Co. I am descended from James E. Rawley Sr.(listed in various censuses as Raleigh and Roley), b 23 Dec 1774 in England, d 15 Feb 1851. He was possibly a lawyer (listed as Esquire in one of the censuses). He was married to Frances Nichols b 1775 in Caswell, NC, and d 11 Oct 1839 in Rockingham. She was the daughter of John Nichols (b 1750 ?, d 1788 Rockingham)and Biddy Strader (b 1752, Berks, PA, d 1808 Rockingham). Their son was Daniel Rawley, who died on a trip to NC to settle his father's affairs, after having lived in Smith Co., TN since at least 1830. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Robert ----------------------------------------------------------------------

John and Winnifred Kennedy
Janette Barbee ::janettebarbee@vnet.net

Looking for information on family of John and Winnifred Kennedy. John C. was born in NC between 1792-1795. Winnifred Kennedy (maiden name could be Jordan) born NC about 1794-95. There known children: Jordan C. (1817), Eliza J. (1821), Sarah (1823) and William (1825). John, Jordan and William were carriage makers. Migrated to Stanly County in the early 1840 from ?.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

JOY ATKINS ::joyatkins@earthlink.net


Re: Short family Mt. Airy
larri jean jacoby ::larrijean@aol.com 101

I'm doing an extensive family history on the short family..born in rockingham county, north carolina. i do have william shorts in my family. let's share some information....thanks larri jean ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Susan ::Bugssbunny@aol.com

Is anyone researching the Plummers in this area? I have information on Plummers from Maryland, that migrated to Rockingham, then to South Carolina. Susan ----------------------------------------------------------------------

the t.w. price family???
robert smith ::stall1@adelphia.net

would like info of any kind on the thomas winston price family ("picture price") sons- Luther, Son, daughters - Margarette,Ruth,Lorraine, Carolyn (Carrie). and any of the ancestorial history of this family.

thank you ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Isaac Conley/Conlee
Robert K. Conlee ::conlee@burgoyne.com

Isaac Conlee(his signature on Rockingham County land records surname is Conlee) resides on Little Troublesome Creek of record from 1783-1793. His wife's given name is Mary, her maiden surname is unknown. His eldest son John Conlee (my 2gg father) marries Hessy Hodson 29 Nov 1791 in Rockingham Co. NC. I am seeking his place of birth as well as his parents names. I have the names, birth dates & most of the death dates,as well as spouses of the eleven children of Isaac & Mary Conlee & will share all info I have. Thank You, Robert K. Conlee ----------------------------------------------------------------------

E. A. Sloan ::eas@coam.net

I am searching for any/all information on my Whittemore line. Clement Whittemore Sr. moved from the Luneburg Va. area to Rockingham probably before 1800. I think they lived in or near Reidville. I can not find him in that census. He had sons: Clement Jr, Lewis and Abraham who all lived in the Rockingham area. I do not know the names of the wives of Lewis or Abraham. Clement was married to Patsy Browder, daughter of Isaac and Talitha of Wolf Island. I have found all in the 1810 census. Clement Jr's son was William who married Martha McCollum, daughter of James in the early 1840's. She died by 1853/53 and he remarried. I understand Wm. left a will but haven't been able to find it. I do not know where any of these people were buried. James Starling, his son by Martha is my ggrandfather. James fought in the CSA and left NC after the conflict. I am stuck on this line and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Gregory Thomas ::natandjay@sbcglobal.net 208

I am a direct decendent of Thomas Plummer, who came to America from England with John Plummer on the Mayflower in 1620. The grandson of the Mayflower Thomas Plummer,also Thomas Plummer was born January 3,1744 in North Carolina, was my great,great,great,great grandfather. John Plummer,born Sept. 6,1772, was my great, great grandfather. His father, Thomas Plummer married Mary Hodges,who was born in Maryland. The 1772 born John Plummer married in North Carolina to Nancy Ladd,June 1810.John Plummer and Nancy Ladd moved from No. Carolina to Ohio in 1811 and then to Indiana in 1814 and Cass County, Indiana in 1833. Moses Ladd Plummer, born August 2, 1825 was my grand-father's grandfather. Their daughter,Emma Alice Plummer, born Feb.14,1862, was married to William O. Thomas Dec. 22, 1880. William O. Thomas and Emma Alice Plummer were my great grand-parents. I have many original documents from the Rockingham County Plummers, including the original Will of Thomas Plummer from 1804 and original Will of John Plummer from 1855, as well as tax receipts and personel property sales receipts from those periods. If you have a connection to this side of the family or to other Plummer's from the 1700's and 1800's, please respond. Are you a Plummer decendent ?

david jacobs
ann daily ::jam331@bellsouth.net

i am researching my great grandfather, eli david jacobs, known to family and friends as dave. he moved to chatam county in the mid 1880's. he met and married bettie lewter, raised a family, and lived his life out in the same place. he is buried at martha's chapel christian church. i understand he moved from one of the boarder counties, and may have already had some connection to the area. if you have any info, please contact me. thank you so much.

Alice Griffin ::geniealice@aol.com

I am looking for information about Delcy Ann Phillips who married Martin Griffin in Rockingham, NC on 12-26-1868. Who were her parents. Does anyone know where Delcy and Martin settled or who their children were? Could this Martin Griffin be the same that is listed in Martin County, NC in 1870?

John Wesley Martin
Mary ::mvwg@comcast.net

Seeking information about John Wesley Martin who married Lou Webb, probably 1880 - 1890's.


Cindy ::Schautcc@hotmail.com

My grandfather was Forrest King Craddock, born Feb 1891. His parents were James M. Craddock and Martha King Craddock. But I only know they were born in North Carolina, probably Rockingham Co. After Martha died, James married Suzie around 1899. I found them in the 1900 census, Wentworth Twp., with children: Lucy, Minnie, Forrest, and James H. I would love to trace them back further. Or gain any new information about the family.

Hudson Jones Chaffey
Larry Hudson ::m_hudson@bellsouth.net

Loking for any information on a Daniel Hudsonborn Jan.9, 1829 In Riedsville also looking for information on Henderson Jones or Mary Chaffey both from Rockingham Co. If any one has any connections to these please contact me. Thnaks

Larry Hudson

Martrimony Baptist Church
curtis allred ::curtisedice@juno.com

Does any one know the location of the Matrimony Baptist Church in Rockingham Co North Carolina backin in about 1776

Re: Martrimony Baptist Church
chici turner crudele ::chici44@aol.com 218

hi curtis. i live in new york but have an aunt in reidsville,nc. my turner family had homesteads on matrimony school road, leaksville, nc. i visited last year and this year and saw our private family cemeteries among others. i'll try to simplify this as much as possible. during the 1960's the towns of leaksville, spray and draper were all united into what is now known as eden, nc. the former matrimony school road is now called garrett road. matrimony baptist church is still there on what is now known as price road, eden, nc. hope this has been helpful. am planning on going back in the spring for another visit so if you want me to get any info or pics for you just let me know. chici

Bailey Family
Sherry Greshamer ::SGRESHAMER@COX.NET

My father's family was born in Rockingham County. His name is Albert Bailey, his father is Richard Bailey and his father is William and I think his father is James. I seem to have hit a brick wall because I really don't have anything confirming this information. Any help would be much appreciated.

Larimore Lowrimore
Neal M. Nichols ::popsie68@aol.com

Looking info on Nichols Larimore in Rockingham co,Nc, Lost him 1796 ,Where he lost his land for so many pounds .....Would love to find more on Nicholas LarimoreHE my ggggggrandfather,come to USA a round 1766, Twas told he had son a Borned on ship comeing to usa Name Robert Larimore .Robert Went to Franklin co, ga. From thair To Morgan co, al, Thank Neal M. Nichols

William Means
Jean Hurst ::jhahmh@aol.com

Seeking proof of the marriage between William Means, born 1757, and Susan Joyce (daughter of Elijah Joyce. Married about 1797. Also seek documentation of William Means' service in the Rev War. Any information about this family appreciated.

Sallie Lewey, Lowey, Lowe
Debbie Absher-Harper ::dabsherh@hotmail.com

Does anyone have any info on Sallie Lewey, Lowey or Lowe? She was born in Rockingham Co. Last name is not clear on Death Certificate. Married to Lee York. Lee York died in 1900/01 before his daughter Leona York was born. Any info on he or Sallie would be appreciated.

Leaksville cemetery
Joel ::jhewitt55@aol.com

This cemetery is located on Riverside Cir (SR 2108) past Woodpecker Dr, does anyone know the actual name of it? Is there a record (old one) on who is buried there? A old kin folk just placed a marker for my GGD there, it has the incorrect dates,supposedly the death date was 1888, was wondering if a earlier record would have correct dates? Thanks

Re: Philip Larimore/Laramore/ Larrimore/Lairmore
ANONYMOUS ::junkstuff2@aol.com 221

Philip Larimore of the 1790 and 1800 Rockingham County Censuses left a will dated 18 March, 1800 and probated in February 1801, that named his six children:

Memory Ward [married William Ward]; Richard Laramore [married Rachel ______]; Mary Strader [married ______ Strader]; Caty Milby [married John Milby]; Philip Laramore [married Martha Bloyd]; James Laramore [married _____, then Patsy Benningfield].

After his death, his widow and children moved to Green County, Kentucky. Family lore states that the Larimores came from Maryland.

Do you have any evidence that your Larimores were in Rockingham County?

Smith family-Avalon NC
Don Stowe ::dstowe3@bellsouth.net

I am in need of any information concerning the family of Robert C. Smith, father of Robert Hunter Smith. This family lived in Avalon during its short history and some of them lived in Mayodan later. Other surnames connected include Shropshire, Meyers, Hopper, Barrow. Thanks.

elizabeth columbia rhodes
joe jenkins ::jjenkins@geeksnet.com

looking for information about elizabeth columbia rhodes who was married to william s land..daughter was alice b land..family was in greene cc., nc in the late 1890's...looking for family connection to my jenkins family

Gayle Grantham ::gayle1937@aol.com


Vicki Medley ::vicki.medley@mindspring.com

My grandfather was listed in the Huntsville Township of Rockingham County in 1880. Where was that located?

Thank You,

Vicki Medley

Vernon Family
Cecil F. Smith ::csmith@gideontoal.com

I'm researching Samuel H. Vernon,b.1817,NC,d.1875,Washington Co.AR. I suspect his brother to be Pleasant H. Vernon,b.1820,NC,d.1867,AR. They may have been in Bledsoe Co. TN for a time on thier way to AR. Are they from Rockingham Co. and who was their father & mother?

Re: township
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 229

Huntsville Township lies mainly to the south of the Dan River and to the west of US Hwy 220 in the southwestern corner of Rockingham County- to the immediate south of the town of Madison.

Jim and Martha Ivey Taylor
Jane Knight ::JKnight101@webtv.net

Searching for any trails left by Jim and Martha Ivey Taylor in No Carolina 1800s living with Ivey relatives then all migrated together to Texas. They came to Gonzales Tx and my gggrandfather Alex Brown Taylor was born there in 1859. Any information about this family in No Carolina would be appreciated. Jim and Martha had 14 children

clayton Buchanan ::suclay@alltel.net

Looking for any information of the Buchanan familiesof Samuel, John. James and mary whomarried William Patrick.Margaret whomarried William Lemond.

Re: Philip Larimore/Laramore/ Larrimore/Lairmore
Neal M. Nichols ::popsie68@aol.com 225

HI Yes my Lowrimores were in Rockingham Nicholas Lowrimore on census record 1790 //He had land in rockingham lost it for so many pounds ,I have looked ever where >I have found him in Elbert CO 1801 on Georgia tax digesrs. Other lowrimores were in rockingham All so Nicholas //Robert //Samuel all so in Georgia In 1801.Most of all Lowrimore come to AL.a round 1800 / good luck from Neal M Nichols

Rhonda Bullard ::Rbullard60@hotmail.com

Looking for any information on John W. McKinney and Martha Ann Scarlett.

Thomas & Rachel Moore
Charles Moore ::crm38@ivwnet.com

I'm trying to gather any information possible on Thomas & Rachel Moore, and where they are buried. They and several other related Moores are buried in Rockingham County.

William P. Rich
Fred Rich ::farich@bellsouth.net

I am in search of the parents of William P Rich born in 1831 and is noted in the 1860 and 1870 census. Married Permelia Haines in 1851 and they had 6 children. He was in the 45th NC regiment in the Civil War and wounded in Spotsylvania. Thank you in advance for your help.

Fred Rich

Richard Heritage Howerton
m howerton ::mhowerton@triad.rr.net

I an trying ti get info. on Richard Heritage Howerton who was born in Rockingham County Oct 8,1823 Father was William J Howerton, mother was Frances Parsons Wall

Robert A. Amos ::dotbobby@comcast.net

My ggf,Jesse Ellis Amos, B 1825 in Va. moved with wife Mariah and three children to Rockingham Co. in 1855. He enlisted in the 3rd NC Regiment in 1861. That Reg. later became the 13th NC Reg. Would be grateful for any info. about this family.


Bob Amos

Nance, Rockingham County
Larry Campbell ::larry.campbell@goodrich.com

Can anyone tell me where to find the old town of Nance in Rockingham County? I understand it no longer exists but can't find where it used to be. Any links or information would be greatly appretiated to find a new branch of my paternal tree.

Chapman in Rockingham Co 1785 to 1820's
Darryl Chapman ::acso0397@bellsouth.net

I am researching the Chapman Families in Rockingham County, NC. The first possible existence, that I know of, was in 1789. There are two William Chapman and a Robert Chapman. One deed is supposed to be William Sr selling land to William Jr.that Sr obtained from John Mount. This was one hundred acres "on the waters of Lick Fork and Hogan's Creek." I am looking for any possible ties, where to obtain copies of the deeds of these individuals, or where ANY Chapman appears in Rockingham County, NC before 1830's. I am also wanting to know where the 100 acres would be today.I noticed on the Rockingham genweb site there are not anything about Chapmans. I believe they migrated from Pittsylvania,VA and other counties there to Rockingham and then over to the counties of Hawkins, Claiborne, Greene, Knox, Anderson, Blount, and Campbell County, TN. Please contact me if you have any knowledge or beliefs considering these Chapman.

Preston Hopkins/Nancy Howard
Susan Raines Story ::story@ls.net

I am seeking any help and information on Preston Hopkins and his wife Nancy Howard. They were married in Rockingham Co., NC 11 xxx 1849, and are living there in the 1850 census, with 1 male child. I am having trouble finding parents for Preston and Nancy Howard Hopkins.... Thank you in advance for any help.... Susan Raines Story story@ls.net

berthatuckerjones ::bertbob@bellsouth.net

Seeking information on the families of Stokes, Womack, Norman, Rucker and Driscoll that lived in Rockingham County at one time. Our grandson descends from the Alfred Norman/Mary Rucker-- James Henry Womack/Susan Margarent Norman-- Margaret Susan Womack/Harvey DeNite Driscoll of Atlanta. Margaret Susan b.18 Dec 1899 d. 15 July 1987 Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA. Would love any help on this family.


John Harper
Evelyn Harper Jackson ::oldfolks2@epowerc.net

Does anyone know of the marriage date of John Harper and Rachel Smith Russell? They were married prior to the birth of their first child in 1800. Thanks. Evelyn Harper jackson

Shreve's From Rockingham, NC to Alabama
Helena-Suzanne Shreve ::RenesansAingeal@cs.com

Looking for Shreve's of North Carolina to Alabama?

Thomas Shreve was born in Rockingham Co. in 1816 & died in Butler County, Alabama. He married Eliza Ann Raitliff in 1843; she was born in 1822 in VA. to William & Elizabeth Anderson Raitliff & died in 1872 in Butler County, Alabama.

Their known children were: William Clement Shreve b. 1847 in Butler Co., ALA. d. 1909 (married Nancy Elizabeth Stallings & after her death Laura Jernigan) Nancy Elizabeth b. 1849 in Butler Co., ALA d. 1950 (married Eli Reid Merrill) John Shreve b. 1843 in NC Martha Shreve b. abt. 1844 in Butler Co., ALA

Would greatly appreciate any information pertaining to Thomas Shreve's parents, as well as any that pertains to William Clement Shreve & Nancy Elizabeth Shreve Merrill.

You can send information to RenesansAingeal@CS.com or e4mom@hotmail.com.

RenesansAingeal@CS.com is Thomas Shreve's son William Clement & Nancy Elizabeth Stallings Shreve g-g granddaughter. e4mom@hotmail.com is Nina Nance Thomas Shreve's daughter Nancy Elizabeth Shreve Merrill & Eli Merril's g-g granddaughter & my cousin.

Any aide you could give us would be greatly appreciated for we feel like the 'lost Shreve line' :)).

Thank You, Helena-Suzanne Shreve & Nina Nance

Groganville, NC
Melanie Grogan ::melhope17@hotmail.com

as i have researched my family history so much of it has originated in NC, there are several listings for Groganville, NC in Rockingham county also there was a listing for price township can anyone tell me where these areas were???

Re: Shreve's From Rockingham, NC to Alabama
Iris Shreve Garrott ::igarrott@vci.net 246 Dave Shreve and Nancy Thompson Family Tree http://www.vci.net/~igarrott/dshreve.htm

Hello Helena-Suzanne and Nina,

You are not lost anymore, you have been found!

Thomas Shreve was the middle son of John T Shreve, b 1786 VA , d 1840 NC, m/ Godsey?, m/ Polly Miller 01 APR 1809.

John T Shreve was the first born son of Dave Shreve, b/ 1750 Maryland, d/ 1806 Jacobs Creek Rockingham NC, m/ Nancy Thomson 10 FEB 1872 Lunenburg VA, b 1764, d 1843.

I am the gg granddaughter of Robert T Shreve, b/ 27 APR 1806, d/ 04 OCT 1887 who was the 10th born son of Dave and Nancy.

I am including a link to pages relating to the family.

I will email you more information.

Yours by name,

Iris Shreve Garrott

Kimbro families
Terry Young ::t_young@charter.net

Looking for any Kimbro families of Rockingham Co. area. William H. Kimbro about 48 years old in 1900 lived in the Reidsville area. Probably other Kimbro/Kimbrough with origins in Caswell Co. Thanks, Terry Young Vale, NC

Wilkins, Carter,Simpson
Monica Wilkins Mason ::MasonMathome@aol.com

Hi! My name is Monica Leigh Wilkins Mason. My father was Francis Lloyd *Frank* Wilkins b.1920 in Leaksville, NC. He was the son of Robert Lee and Virginia Simpson Wilkins. Virginia's parents were Robert Henry *R.H.* Simpson (Old Man Bob) and Victoria Wyatte Simpson. I have no information on their parents or families. Robert Lee Wilkins' parents were John Wesley *Uncle Bud* Wilkins and Laura *Alice* Carter Wilkins. I also have no information of their parentage. Some of these people may have been from Stokes County or even Virginia. If you have any information to share, please respond!

Neal M. Nichols ::popsie68@aol.com

Looking for info on Nicholas Larimore Lost him in Rockingham NC.1796 .He come toUSA 1766 from Ireland Any info Love to hear from any one with info THANK FROM NEAL M> NICHOLS

Eli Shelton
Rebecca Goble ::REBGOB@aol.com

I am searching for my great-grandfather Eli Shelton bn 1816 Tenn* or Ga, parents Thomas L Shelton m Elizabeth Jameson. Married Elizabeth Weathers, parents John B Weathers and Sarah Hutchinson Weathers.Eli brothers was John, Henley Thomas ,Isaac, James SR was b. MArch 01,1791,Va and William Shelton.

Riddle Family in Rockingham
Belinda Davis ::doodle@visi.net

I am looking for information on my ggrandfather James Curtis Riddle. He lived in the Leaksville area 1900 - 1910 or longer. His wife's name was Era Mae, and children, Ernest, Edward, Plato, Dick, Leonard, Ruby, Maybelle. Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated. I am looking for the name of James' parents. Thank you, Belinda Davis

Re: Thomas & Rachel Moore
Fred Rich ::farich@bellsouth.net 236

If this is Thomas Camm Moore, Camm Moore's son, I have much information on him gained from my Rich research. Will be happy to share any information I have if this is the right person.

Rockingham Cemetaries
Charles Moore ::crm38@ivwnet.com

Does anyone know the locations of the cemetaries in Rockingham County, or where I can get the info? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Rockingham Cemetaries
Fred Rich ::farich@bellsouth.net 256

The genealogy research room at the Madison branch of Rockingham County Library has a few books with cemetary and burial listings.

Marriage Lookup
Peter A. Ramsey ::bervi@aol.com

I'm wondering if anyone could look up a marriage in Rockingham Co. for me? I believe my parents may have married there in perhaps June, 1946, by a Justice of the Peace.

Blair J. RAMSEY m. Barbara E. (surname was either her maiden name MUNDLOCH or her married name BORDAS--not sure). Blair J. RAMSEY b. 1916, Franklin County, VA, s/o Andrew J. and Eva RAMSEY.

Willing to pay costs and Thank You...

Velln's of Rockingham County, N.C.
Doris Allen ::dallen2002@earthlink.net

I am researching my husband family. Was told his father's father was from Valentine Allen from Rockingham County, N.C. My father-in-law was Samuel A. Allen born 1849 and married a Lillian (Lilly) Rash whose family was from Virginia. Would appreciate any help as it is impossible for me to research in the county there. Thanks, Doris dallen2002@earthlink.net

Allens of Rockingham County, N.C.
Doris Allen ::dallen2002@earthlink.net 259


Bethany-Elwood Farms -Where is it?
Tina Tarlton Smith ::tesmith@touchnc.net

Would anyone know about Elwood Farms? It seems that my husbands great grandmother was living on a Elwood Farm in Bethany, nc when she died February 17, 1920. Mamie Ellen Strum Smith. She was the wife of John "Fred" Smith. Her death certificate was found in Johnston county, nc but the obituary states she lived in Bethany. Can anyone help? Where is this Farm? We are trying to find out where she is buried at? The deathcertificate unfortunatley does not tell us a burial place. Is there a place to order obituaries that might tell us more than the one in the Smithfield Nc paper? Thanks for any help. Tina Tarlton Smith

Guanda Kenney ::guaken@msn.com

Does any one have information on a James M. Rakestraw from Rockingham? He is my gggrandfather and I can't find out anything on him or his parents.

William W. Mangum
Cecil Stainback ::Chevy402mc@aol.com

I'm trying to search my wife's family with little luck. I know her grandfather was William Wesley Mangum (born 1879) who married Lula McKinney, 1901 in Mayfield, NC at her parents home. Was wondering if anyone has came across this family and willing to share info. I believe William's father is John W. Mangum and mother was Fannie,this is listed in the 1880 census report for Caswell County, Pelham Township...No proof at this time.

Valentine Perkins
Sam Y. Perkins ::sperkins@planetc.com

Am looking for info on Valentine Perkins listed in 1800 Rockingham census. A Valentine Perkins was in Frederick co.Va. in 1755 and Surry co. NC. in 1771 and Pittsylvania co. Va. in 1782/90. Would like to know wifw and children if possible. Thanks. Sam Y. Perkins sperkins@planetc.com

Morrical/Morricle Family Info
Barb ::Cattledogz@alltel.net

Hi, I am looking for any available info on the Morrical or Morricle family. One of the men was reportedly a Dr. and I would love to find out more. TIA! Barb

Re: Groganville, NC
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 247

Grogansville dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century and was located near the present settlement of Price, NC in Price Township of Rockingham County. This area is in northwestern Rockingham County just below the Virginia State Line along the corridor of US 220. There were of course a number of Grogan family members residing in this area at that time. Grogansville no longer exists as a community. A Methodist Church was active there in the mid and late nineteenth century and was the forerunner of what is now Price United Methodist Church.

Garrison Family
Lillian L. Roberts ::lwrbts12@aol.com

Need data on Martha Richardson, daughter of Matthias Richardson, who married Moses Garrison and was deceased by 1828. She had three known sons, Aaron, Matthias and David Garrison. Moses Garrison married again and moved to Georgia. When did Martha die and is she buried in Rockingham County?

Bailey family
Sherry B. Greshamer ::sgreshamer@cox.net

I'm researching the Bailey's from Rockingham County. My gfather is Richard T., my ggfather is William and I believe his father is James. William was born in 1865. He had 4 sons, Monroe, Richard, Sammie and John W. Any help much appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Moore Genealogy of Rockingham County
Jess Hester ::Hester@ionet.net

Looking for family of Nancy Moore, she married John Matlock in Rockingham County, North Carolina 12/30/1829 under the name John Mattock. I can not tie her to any said family of Moore's in the Rockingham County area. Can anyone help me tie her to a family? She was born 10/30/1807 in Rockingham County and died in McCracken County, Kentucky. They are my gggggrandparents and would like this mystery solved, as this line I have yet to connect. Can anyone help me? I thought I had her connected once before, but it did not pan out. Please let me know? Thanks

Matlock Genealogy
Jess Hester ::Hester@ionet.net

Looking for information on Capt. Charles Matlock from Rockingham County, son of Sheriff Abisha (Bish) John Matlock (Revolutionary War Veteran)and Mary Settle. He lived in the Rockingham County area until the 1850's. He was born in December of 1793. Is there anyone working this line? Would share some info with anyone working this line. Thanks

Elizabeth B. Plattsmier ::ebplattsmier@bellsouth.net 259

Doris, Rockingham County Deed Abstracts 1785-1800 lists a Valentine Allen,Valentine Sr. and Valentine, Jr.Also a Samuel, Joseph and Solomon."Historic Nolensville Cemetery" (Nolensville, TN) says Valentine Allen was a Revoluionary Soldier, born in Goochland County,VA, died Rockingham Co. NC in 1799. Several of his children came to Nolensville Area. an M P Allen married Nannie (Nancy A.) Rash Sam, a nephew married Lillian (Lily) Rash, etc. The Historic Nolensville Cemtery book is still available. Hope this helps.

Clarence Talley
Ed Talley ::talleyed@aol.com

My father, Clarence Edgar Talley,Sr's father was named George. Dad lived in Reidsville all his life, as far as I know,passing away in 1993 at the age of 90. How can I get in touch with anyone who would know if the George Talley buried there is his father? Thanks, Ed Talley

Wm. Stephens family queries
Mark Howard ::howardm@ml.linnbenton.edu

Hi I am doing research on the Stephens family that went to Garrard Co. Kentucky and later to missouri. Was wondering if any distant relatives would have any extra info. Thanks

Wolf Island Baptist Church cemetery
Peggy Scott ::tallchik57@aol.com

Hello, does anyone know the Wolf Island Baptist Church on Wolf Island Rd. outside of Reidsville? If so, could someone please go there and see if you can find the gravestones of James Madison Scott and his wife Cynthia/Syntha Cobb Scott and please write down the dates for me. I will trade a cemetery search here in Richmond/Petersburg, Virginia area! Please email me if you know of this church cemetery. This is all the info I have on my great-great grandparents. Thank you!

Means research
Linda Dunn ::ljdunn@sff.net Genealogy records for Carter, Hendrix, and Means http://www.lindajdunn.com/genealogy.html

I am seeking information regarding my ancestors and any descendants who might still live in this area.

Robert Means was born 1735 in Basking Ridge, Somerset, New Jersey and died 1822 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina. Robert married Elizabeth Roberston.

Their son, William, married Susan Joyce, daughter of Elijah Joyce and Elizabeth Allen (daughter of Valentine Allen).

Their son, Robert, married Mary Polly Smith, daughter of Drury Smith.

William's son, Fountain, married Lettie Edwards (parents unknown).

James' son, William, married Morning Belton and both of them are now allegedly buried in the Joyce Cemetery in Shelby County, Indiana.

I'm in Indiana. I'm hoping to put together a sufficient amount of records to publish a small, family book in a couple of years.

For possible DAR membership, I need to find a picture of William's and his wife's tombstone, birth certificates, land reccords, or other acceptable proof of their existence.

In an effort to avoid re-inventing the wheel, I'm posting here in hopes that someone might have already gathered this information. If not, I think I'm going to need to gather sufficient funds for a trip to Rockingham County from Indiana. It would help if I could find out where some things are located before traveling there.

Re: Wolf Island Baptist Church cemetery
James B. Chance ::papachance@msn.com 274

Peggy, I hope this is the info you want. J.M. Scott B:12 Sep 1815 D:24 Apr 1899 83yr,7m,12Days. Cynthia E. Scott B:22 Oct 1822 D:23? Dec 1896 74yr,2m,1Day, Cynthis's stone cracked across death date, Not shure about day and mo. James B. Chance

turner, fuller, admire, snead
chic turner crudele ::chici44@aol.com

family lived on matrimony road, leaksville, nc. also henry county, va. stephen terry tuner/nancy dubett gilley. john tyler turner, sr/sally jane dalton. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much. will share what i have.

Re: Thank you, everyone!
Peggy Scott ::Tallchik57@aol.com 274

From the bottom of my heart, you all in 'Carolina are absolutely the BEST! Bless your hearts, I now have the information that I was seeking! Thank you to everyone who responded. -Peggy

Benjamin McFarlin
Cheryl Corey ::clcorey@earthlink.net

I am looking for any information on Benjamin McFarlin b. 1750 married to Elizabeth Nelson (daughter of Robert Nelson) Benjamin owned land on Jacob's Creek. and appears on the 1800 Rockingham Co. Census. He was a blacksmith by trade.

Any information on McFarlin/McFarland/McFarling/McFarlane Family Bible

Home For sale in Wentworth
Jennifer ::jsbgraphics@triad.rr.com

My husband and I are looking at a home that is for sale in Wentworth right on hwy 65. The home was built in 1850 and was just trying to get any information about the original owners or builders. any information would be appreciated.

Please send me a e-mail with the information if possible.

William H. Bundrant
Sharon Newman ::snewman@loadmail.com

I am looking for someone who has information on my Great Grandfather William Henry Harrison Bundrant who joined the Confederate Army in Rockingham Co. NC. Or anyone who is researching the Bundrant/Bondurant families of VA, NC, TN

Re: Craddock
Vicki ::vcccjr@hotmail.com 216

Have some information about this family, if still interested please respond.

Judith ( Black ) Lamb ::JudithALamb@webtv.net

looking for info. on J.Mason Sanders married 1808 to Priscilla Underwood. They riased their children in Caswell Co.NC..Who were their parents & siblings?? I have (Some) info.on most of the children of Mason & Priscilla. I think J.Mason was married before Priscilla & already had 2-3 children ?? Who was his first wife.ANY HELP??

Judith ( Black ) Lamb ::JudithALamb@webtv.net

looking for info. on J.Mason Sanders married 1808 to Priscilla Underwood. They riased their children in Caswell Co.NC..Who were their parents & siblings?? I have (Some) info.on most of the children of Mason & Priscilla. I tink J.Mason was married before priscilla & already had 2-3 children ?? Who was his first wife.ANY HELP??

Thomas Branns father
W. Brann ::whbrann@msn.com

Thomas Brann was born BEF 1755 one of seven brothers. Died ABT Feb 1813 in Person Co., NC. Wife was Catherine. Any information about Thomas, brothers Jerimiah S., John, Vincent, Matthew, Andrew, Nicholas and the name of their father would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, whb

Phelps, Grady/Graddy
Joan B. Hawkins ::joanbh@ncfreedom.net

Looking for anyone that has knowledge of Augustus Phelps or Theodoshia Grady/Graddy.


RAY F. SNIDER, JR ::rayder2@maxinet.com

I am seeking to discover the parents and siblings of my great grandmother, MARY JANE STEWART. She married, WILLIAM SIZEMORE, Dec 5, about 1827, Stokes Co, NC. Bondsman was JO BOLES; Witness was T. ARMSTRONG; marriage record #02-279; bond #000141547; NC record of marrages for the years 1741-1868.

ARE THERE ANY DESCENDANTS OF MARY JANE STEWART or JO BOLES or T. ARMSTRONG or any SIZEMORES that can help me find NANCY JANE STEWART'S PARENTS or siblings. I am advised that many BOLES and STEWARTS are connected; perhaps the same holds true for connection between STEWART and ARMSTRONG.


Hudson, Jones
Larry Hudson ::m_hudson@bellsouth.net

I am seraaching for information possible the birth record of my gg grandfather Daniel Hudson born Jan 09, 1829 and also a ggg grandfather and mother Henderson Jones born Oct. 23, 1812 and then his wife was know as Aunt Polly Caffey of Rockingham Co. she wa born Oct. 18, 1810. If any one can help would be greatful.

Thanks Larry Hudson

LEMONS family
Ellie Stites Swanger ::EllieSS@aol.com

I descend from John LEMONS (often seen with alternate spellings)and Tabitha LEMONS. Their youngest son, Jefferson LEMONS was my 3rd great grandfather. He married in Henry Co. VA to Serena "Rena" BARKER. He later migrated to Gasconade Co. MO where his estate was settled and is dated in the early 1860s. I would like to hear from others who descend from John LEMONS. Ellie S.

Elizabeth Gibson-Williams
Kitty B. Hoffman ::lollygag@bellsouth.net

Seeking information on William Williams who md. Elizabeth Gibson d/o Joseph and Elizabeth (Scales) Gison. Joseph died in 1790, but do not know if he died in Rockingham Co., NC or if he had moved and raised his children elsewhere. Kitty B. Hoffman

Lewis's in Rockingham County
Jim Kimble ::jjkimble@bellsouth.net

I am looking for relatives of my grandmother Sarah Lewis born abt. 1872. Father was T.S. or T.L. Lewis. Could not tell from Marrige certificate. She evidently died following child birth est. about 1903. Any clues or help will be appreciated.


McInville family in Rockingham
James McInville ::James.McInville@bmwmc.com

Unfortuanately I know very little about my family. My Grandmother was Emma Ramey she married James Leonard McInville from NC, Rockingham I believe. Any information I could find would be greatly appreciated.

Joyce Southard Reavis ::Phantomlady0711@hotmail.com

I am looking for any info on Robert Lee Southard family His father was Walter Oscar Southard Mother was Maggie Griffin Southard Anut was beloved Aunt Pearl Southard and Uncle William Southard

Philip Jacob Irion
Jennifer Irion ::jenirion@bellsouth.net

Philip Jacob Irion died in Rockingham County in 1794. I am trying to locate where he is buried. He was married to Sarah Poindexter. His will was proven in Rockingham County in 1795.

Judith ::JudithALamb@webtv.net

Seeking more info. on J.Mason Sanders & Priscilla Underwood married 1808 in Rockingham Co.NC. They raised their family in Caswell Co.NC.Who were J."Mason & Priscilla's parents.? And anything about some of their children?? Where is Camp Springs Church Cemetary?? Is it in Rockingham or Caswell Co.NC? This is where a lot of this family was buried. Does anyone live near to this cem. to look for this family for me. Write an I will give names of married daughters,etc. Thanks for ANY help.! Judith

Re: Southard
Howard Sparks ::howardsparks50@hotmail.com 293

I am traveling and do not have my genealogy information with me but just thought I would let you know that my grandmother, Lucy Caroline Nance Sparks married a Jesse N. Southard in the late 1930's around the Bethany area of Rockingham County. I say married but the whole family would not talk about this so I think maybe she just had him as a boyfriend or something but thought I would throw this out. He is buried on HWY 65 at Mt.Bethel church. Howard

Alfred Moore Scales
Richard Reed ::RReed1924@aol.com

Seeking information about the early marriage of a distinguished Rockingham County, NC resident, Alfred Moore Scales. A petition for his divorce from a Margaret Scales was filed in 1851 in the Rockingham County, NC Court of Equity. However, I can find no record of his marriage to Margaret Scales (maiden name unknown). It is possible that Alfred Moore Scales may have married Margaret Scales in a county other than Rockingham. Those having information on this subject are urged to contact me. Thank you.

Re: Southard
Elizabeth Hanks ::maryhanks@msn.com 293

I think I may have the information you are looking for. I am related to Pearl Southard and have some information on William. Please contact me at maryhanks@msn.com and we can compare notes.

Re: Agnes Starrett
Carolyn Kinnison ::ckinnison@intplsrv.net 9

Jim - I am searching for info on Agnes Starrett also. Since your posting was in 1998 hope you have found something and can help me. Do you know who her parents were? Were they by chance Benjamin Starrett and Mary Hunter, or perhaps a second wife, Verlinda Unk. Hope to hear from you. I am researching the Starrett line. Thanks.

Eden Gardens Cemetery
Annie Jones ::ajones5029@aol.com

I am searching for information on the Eden Gardens Cemetery in Eden, NC. Specially looking for publications that would have a listing of the interned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Andrews of Spray
Brenda Trent Dillon ::dillon1bt@aol.com

My mother, Lenora Andrews Trent, died in July of this year. I have been trying unsuccessfully to find out what happened to one of her half-sisters, FLORA ANDREWS. My grandmother was Callie Cheek Andrews. She married my grandfather, Manuel Whitfield Andrews around 1920. His first wife had died and left him with Flora, Margaret (who died several years ago), and Bill (who is bedridden and living in Eden). My grandmother raised the three children and the five children she and Manuel had: my mother - Edith Lenora, Annette, Mildred, Ethel (who has died of cancer), and Frank. According to the 1930 census, Flora was still living with the family in Spray in the Flint Hill area. Manuel worked in the mill until he contracted tuberculosis. He died before I was born in 1943. I have been able to trace my ancestors back to the mid 1770's in the TRENT and CHEEK lines, and to the early 1800's in the ANDREWS lines. However, no one in the family seems to have any idea where Flora might be - or even if she is alive. Does anyone out there have any information at all about her - or about any other member of the family? I would love to hear from you and perhaps share information. Thanks.

Sutton Family
Pat Nelson ::nels095@attglobal.net

Looking for information on the Sutton Family in Orange, Alamance, Rockingham and Guilford counties.

SAMUEL DALTON, SR. (1699-1806)
Joyce Browning ::JBROW7169@aol.com

At present I am preparing an anthology about Samuel Dalton, Sr. of Albemarle Co VA and Rockinham County NC His gr.grandson, Robert H. Dalton says that his choclate brown plantation house was still standing in 1858. Does anyone know if there is a sketch of this house, and can a copy be acquired for use in this book? Many thanks for any help that you might be able to give.

Joyce Browning Fairfax County, Virginia

Busic - Newell
JBusic ::jbusic@mounet.com

I am looking for any information on James B. Busic and Melinda Newell. His DOB is ca. 1841. He was a soldier in Reidsville, NC Company E 45th Regiment, known as the "Troublesome Boys", was wounded at Gettysburg, PA July 1-5, 1863 in the arm. James was hospitalized as a POW at Davids Island, NY Harbor where he arrived on or about July 17, 1863. Does anyone have information about this family?

Re: Sutton Family
Gerringer ::Kemjan@aol.com 302

Do you have information abt JAMES SUTTON b. 1787 and living in Alamance Co.? Who were his parents?

Pleasant H. Oliver
James A. Oliver ::jao507@yahoo.com

Trying to establish that the following are true: Pleasant Henderson Oliver, born Sept. 13, 1810 in Wentworth, NC Rockingham Co. Pleasant is my Great-grandfather. His father, Abraham Oliver was married to Charlotte Paxton (Charlotta?) said to be a Spanish Princess. Other children, other than Pleasant were Jeremiah and Molly (or Polly?) I have also seen Pleasant's birthdate as 1800? Was our Abraham Oliver born Jan. 3, 1779? Also, seeking George and Martha Oliver, parents of Abraham Oliver

Stone, Pearce, Pierce, Strader
Pat Dunaway ::pdunaway7@comcast.net

I've just returned to my genealogy work and would like to know if anyone has information on the following couples: William Stone married to Susan A. ?? James S. Pearce married to Sarah J. Strader

Looking for parents of ancestor
Brian Lang ::mraztourism@yahoo.com

I am looking for the parents of Francis C. Lang born in 1760 in Rockingham County, NC and died July 19 1847 in Greene County, IN. He married Rebekah Linder on Feburary 6, 1797 in Rockingham County, NC. She was born in Prince George County, MD and died in 1819 in Indiana.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Pleasant H. Oliver
Joe Oliver ::joliver104@aol.com 306

George Oliver is my 5th great grandfather. Abraham is his step brother. George was born to Jemimia Regan and Abraham to Martha Whitworth.

James O. Wray
Richard Wray ::rbwray@msn.com

I am looking for information on James O. Wray. If anyone has any information about this family I would be most thankful. The son of James was Henry Jackson Wray.

Adkins family
Pat Nelson ::nels095@attglobal.net

Looking for family of James, John Frank and Margaret Adkins. They were born c1860 and lived in the Oregon Hill area.

BRENDA GARRETT ::brendagirl1@msn.com


Rose Schneller ::rosesteer@aol.com

William Buchanan b. about 1754 married Catherine McCaleb in Guilford Co., NC 5 March 1773. Children were Elizabeth, James, Samuel, George and William. Upon Catherine McCaleb's death (do not have date) he married Frances Montgomery. There were other children by this marriage. I believe John was one. Would like to know names of other children.

Reuben Tyler
Walter M. Tyler ::wmtcw68@aol.com

I am looking for the burial site of Reubin Tyler, my 3d Great-grandfather, and his wife Mary. I believe it may be somewhere along Qua Qua Creek where he purchased land from John London C1810-1830. I see from topographic maps of the Ruffin quadrangle that the following churches are near Qua Qua Creek : Bold Spring Ch.; Chapel Hill Ch. [with cem.]and Mt. Carmel Ch. Does anyone have a list of burials in association with these churches?

Stegall, Adkins
Desiree Hurst ::okboogle@juno.com

I am searching for information on the Stegall and Adkins families of Draper, North Carolina. My great-grandmother was Sallie Stegall born Dec. 14, 1895 in Leatherwood, Henry Co. Va. She married Clint Shropshire Feb. 14, 1914. Her parents were John Henry Stegall born about 1857 and Mary Alice Adkins born Sept. 18, 1856 probably in Draper. They married about 1876. Mary died June 22, 1917. Mary's parents were James Monroe Adkins and Dorratia Angelina Wingfield. John Henry's parents were Henry Forrest Stegall and Mary Jane Bondurant. Sallie and Clint and her parents too, lived in Draper for a long while. I would appreciate any help. Desiree Hurst

Pat ::pagl@wideopenwest.com

Searching for information the the Martin families of Rockingham Co., North Carolina.

Re: Thomas Branns father
Yvonne ::yvonneisabelle@yahoo.com 285


Yvonne ::yvonneisabelle@yahoo.com


Yvonne ::yvonneisabelle@yahoo.com 318



mildred phillips shepherd` ::annie@accnorwalk.com

looking for a Theodore Phillips family 1700 1800 thank you

Co Newspaper
Yvonne B. ::yvonne@monmouth.com

Can any one tell me the name of the Rockingham Co newspaper please?

Yvonne B.

Penny Flanagan Fortune ::rfortune@midsouth.rr.com

I believe many of my ancestors were born in the Rockingham Co NC area. I am looking for info on: Parents of Beverly Flanagan (male) born abt 1812 or 1822, married Nancy Odle in 1840 in Henry Co VA. Nancy born abt 1814 or 1824, parents may be James & Eleanor Odle/Odell. Beverly (& brothers Burwell & maybe Alexander) were raised by Thomas & Ann Price. One of Beverly's sons, William Perkin Flanagan married Anna John Gilley (parents may be John & Martha Covington Gilley). I'd love to hear from relatives also.

Re: Co Newspaper
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 321

Unfortunately there is not one Rockingham County newspaper. There are three papers today: the Reidsville Review, published since 1888, the Madison Messenger, published since ca. 1915 and the Eden Daily News, published since ca. 1923. These papers focus mostly on news of their own respective towns but the Review has had a longer tradition of carrying more county-wide news. Most, but not all, issues of these papers are on microfilm and can be found in the various branches of the county library or at Rockingham Community College. All three papers are now owned by the same company and a possible merger of the three has been rumored for the past several years.

Thomas H Jones
s jones ::redbone1211@hotmail.com

I would like some info about my ggggrandpa thomas h jones he was born in rockingham co north carolina. He later moved to clinton county kentucky. My ggggrandma his wife was mary j harris anyone with any information about his father and mother or anything else please let me no. thanks

Archived Queries
Diane :: no IP_ADDRESS sdn-ap-011dcwashP0385.dialsprint.net PREVIOUS>

Updated September 17, 1998

looking for information on the CHAMBERS family, Thomas and William, that came to Rockingham county in the 1700's. interested in the movements of John Chambers ( 13th NC, co K) who returned home after parole in march 1865. The next official record of him is in SC in 1880. w. chambers katie08@gateway.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in any information on the MICHAEL COFFER, or other Coffers, mentioned in Rockingham County deeds in late 1780s. Had land in vicinity of Troublesome Creek and Jacobs Creek. This may be same Michael Coffer who left a will in Rockingham dtd. 23 Jun 1804. The will named wife Margaret and sons Michael, Robert, Thomas and John. Michael Marshall michaelm@inna.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for descendants of William Joseph EANES, or Arthur Joseph EANES. David Richardson hakutsuruni@email.msn.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am researching William Hall & Frances Key who were married in Rockingham Co. in 1824. Frances is the daughter of Garland & Rebecca Key. Garland is probably the son of Thomas & Mary Key, who were early early settlers in Rockingham Co. William & Frances were part of a group that went to Henry Co., TN, about 1830. I would like to hear from anyone who is researching the Hall or Key families or has any information about them. Thank you. Corinne Lawson leelawson@cyberback.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would love to have my email address and family names listed on the site for queries. Here are the names I am researching: Willson (Wilson), William, son of Willson(Wilson), Charles and Roach, Nancy; Charles son of Willson(Wilson), Archie and Saunders, Mary. Harris, Swananoah daughter of Harris, Cicero and Crosby, Fannie. Stanley, Martha Etta daughter of Stanley, Miles Alexander and Lucinda Eliz. Scarlet; Lucinda daughter of Scarlet, William and Wright, Mary Ann. Any and all info related to these names is greatly appreciated. PamHendrik@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need information about ROBERT HAMILTON (HAMPTON) LEGRAND b.10-16-1848 d.?s/o John LeGrand and ELMIRA H.? ROBINSON m. DICY JANE BALDWIN d/o William Baldwin & Margaret Jane McAuley. ROBERT H LEGRAND May have lived in Montgomery County. Wife is buried in Baldwin Family Cemetery near Pekin NC. Need information about JOHN LEGRAND b. abt.1826 m. ELMIRA ROBINSON b. 12-30-1827 d/o WILLIAM ROBINSON & LUCY HARRIS....Wanting to follow the LEGRAND family line. Jean Ann LeGrand legrand@wcc.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 30, 1998 Looking for information on the Cobler Family of Rockingham Co., No. Twsp L, NC. Nicholas COBLER was born 14 Jan. 1814, in NC. His father's name could have been Frederick who served in the Rev. War and came from VA. From 1830 thru 1850 census I find Nicholas along with (1830) Frederick, James, John, and Thomas; (1840) Elijaha, Frederick, James, and Thomas; (1850 - twsp changes to Western) James, Albert, Elijah, Fred, Thomas and Very (spelling is questioned). In 1848, Nicholas married Matilda RUSSELL in PA, from there they moved on to MN where they lived in Olmsted County. He died in 1901. Nicholas and Matilda had several children: Lugenia Dena, Frances Cathron, Adeline, Martin James, Alice Etta, Eva Wennefred and John Smith. Any help locating the Cobler Family would be greatly appreciated. Velda6205@aol.com

Velda I am researching George Washington WARDand Minerva COLLINS who married in Rockingham Co.,NC in 1838. His parents were George W.WARD and Chloe CHATHAM who married in Caswell Co., NC in 1801. Was her father William COLLINS who appears on the 1830 Rockingham Co., NC census or perhaps John COLLINS from the same census? Will appreciate any correspondence with any other descendants from either family. Ida Madison IDAMADISON@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a copy of will of Nance SETTLE who died in Rockingham County 1806. Need list of children. Thank you. Stephanie Tayloe sata@compu.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking to correspond with anyone who may be from the MARTINS of Rockingham County, NC. It appears the Ancestor of some of the MARTIN's is ANDREW MARTIN who was married to ESTHER. Andrew's will was probated in 1805. He listed sons; WALTER MARTIN, ANDREW MARTIN, and ROBERT MARTIN, the latter 2 being deceased, and a daughter AGNES MARTIN. I am descended From WALTER and JANE MARTIN. Walter died in 1817 and left the following issue; Sons; Andrew, Robert, William and Abraham. Daus; Agnes Johnston, Mary Carter, Easther, Isabel, Ellenour and Rachel.

I do know that most of these Children of Walter and Jane moved to Henry Co., Tn and were early settlers there. Most did not even marry until they arrived there or somewhere between NC and Henry County, but the marriage records have not been located. Andrew, Robert and Abraham married to sisters, all WARNICKS, and resided in Henry County. Ellenour and Rachel both married LEMONDS and resided in Henry County, where they both died. Anyone researching these lines or any of the Martins in Rockingham County, please contact me so we can sort out all of the Martins in Rockingham County. Thanks! Joel H. Hutto JoelHutto@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for info on any WILLIS family descendants that have ancestors from the ROCKINGHAM COUNTY area. Thanks. Teressa Hasty HASTYS@prodigy.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for a source for information as to the place where my ancestors are buried in Rockingham Co.? My fourth great-grandfather, Garland KEY, died there in 1816. He had several brothers that lived there, too. Milton Key wmk@flash.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James LOWE was listed in the Rockingham Co. census of 1810. Does anyone know the names of his spouse or children? I think he may have been my ggggrandfather. Any information will be helpful. Thanks. Ruth Bloom rjbloom@ix.netcom.com Updated August 17, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAYLOR, CANADY - In June 1816 in Rockingham Co NC, William CANADY sold to John CRAWFORD 50 acres on the southeast side of Hogan's Creek adjoining John RICE, James D. TAYLOR, John WINDSOR and John NANCE. This land was "formerly belonging to Joseph TAYLOR deceased". How did William CANADY (born ca 1782 in VA, died 1862 Rockingham Co NC, wife Elizabeth ___) come to own this land? Thank you. Lin Van Buren veeb@globalnet.co.uk
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on Abner WILLIS who is listed in the 1850 census. I believe he lived in Leaksville or what is now Eden in Rockingham County. At the same address, there was a Joseph and Susan who were brother and sister who never married and remained at the family farm until death. Abner is only listed in the 1850 census. I need verification that he is indeed listed and any other info from the census. If anyone knows anything about this family mentioned, I would greatly appreciate it. The WILLIS home was supposedly still standing in 1987 and there is a small graveyard behind it. Thanks for reading my query. Teressa Willis Hasty HASTYS@prodigy.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Franklin FUQUAY a stone mason from Rockingham County, N.C. Franklin was born around 1835, he was belived to have been married to Elizabeth (poss) last name of TERRY born 1840. They lived in Hogan's Creek Township in the 1860. Does anyone have more info on my Gggrandmother and Gggrandfather. Othe connections: Fuquay, Hill, Ewing, Leonard Thanks in advance Brenda Judd, Bunnell Florida judd437@bellsouth.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated August 14, 1998 I am for searching for info. on Paschall JOLLY who was buried in the Wright/Richardson's cemetery in Rockingham, CO., NC. He was a son-in-law to Jonathan HOPKINS who lived there in the 1820-1840s. Thanks, Thad Grimshaw TVPE47A@Prodigy.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am researching the FOY and WEBSTER families in Rockingham County and keep coming across the same first name, Pleasant. I have never seen this name before except in this group. I have seen it at least four times, all were male and all lived in the early to mid 1800s. Does anyone know if there was someone famous in Rockingham County, perhaps a Revolutionary War hero, who was named "Pleasant?" Karen Foy kfoy@networktrainers.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GERRINGER/ GARRINGER decendants are said to be in Rockingham County. Some changed the name to GARNER and went to Stokes County. Kemjan@aol.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am searching for information on Nathaniel GUERIN. He married Mary "Polly" ? His daughter is Jane Guerin b. 1794 in Rockingham Co., NC. Jane married John STOKES on 20 Dec 1814. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you, Jeannine Wiley Jfw949@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking information on HIGHFILL/HIGHFIELD/HIFIL in Rockingham County in the 1700's. Specifically, I'm trying the locate Bennet(t) HIGHFILL/HIGHFIELD/HIFIL. Dwight Highfill highfild@ncr.disa.mil

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated July 28, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking information regarding CHARLES WALTER LOVELACE, b. 3/3/1861 in Surry Co., NC, married BETTY LOU THACKER, b. 6/27/1862 in Rockingham Co., NC. Married approximately 1879 in Rockingham Co., NC. Parents of Betty Lou Thacker were CHESLEY THACKER and EDITH LOUIZA GROGAN. Please e-mail DunkyT@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am searching for any information on Martin Allen COBLER (born Rockingham Co. 6 Dec. 1829) or his father Christopher COBLER (born Rockingham Co. 1796). I am searching in particular for the name of Martin's mother/Christopher's wife, but would appreciate any info about the family. Please contact Ken Cobler at kcobler@worldnet.att.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on the OAKLEY family from Rockingham Co., NC. Susannah CARDWELL of Wilkes Co., NC married a Mr. Oakley. Is there any additional information on Mr. Oakley?
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lily, (birth name unknown) 30yrs. had been married to a Thomas HUGHES 60yrs. of Alamance Co. They are together in the 1870 census. They had a child Catherine 1 year old then. Who raised Lily (?) What name is on the marriage record to Thomas HUGHES? Lily HUGHES married again when Thomas HUGHES died...GROOM-Azariah WALKER 60yrs., son of John and Elizabeth WALKER of Rockingham Co. BRIDE-Lily HUGHES 35yrs., of Caswell Co.parents Unknown. MARRIED-by Alfred WALKER,J.P. at the residence of groom in Williamsbury, 28 September 1876. Azariah WALKERS mother was still living at this time. Where were John and Elizabeth WALKER from? Would like to hear from anyone connected to this family. Doreen Carlson prcdlc@pacbell.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A relative of mine is descended from Wm Sadler WILLIAMS and his wife Isabella Caroline MILLS Williams (she sent me a photo of her). I know that he came from possibly Rockingham Co, NC and was born in 1828. My question is was he a son of Samuel and Nancy Williams who came from Rockingham Co, NC also? What leads me to believe that is a graveside service photo of Kate Padgett in 1915. Kate was the daughter of Robert C. PADGETT and Isabella Frances Williams (d/o Wm S. Williams). Jeremiah Williams s/o of Samuel and Nancy Williams is in this photo. The photo was given to me by a granddaughter-in- law of Jeremiah Williams. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. These Williamses settled in Grayson. Sar1clint@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rachel MARTIN d/o ROBERT MARTIN and Martha of Rockingham Co., married GEORGE BROACH of Person Co. May 18, 1811. They along with her brothers Robert and John moved to Georgia sometime between 1820 and 1830. I need to know if Rachel and George lived in Rockingham Co. in 1820. Any Information would be appreciated. Jeanie in Savannah, GA DaisyZ@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeking the names of the children of James CASS(CAST)(CASSE) b.1739 in Cottingham, Enagland, d.1816, Iredell Co. North Carolina, married to Nancy MOODY. James was shangheid by the British Navy at 7 yrs old and made to work as a powder monkey aboard ship. He jumped ship in Philadelphis about 1760 and lived with Presbyterian farmers NE of the city before migrating to Guilford or Rockingham Co. North Carolina. He then moved to Salisbury District of Iredell Co. Nc, where he and Nancy had 13 children. What I am seeking is the names of the 13 children of James and Nancy. Thanks, Jim Cast of Oklahoma Jcast12345@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- William CANADY was b c1782 in VA & d intestate shortly before 22 Aug 1862, when probate papers were filed in Rockingham Co NC naming his heirs-at-law. His widow was Elizabeth CANADY; where and when did he marry her, and what was her maiden surname? His six children were Absalom CANADY, Joseph CANADY, Nathan CANADY, Sarah Jane CANADY COBB [wife of Private Livingston G. COBB who was to die the following year of wounds sustained in the Battle of Gettysburg], Rebecca CANADY [m 1837 Elijah G. RICE, predeceased her father] and Nancy CANADY [m 1837 William SAUNDERS, also predeceased her father]. Who were this William CANADY's parents and siblings? Was he related to the John CANADY b c1798 who m 1828 Elizabeth BOSWELL or to the Joel CANADY b 1750s who appears in the 1830 US Census in adjacent Caswell Co NC aged 70-80 years? Was he related to the James CANADY who m 1804 or 1814 Sina WHALEBONE or WELLBORN or WILBOURNE or to the William CANADY or CASADY who m 1808 N. [Nancy?] WILLBURN in 1808 and/or the William CANADY who m 1820 E. [Elizabeth?] MOSELEY? Thank you for any help at all! Lin Van Buren veeb@globalnet.co.uk

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard L. APPLE married Jane P. MURRAY on 12 Dec 1854 in Rockingham County, NC. In 1870 census they were still living in Rockingham County with daughters Mary Ellen and Lucy. 80-year old Jane Murray, thought to be Jane's mother, was living with them also. Seeking ancestors of both Richard and Jane P. Jack D. Stevens omak@erols.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeking any information regarding Elijah GROGAN and Sarah (or Sally) O'DELL (or ODLE), who were married on December 25, 1860 in Rockingham County. All I have is the marriage date and the names of their children - I would like any information available regarding their birthdates, and names of their parents and siblings. I have information regarding another Elijah Grogan who was born around 1769 in Rowan County and died around 1841 in Rockingham County, but have found no ties between that Elijah and the one I am seeking information on. (Elijah and Sarah are my wife's g-g-grandparents) David Arnold DAVEYA@webtv.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking any information about John SHROPSHIRE, b. ca. 1765 in Rockingham County. Raymond Shirley rshirley@icx.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am reasearching familys who lived in Rockingham and Stokes Co.in the late 1800 to early 1900 by the names of HENRY KIMMONS; JOHN HICKMAN; MARY COX; and NANCY GOINS any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. C.O. SIGMON RedPhyi@AOL.Com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated July 15, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for info concenring the DABBS family of Rockingham Co., NC. James M. YANCEY married Ann R DABBS - June 1833 - Rockingham Co., NC. Should you have any information concerning the DABBS family of Rockingham Co., NC, Please contact: Dennis Yancey DYANCEY@UMIAMI.IR.MIAMI.EDU

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated July 13, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for any information on Richins BRIMM, Joseph BRIMM, James Richard BRIMM!!! Please contact me if you have any information about these families. I believe they are all related - like grandfather, father and son. They all lived in Rockingham County from at least 1800 to 1840. Need help getting information. marzullocj@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for relatives of a Frances TILLEY SMITH who died in Rockingham County and is buried in Reidsville's Greenview Cemetary I think in the 1920's. She lived with a daughter there by the last name of BUSSELL. Thank you, Denise Wood seagull@interpath.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeking information on Wm. M. RASCO(E). He has a will dated 1892 in Rockingham Co. He married first Mary TATE. Second Nancy WALKER. Their son Walter Newton Rasco is my grandfather b. May 17 1877. He came to NW Mo. in the late 1800's with an uncle, Sanders Rasco. I think Wm.s parents were John Rasco(e) and Martha "Patsy" PLEASANT. John's parents I rhink were Arthur Rasco(e) and Mary "Polly" WEEDEN. I would appreciate any information anyone could send me. Joyce Rasco Brandon cebljb@ponyexpress.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on the family of ANNA SAMS, my g.grandmother. She married Christopher WRIGHT in Rockingham Co. on March 28, 1835. Our family oral tradition has it that she was Cherokee Indian. Can anyone verify that for me? Thanks for any info. JoAnn Jareyn@cheerful.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am researching information on James STRANGE Sr. family. He died in 1785 in Rockingham Co. N. C. I am interested in the line through his son Owen born about 1755. Berniece W.Millsaps bmillsap@bellsouth.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been told that there is a will left by Philip LARREMORE naming his six children said will supposed to be in Rockingham CO, NC 1800. the children were: Richard, James (mine) Mary, Memory, Philip and Caty. these children supposedly all went to Green Co., KY and were md. there I have the marriage for James to his second wife Martha BENNINGFIELD would appreciate any help available on this family Thanks for this chance to inquire. Milly MZBez@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeking any info. about a Samuel SHELTON/CHILTON, b 1755 or earlier. He was listed in the Rockingham County 1800 Census as follows. one male 45 and over one female 45 and over 2 males under age 10 2 males age 10 to 16 2 females age 10 to 16 I am trying to find out if this Samuel may be the father of my gggg grandfather Samuel Chilton b 1792 lived in Rockingham County NC. Richard Chilton camo@vance.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Told by the family that all records burned in the Rockingham Co. Court House My Father is Davie HOPKINS of Alamance Co., son of Grover Hopkins of Al. Co, son of Martin (P) Pleas Hopkins and Sarah CHRISMON Hopkins of Rockingham Co. Martin P was married twice the first time to Mary Jane DIAMOND. My trail ends there. Thank for any help somone may be able to give. Denise Hopkins Voiles voiles@gulfsurf.infi.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated June 17, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WILLIAM HOLT, formerly of Surry County, held land in Rockingham County and died there before 1803. His land was divided among his widow, ANN --, sons BIRD (bn 1760s, ISAAC (bn1770s), NATHANIEL, and EDWARD Holt (bn1790s). WHO WAS WILLIAM's FATHER? William is thought by some to be the son of AMBROSE HOLT, Sr (1724-1810+), but was not. Ambrose' son, William, died in Wilkes County, NC between 1796 - 1803, when his land on Kings Creek was divided among his children: AMBROSE, JR.; BENJAMIN; daughter ELLENDER/ELEANOR HOLT IN 1803. Any data appreciated. I have other HOLT information to share. Jackie JD22294@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for Joel WALKER and wife Sally BASS, with a son named Benjamin born in 1805 in Rockingham Co., N.C. Benjamin moved to St. Charles Co., Mo. about 1830 and married a Julia MCROBERTS of Lincoln Co., Va. Thanks, Jim genjjw@mail.swbell.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for informtionon my ggrandfather, James Richard BRIM, born abt 1825 in Rockingham Co., NC. Believe his mother's name was Mary, maiden name unknown. Believe his brothers/sisters names were: E. L., Frances, Cisero, Mary and a Mary E. Claudia Marzullo Marzullocj@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information for an Arthur MORROW. He first shows up in the Rockingham Federal census between 1810 - 1840. He was married to a Helen BLAIN and had at least two sons; James Linn and Arthur Blain, and one daughter; Martha Wilson. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sam Morrow slmorrow@hotmail.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dora E. JOHNSON b 12 May 1864 Alamance Co. NC, m. Charles WEBSTER c 1879. Dora's mother was Nancy Lou JOHNSON and father was believed to be David BREEDLOVE, both of Alamance Co. NC. Need death date of Dora Johnson WEBSTER. According to Mack JOHNSON, deceased, Eden, NC, Dora died in Eden. Also need children of Dora and Charles. Will be glad to share my JOHNSON information and would like to correspond with any descendants of Doras. Peggy Rudd McAndrew jpmcand@swva.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeking information about the family of my g-g-grandfather, Thomas R.(?) STONE who was born in Rockingham County around 1830. He moved to Person County and married Priscilla HENDERSON of Caswell County around 1849. He entered the Confederate army in March 1863 and died in Richmond VA in January 1864. I have been unable to find anything about his parents and/or siblings. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Don Holt E-mail to: dholt19676@aol.com.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to search for the ancestors (or any info on) Jeremiah STEGALL. Other family names that may have been together are WRIGHT, & CASE. Michael J. Godshalk

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated June 6, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am searching for Luke and Sarah DYER whose daughter Zipporah DYER was born in Rockingham December 26, 1789. This family were probably Baptist. I would like to have the names of Baptist churces in this time frame. Robert J. Neveaux rjgpneveaux@worldnet.att.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need information on the GOINSTOWN area of NW Rockingham Co. My family, the MOORES, lived there from about 1785 until 1832. There is an article about GOINSTOWN beginning on page 59 of the book "The Heritage of Rockingham County North Carolina", by the Rockingham County Historical Society (1983) which states that the people have features of Indian and Portuguese and some believe they are part of the Lost Colony of Manteo. Where can I get more information? Any info would help. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, James Hall jimh4038@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for info on Hiram CASEY b 1799 Rockingham NC. He married Elizabeth GOOD. Russcalion@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm looking for information on Washington S WALLACE. He was born in 1825 in Rockingham County NC. I would like to know who he married and also information on his father who came from Virginia. My name is Bonnie Wallace and my e-mail address is SHall69763@aol.com. Thanks alot.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to search for the ancestors (or any info on) Jeremiah STEGALL. Other family names that may have been together are WRIGHT, & CASE. I'll send more info if it's needed. Thanks for any help you can give me with my search. Michael J. Godshalk godshalk@suntan.eng.usf.edu

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking information on Ellen L. FORD (b 1825), daughter of John FORD and Mary ?. Ellen married Turner HARRIS in 1841. Her sister, Nancy FORD (b 1833), married Tinsley HARRIS in 1852, brother of Turner. After their marriages, each sister resided in Surry Co., NC. Would like additional information on their parents, John and Mary, and if they had siblings. John was supposedly a wealthy land owner living near Reidsville and disowned Ellen when she married. Please reply to gray6064@aol.com Sherry Griggs

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am searching for information about Isaac NICHOLS born about 1800 in North Carolina. He married a woman named Ann about 1819 and is in the census of 1820 and 1830 before moving west to Illinois. In the 1820 census there are only two Nichols families living in Rockingham County, Isaac and Fields. Is Fields the father of Isaac? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ken & Carol Engle omar@amug.org

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was in the Danview Cemetary at Draper today and found gg grandparents, William Henry CHRISTLEY and his wife Frances Jane. On the marker it simply stated their age to be 78 and 73. A son named Price CHRISTLEY, b.1878- d.1951, is also burried there. Cemetary records check revealed Price bought the lot in 1928, which indicates he may have done so when one of his parents died. Would like the help of anyone researching the CHRISTLEY family or anyone with knowledge of these individuals. Other Rockingham County names I'm looking include TALBOTT (Any Spelling), BOWMAN and HARDY. Thanks, Jim Euel jimtolbert@worldnet.att.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated May 19, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- am looking for information on the family of Alvis Ruffin WILLIAMS b. 1855 inRockingham Co., NC. We have been told that the 1860 census for the Hogans Creek area listed Mary A. Williams, 23; Alvis Ruffin Williams, 4, and Adritha GORMAN, 49 in the same household. ( Mary, 32 and Alvis, 14 appear later on the 1870 Grayson Co, VA census along with Tarvin, 6, who was born in Virginia). Alvis Ruffin Williams' death certificate lists his father as John Williams and his mother as ________ RHODES. Thank you, Verla Barr vck47@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for someone who is reseraching the TROLINGER/TROLLINGER family. Michael (the father), sons: Adam, Joseph, Thomas. One dau married a HENDERSON. The years are 1779-1800. Adam married Alifar WRIGHT, they moved to Bedford Co Tn abt 1825. Michael may be my missing link. Wanda wtackett@lightspeed.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information concerning James H. STANLEY and Sallie/Sarah NEWNAM who m. in Rockingham Co. 5 Nov. 1834. By 1838 they were in Limestone Co., AL and by 1860 they were in Prairie Co., AR. They had several children: Nathan, b. @1836 NC, James A.W. b.@1838 in Limestone Co., AL), Nancy A. Elizabeth b.@1840, Henrietta, b.@1842, Washington, b. @1844, Andrew, b.@1847, Sarah J., b.@1850, Thomas M., b.@1853, Robert, b. 29 Feb 1855, Mary, b. @1858, and Laura Sue, b.@1860 in Prairie Co., AR. Who were the parents of James H. STANLEY and Sarah/Sallie NEWNAM? All help appreciated. Kay Waters Sakaris ksakaris@hal-pc.org

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Searching for parents of Absalom TURNER, b. Apr. 1783, d. 1857. Absalom was born either in Rockingham Co., NC or Onslow Co., NC. Absalom m. Nancy BRINSON b. 1791, d. Dec 1878. Nancy was dau of Adam BRINSON, Jr. (Adam b. Princess Ann Co., VA but moved to Onslow Co., NC). Absalom & Nancy had 6 children: Redden, Penelope, Jane, John Lee, Elizabeth H., and Augustus W. Absalom & Nancy met and married in NC. Abt 1839 moved to Burke Co., GA then to Stillmore, Emanuel Co., GA. Thank you! Anyone with any information, please respond to: RSQcat@aol.com Updated April 29, 1998

I am searching for information on James William BARKER b. 29 Jan 1875 in Rockingham Co., NC. He was the son of Peter Sampson BARKER and Sarah HAMILTON. James married Fannie THORNSBURY on 20 Mar 1906. If you know anything about this family, I would like to exchange information. Thanks! Amy Benites baasha@phnx.uswest.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on RADFORD ROBERTSON.He was born around 1859 and died around 1930. In the early 1890's he married Laura KALLAM. They had four known children including, Link,Joseph, Lillie, and Belva. In 1898 Laura died and around 1902 Radford married Anna VESTINE. They had one son (my grandfather) Corneilus born February 14,1902. Radford left shortly thereafter and my grandfather never knew him. Radford had brothers, Benjamin F., and Robert. If anyone has any information at all on Radford it would be greatly appreciated! I'm told there are family members living in the Eden area. I would love share family information. Thank you! Pam PBeth26@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am interested in finding any information on Daniel THOMPSON and his family. He was born in Rockingham County around 1770. He married Margaret GROGAN daughter of Henry GROGAN. They had a son named Gilbert THOMPSON b. 1802 who married Sarah GROGAN. I need the parents of Daniel THOMPSON or any info appreciated. KThompson@tntech.campus.mci.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated April 23, 1998 I'm interested in contacting anyone researching a family connection between the PORTER and MASSEY families of Rockingham County, NC. Also if the WHITWORTH family moved to Monroe Cty, MS (Fendal Whitworth) in particular. Thanks in advance. M. Massey mmassey@unicomp.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for parents, siblings, relatives of William LLOYD, b. Aug 1792, Rockingham Co. Married Mary KING Sept. 4 1818, Rockingham Co. d. May 10, 1853, Falls of Rough, Grayson Co., Kentucky. Please contact me if you have any information concerning his ascendency. Thanks, Robert Wedding. RSuthWed@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for information on the family of John MCKINNY/MCKINNEY. He was born about 1750 and d. 1791 in Rockingham Co. His wife Margaret _____ d. 1799 also in Rockingham Co. In their wills were listed the following children: Elizabeth, John Jr., Susannie, Sarah, Mary, and Catherine. Also listed was granddaughter, Betsy. Mary was married to a _____NELSON before parents died. Elizabeth m. Nicholas OVERBY, John Jr. m. Temperance _______ about 1791. These two couples headed west before 1820 to KY, TN and finally to Sangamon Co., IL by 1830. The Overby's stayed in IL and John and Temperance moved on to SW Wisconsin. Looking for information on any of children and would like to correspond with descendants of any of these people. Have information on Elizabeth and John Jr. families I am willing to share. Carolyn Jensen CJTeach@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on Lewis HAIRSTON, born November 23, 1897, died May 1984. His residence was Eden, North Carolina. Any information will be appreciated. Janice Hamilton jhamilt6@bellsouth.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking information on Elisha PARTON, born in Orange County and resided in Rockingham County where he was a mason prior to enlisting for the Civil War in Guilford County at age 52 on March 5th, 1862. He was with the 45th North Carolina Regiment Co B. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ivan B Sexton ISEXTON144@AOL.COM

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for information on Minervia Jane FAGG, born 21 jan 1830, Rockingham Co., NC. Denise C. Davis DMorgen3@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for the family of Annannias GREER born 1751 Prince George Co., Md who married Ann LANG born 1756 Md. They moved to Rockingham County, NC and HAD 6 children they were .... Thomas who married Morgory McNEALY, Morget (?), Elizabeth who married Daniel HUDSON, Luke C. who married Dilicey TRENT, Truman who married Elizabeth, and Benjamin who married Synthia Trent. James Greer SPRINGMOTH@AOL.COM

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Corem/Corum line comes out of 1790 Va. to 1810 Rockingham Co. The census for that year has Champ, William, Eli, and Richard Corem. Champ Corem wed Polly Lewis in 1808 Rockingham Co. By 1820 my ancestor, Fielding Corem is 'of age' and married to ___? William Corem wed Elander Robinson in Nov. 1820, possibly a second marriage. 1820 census also has Richard Corem, possibly brother to William. Either William b. 1772 Va. or Richard b. 1767 is the father of Fielding b. apx. 1792-95 Va. Fielding wed 2nd Caroline ___? in Guilford Co. 1834. Any help or clues on this family appreciated! Kathy conch@softcom.net
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am researching the Purcell family of Rockingham County. David Purcell immigrated from Ireland to Manchester, VA. He married Elizabeth Carter, one of King Carter's children. My great, great, great grandfather was George Purcell. He married Susan Henderson Whittimore Purcell. Anyone having information on the Purcell or Henderson family please email me at: CL0617@aol.com. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Searching for my great-grandfather William Hill STONE b. 26 Aug 1830 in N.C. Married to Sarah who was also born in N.C. abt 1846. They had two children Allen Jerome b. 13 Oct 1863 and Julia about 5 years younger; both born in N.C. They were on the 1870 census schedule for Rockingham Co. I know a lot about Allen Jerome and I would like to know what happened to Julia, the mother's maiden name, and where they are buried. Thanks. Sandra Kornegay Rhodes srhodes@lcc.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated April 14, 1998 Elizabeth WHITWORTH married John BLAGG in Rockingham Co 1795..looking for her parents..Suspect her mother was Nancy NICKS whose mother was Maragaret SHORT. Reseaching all these names. Charlotte Smith. charlotsmith@prodigy.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for records and descendants of Ezekiel CAVENDER, who lived in Rockingham County in the 1780's and 1790's before moving to Pendleton Dist., S.C., where he died about 1810.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm researching the family of Christopher KABLER / COBLER who resided in Rockingham County before 1785; earlier he was a resident of Guilford County. Christopher died about 1785-1790 in Rockingham. I am looking for the name of Christopher's wife. I am also looking for the names of his children and who they married. I believe members of this family later became associated with the Rockingham County HOPPER family. The KABLER and HOPPER families lived on Matrimony Creek. Thanks so much for your help. Joy Q. Stearns jqstearns@mindspring.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Could someone help me with identity of the HOPPERS on the 1800 census of Rockingham Co., NC? The following HOPPERS were on this census; Darby, James, Joseph, Lewis [two Lewis'], William, Lewis and a second Joseph Hooper [Hopper]. I have found Thomas, Joseph, James, Frederick, and Lewis Hopper in Davidson County, TN by 1812. Thomas was in Davidson Co. by 1806-07. I also noted a Thomas HOPPER and a Joseph HOPPER on the 1790 Census of Rockingham Co. Has a HOPPER genealogy been published on the Rockingham Co. Hopper families? Your help would be very, very much appreciated. Joy Q. Stearns jqstearns@mindspring.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am seeking information on the family of Robert NAPIER who was living in Rockingham County in 1810. His daughter, Elizabeth NAPIER married Gilbert Alexander LOWE about 1810. Any information on the family will be helpful. I will be happy to share the information I have. Ruth Bloom rjbloom@ix.netcom.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on Gilbert Alexander LOWE, Jr. who married Rebecca WALL in Rockingham County May 29, 1846. I am particularly trying to link him with his family which may have come from Virginia originally. I will be happy to share the information I have. Thanks. Ruth Bloom rjbloom@ix.netcom.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on Isaac WALL. I believe he was born around 1794, in Rockingham County, North Carolina. I believe he married Nancy DUNCAN, probably born around 1797, also in Rockingham, North Carolina. I am related through his son, William Madison Wall, born 30 Sep 1821, in Rockingham County, NC. Allen Wall. If you have any information, please contact me at wall4482@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for proof data on Richard VERNON of Rockingham County, b1758, d 1840. Served as captain in Rockingham County Militia and in North Carolina Continental Line. Father was James Vernon, b 1716, d 1803. Richard was married to Catherine BAKER, no data. Had son Pleasant Vernon, b 1789, d 1872, married Mary Price. Grandson, Samuel H. Vernon, b 1817, d 1898. Looking for records of wills, etc to prove line to Samuel. Frank Roberts. FRobe68418@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Henry SAUNDERS lived on Lick Fork of Hogan's Creek in Rockingham Co. by 1790's. He moved in 1800 to Rowan (now Davie Co.) NC with sons William, John and Hugh SAUNDERS. A daughter Elizabeth married John Horford TAYLOR and remained in Rockingham County. Seek descendants of this couple. Fredric Z. Saunders fzsaund@ix.netcom.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for descendants of Jesse KNIGHTEN, who moved around western NC a good deal. He was in Montgomery Co, Va in 1789, owned land in Rowan in that time frame and had both a son and a daughter marry in Stokes in 1800 so would likely have been in Rockinghoam after that but before 1820 when he was in KY. Any infomation on this family willb greatly appreciated. Joye Giroux jphjp@webtv.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for any information on the JOSEPH ALLEN family of Rockingham Co NC. His father, Joseph Allen Sr., left a will in 1770 and he was deeded land in Rockingham in 1796. I need a list of Joseph Allen Jr.'s children and wife. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Rachel Grace HGRACE5366@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Searching for info on Thomas SPARKS and his wife Margaret. Thomas Sparks was born abt. 1735 and died after 1824 in AL. Margaret also b. abt. 1735 and d. before 1800 in Franklin Co. GA. Children of Thomas and Margaret Sparks were: Edward, Jeremiah, Thomas Jr., James and Elijah. The Sparks lived in Rockingham Co. NC at the time it was cut off fromGuilford County in 1785. In 1780 Thomas Sparks was granted 452 acres of land in Rockingham Co. but sold it in 1785 and 1786 and moved to Franklin Co., GA. Am trying to find out if Thomas Sparks was born in NC and the names of his parents. Any help would be great and am willing to share the info that I have on theSparks family. Thanks. Maria A Emory MAEMORY@prodigy.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am looking for any information about Isaac OLIVER child of George Oliver and Martha WHITWORTH. Isaac b. 1784 in Rockingham Co., NC and died Aug 16, 1871 Boone Co, Missouri is supposed to have married (1) Peggy FAGG Mar 22, 1806 in Rockingham Co., NC (2) Mary DOWNEY and (3) Polly TUCKER in Casey Co., KY. Isaac is the father of my ancestor, Nancy Oliver said to have been born in NC in 1812. She died in Casey Co., KY and was the wife of Lewis COCHRAN. I suspect her mother would be Peggy Fagg, though I've been told that Isaac and his first wife moved to Indiana and all 10 children and the wife died there of typhoid. Any help appreciated. Jackie Taylor Zortman rock@montrose.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking information on SHADWICK (varient spellings Chadwick, Shaddock, etc.), especially John (b. ca 1755) and John Hardy SHADWICK (b. ca 1775). Thank you. Trueman Farris. jfarris@execpc.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COREM/CORUM, Fielding resided in Guilford Co. 1830, 1st wife unknown, children: John b. 1819 & Martha b. 1825 2nd wife Caroline __? b. N.C. 1804(?) their children: Lucy C. b.1835, Pinkney M. b.1838 Permilla Ann b. 1840, Delphina M. b. 1843, Galen R. 1843, Rebecca Louise b. 1844 all N.C. Fielding resided in 1820 Rockingham Co. along with Richard and William Corem. Whereabouts of Fielding in 1840 not found, but in 1850 the family is in Johnson Co. TN. Any connections finding more on this family appreciated! Kathy Welder conch@softcom.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Larry Scales currently of North Augusta, SC. I hail from Alabama, but have always been told that my ancestors came from Reidsville,NC. Do you have any record of a Wesley SCALES, or a George Scales from the county. Thanks, Larry Scales LScales1@compuserve.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am searching for any information on the WEBSTERS from Rockingham County from the mid 1800's up and of course back if I could be so lucky. My grandmother was Cora Eliza Jane Webster b. 1906 daughter of William Thomas Webster and Daisy Hulda MURRAY. William's parents were Wiley G. Webster and Eliza Jane SHARP. I actually need information back from Wiley G. Webster. They moved late 1800's to Alamance and Guilford Counties. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Joyce Harrison, N.C. joydar@RTelco.Net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- am researching the name WHITWORTH and COLLINS. Specifically Jacob and Elizabeth TROTTENDER WHITWORTH. Their son Jacob Van Buren would be my GGGrandfather and he was married to Mary Jane COLLINS. Jacob Van Buren was born CA 1820 Rockingham Co, Chambers Co, Al by 1850 and Obion Co, Tn by 1870 before dying in 1893 in Gibson Co, TN. Any help with this line greatly appreciated. David Dycus dadycus@juno.com March 21, 1998

Very interested in the MAYABBS who lived in Christian County, MO. My great-grandfather was John D. Mayabb,his wife was Eliza Jane FLINCHUM from Stokes Co, NC.they married in Lee Co,VA and then moved to Breathitt Co,KY.and from there to Greene Co. and Christian Co,MO.my grandfather was Neulain Greenbury Mayabb,he was married to Melvina Elizabeth COOK. I have a picture of William Edward and Nancy GOOCH Mayabb.I also have a picture of Edward Mayabb and Clarinda BRAZIL. Rosetta Elizabeth Mayabb Crain deborah@oz.sunflower.org

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for information on Sarah DODSON, born around 1802. Her father may be James M. Dodson who left Stokes County and moved to Shelby County, IL. Sarah married David HUDSON in Wentworth, Rockingham, County. Gene Hudson genomarq@swconnect.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am searching for the OAKLEY family which would have been in Rockingham County in the late 1700's and early 1800's. If you have any information please email me. Carla Jones MIDTENLUM@worldnet.att.net
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated March 20, 1998

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am searching for information on JOHN DILWORTH b. ca 1740 and his wife MARY BOYD. They were residents of Guilford and Rockingham Co. John Dilworth received a land grant in 1782. How do I obtain a copy of this land grant? John and Mary were the parents of the following children: RICHARD DILWORTH, GEORGE ANDREW DILWORTH, ELIZABETH DILWORTH, BENJAMIN DILWORTH, MARY DILWORTH, THOMAS DILWORTH, JANE DILWORTH, and JOHN DILWORTH. Will gladly exchange information on this family. Julie tcperry@gate.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March 18, 1998 Researching Reuben MOXLEY and Polly A. CARTER who were married in Stokes Co. in 1830. I believe Reuben was from Rockingham Co., but not sure about Polly A. Carter. Any help appreciated. Beverly Moxley JBMox@aol.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Researching Benjamin H. ANGEL born April 3, 1822 in Stokes Co., NC. married April 3, 1844 in Rockingham Co., NC to Armand Marish PERRY. Moved to Henry Co., TN by middle 1850's. Who was Benjamin parents. Mildred Wheeler Hannah@apex.net

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking for the relatives of Henry IRION b. 3/28/1791 who married Sarah (Jemima) HUTCHINSON (Hutchings) b. 9/28/1779 in either Rockingham or Stokes County sometime around 1800. Sarah's father may have been John Hutchings Sr (numerous deed transfers appear with this name in Stokes Co.). Sarah and Henry moved to Ohio around 1818. Roger Byers robyers@freenet.columbus.oh.us

Jack Murphy ::murph72@msn.com

I am looking for any information on my G4 grandfather, John MURPHY. John was born in NC in 1755, then he supposedly left NC in 1779, migrated to SC then migrated to KY (with a George Scott) to set up hunting camps near Lincoln County KY. They fought along side Daniel Boone and General George Rogers Clark against the Shawnee Indians o/a 1779-1782. John married Mary "Polly" YARBROUGH 14 Jul 1796 in Lincoln County KY, then later settled into Garrard County where John d. 1826 and Polly d. 1866. Any info on John would be greatly appreciated.

Pearson -Williams families
Lucy Jane Martinson ::missjancy@yahoo.com

I am seeking info on Pearson family in 1880 census of this co. There are Williams children, among them is John Williams. My grandfather, John Williams was born in this Co. Please, help. Jane Martinson. -

Martins in Rockingham
Betty Jenkins ::betty.jenkins@att.net

I am interested in corresponding with anyone who has knowledge of the Charlie Emory and Mollie Elizabeth Scarlott Martin lineage. Their firstborn (I believe) was John Wesley Martin (my grandfather) b. Feb 1876 in Rockingham County. His siblings included Rosa, Mary Alice, and Robert E. Martin, all believed to have been born in Rockingham also. Thanks, Betty in VA

Major Soyars family
Marcia Copper ::mcopper@charter.net

I am looking for someone who might have documentation of the children of Major (Mayjor) Soyars (many variations) and his wife Mary Soyars. Thanks for your help. Marcia Copper -

Pigg family
Wayne Arrington ::w_arrington@hotmail.com http://www.arringtons.net http://www.arringtons.net

Could anyone help me to find if and where in Rockingham Co Paul C. Pigg (dob abt 1809, dod after 1880) and his wife Ann C. Pigg (dob 1815,dod after 1880)are buried. Thanks

Maps from 1920's
Nancy Gibson ::gibsn1grl@aol.com

I am trying to locate a property that use to belong to Walker Gibson in the early 1920's. The address is 445 Tony Road in the Madison Township. Where can I find such a map?

John Johnson late 1700's early 1800's
John Thomas ::jwstreak@yahoo.com

I am looking for the family of a possible John Johnson who moved to Breckinridge County Kentucky. I am not sure if this is correct but I have a daughter Catherine Johnson born in Rockingham County on 10/19/1801 and died in Henry County Tennessee on 3/31/1882 who married George Hart in Breckinridge County Kentucky. They then moved to Henry County Tennessee in the late 1830's where they both died. I found a John Johnson in the 1810 census and he is living near a George Hart. I have a George Hart in Breckinridge County in 1820. I need any help on the Johnson family from Rockingham County North Carolina. Thanks in advance. John Thomas

Betty Herrell ::snooky@northlink.com


1929 Luten Bridge Co.
Meg Gilmartin ::mgilmartin@scapatapesna.com

I am a first year law student who just finished reading a case about a bridge built in 1929 in your county. Not site how many other crazy law students there are out there that may have e-mailed over the years about this but Law Professors love to collect memorabilia about their favorite cases and my contracts professor is no exception. But anyhow here is the scoop on this case if there is any way to identify it from this: In 1929 a company called the Luten Bridge Co. got a contract to build a bridge in Rockingham County NC and then it was rescinded by the County Commission due to some politics. Luten went ahead and built it anyhow and was hoping to get paid. So the picture we all have in our heads is of a bridge in the middle of a forest with no road going to it. We have no idea if it is still there or if the road may have been built. Apparently every year this professor asks if there is anyone from NC in the class hoping to find out more. We are in Massachusetts. It would be great to be able to fill in the gap for next years class...any idea of where this bridge might be or where I could get a picture would make some law students and their professor very happy! Thanks.

Re: 1929 Luten Bridge Co.
Michelle Grant :: 334

FROM THE BOOK A TALE OF THREE CITIES Eden's Heritage: A Pictorial Survey of Leaksville, Spray, and Draper written and photographed by Claudia Roberts Brown, and published by the Eden Historic Properties Commission, 1986.

Stone Piers In Tackett Branch behind 410 Church Street, early 1910s. These two large piers of rough-cut stone blocks stand as reminders of B. Frank Mebane's role as Spray's promoter. They date from the early 1910's....

He first tried to get a paved road parallel to Tackett Branch from Spray northwest to Ridgeway Road in order to divert traffic from Leaksville. Local historians believe these piers may have been a ruse to get a paved road via The Boulevard to Ridgeway Road or to pressure the county into building a more substantial bridge over Tackett Branch into Spray. (In 1924, Mebane did succeed in persuading the county commissioners to build the controversial Fishing Creek Bridge across the Dan River on his land, even though no road existed at the site and the N.C. 87 bridge had been constructed the previous year just one mile west. The contractor became involved in suits with the county and state over payments for the bridge which continued until 1939. In 1935 a dirt road was built to one end of the bridge, which was too narrow for two-way traffic.)


Looking for imfo Chesley Garland Haywood
Edith A Haywood ::bossladys@aol.com

I am looking for informtion fon my kin the Haywoods. Grandfather Chesley Garland Haywood Wife Margrett Haywood. Most of all my Dad Marvin chesley Haywood. H use to work at a saw mill in -[I believe in Red Spring NC. my father married Edith Gibson.Thank You for reading this .My dad live all around Rockingham -Ellerbe nc .Red Spring NC MT Gilead -Edith -

Re: Martin
Pat ::patnart@preferred.com 316

Do you have any info on Stephen W Martin? Probably early to mid 1800's time frame -

Dodson/Sweeney information
Truman Dodson ::gamefarmone@aol.com

Would like to make contact with any descendants/researchers of the family of William P. and Mary Dodson Sweeney (Swinney), both b. abt. 1850, in Patrick/Franklin Co's Va. At least two of their children, a Stowell Sweeney, and Lute Sweeney, resided in Rockingham Co. in the very early 1900s.

Thanks, Truman Dodson -

Re: All Hale researchers NC, and VA
Kenneth Jones ::jones2ks@comcast.net 109

I have John W. Jones (great grandfather) and Elizabeth (Eliza) Oakley in my records as well but that is as far as we could go. I noticed you mentioned John W. Jones as the father of the John above. Do you have any more information regarding John W. Jones SR? Please email me and I will share the info I have. -

Re: All Hale researchers NC, and VA
Kenneth Jones ::jones2ks@comcast.net 96

Just an FYI for Dillard. I have Eliza and John W. Jones being the parents of Missouri Jones. Hope this helps you a little. Email me for more Info.

Janice Hamby ::JanHamby@aol.com

I am trying to track down information on a Mary S. Ellington to resided in Rockingham County in the mid -1800's. Does anyone any have information regarding this person? I would appreciate any help that anyone has.

Re: Bailey Family
Janice Hamby ::JanHamby@aol.com 220

Do you know what time frame any of these people lived in Rockingham County. I have a family bible with two William Baileys and one James. But the name's are so common, I would hate to send you off on the wrong track.

R A Williams ::rwkw@cableone.net

Need help on Issac Williams 1663 to 1707 Joel Williams 1702 to 1760 Issac 1756 to 1814 Any information will help.

Thank you R A Williams rwkw@cableone.net

Sales and Fair families
DONNA WILLIS ::naxopana@yahoo.com

Looking for any and all info on the Fair and Scales families. John Riley Fair 1826 in Virginia SPOUSE Jennette Scales,BORN 1830 Rockingham COUNTY North Carolina, married 1845 both died in Greene county Tennessee

Thanks Donna Willis

Smith and Fair families
DONNA WILLIS ::naxopana@yahoo.com

Looking for the parents and sibilings of Henry Smith, also known as William Henry Smith born 1859 in North Carolina spouse Martha M. Fair born 1874 Green county Tennessee please e-mail me if you know of these families. Thanks Donna Willis

Sarah W. Jones (Rockingham County NC to VA/WV)
Ron Pauley ::wronpauley@aol.com

Seeking info on parents/siblings of Sarah W. Jones, born 29 Aug 1849 in Rockingham Co.,NC, and died 17 Jan 1944 in Beckley, Raleigh, WV.

Had children with James Madison Webb, beginning just after Civil War.Appears in 1880 Census,Marsh Fork, Raleigh Co,WV. James deserted Civil War and first family in VA, and may have not legally married Sarah.

Children of Sarah and James with Webb surname include James M., born 1868; Rosa, born 1869; John W., born 1870; Giles Francis, born 1872; Texas, born 1876; Belzora, born 1878; C.A., born 1880; Anthony, born abt 1882; Fannie, born 1884; George, born abt 1886; and Harvey C. born 1888.

Have descendant info to share. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Wm. W. Mangum/Lula P. McKenney Marriage
Cecil Stainback ::chevy402mc@aol.com

I'm in the process of researching my wife's family (Mangum). I know her grand parents were William Wesley Mangum, supposedly from the town of Pelham in Caswell Co., and Lula Parthenia McKenney. Per my mother-in-law, they were married in Mayfield, NC at Lula's parents home. As of this date I have not been able to verify this. Was hoping someone could help with this matter.

I like to thank you in advance.

Claren Carrell ::clarencarrell@hotmail.com

On the 1850 KY Census My Edward Carrell/Carroll was listed as being 49 and born in North Carolina. He had possibly 3 children born in North Carolina between 1827-1833 (Rebecca, Thomas and John). Then between 1834-1858 he had eight more children born in Kentucky, before he died in 1866. His first wife may have been Nancy but his last wife was Nancy Spurling for sure. If any one can help me get more information on my Edward Carrell/Carroll and his family I would appreciate it. Thanks, Claren Carrell, Tulsa, OK -

Prince Johnson
Edward M. Townes,III,D.D.S. ::drtownes@bellsouth.net

I am researching Mr. Price Johnson, Late of 200 block Lambeth.He was born in 1905?. Prince Street which meets Lambeth was named after him.

Rockingham Co. Books for sale
Books for Sale ::Eperkins2@aol.com

Where can I could buy cemetery book or books for Rockingham County.

Research Materials for Rockingham and Stokes County, NC. All books are soft bound unless otherwise noted. Shipping is included in prices if not designated.

The James Hunter Chapter, NSDAR, Madison, NC order from Mrs J. L. McCollum, Jr., 307 Carter St., Madison, NC 27025; check or money order to James Hunter Chapter NSDAR Book Fund:

Bible Records of Rockingham Co., NC, Vol. I, (And Adjoining Co., of Stokes), 152 pages, pub. 1985 - $20

Bible Records of Rockingham Co., NC, Vol. II (And Several From Adjoining Counties), 212 pages, pub. 1990 - $20

Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, Vol. I, 210 pages, pub. 1978 Out of Print

Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, Vol. II, 254 pages, pub. 1994 - $25

Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, Vol. III, 256 pages, pub. 1995 - $25

Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, Vol. IV, 253 pages, pub. 1996, spiral bound - $25

Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, Vol. V, 255 pages, pub. 1999, spiral bound - $25

Cemetery Records of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, Vol. VI, 249 pages, pub. 1999, spiral bound - $25

Greenview Cemetery, A Survey, Reidsville, NC, 198 pages, pub. 1998, spiral bound - $20

Rockingham Co., NC Marriage License Index, White Males 1867 1899, 201 pages, pub. 2000 Rockingham Co., NC Marriage License Index, White Females 1867 1899, 201 pages, pub. 2000 The two spiral bound volumes of the Rockingham Co. marriage license books are sold as a set - $35 [Black marriages indexed separately during the time period are planned for future publication.]

The 1850 Federal Census of Rockingham Co., NC, (with Mortality Schedule), 150 pages, pub. 1987 - $18

The 1860 Federal Census of Rockingham Co., NC (with Mortality Schedule), 151 pages, pub. 1988 - $20

The 1870 Federal Census of Rockingham Co., NC, Vol. I, 210 pages, pub. 1992 - $25 [Contains the west Townships of: Huntsville, Leaksville, Mayo and Madison-Mayo. Includes Mortality Schedules]

The 1870 Federal Census of Rockingham Co., NC, Vol. II, 233 pages, pub. 1992 - $25 [Contains the east Townships of: Oregonville, Simpsonville, Wentworth & Williamsboro (Williamsburg). With Mortality Schedules]

The 1880 Federal Census of Rockingham Co., NC, Part I, 267 pages, pub. 2000, spiral bound - $25 [Contains the western half of Rockingham County Townships: Leaksville, Mayo, Madison, Huntsville and New Bethel (231 District). Includes available Mortality Schedules.]

The 1880 Federal Census of Rockingham Co., NC, Part II (east townships), pub. 2001, spiral - $30

The 1860 Federal Census of Stokes Co., NC (includes Mortality Schedule), 130 pages, pub. 1990 - $20

The 1870 Federal Census of Stokes Co., NC (includes Mortality Schedule), 311 pages, pub. 1993 - $30

Available from Linda C. Vernon, 230 St. Andrews Dr., Stoneville, NC 27048-8556; check to Linda Vernon:

The First Families of Mayodan, NC, 1900, by Linda C. Vernon, pub. 1999, 108 pages, spiral bound, $10. [Contains Census and Cemetery records, Notes and Deed information pertaining to the first people living in the organized mill town of Mayodan at the turn of the century.]

Available from Elvin Perkins, Jr., 1514 Friendly Chapel Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406-9044: The Smith Family of Rockingham Co., NC - Descendants of Drury Smith. Hardbound, 640 pages, $47.75

The Madison Mayodan Greys of the UDC, Mayodan, NC; check or money order to The Madison Mayodan Greys. Order from Linda C. Vernon, 230 St. Andrews Dr., Stoneville, NC 27048-8556:

Confederate Pensioners and Widows of Rockingham Co., NC, 40 pages, pub. 1993 - $10

Confederate Pensioners and Widows of Stokes Co., NC, 46 pages, pub. 1993 - $10

The Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC, P.O. Box 152, Mayodan, NC 27027-0152; check or money order to The Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Counties:

Marriage Licenses of Stokes County, NC 1839 1887, compiled by Harvey Lineback, 264 pages, pub. 1994 - $20 [Note the word "licenses" in title: Marriage "bonds" before 1869 are not included and only a few "licenses" exist prior to 1869. Most records in this volume are 1869 1887.]

Marriage Licenses of Stokes County, NC 1888-1900, compiled by Harvey Lineback, 252 pages, pub. 1994 - $20

Journal of The Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Counties, NC quarterly journal available by membership in the society. Back issues available. Individual membership for one year is $15.

Stokes County Historical Map to 1800 - $10 [Color map documents early settlers, land grants, trails, etc.]

The Rockingham Co. Historical Society, P.O. Box 84, Wentworth, NC 27375; check or money order to The Rockingham Co., Historical Society:

The Heritage of Rockingham County, NC, 759 pages with photographs, pub. 1983, Hard bound. Contains sketches of Rockingham County history, families, places and events. [Out of Print]

The Journal of Rockingham County History and Genealogy is published twice each year and is available with membership in the Historical Society. Individual membership dues for one year are $15. Back issues are available. Journals document area history and families. Quarterly newsletters.

Postcards from Rockingham County, NC, 51 pages - $7.50 by mail [Contains a variety of picture post cards from various time periods in Rockingham Co., NC]

Rockingham County Historical Map to 1800 - $9.50 [Color map documents early settlers, land grants, trails]

Book by Julia H. Gunn, 238 Gunntown Road, Reidsville, NC 27320; check or money order to Julia H. Gunn:

Rockingham County, NC Will Abstracts, Vol. Two, 1865-1915, includes 25 unrecorded wills from 1785-1922, 115 pages, softbound, by Julia H. Gunn. - $17 (shipping & tax included in price), spiral/soft bound.

Available from Southern Historical Press, Inc., P.O. Box 1267, 375 W. Broad St., Greenville, SC 29602-1267, Ph: (864) 233-2346, Fax: (864) 233-2349, VISA/MC orders only: 1-800-233-0152, add postage and handling charge of $3.50 for first book and $1.50 for each additional book on order, South Carolina residents add 5% sales tax. Check or money order to Southern Historical Press, Inc. Call on availability of titles:

Rockingham Co., NC Deed Abstracts, 1785-1800, by Irene B. Webster, pub. 1973 Catalog # NC 13, $18.50, 122 pages, soft bound.

Rockingham Co., NC Will Abstracts, Vol. I, 1785-1865, by Irene B. Webster, pub. 1973 Catalog # NC 14, $1850, 138 pages, soft bound.

Early Families of the NC Counties of Rockingham and Stokes With Revolutionary Service, Vol. I, pub. 1977, reprint 1989, Catalog # NC 45, $27.50, 190 pages, 156 biographical sketches, soft bound.

Early Families of the NC Counties of Rockingham and Stokes With Revolutionary Service, Vol. II, pub. 1981, reprint 1989, Catalog # NC 46, $27.50, 187 pages, 208 biographical sketches, soft bound.

Stokes Co., NC Deeds, 1787-1797, Vols 1 & 2, by Mrs. W.O. Absher, pub. 1985, Catalog # NC 21, $21.50, 200 pages, soft bound.

Stokes Co., NC Wills, 1790 -1864, Vols. 1 4, by Mrs. W.O. Absher, pub. 1985, Catalog # NC 22, $21.50, 181 pages, soft bound.

Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Orange Co., NC, Sept. 1752 - Aug 1766, by Alma Cheek Redden, pub. 1966, Catalog # NC 47. $22.50, 182 pages, soft bound.

Available from The Forsyth Co., NC Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 5715, Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5715; check or money order to The Forsyth Co. Genealogical Society:

1790 & 1800 Stokes Co., NC Census, $18 (plus $2 shipping)

1810 Stokes Co., NC Census, $15 (plus $2 shipping)

Stokes Co., NC 1830 Federal Census, pub. 1987, 183 pages, $18 (plus $2 shipping)

Stokes Co., NC 1840 Federal Census, pub. 1988, 217 pages, $18 (plus $2 shipping)

The 1850 Federal Census of Stokes Co., NC, pub. 1985, 204 pages, $22 (plus $2 shipping)

Death Notices from the People's Press, Salem, NC 1851 - 1892, $30 (plus $2.50 shipping) [Contains death announcements appearing in the People's Press in Forsyth County and the surrounding area.]

The Stokes County Historical Society, P.O. Box 250, Germanton, NC 27019. Requests for information on the availability of the items below and society membership should be mailed to the society:

The Heritage of Stokes Co., NC, Vol. I, pub. 1981, 548 pages with photographs, hard bound, cover black cloth, gold lettering. [Contains sketches of Stokes County history, families, places and events.]

The Heritage of Stokes Co., NC, Vol. II, pub. 1990, 579 pages with photographs, hard bound, cover black cloth, gold lettering. [Contains sketches of Stokes County history, families, places and events.]

Available from Guilford Co., NC Genealogical Society Publications, P.O. Box 49104, Greensboro, NC 27419-1104. Check or money order payable to the society:

Abstracts of Marriage Bonds and Additional Data, Guilford Co., NC, Vol. 1, 1771 1840, 268 pages, $14 (NC residents add 6% sales tax.) Some early Rockingham County residents found in these bonds.

Guilford Co., NC Court Minutes, Aug. Term 1781 May Term 1788, 204 pages, pub. 1999, $20 (NC residents add 6% sales tax.) Offers a look into the peoples daily lives of the time period.

Guilford County Map and Map Supplement. Historic map and companion book offer insight into history and the early settlers in the area. Map 23" x 35." Book, 137 pages. $18 (NC residents add 6% sales tax.)

The Old North State in 1776, Vols. I & II, reprint of 1854, 1856 publication subtitled Revolutionary Incidents and Sketches of Character. 250 pages. $20 (NC residents add 6% sales tax.)

Note on the formation of North Carolina counties: Guilford County was formed from Orange & Rowan Co., NC, 1771 Surry County was formed from Rowan County, NC, 1771. Rockingham County was formed from Guilford Co., NC, 1785. Stokes County was formed from Surry County, NC, 1789. Forsyth County was formed from Stokes Co., NC, 1849.

Marriages of Rockingham County
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Rockingham County Marriages

Updated May 17, 2001


Samuel F. ADAMS and Frances REID... 10 Oct 1837

Fanney Alexander m. Absalom Gibson, April 8, 1797

Charles ALLEN and Sarah MANN.... 20 April 1842

Valentine Allen to Elizabeth Martin, Apr. 16, 1836 (bond)

John B. AMOS and Mary A. VADEN.... 8 Sept 1842

Benjamin ANGEL to Mariah PERRY, April 3, 1844

John H. APPLE and Missouri F. DONNELL... 5 April 1842

D.D. ASBURN and Mary P. GEURRANT.... 20 April 1853

John I. BARHAM and Sarah IRVIN... 20 July 1842

Allen BARNES and Martha RHODES... 11 Oct 1837

John BARNES and Ginnett CARTER.... 10 Nov 1842

David BARRIS and Mary MANN.... 3 May 1838

James BATEMAN and Rebecca NEWEL.... 20 Feb 1839

John W. BAUGHN and Martha MUSTIRE....25 April 1838

Thomas BERTON and Frances TOLLOCT... 22 Jan 1842

James C. BLACK and Sophria NOCROSS.... 14 July 1842

Thos. S. Black m. Emily Mondoville Joyce, 16 Dec 1850 (b): Wm. A. Harris

J. S. Blackwell (Jennie) m. J. T. (John Tillman) Robertson, 10 Feb 1879

Robert Blackwell m. Susan A. Courts, 16 Aug 1851

Sally Blag m. Samuel Fowler, Dec. 3, 1808

William BLESSED and Eliza MOORE.... 27 Mar 1841

Jarat BOLING and Elizabeth CARTER.... 10 Jan 1838

Joshua BONDS and Nancy RICKS.... 15 Nov 1837

Absalom Bostick and Dolly White 15 Nov 1822

Jonathan Bostick and Sarah A. Smith 9 Nov 1840

Sarah Bostwick and Peter F. Webster 6 Nov 1841

Jarat BOLING and Elizabeth CARTER.... 10 Jan 1838

Joshua BONDS and Nancy RICKS.... 15 Nov 1837

Benjamin F. BOULDIN and Elizabeth BOULDIN.... 26 Dec 1857

James H. BOWE and Kitty J. NANCE.... 3 Nov 1842

Richard BOWMAN and Mary COLLINS... 26 Dec 1868

Nancy Brickey m. James Lemond, January 3, 1801

W.R. BROWN and Shilly___SMITH... 10 Aug 1838

Hanna Burton m. Joseph Foster, Sept. 23, 1863

Jancy J. Busick m. William Westbrook (no bond date)

Daniel CAFFEY and Nancy GIPSON.... 17 Jan 1839

Margaret Caffey (Coffey?) m. Andrew Martin, October 7, 1825

Casey Cantrill m. Reuben Wright, April 27, 1791

Richard P. CARDWELL and Elizabeth M. DALTON... 7 May 1832

William F. CARSON and Sarah H. MORGAN..... 16 July 1832

Henry CARTER and Elizabeth LEMONS..... 22 Jan 1838

Ann Carter m. Alvis C. Webb, July 25, 1857

John CARTER and Elizabeth SHREVE.....19 March 1839

M.S. CARTER and Lucy Jane LEMONS....3 May 1838

Martin CAYTON and Litha Ann JONES....9 Dec 1850

John CHAMBERS and Sarah SMITH....11 Nov 1837

Elizabeth R. Charles m. Alexander Ellington, August 7, 1809

William CHRISTMAS and Elizabeth KEENBROUGH....23 Sept 1809

James S. CHURCHELL and Sarah HALL....16 April 1838

Owen CHURCHELL and Salley REED....9 Dec 1839

Sallie Adeele Clay m. Edmund R. Fowler, Dec. 1, 1863

Pleasant COBB and Ann BURTON.....8 Feb 1838

Jesse COE and Ellen PLUMMER....10 April 1838

Daniel COLE and Salley BLAIR....10 Feb 1838

George COLEMAN and Nancy WRIGHT...18 July 1838

George COLEMAN and Martha YOUNG....25 March 1839

Martha D. Coleman m. William W. Robertson, 17 Jan 1852, Bdsm:Robert A. Montgomery; wit: T. Wheeler

William COLEMAN and Mary HUDSON...24 Dec 1837

Henry C. COMMER and Martha F. GODSEY....16 Feb 1842

Pinckney CORAM and Sarah C. ELLINGTON....27 Sept 1841

Sarah Corum m. Baley (Bailey?) Martin, December 24, 1824

Susan A. Courts m. Robert Blackwell, 16 Aug 1851

Polley Covington m. Thomas Hopper, February 25, 1812

T.B. COX and Louisa COBLER....30 Dec 1840

Thomas F. M.COYLE and L. CARDWELL....16 May 1838

John CRAIG and Malinda MINER....7 April 1836

Elisha CRAWFORD and Elizabeth KNIGHT...1 Sept 1847

James CREANS and Elizabeth C. EVANS....17 Jan 1842

Anderson CROWDER and Elizabeth MANN...22 March 1838

Martha L. Crowder m. William Wood, May 27, 1845

Jane Cummins m. Ezekiel Wittey, June 28, 1791

Henry DALTON and Amanda ROSEBOROUGH ...29 Dec 1867

Alvis DANIEL and Jane Z. WATT....16 Aug 1838

William H. DENTON and Patsey BARNES....27 Oct 1837

Abraham Dilworth m. Rachel Hopkins, February 22, 1808

Harvey Dilworth m. Elizabeth Moore, January 7, 1833

John Dilworth m. Frances Settle, October 15, 1808

Thomas Dilworth m. May Jones, September 14, 1804

William DILWORTH and Mary WILLIAMSON....28 Nov 1837

Robert DOAK and Jane WATT....28 Jan 1831

Sarah Dodd m. William Martin, May 28, 1794

Rudolp DODD to Celia SHARP, April 24, 1834

Pleasant W. DODSON and Mary Ann M. TERRY...12 May 1842

Charles DOUGHERTY and Tabitha WINCHESTER...20 Nov 1837

Mary Dougherty m. Jesse Wharton, July 28, 1821

Loton DRESHILL and Eliza CURRIE......5 Jan 1842

Clarecy Ann Dye m. Sidney Witty, Jan 7, 1848

Alexander Ellington m. Elizabeth R. Charles, August 7, 1809

Farrow ELLINGTON and Sarah W. WELLS....19 May 1842

James T. ELLINGTON and Sarah M. ELLINGTON.....30 May 1837

Farrow Ellington m. Mary Tucker, May 22, 1814

Farrow Ellington m. Sibby Tucker, February 19, 1822

Maryan Elliott m. James W. Woodall, Aug. 17, 1849

James EVANS and Elizabeth HARP....17 Jan 1842

Joel FAGG and Jane SHARP.....18 Oct 1815

Mereith FARMER and Sarah C. SERCEY....23 Aug 1837

Susan Farrar m. John Lemons, September 11, 1824

Henry P. FEATHERS and Ann E. ADAMS....12 Feb 1851

Dabney Z. FERGIN and Elizabeth MILLS.....19 April 1839

William C. FERGIS and Margaret JONES....8 April 1839

Hardy FITTS and Elizabeth WALL....27 Nov 1834

Mary Ann F. Fitsgerreld m. John W. Foster, Aug. 30, 1845

David G. Flack to Elizabeth Martin, Sept. 26, 1850 (bond)

Samuel FORD and Rebecca BOATWRIGHT.....24 Jan 1838

Franklin FOSTER to Sarah STACEY, March 5, 1845

Judith W. Forrest m. Benj. (L.) Wesson, Nov. 24, 1835

James M. Foster m. Margaret E. Harrison , Dec. 18 1846

John W. Foster m. Mary Ann F. Fitsgerreld, Aug. 30, 1845

Joseph Foster m. Hanna Burton, Sept. 23, 1863

Tho. J. Foster m. Analiza Hegwood, Aug 29, 1864

F(ountain) F. Foulks m. Jane McCollum, July 16, 1864

Keeny L. Fourd m. Mary R. Kearns, Apr. 25, 1849

Charles Fowler m. Nancy J. Terrel, Jan 31, 1860

Edmund R. Fowler m. Sallie Adeele Clay, Dec. 1, 1863

Samuel Fowler m. Sally Blag, Dec. 3, 1808

Dr. Benjamin F. Foy m. Sallie M. Webster, Oct. 31, 1859

Pleasant FOY and Martha W. BASON.....28 March 1838

Caleb Francis m. Mary A. Harris, May 8, 1865

Harden FULCHER and Luvena GRIFFIN..... 21 April 1850

William D. GALLOWAY and Elizabeth CHOICE....10 Nov 1837

John GARNER and Lucinda HALL.... 25 Sept 1837

Elizabeth Galloway m. Joseph S. Gentry, January 4, 1802

Joseph W. Gentry m. Martha J. Humphrys, September 15, 1855

John W. Gentry m. E. J. Knight, December 18, 1866

Joel A. GENTRY and Suaan VAUGHN....3 July 1839

Joseph S. Gentry Elizabeth Galloway, January 4, 1802

Richard J. Gentry m. Lucet D. Henderson August 23, 1866

Absalom Gibson m. Fanney Alexander, April 8, 1797

Alexander Gibson m. Charlotte Jenkens, February 11, 1820

Dianna Gibson m. William Wright, August 5, 1807

John W. Gibson to Lucinday Martin, Aug. 20, 1850 (bond)

Isabella Gilliam m. Ephraem Womack, Dec. 26, 1868

James GILLIAM and Martha BERK....29 Sept 1840

Joseph H. Glenn to Lutitia Martin, Jan. 28, 1850 (bond)

Henry Goin to Poley Martin, Apr. 23, 1838 (bond)

George W. GOWINS and Elizabeth PARTIN....13 Sept 1838

William Grady to Nancy Martin, Jan. 13, 1834 (bond)

John Grant to Gilley Martin, Nov. 19, 1846 (bond)

Thomas GRAYER and ----- NICHOLS.....20 Oct 1806

John GRIFFIN and M. GRIFFIN...4 Jan 1820

Mary L. Gunn (age 20) m. John T. Robertson, Nov. 3, 1891

Jesse D. Hall m. Addie Wall.... Dec. 21 1817

Ulysses HAND and Mary DALTON....29 Feb 1836

William H. HAND and Emiley BLACK....26 March 1836

Mary A. Harris m. Caleb Francis, May 8, 1865

Margaret E. Harrison m. James Foster, Dec. 18 1846

Peter Haynes m. Elisabeth Lynch, August 26, 1817

Analiza Hegwood m. Thos. J. Foster, Aug 29, 1864

Jean Henderson m. Henry Moore, December 1, 1800

Lucet D. Henderson m. Richard J. Gentry, August 23, 1866

John Henry m. Elizabeth/Betsy Moore, January 31, 1801

Isabel Herron m. Baley (Bailey?) Martin, January 12, 1818

Isaac HOLT and Ruth IRON....28 July 1841

Hubbard HOOD and Sarah S. BAUGHN....10 Nov 1842

Ada Hopkins m. Enock Moore, July 17, 1822

William O. HOPPER and Henrietta WATKINS....25 Jan 1842

Rachel Hopkins m. Abraham Dilworth, February 22, 1808

Thomas Hopper m. Polley Covington, February 25, 1812

William HUDSON and Mary SUITS...6 Dec 1837

Martha J. Humphrys m. Joseph W. Gentry, September 15, 1855

John Irion to Anna Gann, Sept. 4, 1844

John Irion to Elizabeth Tumlin, Feb. 15, 1848

Thomas C. Irion to Martha B. Baugh, Mar 30, 1863

William S. IRELAN and Elizabeth HARDY....4 April 1840

John JACKSON Jr. and Harriet JOYCE....26 Feb 1839

Joseph JAMES and Nancy PITCHER...30 Aug 1837

Thomas S. JAMES and Gilley C. KEAN....15 Nov 1837

Zachariah JARRELL and Jane BOATWRIGHT.....16 Aug 1838

Nicholas JARRETT and Martha HEATHER...21 March 1836

Charlotte Jenkens m. Alexander Gibson, February 11, 1820

William JOHNSON and Adline SMOTHERS....28 Dec 1864

Moses JOHNSTON and Lucy A.M. HOLDERBY.....21 Dec 1866

Lewis W. JOINER and Elizabeth SHEPPERD....1 Aug 1840

Edward JONES and Elizabeth S. ENGLAND....10 May 1841

Hardey JONES and Ann MADERSON....1 Feb 1842

John JONES and Elizabeth LAGGETT...25 Aug 1842

May Jones m. Thomas Dilworth, September 14, 1804

Alexander M. JOYCE and Matilda VERNON ....19 Jan 1826

David Joyce and Harriet T. Martin 15 Feb 1849

Dillin Joyce and Charlotte Jyce (Joyce?) 15 Aug 1833

Elizabeth C. Joyce m. Josiah L. Wilson, 28 Nov 1857, (b) W.J. Montgomery

Emilia Joyce m. Tinsey Vernon, 16 Dec 1854

Felix G. Joyce and Mary Smith 17 Dec 1839

Mary Joyce m. Wm. Orrin 17 Oct 1819

Thomas H. JOYCE and Sarah PRICE....20 Aug 1842

Thomas Joyce and Tabitha Vernon, 25 Dec 1834

Thomas Joyce Jr m. Nancy Joyce 27 Dec 1792, (b) Peter Watson & Robt. Joyce (w) Elisha Joyce

John JUGE and Harriet HOBSON....17 Dec 1825

Stephen Jumper to Mary Martin, June 22, 1839 (bond)

Mary R. Kearns m. Keeny L. Fourd, Apr. 25, 1849

Asa KENNON and Jane LOVELESS...25 Aug 1853

William D. KERN and Margaret B. ROBERTSON....8 March 1862

William KING and Martha THOMAS...23 April 1842

Sally King m. Enoch Martin, March 5, 1810

E. J. Knight m. John W. Gentry, December 18, 1866

James M. KNIGHT and Martha A.E. COLEMAN....3 Aug 1836

John C. KNIGHT and Elizabeth ROBERTS.... 17 Feb 1844

Thomas KNIGHT and Elizabeth KING.... 30 April 1836

Joseph KYLE and Elizabeth KYLE.... 12 Sept 1837

Joseph LANE and Lucy HOPPER.... 1 June 1838

Andrew J. LANIER and Jane H. SMITH... 5 Jan 1839

R.W. LANSON and Bettie W. AIDEN... 15 April 1861

John W. LAWSON and Polly JORDAN ....28 July 1854

James LEE and Barbra MURPHEY.... 28 March 1836

Nicholas LENALL amd Maja LEMONDS... 30 Aug 1821 ****please see note at end of page****

William LEO and Nicey LEE... 11 Dec 1837

James M. LEWIS and Agness TERRY....5 Oct 1841

John LEWIS and Ann BARNES...27 Feb 1839

John LEWIS and Eveline T. EDWARDS....8 Dec 1840

William LEWIS and Sarah ROBERTSON...17 Jan 1842

James Lemond m. Nancy Brickey, January 3, 1801

Robert Lemond m. Elizabeth Johnston, November 20, 1822

Thomas Lemond m. Rachel Owen, February 24, 1807

William Lemond, Jr. m. Sally Owen, December 16, 1800

Jean/Jane or Betsy Lemons m. John Moore, October 31, 1809

John Lemons m. Susan Farrar, September 11, 1824

Nancy Linder m. William Webster, Jan. 25, 1808

Elisabeth Lynch m. Peter Haynes, August 26, 1817

Gilbert LOWE and Betsy NAPPIER... 21 Dec 1807

Moore LUMPKIN and Elizabeth DESY... 21 May 1838

John LUNLY__ and Elizabeth F. HAMBLETON.... 18 Feb 1859

Buckner LUTHERD and Nancy BAKER...9 April 1842

Rawley LYBASS and Julia Ann PASCALL...12 Dec 1864***please see note****

Rawley LYBASS and Julia Ann THOMAS...12 Dec 1864 *****

Richard Macorkel to Elizabeth Martin, Feb. 28, 1836 (bond)

Albert S. Martin to Georgiana Martin Sept. 8, 1846

Alfred Martin to Rhodey Martin, Nov. 31, 1836

Andrew Martin m. Margaret Caffey (Coffey?), October 7, 1825 Alexander Martin m. Margaret Sharp, 1810

Baley (Bailey?) Martin m. Isabel Herron January 12, 1818

Baley (Bailey?) Martin m. Sarah Corum, December 24, 1824

Charity Ann Martin to Stephen Smith, Apr. 23, 1842 (bond)

Elizabeth Martin to Henry H. Morton, Sept. 16, 1847 (bond)

Elizabeth Martin to David G. Flack, Sept. 26, 1850 (bond)

Elizabeth Martin to Richard Macorkel, Feb. 28, 1836 (bond)

Elizabeth Martin to Valentine Allen, Apr. 16, 1836 (bond)

Elizabeth Martin m. Leaven C. Witty, Dec. 23, 1835

Enoch Martin m. Sally King, March 5, 1810

Gilley Martin to John Grant, Nov. 19, 1846 (bond)

Haney E. Martin to Alexander Oakley, Jan. 4, 1839 (bond)

Harriet T. Martin m. David Joyce, 15 Feb 1849

Lucinday Martin to John W. Gibson, Aug. 20, 1850 (bond)

Lutitia Martin to Joseph H. Glenn, Jan. 28, 1850 (bond)

Mary Martin to Stephen Jumper, June 22, 1839 (bond)

Nancy Martin to William Grady, Jan. 13, 1834 (bond)

Poley Martin to Henry Goin, Apr. 23, 1838 (bond)

Rebecca Martin m. Elijah Witty, Jan 6, 1816

Richard Martin to Elizabeth Smith, Jan. 27, 1838 (bond)

Sally Martin to Moses C. Napier, Dec. 5, 1810 (bond)

Sarah Martin to Charles Webster, Feb. 6, 1838 (bond)

Walter Martin m. Jane Walker, July 13, 1791

William Martin m. Sarah Dodd, May 28, 1794

Sukey Mason m. Thomas Moore, September 24, 1806

John MATKINS and Elizabeth GROGAN...12 Jan 1824

James H. MAY and Francis E. ELLINGTON....5 Nov 1839

Mary McCarrell m. James Wolfinton, Apr. 18, 1792

John McCLAIN and Elly NELSON...26 Jan 1794

Jane McCollum m. F(ountain) F. Foulks, July 16, 1864

Philesia McDaniel m. Reuben Wright, July 28, 1809

Jennie McDonald and J.E. WINCHESTER, Oct 1866

Isaac McKEY and Mary C. DAVIS...21 Aug 1838

Peter McKINNEY and Elizabeth SANDERS...19 Jan 1841

Elizabeth Miller m. Thornton Westbrook, Sept. 6, 1828

G.W. MILLER and Rachael SHREVE...30 April 1839

Martin MILLER and Sarah CARRELL...15 Oct 1839

Levin MINER and Priscilla WALKER....4 March 1841

Rhoda Mobley m. Johnson Wright, April 12, 1809

James L. MONTGOMERY and Mary T. WALKER...27 May 1839

B.D. MOORE and Elizabeth J. GROGAN....11 Dec 1840

Elizabeth/Betsy Moore m. John Henry, January 31, 1801

Elizabeth Moore m. Harvey Dilworth, January 7, 1833

Enock Moore m. Ada Hopkins, July 17, 1822

Henry Moore m. Jean Henderson, December 1, 1800

John Moore m. Jean/Jane or Betsy Lemons, October 31, 1809

John MOORE and Nancy G. TUCKER....29 Nov 1842

Lilly Moore m. Elijah Reeves, January 8, 1798

Martha Moore m. George W(e)lls, June 29, 1843

Thomas Moore m. Sukey Mason, September 24, 1806

Thomas MOORE Jr and Eliza Z. KINGTH (KNIGHT?)...10 Jan 1842

Emily Mondoville Joyce m. Thos. S. Black, 16 Dec 1850 (b): Wm. A. Harris

Henry H. Morton to Elizabeth Martin, Sept. 16, 1847 (bond)

Henry H. MORTON and Elizabeth MARTIN....16 Sept 1847

Warren MORTON and Martha TAYLOR...1 Feb 1838

Elsey Murphey m. Taylor Wright, February 1, 1815

John MURPHEY and Mary LONDON...4 April 1839

Moses C. Napier to Sally Martin, Dec. 5, 1810 (bond)

William J. NASH and Ann C. BETHELL...17 Feb 1821

Thomas NEAL and Judith CHINANLT...6 Feb 1799

Francis NEWNAM and Patsy HARPER ...4 Dec 1810

Sylvester NEWNAM and Martha NOWLES...3 Feb 1838

James NICHOLS and Elizabeth PRUTT....5 June 1816

Dock NICKS and Margret LOMAX..3 June 1800

Stephen NIGHT and Poley/Polly HALL...28 Dec 1816

William NOBLIN and Susan N. COURT....24 Dec 1811

William NOLES and Salley ALLEN....6 Nov 1825

William NORMAS and Hanah OAKES...18 Nov 1823

Joel NORRIS and Sarah STRINGER...22 Aug 1801

John NORTH and Elizabeth HARRIS....19 Nov 1824

John NOWLES and Rachael GRADY...10 Aug 1814

Landy/Sandy NUEL and Margaret NICHOLS...10 Sept 1810

C.D. NWIN (?) and Martha SHANN...10 May 1866

Alexander Oakley to Haney E. Martin, Jan. 4, 1839 (bond?

John ORE and Elizabeth STEPHENS...14 March 1838

Wm. Orrin and Mary Joyce 17 Oct 1819

Henry W. OVERBY and T. NORMAN...25 Sept 1839

Rachel Owen m. Thomas Lemond, February 24, 1807

Sally Owen m. William Lemond Jr., December 16, 1800

Lewis PASCHALL and Eliza NEWMAN...27 Dec 1841

William PATTERSON and Dolly WILLSON...17 Feb 1851

John PAYNE and Jincey OAKLEY...25 Feb 1839

Isaac J. PEARSON and Mary L. CLEMMONS...4 Dec 1857

Thomas PEA__ (PEAY?) and Nancy SMITH....1823

Polly Pearson m. Berryman Wells, Aug. 29, 1822

Susan Peay m. Patrick A. Wells, Nov. 16, 1843

George W. PERSELL and Rebecca BROWN....4 Nov 1842

Denney PILKINTON and Charlotte PEOPLES....1 Feb 1842

Marey F. Pinick m. R(obert) J. West, Dec. 4, 1856

Nathaniel PIRKLE and Jean McNEALY...11 Nov 1800

Benjamin H. PLUMMER and Phoebe ESTUS...25 Oct 1837

John PLUMMER and Elizabeth WILSON...13 Dec 1826

William PLUMMER and Mary Ann PLUMMER...18 March 1836

Abraham M. POTTS and Susan WALL....11 Aug 1832

Steven PRATT and Mary DICKERSON...15 Aug 1842

Allen G. PRICE and Martha M. ROBERTS....27 April 1860

Isham A. PRICE and Elizabeth HUMMINS...1 April 1842

S.H. PRICE and Lucy PRATT...7 Sept 1836

Rawley PRIM and Martha NANCE...18 March 1836

John E. PRUITT and Martha J. NUNNALLY...11 March 1867

William PURSIL and Patsee YOUNG...23 June 1790

Elijah Reeves m. Lilly Moore, January 8, 1798

Aneselom REED and Martha T. WINCHESTER...12 March 1839

William H. RICE and Elizabeth BOWMAN....15 Jan 1838

Robert RICHARDSON and Elizabeth WRIGHT....27 June 1842

Richard A. ROACH and Delila ROBIN...25 Aug 1841

James M. ROBERTS and Ann W. COMBS....19 Feb 1840

Sarah Roberts m. W. J. Witherington, Feb. 11, 1850

Samuel ROBERTS and Nancy RAWLEY...28 Sept 1837

Thomas ROBERTS and Arreny HOPPER...30 April 1835

Thomas ROBERTS and Susan PURSELL....24 May 1838

Frances Robertson m. Isaac Wesson, Oct. 21, 1848

J. T. (John Tillman) Robertson m. J. S. Blackwell (Jennie), 10 Feb 1879

John T. Robertson (age 20) m. Mary L. Gunn (age 20), Nov. 3, 1891

William W. Robertson m. Martha D. Coleman, 17 Jan 1852, Bdsm: Robert A. Montgomery; wit: T. Wheeler

Thomas ROSEBERRY and Elizabeth THOMASON....30 Nov 1841

Andrew D. ROSS and Delila JONES....15 Jan 1838

James SANDERS and Elizabeth GLENN....23 Dec 1845

Lewis C. SANDERS and Martha BARRETT...24 March 1848

Thomas I. SANDRIDGE and Louisa M. FEWELL...15 Jan 1848

Robert J. SAPP and Mary CUMMINGS...7 Feb 1843

Christopher SARTEN and Mary J. BURTAIN ....14 June 1843

Jesse SARTIN and Sarah BUTLER....27 Aug 1846

Kinchen SATTERFIELD and Susan MALCOM....6 Feb 1845

Jackson SCALES and Mariah A. BLACK ....12 Jan 1846

James SCALES and Charlotte DALTON....16 Nov 1837

James M. SCALES and Elizabeth A.N. LAPAR .....9 Nov 1825

Noah SCALES and Elizabeth A. CARDWELL...14 Aug 1827

Pleasant SCALES and Mary Ann NUMAN....21 April 1849

Rawley A. SCALES and Martha Ann....10 Dec 1844

Robert SCALES and Ann SMITH....20 April 1844

Robert E. SCARLETT and Martha C. SMITH.....31 Oct 1850

Pinckney SCOTT and Elizabeth Ann THOMPSON...18 Aug 1840

Edwardale SCRUGGS and Sarah PRATT....23 Nov 1848

Alexander SEARCY and Susan D. DALTON...9 May 1839

William W. SEARGEANT and Minerva A. HENDERSON...13 May 1850

Andrew SEMONS and Rebecca BURESS...10 Sept 1850

Abram SETLIFFE and Nancy JONES...6 Sept 1849

Benjamin SETTLE and Sarah P. CAMPBELL....17 Dec 1845

Frances Settle m. John Dilworth, October 15, 1808

A. H. SHARP and Massey MOSELEY....29 July 1841

Absalom S. SHARP and Susanna N. GODSEY...25 Sept 1842

Hubbard SHARP and Mary WESSON....25 Aug 1841

John SHARP and Minerva CARDWELL...15 May 1848

Joseph A. SHARP and Nancy SHARP...7 May 1827

Margaret Sharp m. Alexander Martin, 1810

Richard SHARP and Elizabeth OAKLEY....13 Jan 1840

John SHEPHERD and Margaret HAYES....16 April 1838

R.G SHOM and Mary Ann MINER....13 Dec 1838

Myres SHOMASTON and Julia NEWMAN....15 Jan 1839

William SHOPSHIRE and Sarah SHOPSHIRE...31 March 1851

A.J. SHRIEVES and Mary Ann COMER...7 March 1855

John SHRIEVES and Marth BOATWRIGHT...5 Oct 1843

Robert SHRIEVES and Elizabeth CARTER....3 Jan 1845

Thomas SHRIEVES and Eliza Ann RATLIFFE....10 Jan 1843

G. W. Shropshire to Elizabeth Oakley, Jan. 21, 1866

Betty Shropshire to M. T. Gilley, Oct. 3, 1898

Henry Shropshire m. Susan Colson, Oct. 11, 1839

James Shropshire to Anna Roland, Aug. 23, 1881

James Shropshire m. Maryon Pratt, Dec. 18, 1843

Joseph Shropshire, to Bettie Wells, Mar. 15, 1888

Lula Shropshire to Campbell T. Smith, Mar. 26, 1894

Nancy Shropshire m. Coleman Barnes, Sept. 12, 1845

Nannie Shropshire to Thomas Harger, Dec. 29, 1898

Mary Shropshire m. John Belton, June 28, 1847

Mary A. Shropshire, to Allen Belton, Aug. 26, 1888

P. T. Shropshire to Elizabeth Lewis, Apr. 6, 1890

Pleasant Shropshire to Nancy Vernon, Dec. 23, 1873

Robert Shropshire to Susan J. Roach, Mar. 18, 1889

Theney Shropshire to Samuel Oakley, Dec. 6, 1851

Walter, Shropshire, to Susann Seay, Sept. 4, 1881

William Shropshire to Sarah Gibson, Dec. 14, 1872

Wm. T. Shropshire to Martha Ann Turner, Oct. 9, 1865

Absalom SIMPSON and Sarah WILLIAMS....15 Jan 1827

C.R.S. SIMPSON and Elizabeth J. MILES...13 Dec 1848

James M. SIMPSON and Jane LYBASS...16 Jan 1842

James T. SIMPSON and Delila TAYLOR....13 Jan 1838

John H. SIMPSON and Martha A. ROBERTSON...11 Feb 1843

Martha Simpson m. Fewel Witty, Jan. 21, 1860

John SIMS and Usley RAY....23 Oct 1840

Henderson SISK and Sarah BURNES...13 Dec 1852

A.(Anson) A. SMALL and Harriet M. SMOTHERS...8 Sept 1853

Bryson SMALL and Sarah DULIN...23 Feb 1841

Nathaniel SMALL and Martha J. BRINCEFIELD...9 April 185? ***** Onestus SMALLWOOD and Sarah GAULDEN...7 Oct 1851

A.P. SMITH and Frances E. MAY...24 Aug 1848

Andres J. SMITH and Tabitha MORRIS....8 Dec 1846

Calender S. SMITH and Martha SHRIEVES...12 Aug 1845

Calvin G. SMITH and Priscilla M. HENDERSON...15 Oct 1849

Daniel SMITH and Joanna RHOADS....21 Jan 1843

Drury SMITH and Ann THOMAS...22 Dec 1847

Eldred H. SMITH and Matilda M. BLACK ....21 Aug 1839

Elizabeth Smith to Richard Martin, Jan. 27, 1838 (bond)

James SMITH and Mary Jane SMITH...11 March 1850

James C. SMITH and Anny KELLAM....11 April 1842

John SMITH and Jane A. ELLINGTON..31 Oct 1837

John SMITH and Elizabeth RAKESTRAW...5 Feb 1842

John R. SMITH and M.P. HUTCHERSON....10 Oct 1848

Joseph SMITH and Tenpey Jane FLOYD....18 Dec 1846

Joseph H. SMITH and Eliza BERNOM....29 Sept 1845

Joshua T. SMITH and Elizabeth LINDSAY....29 Aug 1837

Nathaniel H. SMITH and Eliza BRINCEFIELD...11 Feb 1840

Mary Smith m. Felix G. Joyce, 17 Dec 1839

Sarah A. Smith m. Jonathan Bosticvk 9 Nov 1840

Stephen Smith to Charity Ann Martin, Apr. 23, 1842 (bond)

Thomas SMITH and Sarah McCOLLISTER...3 Nov 1839

Walker SMITH and Jane DALTON...18 Sept 1846

William D. SMITH and Mary HENDERSON...26 Oct 1848

William H. SMITH and Nancy JONES...17 Dec 1843

John SMITHY and Elizabeth LOVELESS..._ Feb 1853

Noten SNEED and Emeline VAUGHN...13 Dec 1841

Richard SNEED and Sarah SIMPSON....16 June 1852

Z.P. SNEED and Sarah GLEAN.....27 Feb 1845

Jonathan SNETS and Nancy COLEMAN...3 April 1839

Thos B. SNUGGS and Sarah P. STRONG...8 Oct 1840

Anderson SOLOMON and Sarah BARKER....5 Oct 1850

Joseph SOLOMON and Martha CROWDER....3 March 1846

Reuben SOLOMON and Henrietta CLEMMONS...20 June 1839

William SOLOMON and Elizabeth HOLT...7 March 1849

Wm H. SPARKE and C.M. CHANCE....4 Oct 1845

Mathew T. SPARKS and Manerva WEEDON...6 Sept 1850

Calvin SPENCER and Elizabeth ODEL...25 Aug 1831

J.D. M. SPRINGS and Lerah WALKER...23 Feb 1845

I. STACEY and Eliza MULLINS....30 Oct 1849

John STACEY and Rosanah J. JONES...8 July 1844

William STADLEY and .Katherine PEARMAN...20 Aug 1849

Martin STALLINGS and Minerva McKINNEY.....15 June 1841

James E. STAPLES and Ruth M. SCALES.... 27 April 1839

John H. STEWARD and Susan PROCTON.....4 Nov 1850

William STIER and Manerry BAKER...20 April 1848

Allen B. STIERS and Mackey RATLIFFE...14 Sept 1837

John STILL and Martha J. JOHNSON....12 Aug 1844

Bedford STIRES and Martha CURRIE....29 Jan 1842

John B. STOCKTON and Martha M. MEGEHEE...28 July 1841

James E. STONE and Ann WOOLLEN...10 March 1836

John D. STONE and Nancy J. HARDIE....24 April 1846

Orinton B. STONE and Emily ROBERTSON....21 Nov 1840

Salathiel STONE and Elizabeth KEARN...21 Nov 1840

Henry STRADER and Sally MOLES...7 Sept 1844

James STRADER and Emila JOHNSON...4 April 1846

James M. STRADER and Sarah T. RATLIFFE....16 Jan 1843

Morres STRADER and Margret HEATH...6 Jan 1843

William STRAT and Mary LINDSAY...1 March 1842

Peter STRICKLEN and Druzilla McKINRY....25 Sept 1845

John STRONG and Sarah A.E. ADAMS....1 Dec 1841

William R. STRONG and Caroline M. HOPPER....20 June 1848

R.J.T. STUBBLEFIELD and Mary S. WATERS....2 Dec 1848

Tilman I. STUBBLEFIELD and Mary J. MOORE....30 Nov 1843

Wesley STUBBLEFIELD and Julia ANGEL....2 Oct 1848

Jesse SUTHARD and Mary SCRUGGS....4 Jan 1851

Michael SUTHARD and Mary Ann M. BARLOW...3 Aug 1853

Henry SUTHERD and Emily WILSON....12 Dec 1845

George A. SUTHORLIN and Ann C. ROBERTSON...7 May 1843

Nancy J. Terrel m. Charles Fowler, Jan 31, 1860

Eliza Thompson m. R. J. Witty, Mar 4, 1825

Mary Tucker m. Farrow Ellington, May 22, 1814

Sibby Tucker m. Farrow Ellington, February 19, 1822

John B. TALLEY and Lucinda T. PATTERSON....20 July 1843

William W. TALLEY and Sarah J. WILSON.....21 Jan 1845

Cabeb TATE and Ann E. TURNER.... 1851

H.G. TAYLOR and Mary S. FUGUAY...23 Dec 1853

James B. TAYLOR and Nancy WILLIAMS...19 Nov 1839

John W. TAYLOR and Molley MOORE....22 Dec 1866

John TERRELL and Catherine BRINSFIELD...8 Nov 1854

C. T. TERRY and Martha MOORE....2 May 1848

Camel THACKER and COBLAR/COBLER...2 Aug 1852

Eli A. THACKER and Unity GROGAN....3 Jan 1848

Fredrick THACKER and Elizabeth CRODOCK...30 Sept 1850

Isaac G. THACKER and Mary Ann BUTLER....10 Jan 1843

Joseph THACKER and Eliza BOMAN...11 Sept 1849

Abner THAKER and Elizabeth STANLEY....29 May 1839

James F. THOMAS and Eliza Ann RATLIFF...7 Feb 1853

Michael H. THOMAS and Martha Jane ROBERTS...25 Feb 1845

Nathaniel THOMAS and Charlotte SHARP...20 July 1849

Robert THOMAS and Nancy BATEMAN...3 Nov 1842

Robert E. THOMAS and Permealy HALL....2 Oct 1854

William J.M. THOMAS and Frances J. PATTERSON...4 Feb 1850

William Y. THOMAS and Matha E. RATLIFFE...21 March 1846

Pascal G. TUCKER and Rebecca HUTCHERSON ....14 Jan 1840

Paul TUCKER and Mary HODGES...29 Nov 1837

Theodine TUCKER and Mary CARTER...9 Nov 1843

Thomas J. TUCKER and Mary Ann LANDRETH....24 April 1848

Harden TURNER and Nancy THOMAS...6 Sept 1845

James P. TURNER and Alpha S. YORK...29 June 1848

Tyre TURNER and Mary GLENN....27 Dec 1849

William J. TURNER and Elizabeth WEBSTER...3 Nov 1842

John TYLER and Rebecca FIELD...26 Feb 1839

John TYLER and Catherine E. WALTERS...15 Aug 1849

George THOMILSON and Lucy TULLOCK....5 Sept 1849

Alexander THOMPSON and Nancy HOPPER....5 Dec 1837

Garland THOMPSON and Arena WATKINS...21 Aug 1840

Hiram TILY and Rebecca STALLIONS...30 Dec 1835

Pleasant TODD and Charity FAGG...30 Oct 1814

William TOLLERCH and Martha THOMAS....22 Oct 1850

Freaderick C. VAUGHN and Nancy PERRY...5 Nov 1837

Elizabeth Vernon to John Rhodes, Jan. 30, 1828

John Vernon to Nancy Grogan, Dec. 13, 1834

John Vernon to Celia Hennis, Oct 6, 1817

John P. Vernon to Martha "Patsey" Murphy, Dec. 15, 1853

Nancy Vernon to Pleasant Shropshire, Dec 23, 1873

Nancy Vernon to Wm. D. Webb, Sept. 7, 1842

Obediah Vernon to Eliza. Jane Goolsby, Jan, 29, 1850

Richard Vernon to Marthat Jarrell, May 22, 1860

Salley Vernon to Geo. Pratt, Apr. 6, 1827

Tabitha Vernon m. Thomas Joyce, 25 Dec 1834

Tabatha Vernon to John Joyce, Dec. 25, 1834

Thomas Vernon to Leathe Cardwell, June 20, 1869 (nee Martin)

Tinsley Vernon m. Emilia Joyce, 16 Dec 1854

William Vernon to Ann Eliza Grogan, Nov. 2, 1867

Jane Walker m. Walter Martin, July 13, 1791

John WALL and Jane WALL ...12 May 1842

Loyd W. WALL and Leana HEATHER...8 Aug 1839

Mary V. Wall m. John W. Witt, Aug. 24, 1865

A.W. WARD and Wilmith W. ADAMS...24 Dec 1840

George W. WARD and Minerva COLLINS....17 March 1838

Margarett Wardlow m. Joel Wells, June 19, 1811

Jason WARE and Lucinda CHAMBERS...17 Jan 1842

Ned WARTERS and Polly WATERS.....28 Dec 1866

Joseph WASHBURN and Mary McKLEROY....17 Oct 1839

Hiram WATKINS and Mary LOVEN...14 June 1834

Joseph D. WATSON and Margaret S. MATEER...22 Dec 1837

Robert B. WATT and Nancy B. BAILEY....30 Nov 1840

Alvis C., Webb m. Ann Carter, July 25, 1857

Abner WEBSTER and Nancy WEBSTER....17 Jan 1832

Charles WEBSTER and Sarah MARTIN...6 Feb 1838

George W. WEBSTER and Elizabeth FOY....27 Oct 1842

Charles Webster to Sarah Martin, Feb. 6, 1838 (bond)

Matilda Webster (col.) m. Toney Webster (col.), April 17, 1867

Peter F. Webster m. Sarah Bostwick 6 Nov 1841

Polly Webster m. Thornton Wright, May 9, 1814

Sallie M. Webster m. Dr. Benjamin F. Foy, Oct. 31, 1859

Toney Webster (col.) m. Matilda Webster (col.), April 17, 1867

William Webster m. Nancy Linder, Jan. 25, 1808

Berryman Wells m. Tabitha Wells, Dec. 18, 1819, (b) Robt. Manzies, (w) J. Campbel

Berryman Wells m. Polly Pearson, aug. 29, 1822

George W(e)lls m. Martha Moore, June 29, 1843

Joel Wells m. Margarett Wardlow, June 19, 1811

Patrick A. Wells m. Susan Peay, Nov. 16, 1843

Benj. (L.) Wesson m. Judith W. Forrest, Nov. 24, 1835

Isaac Wesson m. Frances Robertson, Oct. 21, 1848

Jeremiah West m. Uptha West, Nov 3, 1790, (b) Thomas Mason, (w) Sam. Mitchel

R(obert) J. West m. Marey F. Pinick, Dec. 4, 1856

Thornton Westbrook m. Elizabeth Miller, Sept. 6, 1828

William Westbrook m. Jancy J. Busick (no bond date)

Jesse Wharton m. Mary Dougherty, July 28, 1821

Dolly White m. Absalom Bostick 15 Nov 1822

William M. WHITTEMORE and Elizabeth HENDERSON....3 July 1856

Roland S. Williams and Martha H. Bennett ....20 Oct 1865

Corindon WILSON and Wliza BROWDER....13 Oct 1837

Josiah L. Wilson m. Elizabeth C. Joyce 28 Nov 1857, (b) W.J. Montgomery

Urias WILSON and Lucy SANDERS....24 May 1842

William WILSON and Elizabeth ALLEN....25 Aug 1842

J.E. WINCHESTER and Jennie McDonald ... Oct 1866

John WINDSON and Edy COLE...5 Nov 1821

W. J. Witherington m. Sarah Roberts, Feb. 11, 1850

John W. Witt m. Mary V. Wall, Aug. 24, 1865

Ezekiel Wittey m. Jane Cummins, June 28, 1791

Elijah Witty m. Rebecca Martin, Jan 6, 1816

Fewel Witty m. Martha Simpson, Jan. 21, 1860

Leaven C. Witty m. Elizabeth Martin, Dec. 23, 1835

Sidney Witty m. Clarecy Ann Dye, Jan 7, 1848

R. J. Witty m. Eliza Thompson, Mar 4, 1825

James Wolfinton m. Mary McCarrell, Apr. 18, 1792

Tabitha R. WOODBURN and Jesse SHELLY....19 Aug 1834***incorrectly filed under the groom list****

Ephraem Womack m. Isabella Gilliam, Dec. 26, 1868

William Wood m. Martha L. Crowder, May 27, 1845

James W. Woodall m. Maryan Elliott, Aug. 17, 1849

Grant A. WRAY and Martha ROBERTS...29 Sept 1837

Grant A. WRAY and Octavia PRICE....18 July 1856

Johnson Wright m. Rhoda Mobley, April 12, 1809

Reuben Wright m. Casey Cantrill, April 27, 1791

Reuben Wright m. Philesia McDaniel, July 28, 1809

Taylor Wright m. Elsey Murphey, February 1, 1815

Thornton Wright m. Polly Webster, May 9, 1814

William Wright m. m. Dianna Gibson, August 5, 1807

William WRIGHT and Betsy HOLT....30 Oct 1810

Lewis B. YANCY and Harriet HOSON....29 Jan 1839

John B. YORK and P.B. ROBERTSON....25 Sept 1849



*****The Nicholas LENALL and Maja LEMONDS are:*****

Nicholas SMALL and Margry/Margy LEMONDS, proven by the James Nicholas SMALL BIBLE.

****Rawley LYBASS and Julia Ann PASCALL**** It is possible that Julia Ann was a widow, the reason for two different surnames. I believe, but have not proven, that her full name was Julia Ann THOMAS PASCALL.

(Nathaniel and Martha were both found as being single and living with their parents in the 1850 Census. Their first child James Alvis SMALL, my grandfather, was born 15 March 1852. I am saying that this marriage date would be 1851)***


Malinda Dalton
Guerry ::jgtperson@aol.com

Malinda Dalton shown on 1860 Census living near Rawlinsburgn Rockingham County. She is also shown on the 1870 census living with Stovall (?Stoball) family. Would like to communicate with anyone knowing anything about Malinda Dalton ot Jno. B. Taylor in this household. Thanks, Guerry in SC

Isaac Philips <1785
Chuck Phillips ::ch70phil@earthlink.net

I have info that this man lived on or near Great Rock House Creek, and left for Tenn. Co. sometime 1785-1800. A 1792 land deal references his boundary line.

Any more information on him or on his family will be very much appreciated!

Chuck Phillips

Glenn Plantation
Mary Lane ::mlane9@bellsouth.net

My Grandmother, Susie Courts Glenn Broadnax was buried on the Glenn Plantation in Noveber of 1922. Please let me know where the Plantaion is.

Thank you.

SCALES, Gibson & Henry G. 1700s-1800s
Donna Mull ::ddmull2@bellsouth.net

I have been hunting down my ancestors and Henry Gibson Scales is the 2nd generation of mine in the US documented. I have information that is will is recorded in Rockingham NC. I also know that Rockingham was formed from Guilford County in 1785. Henry Gibson Scales died 2/14/1818. I seen where a Henry Scales is indexed on the Will Book I and was wondering if I can get a copy of this or how I go about getting the information sent to me? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Donna Mull ddmull2@bellsouth.net


Re: SCALES, Gibson & Henry G. 1700s-1800s
Diane :: 355 Books available for this area. http://www.usgennet.org/usa/nc/county/rockingham1/webbbs/queries/index.cgi?read=350

Some Rockingham County NC books for sale are listed at: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/nc/county/rockingham1/webbbs/queries/index.cgi?read=350

To obtain copies of wills, you should either write to or visit the Dept of Archives in Raleigh,NC.

State Wills http://www.ncarchives.dcr.state.nc.us

To obtain wills write to: Search Room, NC Division of Archives and History 109 E. Jones St Raleigh, NC 27601-2807

You may fax your inquiries to: (919) 733-1354 or e-mail them to archives@ncmail.net

If you have any questions concerning the nature of your request and whether it is something the State Archives can answer please call (919) 807-7310.

Online FORM for queries to Search room: http://ncrec2.dcr.state.nc.us/ArchivesMailer/ArchivesMailer.asp

OR: Send a self-addressed stamped envelope, your one question, a check for $8.00 (search fee). In return mail, you will be advised of the number of pages in the estate folder and the cost to produce copies.

Re: Isaac Conley/Conlee
Diana ( Blair ) Secrest ::Jd@msohio.net 210

I am a cousin . I am tracing the Blair family tree of Paintsville Kentucky . His name came up , but I can't find thing on him. If I had his parents name and sister and brothers names I could get started . Place of birth would help . Did they all live in Kentucky and what about them now . Thank you for any help .

I am also looking for Crystal Gayle .

Robert Burton
Kathryne Burton ::mkburt2002@yahoo.com

Searching for parents, siblings, etc. of Robert C. Burton (NC - 1808)place unknown who wed Sarah Jane Agee (1814 - Al or TN) possibly in TN as first child was born in TN in 1834. Family moved to MS with more children arriving in the 1840's. They arrived in Arkansas in time for the 1850 Federal Census. They settled in Drew and Lincoln Counties. My only record comes from the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses in AR. I would appreciate any help. You may e-mail me.

Thank you.

Kathryne Burton, Monticello, Arkansas

Dockery, Walls, Dawkins
Milton F. Dockery ::dockerym@matc.edu

Does anyone have any information on these families. They are black and I am intrested in finding as much information as possible.

Robinson/DeBerry Family
Ruth Davis ::Dr1Ruth@aol.com

I am seeking the gravesite of my Gmother,Fannie Robinson DeBerry,died around 1910,she is buried in AME Zion Church cemetery(Rte 109)My mother,who died in 2001 at 100years of age said the grave was marked w/a rock.We visited the ceemetery in 2000, but could not find the grave. Does anyone have a plot map of the cemetery or info as to the location of the grave?Would appreciate any and all help. Thanks.

DeBerry plantation (Slave recordsSeekinf info on D
Ruth Davis ::Dr1Ruth@aol.com

Seeking info on DeBerry Slaves on DeBerry plantation, namely,Tobacco Bob or Black Bob, a carpenter.

Causby Baker m. Hariet Allen in Rockingham NC.
sue ::schappell@indy.rr.com

I am looking for info on this marriage, when it took place and if it lists any parents or any info with it especially the date. Thanks sue

Re: Causby Baker m. Hariet Allen in Rockingham NC.
Pat Honeycutt ::figeater34@yahoo.com 363

Harriet Allen was daughter of Elisha and Josilly ?? Allen. Elisha was my grgrandfather. I have been doing some research on the Allen Family.I do know Hariet and Causby were married April 15, 1850 in Rockingham Co.NC and she died December 21, 1922 in Summerfield,NC. I have wondered her mother's maiden name and Causby's parents names.Do you have any info about this?Elisha married 2nd time to Mary Polly Hosford.Their son Joseph was my grandfather. Hope to hear from you. Pat Honeycutt

Michelle Breedlove ::Mfights@aol.com

Looking for information on Berryman Breedlove, Born 18 Nov 1787 in Culpepper Co.,Va. Married Caroline Matilda Joyce, Birth:2 Jun 1801 Place: Rockingham Co.,N.C. Death: 5 Oct 1866 Place: Indiana. Any information would help, Thanks

Fran Rose ::rose1@intrstar.net

I know that my grandfather Lela C. Steele was from Rockingham county and I still have an aunt Mae Welch whom lives there today. What I am having trouble with is my great grandfather. His name is William A. Steele born Oct., 1853 and married a Evelyne F? who was born Jan.1854. I have no idea when he died or where he is buried. I would also like to know if there were or are any other relatives living in that area. My dad's name was Luther C. Steele (Bill). Thank you and whatever anyone can help me with would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Bailey Family
Sherry ::sgreshamer@cox.net 342

William Bailey time frame would be 1855?-1926? James is his father 1830?

Wheeler/Mills families
Patsy Taylor ::PJPTaylor@aol.com

Searching for information about the William Washington Mills family in the area around 1830's. He was married to Catherine Wheeler, d/o Ezekial Wheeler. Any information appreciated. Thanks, Patsy

Greenview Cemetery???
Donna Cromer ::erlene@lexcominc.net

Is there a cemetery in Rockingham county called Greenview Cemetery????? And is there any information on the internet about it ?

Thank you for your help. ~Donna

Noles Family
Susan Noles ::snoles@comcast.net

Looking for info on Noles family in Rockingham NC 1850 census record shows J.E. as a farmer there. Any info would help. Thanks.

Re: Greenview Cemetery???
M.E. Perdue ::history65@msn.com 369

This is the main city cemetery in Reidsville, NC. You can contact the cemetery office at 336-349-1070. The cemetery has been recorded though the early records of the cemetery have been lost.

Thompson family cemetery near Leaksville
nm kellar ::goudykellar@alltel.net

I am trying to find information on the Thompson family affiliated with this Thompson family cemetery in Rockingham Co., NC as I believe the E.L.Mabes buried there is Edward Lafayette Mabes, Sr. my great great great grandfather born abt 1798-1809 death ?., who was supposed to be buried near Stoneville, NC. Do you know anything about these Thompsons?

 THOMPSON FAMILY CEMETARY  - Located in the Leaksville township on the north side of Price Grange Road (#1516) between Peach and Holly roads. This cemetary is located beside a barn east of a white house where Josephine Carter lives. The cemetary could be seen from the road in the winter but would be hard to spot in the summer because of the undergroth. Recorded 21 Feb 1999 vy Linda C. and Landon Vernon.   MABES, E. L.  1810  -   1844   In Memorial Thompson, T. A.  10 Dec 1841  -  19 Feb 1914 Nichols, Chas. H. 15 May 1906  =  22 March 1914 Thompson, Herbert Hoover  19 Nov 1928  -  23 Jan 1929 Thompson, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. William Henry Thompson. Died 9 Feb 1955.  (funeral home marker) _______. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. ___________, died 17 July ____, age 0  -  0  (funeral home marker) R. V. C.   (round rock) There are probably 20 other graves here marked with field stones.   This grave site is a little less than half way between Eden (Leaksville) and Stoneville. Linda and Landon canvassed most all the cemetaries in Rockingham and Stokes Co's. along with help from some members of the Daughters of the American  Revolution, James Hunter Chapter, Madison, N. C. and The Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Co's. This is from 5 of the 6 bks published. 6th one out of print.

Any info greatly appreciated. I am having a hard time tracing my ancestors from E.L. Mabes, Sr. and beyond. I do know his marriages but not his parents or siblings. E L Sr. married Elizabeth (Mary) Travis Feb. 18, 1822 in Pittsylvania VA, near Henry Co. and then EL Sr married Lucinda Roach in either Henry Co., VA or Rockingham Co NC Aug. 23, 1843

Am searching all leads.

Thanks, Nancy Mabes Kellar


edward lafayette mabes
nm kellar ::goudykellar@alltel.net

I am trying to find information on the Thompson family affiliated with this Thompson family cemetery in Rockingham Co., NC as I believe the E.L.Mabes buried there is Edward Lafayette Mabes, Sr. my great great great grandfather born abt 1798-1809 death ?., who was supposed to be buried near Stoneville, NC. Do you know anything about these Thompsons?

 THOMPSON FAMILY CEMETARY  - Located in the Leaksville township on the north side of Price Grange Road (#1516) between Peach and Holly roads. This cemetary is located beside a barn east of a white house where Josephine Carter lives. The cemetary could be seen from the road in the winter but would be hard to spot in the summer because of the undergroth. Recorded 21 Feb 1999 vy Linda C. and Landon Vernon.   MABES, E. L.  1810  -   1844   In Memorial Thompson, T. A.  10 Dec 1841  -  19 Feb 1914 Nichols, Chas. H. 15 May 1906  =  22 March 1914 Thompson, Herbert Hoover  19 Nov 1928  -  23 Jan 1929 Thompson, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. William Henry Thompson. Died 9 Feb 1955.  (funeral home marker) _______. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. ___________, died 17 July ____, age 0  -  0  (funeral home marker) R. V. C.   (round rock) There are probably 20 other graves here marked with field stones.   This grave site is a little less than half way between Eden (Leaksville) and Stoneville. Linda and Landon canvassed most all the cemetaries in Rockingham and Stokes Co's. along with help from some members of the Daughters of the American  Revolution, James Hunter Chapter, Madison, N. C. and The Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Co's. This is from 5 of the 6 bks published. 6th one out of print.

Any info greatly appreciated. I am having a hard time tracing my ancestors from E.L. Mabes, Sr. and beyond. I do know his marriages but not his parents or siblings. E L Sr. married Elizabeth (Mary) Travis Feb. 18, 1822 in Pittsylvania VA, near Henry Co. and then EL Sr married Lucinda Roach in either Henry Co., VA or Rockingham Co NC Aug. 23, 1843

Am searching all leads.

Thanks, Nancy Mabes Kellar


old road names in Rockingham County NC
Dianne Woods ::dwoods@www.co.rockingham.nc.us

Is there some kind of archival directory that lists old road names in Rockingham County, say somewhere between 1900 to 1950?

Example: Smith Road being previously known as SR 520 and before that, the Kallam School House Road.

Uriah Odle, Odel, Odell
Jerry Jones ::jjones1514@comcast.net

Looking for any records from 1785 until 1815 on Uriah Odle or Odle family of Rockingham County. They moved to Overton and White County before 1820.

Edmund DeBerry House
Ruth Davis ::Dr1Ruth@aol.com

Any information on former Slaves or descendants of Slaves who lived and worked on the DeBerry Plantation in or around Pee Dee.

William Reid Genealogy
Art Reid ::artreid@adelphia.net

My ancestor, William Reid (circa 17?? - 1780-90), of Spartanburg County, SC had a number of sons. I am trying to find out if any of his sons settled in Norht Carolina. One of William's sons, Thomas, had a son named Reuben. Does anyone know who Reuben Reid's parents were? I understand a Reuben Reid was one of the first settlers of Reidsville, NC.

Earlene Hutsell ::eroch25@aol.com

My husband's family was from Rockingham Co., N.C> I am searching for the parents of Daniel COFFEE-COFFEY) B. 1806. He married (1) Manerva CARDWELL 9 Nov 1828. Her probable father Gabriel CARDWELL, as he was bondsman for their marriage. They had three children James 1829, Robert 1833 and Nancy R. 1835. Nancy is the direct line in my husband's family. When Manerva died, he married Nancy GIPSON, C. 1839, and they had 4 more children before they moved to McMinn Co., TN. Those children were Pleasant1840, Matilda 1841, Delilah 1843 and Henrietta 1845.

I need the of both Daniel COFFEE and Manerva CARDWELL. I have more information on all the children including the other 8 who were born in TN. Will glad share what I have with anyone.

Matlock Genealogy
Jess Hester ::hester@ionet.net

I have been looking for info on some of my ancestors in the Matlock family. I a, looking for anyone whom might have info on Capt. Charles Matlock whom married whom first married a Sarah (last name unknown) 2nd to a Charlotte Carrell in 1862 in Rockingham County. I have heard in the large family history books in Rockingham County, there is a family history of him. Can someone help me get a copy or hook me up to anyone working this line. I am also looking for any other Matlock ancestor from Rockingham as Abisha John Matlock is my direct ancestor. If u have any info, please let me know! Thanks in advance!

Earlene Hutsell ::eroch25@aol.com

Does anyone have access to obits from local papers or wills for the following two men, or is anyone searching these families.

1. Daniel COFFEE, b. 1806 in Rockingham Co., N.C., Mar (1) Manerva CARDWELL (2) Nancy GIPSON. He had three children with Manerva before she died C. 1835: James B 1829, Nancy (KINNER, KINSER) B 27 DEc. 1832 and Robert B 1833. Nancy, Mar Josiah Washington BROWN in Athens in 1862 after his first wife died in 1860. I need Daniel's parents and Manerva's mother's name. Her father was Gabriel. Daniel moved his big family to McMinn county about 1846where he and Nancy had 7 more children.

2.Josiah Washington BROWN B. 14 Sep 1821 in Knox CO., TN. Mar (1), Martha WEAR in 1841and (2) Nancy (KINNER, KINSER )COFFEE in 1862. I need Josiah's parents, Nancy's middle name. I have always thought that Josiah's father was James and his mother was Martha CHAPPELL, but since there was another family in Western TN. (Obion Co.,) with the same names and approximate dates who had a George WAshington BROWN B. about the same time, I have ruled that out. There was a letter in the Athens library several years ago under the BROWN file that stated George and Josiah were the same man. That isn't true since Josiah was an early settler in McMinn County and owned extensive lands along the Hiawassee River. These two family are connected to the WALKER and HUTSELL families.

Anyone with any help on these two problems of mine I would be most grateful to hear from you. Thank you.

Earlene Hutsell eroch25@aol.com


Peggy Long ::Peggy7Long@aol.com

Seeking info on Sanders: Lewis C Sanders married Martha Barrett 25 Mar 1848, Rockingham Co. L C Sanders(22)is listed in 1850 census (579/589) with Martha(24)and children Susannah (1) & A L. (3/12). Listed under 578/588 is Alves Sanders (30); under 580/590 is Jesse Sanders. Does anyone have any info on these Sanders or Martha Barrett? The 1860 Census-Henry Co,Tn lists Calvin,Martha and 3 children in addition to Susannah and Aaron(A L). ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Venable obituaries
mary ellen wilkerson ::maryellenwilkerson@carolina.rr.com

Hello, I am searching for some Venable information for genealogical purposes. I am looking for the obituaries of Hattie D. Venable (1886-1960) in order to find the name of her deceased spouse. Other sources could be their children, Marvin V. of Temple, TX; Roscoe V. and Bertha V. July 26, 1903 - March 1972. Except for Marvin, they resided in Stoneville. Hattie was born in Mt. Airy, Surry Co. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Augustine Lee or Hezekiah
linda ::suepue1@go.com 118

Trying to research this family for a granddaughter-in-law who wants to join the DAR. Would like to correspond with you about this couple.

Re: Thomas & Rachel Moore
Myron Moore ::mgm.paca@juno.com 255

My Moores come down from Thomas Camm Moore(son of Camm)& Margaret's son Ansalem Linch Moore, from Oak Ridge, NC, Ansalem's son Robert Dent Moore is my great grandfather who moved to Illinois in 1863 near Coffeen, Montogmery Co., Il I have very little info on Thomas Camm & Margaret. I would like to know what they died from in 1823 at such a young age. And what was her maiden name and other questions.

I would appreciate any thing you could fill me in with,. Sincerely, Myron G, Moore, age 76 Springfield, Il. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Roberta Lower ::Rdosh@aol.com

GGrandmother CAROLINE HOLMAN GLADSTONE, m. to Robert Gladstone, lived in WILLIAMSBURG, NC in the 1880's where she must have died. I cannot find any record of her. Where would she be buried in Williamsburg? She is not in Reidsville (where family later moved) cemetery with rest of family. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Preston Hopkins/Nancy Howard
Reba Duncan ::rfd1929@msn.com 243

I am still looking for info. on Preston Hopkins B. abt 1828,NC & Nancy Howard B. abt1828-1830, NC< ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Hinton ::jhinton@sc.rr.com

I am looking for information about a Lee Saunders who was born and lived in Reidsville most of his life. I believe his full name was Grady Lee Saunders. He was first married to a Martha Janie Bradley. I think his second wife was also named Janie. He was a conductor for Southern Railway for many years. For several years in the late 1940's and early 1950's he moved to Chester, South Carolina, where he farmed and ran a small grocery store. He later returned to Reidsville where he remained until his death in the late 1950' or early 1960'. I would appreciate any additional information anyone may have about him and his ancestors. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Susannah Payne
Julia Raizen ::theraizens@comcast.net

I am descended form a woman named Susannah Payne, supposedly daughter of Josias Payne (b. 1734) and Elizabeth Fleming. Susannah was born on 15 March 1792. If she is in fact the daughter of Josias and Elizabeth then she was boen in Rockingham Co, NC. Can someone point me in the direction of some records that might be able to verify this.

Thank You ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Douglas G. Smith ::smith9838@sbcglobal.net 116

Abdaham is apparently my GGGGrandfather and I am searching fo rinformation as well. I grew up in Newton Co. MO only one mile from where they are supposedly buried. Anxious to share information. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Martha Jane Lawson/Milton Powell Grant family
John Martinson ::jpmart47@msn.com

I am trying to find the cemetery/ies where my family was buried. I heard it was a cemetery called Overlook.

Looking for information of death of Martha Jane Lawson, born Jan 1839, d/o James Lawson and "Nelly".

Martha married, Tandy Jack Bullin/Bullen. She died 1908 in Spray, Rockingham. I believe her husband, died in Surry county in 1905.

Martha and Tandy's daughter, Lucinda "Cinda" Bullen/Bullin died in Spray 27 Feb 1936. Cinda/Lucinda marred Ulysses Simmons Grant. He died 30 July 1917 in Spray. Ulysses parents are Milton Powell Grant Lydia Roberts.

Is there any cemetery records for Spray on the internet or a cemetery called "Overlook" in Spray, Rockingham, NC?


John jpmart47@msn.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Gibson/Crawford marriage
Barbara Slater ::bslater@swva.net

I am searching for information on the marriage of Samuel Crawford to Janet or Jannett Gibson which took place August 1815. I have secondary information it was Rockingham County NC. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Gibson/Crawford marriage
Barbara Slater ::bslater@swva.net 391


Crawford family
Julia Morrison ::wgmjgm@bellsouth.net

Am looking for anyone with information about Peter Crawford,who married Hannah Christy, and their family. I am especially interested in information about their daughter,Julia, who married Hiram Jones in Rockingham Co., NC.

Delen williams ::Delenw@aol.com 2

do you have any info on Rebecca cole if you do please send me all of it thanks

thomas h jones
SJONES ::redbone1211@hotmail.com

Thomas h jones sr was born in rockingham county in 1816, he married first minerva mendenhall then she died and he married mary j harris. He died in 1890 in wayne county ky. what i wont to know is who his parents were any info would help me out a great deal. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Gladstone's of Reidsville
Rebecca Collins ::mrscx3@comcast.net

If anyone has any information regarding Robert G. Gladstone d. 1907 in Reidsville, NC, I'd love to share.

Re: Bethany-Elwood Farms -Where is it?
Howard Sparks ::howardsparks50@hotmail.com 261

I just discovered this forum. Bethany is a community in the Southern part of Rockingham County, NC. If you take Hwy 220 North out of Greensboro and turn right onto Hwy 65 you will find Bethany in just a few minutes. Bethany school is probably as close to the center of the community as you can find. There is a state of the art fire department close to that but no real defined boundries that I know of. I was last there in 2004. Howard

Z E Wall
Phyllis Hood ::phood99@myway.com

I am looking for my great grandfather born in 1803 in Rockingham, NC.

Re: Z E Wall
jenny13ball@hotmail.com :: 398

Name: Z E Wall Age in 1860: 57 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi Gender: Male Value of real estate: View image Post Office: Aberdeen Roll: M653_587 Page: 0 Year: 1860 Head of Household: Z E Wall


Name: M A Wall Age in 1860: 53 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi Gender: Female Value of real estate: View image Post Office: Aberdeen Roll: M653_587 Page: 0 Year: 1860 Head of Household: Z E Wall


Name: E Wall Age in 1860: 14 Birthplace: Mississippi Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi Gender: Female Value of real estate: View image Post Office: Aberdeen Roll: M653_587 Page: 0 Year: 1860 Head of Household: Z E Wall


Name: D T Wall Age in 1860: 12 Birthplace: Mississippi Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi Gender: Male Value of real estate: View image Post Office: Aberdeen Roll: M653_587 Page: 0 Year: 1860 Head of Household: Z E Wall


Name: T G Wall Age in 1860: 25 Birthplace: Mississippi Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi Gender: Male Value of real estate: View image Post Office: Aberdeen Roll: M653_587 Page: 0 Year: 1860 Head of Household: Z E Wall


1820 Stokes Co., NC Federal Census Part 1 of 7

This Census was transcribed by Nita Pearce and proofread by Doris E. Redford for the USGenWeb Archives Census Project, http://www.usgenweb.org/census.

Copyright (c)1999 by Nita Pearce

Census_Year 1820 Microfilm # M33-84 State NC County Stokes Enumerator M. Hill Dated 21 Dec 1820

374 15 Wall Joel pg00369 374 13 Wall Peter pg00369 374 16 Wall Thomas pg00369 376 4 Wall Zachariah pg00369

Census_Year 1830 Microfilm # M19-125 State NC County Stokes Enumerator John Hill

284 13 Wall Catharine pg00277 225 19 Wall Daniel pg00221 230 1 Wall Daniel Jr pg00229 297 18 Wall John pg00293 228 4 Wall Thomas Jr pg00221 228 5 Wall Thomas Sr pg00221 240 28 Wall Zachariah pg00237

Census_Year 1850 Microfilm # M432-645 State NC County Stokes


113a 30 Wall Adam 47 Va pg0111a.txt 118a 4 Wall Angelina 18 NC pg0111a.txt 113a 39 Wall Annie 2 No Caro pg0111a.txt 113a 34 Wall Calvin 15 No Caro pg0111a.txt 120b 18 Wall Charles 5 NC pg0111a.txt 147a 38 Wall Crery 3 NC pg0144b.txt 113a 37 Wall Daniel 6 No Caro pg0111a.txt 118a 1 Wall Daniel 54 Va pg0111a.txt 120b 6 Wall Drury 8 Va pg0111a.txt 120b 4 Wall Eliza 32 NC pg0111a.txt 120b 17 Wall Elizabeth 9 Va pg0111a.txt 157b 25 Wall Elizabeth 9 NC pg0156a.txt 113a 32 Wall Euriah 19 No Caro pg0111a.txt 118a 6 Wall Goodman 14 NC pg0111a.txt 118a 7 Wall Isaac 10 NC pg0111a.txt 120b 7 Wall John 6 Va pg0111a.txt 113a 38 Wall Katherine 4 No Caro pg0111a.txt 113a 33 Wall Louzana 17 No Caro pg0111a.txt 147a 39 Wall Malinda 2/12 NC pg0144b.txt 120b 9 Wall Martha 8/12 NC pg0111a.txt 113a 36 Wall Mary 10 No Caro pg0111a.txt 118a 8 Wall Mary 5 NC pg0111a.txt 120b 8 Wall Mary 4 Va pg0111a.txt 145a 4 Wall Mary 27 NC pg0144b.txt 120a 3 Wall Nancy 51 NC pg0111a.txt 120b 19 Wall Parthena 3 NC pg0111a.txt 157b 24 Wall Penelope 32 NC pg0156a.txt 113a 31 Wall Polly 40 No Caro pg0111a.txt 118a 2 Wall Polly 45 NC pg0111a.txt 147a 37 Wall Rebecca 30 Va pg0144b.txt 157b 23 Wall Robert 34 NC pg0156a.txt 157b 27 Wall Samuel 3 NC pg0156a.txt 145a 3 Wall Samuel S 32 NC pg0144b.txt 118a 5 Wall Selena 16 NC pg0111a.txt 113a 35 Wall Stanly 12 No Caro pg0111a.txt 120b 16 Wall Tabitha 35 Va pg0111a.txt 118a 3 Wall William 19 NC pg0111a.txt 120b 5 Wall William 9 Va pg0111a.txt 147a 36 Wall William 50 Va pg0144b.txt 157b 28 Wall William 4/12 NC pg0156a.txt 120b 3 Wall Wm 32 Va pg0111a.txt 120b 15 Wall Wm M 34 Va pg0111a.txt 157b 26 Wall Zackary L 6 NC pg0156a.txt


Ramsey Family
Zilda Frogue ::hebertfrogue@aol.com

I research the three Ramsey brothers in early days of North Carolina history. One brother,Matthew Ramsey,born 1748 is our line od decent. He had two brothers,John and Ambrose. He married Nancy graves Scurlock. Looking for any records for these two families. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Ramsey Family
Pell Foster ::mprfoster@earthlink.net 400

I am researching the name Ramsay. Looking for Walter J. Ramsay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Standleys- Dix
Betty Standley ::GreatGma@mchsi.com

Seeking Info on both families. Emma Dix was my husbands G'ma. She was married to Robert John Mize. GreatG'ma@mchsi.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Hudson, Austin, Overby
Wayne Blizard ::wblizard@triad.rr.com

Seeking info on the Hudson, Austin and Overby families. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Sidney Moore/Levin Moore connection
Bliss West ::blisswest@yahoo.com

I am wanting to join the DAR in Clarksville, Arkansas, but need to prove that James Sidney Moore was the son of Levin Moore. Does anyone have a connection? My mother and I would really appreciate hearing from a Moore descendant. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Dodson History
Betty Himes ::bettylou32633@aol.com

Looking for info on Daniel Dodson, born 1740 and married ALSY? who died 1818/1819. Daniel was born in VA and reportedly lived in Rockingham, NC. He is the son of James and Elizabeth Dodson.

Any info appreciated - trying to complete Dodson Family History. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: James Sidney Moore/Levin Moore connection
jenny smith ::jenny13ball@hotmail.com 404

Rockingham County, N.C. - MISC - MOORE Equity Suit -------------------------------------------------------- USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, material may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material, AND permission is obtained from the contributor of the file.

These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by other organizations. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for non-commercial purposes, MUST obtain the written consent of the contributor, OR the legal representative of the submitter, and contact the listed USGenWeb archivist with proof of this consent. --------------------------------------------------------- Contributed by MS LOUISE T OVERTON _________________________________________________________ MOORE Equity Suit

In 1856, William CONNOR acting as executor for the estate of Charles MOORE, deceased, brought to the Rockingham County Court of Equity the case of "William CONNOR versus Pearson MOORE and Others." Charles MOORE had died in 1825, his widow lived for many more years to a time just prior to the filing of this suit. The terms of Charles MOORE's Will was that certain property would go after his death of his widow to the "METHODISTS CONFERENCE of LOCAL PREACHERS." At that time, each Methodist church in the region was autonomous and no broad general organization existed. Neither, apparently did the one which Charles had specified to benefit from his estate. Since his brothers named as his heirs, had many descendants by the time of the widow Tabitha's death, the entire matter was placed in the hands of the court for equitable distribution of the property. The suit came before the court on several different occasions, beginning in 1856 and continuing into 1857. The first hearing resulted in an order to William CONNOR as executor to have the land left by Charles surveyed and sold. It also recorded testimony that Nathan MOORE, John MOORE, the heirs of Henry MOORE, James MOORE and Levin MOORE, all children of John MOORE deceased were not residents of the state. Nor were Mitchell MOORE, heir at law of Thomas MOORE, deceased: the heirs of David MOORE, or the heirs of Rebecca LOWE. Another hearing recorded that William CONNOR had died and that Pleasant HOPKINS, as his executor, would carry on in his stead. Further Pearson MOORE had also died. Not all of the heirs of Charles MOORE had been ascertained, and so the case was continued. The final hearing noted that the Methodist Conference of Local Preachers had failed to appear to make any claims, and apparently did not exist. Therefore, the entire estate would be divided among the heirs of Charles MOORE, which were his brothers and their heirs. Named were the "descendents of John MOORE, Samuel MOORE and Thomas MOORE who were brothers of the testator."

Heirs named in the Equity Suit of Rev. Charles MOORE of Rockingham County, NC. 1856-57

John MOORE left the following heirs: John MOORE, Nathan MOORE, Henry MOORE, James MOORE, Isaac MOORE, Levin MOORE, Peter MOORE, Thomas MOORE, Rebecca MOORE LOWE who married David LOWE, and Nancy MOORE WHITSETT who married James WHITSETT. Rebecca LOWE had died leaving son John LOWE: Mary MOORE had married Pinckney MOORE and was dead leaving children whose names were unknown. Nancy WHITSETT was also dead, leaving these heirs: Nancy McGIBBONY, wife of John McGIBBONY; James WHITSETT, Alfred WHITSETT, and Sarah WHITSETT representing their father Nathan WHITSETT; William McMICHAEL, Rhoda MCMICHAEL, Nancy McMICHAEL, Elizabeth McMICHAEL, and Margaret McMICHAEL representing their mother Eliza McMICHAEL, late wife of Obediah McMICHAEL; Pinckney WALL, Mary WALL SHAW, wife of Levi SHAW, and Permelia/Amelia WALL CARTER, wife of Yancey CARTER representing their mother Permelia/Emily WALL deceased. Samuel MOORE had left these heirs at law:

Wilson D. MOORE, David MOORE, Julia MOORE, and Rosanna MOORE representing their deceased father Samuel MOORE. William WALKER, Ellason, WALKER, Emily WALKER, and Rachel WALKER representing Samuel's deceased daughter Sally WALKER: Green REED, Hannah REED, Zalin REED, and George REED representing their deceased mother Rachel REED: James W. MOORE, Enock MOORE, Pleasant MOORE, Ada MOORE, and Rachel MOORE representing their deceased father Enock MOORE: William G. MOORE, and John K. MOORE representing their deceased father John MOORE; Williamson M. LANDRETH and McKinly LANDRETH representing their deceased mother Elizabeth LANDRETH; and Pearson MOORE deceased whose estate was in probate.

Thomas MOORE left the following heirs at law: Smith MOORE, Thomas MOORE, Betsy MOORE HENRY, wife of John HENRY; Dolly MOORE HENRY, wife of Richard HENRY, and Lily MOORE REEVES, wife of Elijah REEVES.

Two of the sons of John MOORE, Nathan and John (2) had sold their interests in the estate as they did not live in North Carolina.

Sources for this article:

Equity Minute Docket, 1822-1828, 1843-1851, 1852-1868 Reel # Cr.084.30023 Rockingham County, NC

Wiley Jones & Susan Murchison
April ::tifflee16@yahoo.com

I am looking for information on Wiley Jones and Susan Murchison. Both born ~1812 in North Carolina. They are living in Rockingham Co., North Carolina on the 1850, 1860, & 1870 Censuses and Susan is on the 1880 Census in Rockingham County as Wiley had died between then and 1870. Their children were: Mary [born ~1836], D.C. [born ~1839], Martha [born ~1843], Robert [born ~1845], Eliza [born March 24, 1848 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina; died August 29, 1927 in Orange Co., North Carolina; married to Rufus Haizelip February 4, 1869 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina], William [born ~1851], Ottaway [born ~1853], and Caroline [born ~1857].

Any information is appreciated.

Thank you.

Mills/ Wheeler
Patsy Taylor ::PJPTaylor@aol.com

Searching for information about William Washington Mills family. William married Catherine Wheeler in Dorchester County, Maryland. The family moved to Rockingham County, NC area before 1821. Their children were all born in Rockingham Co., NC.....Caroline, Mary Ann, Harriet, William Washington II, Emma, Thomas, Sarah, Minnie, and Matilda. William died and Catherine took her family to Alcorn County, MS by 1847. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Patsy

Claire Fair-Aragona ::caragona@surferz.net

Looking for my ancestor that perhaps moved to Rockingham. His wife's name is Sarah. I am also looking for Joseph Fair, who might be the father of John. John came to AMERICA in 1772 and landed in Philadelphia from Amtrim,Ireland

warren baker ::oldbud3@aol.com


Spencer Family
aubrey bennett ::bootsy49@aol.com

Looking for Addie B. Spencer born Feb 17, 1875 died Jan 10, 1946 buried Greenview Cem Reidsville. Also a sister Fannie Spencer and a brother Suter Spencer. Would like to find relatives of these three people. I need obit on Addie Spencer that might give me a lead. Dont know if Fannie or Suter married or not. Any help would so appreciated. Fannie may have gone by Blair Spencer not sure. Father and mother of the above was James Monroe Spencer and Ellie Blair. email me at bootsy49@aol.com


john chilton ::johnnezz@earthlink.net

i would like to know about the history of marin creek and the fisher family around the late 1700

Pat Chaney ::imchaney2@comcast.net

Looking for info on Moses Garrison circa 1790-1800.

Pat Chaney ::imchaney2@comcast.net

Seeking info on any Chaneys circa 1790.

Absolum H Fulford
Theresa Lydy ::tlydy@cpmail.ivytech.edu

I am trying to find out when and where in North Carolina my ggg grandfather Absolum H Fulford was born. I have looked up some records that say he was born in Rockingham County but no proof that he was. I have found some records that he was from Carteret County NC and have found one Absolum Fulford there but no proof that it is the same Absolum H Fulford. I would apreciate any help with this.

Theresa Lydy

Martin research
Janelda Davis ::zwdavis@wtxs.net

Is anyone researching the Martin families of the 1800's in Guilford and Rockingham counties?

Jerry Murray
Anggie ::anggiet@gmail.com

I am looking for info on Jerry (or Jeremiah) Murray who may have been born in Rockingham Co. in or around 1830. One of his son's death certificates states that he was born in Rockingham, but he died and was buried in Altamahaw in Alamance County at Bethlehem Christian Church. His wife was Caroline (or Lina) McIntyre, who may also have been born in Rockingham Co. Any info would be appreciated.

Isham Browder
Mark Browder ::wyzardofwor@netzero.net

I have two ancestors named Isham Browder who died in Rockingham County. The first, who died in 1784 or 1785, died just prior to the county's formation. The other one, who died about 1832, was his son. The wife of the elder Isham Browder was Talitha Cox who died in 1828. The younger Isham Browder was married to Martha. She died sometime prior to 1820. Any information about the exact death/burial dates and gravesite locations of any of these persons would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Martin research
Mark Browder ::wyzardofwor@netzero.net 417

I am trying to piece them together but from long distance. I am descended from Walter and Elizabeth Martin through their daughter, Delia.

Reid Family Stokes/Rockingham
Howard Sparks ::howardsparks50@hotmail.com

I am looking for info on Buddie (Bud) Reid who lived in the Ayersville area of Rockingham County, not too far from Stokes. His real name was J.P. (maybe John?). He died after 1930 and before 1958. He had a son, Bolie Wallace Reid who died in 1958. I am looking for information on any locations on Bud before 1930 (probably living in Stokes). Thank you. Howard

Griffith Family
Anne Griffith ::anne5649@bellsouth.net

I am trying to find the burial places of my great,great, grandfather and great,great,grandmother. Their names are James H. Griffith and Margarett Elizabeth (Lizzie) Climer Griffith. James H. Griffith lived in the Williamsburg area of Rockingham County and was a painter. I suspect that he was either Methodist or UCC. Any help is appreciated.


dillon history
lucille mcclenney ::sheila193@yadtel.net

looking up family history on dillon name

Re: Martin research
Janelda Davis ::zwdavis@wtxs.net 420

To Mark Brower.... I am decended from Rebecca Martin and her son Enoch Martin who died 1804 in Rockingham Co. NC. Enoch married Sally King 1810 in Rockingham Co. Thanks for response.

Joseph Martin
Lisa Winkleman ::branbecca110@msn.com

I am looking for Joseph Martin b. 7 Sept 1791 d.14 Feb 1832 in Rockingham Co., N.C. according to his Rev. War pension papers.


Obit for 1959
tom Spencer ::tomspencercarpet@yahoo.com

Is there anyone that could provide an obituary look up for me? Looking for an obituary for a George W. Joyce who died December 05, 1959. He died in Rockingham County, North Carolina. He is buried at the Happy Home Church Cemetery at Ruffin, Rockingham County, NC. Would be happy to pay research/copy fee.

Rufus (Mac) Morgan
Ken Morgan ::kenneth.morgan@freudenberg.com

Looking for anything about Rufus ( Mac ) Morgan. Is listed in the 1840 census as a member of a household with head of household by a different last name. I don't know anything more about him prior to 1840. He is said to have been an orphan.

He later moved to Mississippi and we have good records since his move but nothing prior to the census.

My uncle and brother have been searching for several years and I thought I would help out.

Please pass on a clue

Kathie Adair ::lofat40@msn.com

I know some of their children were born in North Carolina.

Looking for information on the Henry BENNETT and Nancy HOUSE Family.

Henry BENNETT b. abt 1810 in VA. Nancy HOUSE b. abt 1790 in VA.

Since there is such an age difference, I am wondering if this was Nancy's maiden name and if she was married before.

They had three daughters: Pattie J., m. unknown MAY.

Elizabeth, m. William CLARK.

Minerva A., b. NC, m. William JOYCE.

I know they had two sons: John H. BENNETT, b. abt 1831 in VA, m. Martha A. DUKE.

William H. BENNETT, b. abt 1836 in NC, m. Mary Frances L. Unknown.

1860 Census shows William H. BENNET and family living in South District, Patrick, VA, living next door to his brother John H. BENNET and family. Roll: M653_1369, Page: 988, year: 1860.

1870 Census shows John H. BURNETT family living in Dan River, Patrick, VA, next to his parents Henry and Nancy BENNETT. Roll: M593_1670, Page 458, image: 237, year: 1870.

I would like to find the parents of Henry BENNETT and Nancy HOUSE. Or any other information on this family.

Thank You for your time and help.

Kathie Adair email: lofat40@msn.com


Garner Family
Carroll Kisner ::bck@triad.rr.com

I am looking for any relatives or information on family of Jayhue S. Garner, born Feb. 1, 1848 and who died in the county home in Wentworth, NC in January 1936. Also any information on his wife, Rosa Hulgass or Hulgarr. We are unsure of the spelling on the last name.


County Home
Carroll Kisner ::bck@triad.rr.com

Am looking for information regarding the county home. Have been told that it closed in 1955 and would like to know where the residents were placed at that time. Thanks.


SARAH JONES - will 1787
Francie Lane ::francielane@comcast.net

Transcribed from North Carolina State Archives: Rockingham County Wills [original wills] Box 084.801.9 (Transcription by Francie Lane - francielane@comcast.net - August 9, 2005)

SARAH JONES Last Will & Testament Rockingham Co., NC 5 April 1787

In the name of God, Amen

I Sarah Jones of Rockingham County in North Carolina being weak of body but of sound & perfect memory, & calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make & ordain this my last will & testament that is to say first of all I commit my Soul into the hands of almighty God who gave it & my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned. And as to the worldly goods where it hath pleased God to bless me I give and bequeath in the following manner to wit: first of all my just debts to be paid ~

Item: I give & bequeath to my beloved Daughter Sarah Gentry fifty Acres of land in Rockingham County joining Andrew Joyce, Joshua Smith & Henry Harden ~ also one Negroe Woman named Easter one Negroe Boy named Nelson one Negroe girl named [?L]illy to her & her heirs for ever, also I give to my fore mentioned Daughter Sarah Gentry, one Negroe girl namd. Philis until my grand Son Edward Whitworth comes of age & thereto fall to him. I give & bequeath to my beloved son in law Benjamin Cook twenty five pounds. I give & bequeath to my beloved son Edward Jones five shillings. I give & bequeath to my beloved Daughter Elizabeth Whitworth five shillings and as to all the rest of my estate I give to my afore named Daughter Sarah Gentry. And as for the true performance of this my last will & testament according to the true intent & meaning thereof I nominate & appoint James Hunter & Joshua Smith Executors of this my last will & testament in witness whereof the sd. Sarah Jones hast here unto set her hand & seal this fifth day of April 1787

Sarah (her J mark) Jones {Seal} Signed sealed & declared to be her last will & testament in presence of

Joshua Smith William S. Burch Mary Cook

Charles MITCHELL will 1787
Betty Carter ::bcarte@aol.com Charles Mitchell Will dated 1787 http://www.us-data.org/nc/rockingham/charlesmitchell-will.jpg

see enclosed link for image of the actual will.

Lowrimore family history
betty criswell ::bettybear0813@netzero.com

I am trying desperately to find some of my mother's family from the past. She never spoke of them and never told me the history, but I have traced her grand-father, THOMAS LOWRIMORE (LORIMORE) to being born in this county of NC per the 1930 census at which time he was 62 y.o. and living in Norfolk VA with his son Laurence Lorimore and his wife Elflita and children .. is there anyone out there that could be descended from this family? If more info is needed, I will offer all I have - I can be reached by email at: bettybear0813 at netzero.com, thank you in advance for any response you may give.

Re: Garner Family
Carroll Kisner ::bck@triad.rr.com 430

Looking for info on Rosa HULGIN Garner that was in Rockingham County Home from 1921 to 1955 when it closed. Would like to know where she died/when and burial site. Thanks.

Query for Pleasant Henderson Oliver (b 1810)
Jeff Zarend ::jzarend@yahoo.com http://www.zarend.com/genealogy.html http://www.zarend.com/genealogy.html

Hi, I'm interested in Pleasant Henderson Oliver. Born 1810 Wentworth, Rockingham, NC. I am specifically interested in parent and sibling information. P.H. Oliver lived for a while in Indiana, then western Michigan where he is buried.

Supposedly, P.H. Oliver's father is Abraham Oliver (not sure) from Virginia. No positive facts regarding this.

My Oliver research may be viewed at: www.zarend.com/genealogy.html Click on "clickable" family tree.

Pearl Virginia Cox (Jones)
Caroline Jones ::cjjones47@bellsouth.net

I am searching for information regarding my grandmother, who I think was born Pearl Virginia Cox in Reidsville area around 1897. Her parents died when she was young. At that point she was raised by a family named Crews in the Kernersville/Oak Ridge area. Around 1918 she married my grandfather, L. C. Jones and lived with him in Walkertown NC until her death in 2000. We believe that the Reidsville area is where she was born since she had to go back there to sign up for social security benefits and I was told that she was married there. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Pruitt family
John Ward ::coh1stva@aol.com

Hi looking for info on the following families: Abel Pruitt born abt 1816 married Mary Hawkins born abt 1854. Jessie Davis who may have wife Mary, she was born about 1854. Staples family deaths , births from 1910 to 1920. This was my grandmothers lines. She never knew much about her family. Thanks inadvance John ward 703-327-3602 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Standleys- Dix
John Ward ::coh1stva@aol.com 402

Hi my grand mother had two half sisters whose last name was Dix. One was Mabel born 1904 the other Euince born 1908. Her mother was Annie Manger Pruitt who was married to a Mr Dix. He must have died after 1908 as she remarried Steven Staples about 1910. She rememberd that when her mother died (1920) Mabel and Euince's grandmother came and took them away.All of this was in Spray NC.

Linda Wightman ::l_l_wightman@hotmail.com

ARe there any restrictions about hunting (with rifles) in residential neighborhoods in the county? We live in a small residental community (Spring Lake Farms) with two ponds. Several folks show up (with permission of one homeowner) to shoot the geese on the pond. There are many children and domestic animals in the vicinity of the pond. We as adults also are concerned for our safety when sitting out of doors. Are there restrictions or is this allowed? If it is not allowed, what do we need to do to prevent further episodes?

Re: SAMUEL DALTON, SR. (1699-1806)
Gwen Neumann ::gwenneu7@msn.com no IP_ADDRESS pool-71-96-135-116.dfw.dsl-w.verizon.net PREVIOUS>303

I'm always glad to see someone interested in Samuel Dalton, SR. I just wish we could find our who his wife really was, certainly NOT Anne Dandridge Redd, maybe Redd, but no real proof that I have ever seen. I have worked on this for many years, maybe someday.


Re: McInville family in Rockingham
Eldon McInville ::boywonder5002@yahoo.com 292

Dear McInville,

My name is Eldon Lee McInville. As well, I know Little pertaining to my family history. Despite my lack of knowledge, I have eagerly been attempting to place us together as we as a McInville are very few. I do know that i am the grandson of Cecil Wallace McInville originating from Darlington, SC. My father Ronald Wallace McInville (the sone of C. W. McInville) was born in Rockingham, NC. Myself, i was born in Charlotte, NC. As well, i have headr that we are related to Brady McInville, (C.W. McInville's brother, and Leonard McInville, Not sure if he would be an Uncle, Brother, Or cousin at this time. Please feel free to email me or call at 702-985-1567. Thank you sincerly, Eldon Lee McInville.

Bob Amos ::ramossr@tampabay.rr.com

In 1855, Jesse Ellis Amos and family consisting of wife, Mariah Howard Amos, sons, Robert Francis, and Jesse Thomas, daughter Isabella V moved to Reidsville, Rockingham Co.NC. The 1860 census indicates that they were still there Jesse Ellis enlisted in the 3rd Inf. Reg later to become the 13th He never returned home.

Son Robert Francis married Elizabeth Powell daughter of James and Narissa Powell of Rockingham Co on 19 Dec 1872. She died 28 Sept 1875 during childbirth as did the child. On 11 Jan 1877 she married Isabella Powell sister of wife no. 1. Both marriages took place in Rockingham Co. In 1888 the family moved to Fayetteville.

I would be very grateful for any relevent information that any one has regarding this family..

some will abstracts......listed here.
Gibson ::

Book A: 23 John ALDRIDGE will date 1 Jul 1804; probated Feb 1805 . Wife: Elisabeth ALDRIDGE . Sons: John ALDRIDGE & his son Johnathan, Jonathan ALDRIDGE . Daughters: Mary ALDRIDGE, Anne STEPS & son John STEPS, Elisabeth ALDRIDGE . Extrs: wife Elisabeth ALDRIDGE & son John ALDRIDGE . Witnesses: John WEST, Jeremiah GREEN, John LEAK ===========================================

Daniel ALLEN, will date 8 October 1799; no probate date . Wife: ?Estiah ALLEN . Daughters: Sarah, Betsey, Nanny, Rachel WILSON, & Mary MOORE . Sons: Rubin, Riley Barton/Burton, Joseph, & Daniel . Extrs: sons, Joseph and Daniel ALLEN. Witnesses: Nathl. WILLIAMS & William KINGTON. =======================================

William ASTEN, will date 20 March 1792; no probate date. Wife: Rebecca ASTEN . Son of my sister, Ann WALL: Charles Asten WALL, William Asten WALL, John WALL . Sons of my brother, George; John ASTEN, Edwin ASTEN, George ASTEN . Sons of friend Thomas HENDERSON: eldest son, Samuel & son Alexander HENDERSON. Sons of friend Samuel HENDERSON of Beaver Creek: eldest son Richard & Pleasant HENDERSON . Sons of friend Pleasand HENDERSON: James Martin & William HENDERSON Son of friend William TODD: William TODD . Son of friend James MARTIN, heretofor of Henry Co Va; James MARTIN Thomas Cardwell BRUNT Exrs: wife Rebecca, friend Pleasant HENDERSON Witnesses: P. HENDERSON Jr., Sam HENDERSON, Gideon JOHNSON, Jr. ======================================

Mary BARKER, will dated 19 Apr 1800, no probate date . Daughter: Nancy . Witnesses: Joshua SMITH, John BARKER, and Linny BARKER .


William BEAVERS, will dated 26 Jul 1788, no probate date . Wife: not named . Daughters: Abigail BEAVERS, Rebecca BEAVERS, Mary McCLELLAN, Elizabeth HUTCHISON, Anne JAMES, Hannah McCLELLAN, Sarah HAMPTON . Son: William BEAVERS (minor). Mentions land running from Spring on James GALLOWAYS land to Mayo River . Extrs: Wm.McCLELLAN, Thomas SCALES .


Jacob BEEN, will dated 15 May1797, no probate date . Wife: Peggy. Son: Charles . Extrs: Wife and Sam'l WATT . Witnesses: Luke DYER and Samuel WATT .


James BROWN, will dated 16 Sept 1774, no probate date, County of Guilford, Province of NC . Wife: Margaret BROWN . Daughter: Elizabeth BROWN . Sons: Robert BROWN, John BROWN . Four youngest children: bequeaths two hundred pounds of Pennsylvania Currency for their maintenance and education. Extrs: Wife, Margaret BROWN and son Robert BROWN Witnesses: Thomas _______, Fred ______ (names torn) .


Darby CALLAHAN, will dated 29 Mar 1787, no probate date. Wife: Monty CALLAHAN . (torn) ... ward, .... el (Edward & Ezekiel?) CALLAHAN. My sons and daughters . Extrs: Nathl. HARRIS and Ezekiel CALLAHAN Witnesses: James FITZGERALD, Ezekl. CALLAHAN, and Nancy PARISH.


John DAVIS, will dated 9 April 1790, no probate date . Wife - Sarah . Son - John DAVIS . Witnesses - John LEAK, John GIBSON .


John DEAVER, will dated 15 July 1790, Probated 19 July 1790 . Wife - Mary DEAVERS - land purchased of Isaac PEREMAN on Jacob's Creek . Children to be moved back to Maryland . Deathbed will witnesses - Isaac WHITWORTH, James McDANIEL, Mrs. Sarah SCOTT .


Thomas DILWORTH, will dated 11 Dec 1792, no probate date . Wife - Nancy DILWORTH . Son - George DILWORTH . Daughters - Jane, Elizabeth. Extrs - brothers George DILWORTH, John DILWORTH . Witnesses - Nickles SMITH, George DILWORTH, A. BOYD .


Allen DODD, will dated 30 April 1799, Probated Feb 1801 . Wife - Mary . Sons - John DODD, Nathaniel DODD . Daughters - Sarah MARTIN, Polly FIELDS, Elizabeth NORMAN, Catharin CARTER, Hannah . Grandchildren - the children of Arrel FIELDS & wife Patty . Extrs. wife Mary, son Nathaniel DODD . Witnesses - Joshua SMITH, Elijah HARRISON, Eldendan HARRIS .


James WALKER, will dated 21 July 1803, no probate date . Wife - Ann . Daughters - Jane HERRON, Betsy, Mary . Sons - William WALKER, John WALKER, Alexander WALKER & his son James, Abram WALKER . Extrs. - sons William WALKER, John WALKER . Witnesses - John ROBINSON, Robert WALKER, A. BOYD .


James WALKER, will dated 13 Dec; probated May 1806; A:31 . wife Sarah . Daughters - Mary MERRIT, Juday PHILLIPS, Suannah FARE, Betty MORGAN, Maggy WEBSTER, Oney SCALES, & Lucy JONES . Sons - John WALKER, William WALKER, & Abner WALKER . Extrx. - son Abner WILLIAMS, & Peter SCALES . Witnesses - Funney WALL, James HUNTER, & Robt. WALL .


William WALKER, will dated 13 Dec 1800, Probated Feb 1801 . Wife - Mary . Sons - William, Abram, Samuel . Daughters - Rachel, Mary MINZIERS & her daughter Ann . Grandson - William, son of William, $30 . William CONNER - $30 . Walter MARTIN - $30 . Extrs. - sons William & Abram. Witness - A. BOYD .


Claybourn WALL, will dated 21 July 1802, no probate date . Wife - Agga . Daughter - Elly WALL . Child my wife is pregnant with. Extrs. - Wife, Moses LOMAX . Witnesses - Anna SAUNDERS, John WALL, Peter WALL .


James WARDLOW, will dated 6 May 1790, no probate date . wife Elizabeth WARDLOW . Sons - Patrick, James & John WARDLOW . Daughter - Jean . Extrs. - Elizabeth & James WARDLOW. Witnesses - Anges HERRON, Samuel HERRON, Thos. POUND .


Samuel WATT, Sr, will dated 21 Sept 1792, no probate date . Samuel WATT, son of John WATT . Samuel WATT, son of Samuel WATT, my executor Nephew - John WATT . Extr. - my nephew, Samuel WATT . Witnesses - John ODELL, Richard BETHELL, Will. BETHILL .


Samuel WATT, will dated 28 October 1802, no probate date . Wife - Jean . Sons - John WATT, Samuel WATT, James WATT, Absolum WATT, Hugh WATT, Thopson WATT . Daughters - Peggy WATT, Polly BETHILL, Rebecah WILSON & her son Sam. Extrs. - wife Jean, sons John & Samuel WATT . Witnesses - Ezekiel JONES, Charles MITCHELL.


William WATSON, will dated 14 Jan 1791, no probate date . Wife - Sarah . Daughters - Mary CRAWFORD, Fanny & Thieney JORDAIN . Son - John Harmon WATSON . Witnesses - William WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Betsy HENSLEY .


Benjamin WEBB, will dated 4 April 1799, Probated Sept. 1801 . Wife - Rhodea . Daughter - Livency WEBB. Sons - Gilistrap WEBB- land purch. from Christopher VANDERGRIFF, David WEBB, Benjamin WEBB, Samuel WEBB, Merideth WEBB, Larrince WEBB. Extr. - William JONES. Witnesses - Thomas WEBB, Joshua LEE, A. BOYD .


Solomon WEBSTER, will dated 21 June 1796, no probate date. Wife - Heney. Sons - William, Jessee, Isekel, Extrs. - wife Heney WEBSTER, son William WEBSTER. Witnesses - Walter MARTIN, Ann LORD.


Solomon WEST, will dated 24 Feb 1787,no probate date. Wife - Youffa . Daughter - Rachel . Sons - Allen, eldest but still a minor, Solomon, John . Extrs. - wife Youffa, Rich. ROSSELL . Witnesses - Peter PERKINS, Andrew MARTIN, John HAINES .


Hedgebeth WHITE, will dated 9 Feb 1798, no probate date . Daughters- Elizabeth WHITE, Polly, Nancy, Patsey Sons - Robert WHITE, John WHITE. Extrs. - son John WHITE, friend SIMON CARLILE of Caswell County . Witnesses - Robert WHITE, P. HARDEN, J. CHARTERS.


Aaron WILLIAMS, Jr., will dated 13 Sep 1794, no probate date . Son - Drury WILLIAMS . Daughter - Luice WALL . Grandsons- ARON WILLIAMS, Clabourn WILLIAMS, Jno. WALL, John WILLIAMS . Granddaughters - Miller WALL, Beck WALL, Nancy WALL, Charlotte WILLIAMS . Extrs. - son Drewry, son-in-law Jno. WALL . Witnesses - R. GALLAWAY, Rich. SHARPE, Sr.


Isaac WILLIAMS, will dated 6 Feb 1802, no probate date . Leases land, rent free, to John BARROCK/BARNWICK as long as a third part of what he makes on the rest of the land goes to Isaac WILLIAMS or his heirs. Witnesses - Israel McCARROLL, John SANDS .


Joseph WILLIAMS, will dated 15 July 1788, no probate date. Wife - Sarah WILLIAMS All my children . Extrs. - wife Sarah WILLIAMS, son-in-law James MACCOMACK . Witnesses - Rebecca BLAKE, John FREDRICK, R. NICKOLS.


Nathaniel WILLIAMS, will dated 1 Dec 1803; probated May 1805 . Wife - Ann WILLIAMS . Daughters - Polly, Betsey, Rebecca & Lucinda . Sons - Nath'l WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Marmaduke WILLIAMS, & Robt WILLIAMS . Exrs. - sons Robert WILLIAM, Maraduke WILLIAMS, & wife Ann WILLIAMS. Witnesses - John NANCE, Wm. NANCE, & Frederick NANCE .


William WILLIAMS, will dated 2 June 1783, no probate date Guildord Co, NC . wife . Sons - John WILLIAMS, James WILLIAMS, William Taylor WILLIAMS . Daughters - Margret APPLETON, Nancey FOOT, Elender APPLETON, Susanner HARDEN, Jeane WILLIAMS, Frances WILLIAMS . Extrs. - sons James & William WILLIAMS . Witnesses - Elisha RICE, Henry HARDEN .


Aquilla WILSON, no dates wife Sons - Jesse, Abel, John, Amos, Aquilla WILSON Daughters - Hannah PAYNE & her 3 daugthers, Ann VINENT, Betsy BROOCH, Sarah MARK/MACK Grandson - Aq. MARK/MACK Extrs. - wife, sons Abel WILSON, John WILSON, & William WILSON


Adam WINDER, will dated 17 Sep 1802, no probate date Wife - Mary Children - Elizabeth, Hannah, Reform, Faith, Hope, Epenctus? Extrs. - friends John FORREST, Soloman MITCHEL ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Connie ::deutschalan@bellsouth.net

I would like info on a place called Goinstown. Thanks, Connie ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Patrick Price
Janice Neighbor ::spellbound@pgtc.com

Patrick Price b1809 Rockingham, d1891 Arkansas, mar Sarah Frances Goolsby abt 1836- Patrick is son of Thomas Jr1765-1836?? Family talks of Rose Bank Farm in NC and Cool Water, VA, Thomas is son of Thomas Sn 1732-1792 born?Pittsylvania, VA, died Pitts,VA mar (1) Sarah Baldwin 25 Sep 1752 Pitts,VA died30Jun 1777 Pitts,VA (2) Mary? Any info would be greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Traynum Family
JoAn Trentham ::joan.trentham@gmail.com

William Traynum and his brother Reuben Traynum are listed in the Rockingham 1790 census. Does anyone have information about these families? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Nickell
Susan Burkhardt ::sctb35@sbcglobal.net

I would like to findthe cemetery where my ancestor, James Nickell, is buried. He was born in 1735 and died in 1796. The information of his burial is only Rockingham County. Is there any way that I can find the cemetery? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

1800-1830 residents
Sharon Atkins Lockett ::salockett@aol.com

Looking for families in Rockingham County 1800-1830 who married ATKINS: BARBER, CARSON, HARRIS, HERON, MOORE, MULLINS, WARDLOW, WHITTEMORE/WHITAMORE/WHITMORE. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Beaufort/Pitt Co Little Family
pauline little ::paulinecanter@comcast.net

Merry Christmas to All, We recently learned that our GGGGrandfather William Little migrated from Thompsonville, Rockingham County, NC to Shelby Co, TN. We are looking to contact any Little or Williams family from that area ca 1800-1832. Thank you, P Little Brentwood, TN ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Great Great Grandmother
Barbara Ross Watts ::yona39@sbcglobal.net

Please help if you can,no one has found any family of Great Great Grandmother Delila Jones married Andrew D.Ross Jan 1838 in Rockingham,NC was recorded as late find of records. I'am having a DNA done, to go along with our genealogy and picture album for my children. Also do not have any information on Mary Jane "Jincy"Spiva from South Carolina. married Henry Green. Great Great Grandmother Jane S.Price from SC. Would appreciate any information on our brick wall. Barbara ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bev ::hisdogbo@aol.com

Looking for parents of BENJAMIN WEBB & date he was born & where. Benjamin's Will dated 4 Apr 1799 & probated Sept 1801 Rockingham Co. N.C. He married RHODEA (don't know her maiden name). Had children: Samuel Webb

Gillstrap Webb b. abt 1770 d. abt 1840 Rockingham Co. N.C.

Dred Webb b. 1770 N.C. married Sarah

Benjamin Webb b. 1792 married Elizabeth

Meredith Webb b. 2 Jan 1793 d. 28 Jun 1824 Rockingham Co. N.C. m. Rachel GREEN b. 6 Nov 1792 N.C. d. 17 Dec 1821 Roickilngham, N.C. They are both buried in Haw Presbyterian Cemetery which is on private land behind a tobacco field (we saw their tombstones)

Larrince Webb

Livencey Webb ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bev ::hisdogbo@aol.com

Need to know PARENTS OF RACHEL GREEN. They might be EDWARD GREEN b.19 Jun 1762 d. 22 May 1835 buried in Friendship United Methodist Church Cemetery

Wife MARGARET GREEN b. 16 Dec 1769 d. 16 Jul 1840--Friendship United Methodist Church Cemetery. TRYING TO PROVE they had daughter RACHEL GREEN. Rachel died before they did so she isn't listed in their will. RACHEL GREEN b. 6 Nov 1792 N.C. d. 17 Dec 1821 m. MEREDITH WEBB b. 2 Jan 1793 d. 28 Jun 1824 Rockingham Co. Both are buried in Haw Presbyterian Cemetery--on private land behind tobacco field near Wentworth N.C.

MARGARET GREEN'S Will mentions son R.J., G.D., Jame& William & daughter Jane--Witnesses were Samplett Webb (son of Meredith Webb) & William G. Webb (son of Gillstrap Web who is Meredith's brother) ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Joshua Smith
Howard Sparks ::howardsparks50@hotmail.com

Does anyone have information on Joshua Smith? I see his name with James Hunter a lot of times in wills. Was he an attorney in the Madison/Mayodan area? Any family info? Thanks. Howard Sparks ----------------------------------------------------------------------

James Nickell
Susan Burkhardt ::sctb35@sbcglobal.net

Looking for burial place of James Nickell born 1735, died 1796. Also am trying to find the location of the Lowe Methodist Church Cememtery in Rockingham County ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: McInville family in Rockingham
Beverly (nee McInville) ::bcp50@webtv.net 292

I may not be much help. I had an uncle "James Leonard McInville" raised in Rockingham, NC; born in Darlington, sc. Father: Aaron James or James Aaron Mcinville Mother: Sally Dixon Siblings: Cecil Wallace; Brady William; Ida Mae; Edith(?); Louise(?). Many listed in the Social Security Death Index, but I do not know if or how they are linked. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

the old m.p cummings general store
samuel c schlosser ::sgtsam_2000@yahoo.com

Yes, I would like to find out exactly where the old m.p. cummings general store built in 1879 in midway rockingham county stood? Could someone let me know, I would appreciate this information. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

William, or son George A. Little
Pauline Little ::paulinecanter@comcast.net

Seeking any information on William Little family that migrated to Shelby County, TN 1832....sons George A. & William Warren born in Rockingham County, NC Thanks

Eliza Norton Vernon
Sam Vernon ::vernonsm147@wmconnect.com

I am interested in information re' Eliza Norton who married Henry Vernon in 1851 in Rockingham Co. Henry was killed at Spotsylvania Court House in 1864. After Henry was killed in 1864 Eliza who was my great grandmother had two more children, one in 1865 and my grandfather Charles R. Vernon in 1868. My cousins and I are naturally interested in who our real greatfather actually was. We would also like to know more about Eliza such as who her parents were and etc. Thanks! Sam Vernon 1118 Snider St Marion, VA 24354

Becky Carden ::rec@hiwaay.net

I was wondering, if anyone had any information on an Alexander Woodson.

He is found on the 1850 census for Rockingham Co. N.C., as the head of household.

It says, that he had a daughter named Analiza, or something like this, and she was nine years old.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Becky Carden

Re: Isaac Conley/Conlee
dan rice cote ::danricecote@yahoo.com 357

I've just started a little serious work on an Isaac Conley - my ggdad, father of David Ezekiel Conley, f/o Bettie Susan Conley(1930-1997) (m. Joseph Rice). The line traces back thru Capt. Henry Connelly - or, at least, that's the story I've been given. I didn't find my birth family 'til late 2003 (50 yrs after my adoption). Will gladly share if I find news. You can see what I currently have at www.tribalpages.com keyword dogg. Regards at this late date.

Peggy Shaffer ::shaffer73304@msn.com 481

I responded to rootsweb Webb inquiry. I am related thru Dred Webb. -

MOXLEY - SPURLIN(G) abt 1790s
Rod Moxley ::randsmoxley@comcast.net no IP_ADDRESS dialup- PREVIOUS>

MOXLEY - SPURLIN(G) abt 1790s

My g-g/fthr THOMAS HUNTER MOXLEY b. 1837 Sparta, NC, rprtd that ancestors NATHANIEL (ship capt) brought bros. NATHANIEL, WILLIAM, DANIEL and THOMAS from England in 1757, stayed in Charleston for one yr, then settled among the Waxhaw Indians in NC on the Catawbaw R. until after the Rev. War, then moved up into Rockingham Co., abt. 5 mi. NW of the Blue Ridge Mts. One of those moving was WILLIAM MOXLEY who married the dtr. (MARY) of a Baptist Prchr named SPURLING who founded the first church & mill in that area. ANY INFO ON THESE PERSONS WOULD BE APRECIATED.

Re: Crowder Family
lisa ::lisabural@yahoo.com 18

Hello, I am researching Green T. Simpson born 1795 in Va. and died in Gentry county, Indiana. He married Hannah Edlaman (Note Edlaman is spelt many different ways) in 1822 in Harrison county, Kentucky. They moved to Henry County, Indiana and had all their kids there except the first one, Lousia C. Simpson. But between the year 1870 and 1878, they moved with their married kids to Gentry County, Missouri. Green T. Simpson died in 1878 . He is buried in Nodaway county, Missouri because it used to be Gentry county, Missouri when he died. They changed the boundaries. Can you tell me anything? Lisa

Re: Crowder Family
lisa ::lisabural@yahoo.com 18

Hello, I am researching Green T. Simpson born 1795 in Va. and died in Gentry county, Indiana. He married Hannah Edlaman (Note Edlaman is spelt many different ways) in 1822 in Harrison county, Kentucky. They moved to Henry County, Indiana and had all their kids there except the first one, Lousia C. Simpson. But between the year 1870 and 1878, they moved with their married kids to Gentry County, Missouri. Green T. Simpson died in 1878 . He is buried in Nodaway county, Missouri . But because it used to be Gentry county, Missouri. After he died. They changed the boundaries. But there is a Peter and Elizabeth Simpson there in the 1870 gentry county, census, along with their son Green Simpson. But I have found them to be from North Carolina. Can you tell me anything? Lisa


THOMAS family 1700s 1800s
Marilyn ::GNEOLOG@aol.com no IP_ADDRESS dialup- PREVIOUS>

I am trying to figure out which of the Thomas family in early Guilford/Rockingham County, NC belong to me --- I know lots of luck, huh. Anyway, I need to know if anyone knows anything about the division of land from large acreage to numbered lots or where I might get this info.

I have these original deeds for John Thomas. 11-10-1778 Warrant North Carolina Guilford Co., NC DB 2/90 # 523 to John Thomas, 640 acres on head of Whetstone Creek. Joining his own land Grant # 202 issued 11/13/1779 (Note: Date of Warrant versus date of grant. This was the FIRST Warrant found for this family.

11-21-1778 Warrant North Carolina Guilford Co., NC DB 2/319 # 708 John Thomas for 100 acres on both sides of Tomlins Branch joining his own land on the North Grant # 522 issued October 22, 1782. Adj. John Gann and Michael Thomas

11-13-1779 Grant North Carolina Guilford Co., NC DB 2 /74 # 112 to John Thomas, 640 acres on both sides of Sharps Creek of the Dan River

So as far as the info that I have, John Thomas owned 1380 acres of land -- even though History book blurb says 1580 acres

I can account for most of this land leaving a balance of between 374 -530 unaccounted for

Now to my question: the estate of Lewis Thomas was settled in 1817 with his land left in Lots# 1 - 12 to his descendants. What size were lots and how many acres would 12 lots represent. Wish I had more info to help but that is all that I recieved other than the file box number for his estate at the State library

Any and all help appreciated. Take care. Marilyn

Re: Crowder Family
Donald R. Simposn ::DSMPSN@msn.com 514

Lisa, Peter & Elizabeth Simpson of the 1870 census Gentry Co., MO, are my gt grandparents. They lived in the northern part of Gentry County and were not related to the Simpsons who lived in the southern part of Gentry County. In the newsletter titled "The Simpson Clan" published by Wenona Williams (see www.nonawilliams.com)in vol. 8, no. 2, fall, 1992, was a listing for your Green T. & Hannah Simpson sent by Vickie Houston, St. Joseph, MO. In it she said that Green died 8 June, 1878, in DeKalb Co., MO. Dekalb adjoins Gentry Co. on the south. Both Gentry and DeKalb were formed in 1845 from Clinton County. Nodaway was never part of Gentry County, but was also formed in 1845 from Andrew County. -

Re: Allens of Rockingham County, N.C.
Larry Choplin ::LChoplin@cox.net 260

Do you know of any living Male Allen descendants of Joseph Allen Jr who died 1846 in Rockingham Co NC? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Allen descendants
George Allen ::gallen4@bellsouth.net http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=clockman http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=clockman

I am looking to contact any living male descendants of Joseph Allen Jr of Rockingham co. NC. If you are a living descendant please contact me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

David Sharpe
Pat Rydman ::rydpat@yahoo.com

Looking for parents of David Sharpe B. 28 apr 1883 in N.C. Lived in Rockingham County, New Bethel in 1880 in home of Seth Sharp as a hiredhand. Could have been his uncle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Isham C. Browder will
Mark Browder ::wyzardofwor@netzero.net

My ancestor, Isham C. Browder, is supposed to have made a will which was probated about 1832. I have no idea what deed book or page it would be on in the records. Can someone help me obtain a copy of this and any other related documents that may be run across, like property disbursement. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Thomas family
Marilyn Hansen ::Gneolog@aol.com

I am interested in trying to put the different people with Thomas surnames in Rockingham Co in late 1700's into their respective family groups. I have a Quaker family of Lewis, James and John and a father, son of John and Michael. However others were in the area also. Thanks. Marilyn Thomas Hansen ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Genealogy Meeting ADMIN>AdminPost
Lisa Smith ::southernkid@kimbanet.com no IP_ADDRESS dialup- PREVIOUS>

Genealogy Meeting

I would like to invite everyone to our Genealogy meeting at Mayodan Public Library this Sunday, April 2 at 2:30pm - 4:00pm; the speaker will be Bob Carter a well known historian of Rockingham County.

Also please remember our Spring Swap Meeting that is also coming up April 29, 2006, at the Sauratown Fire Station with is on Hwy 66 (Stokes Co.) near King, NC, from 9:00am-4:00pm. Bring your research, photos etc. to share and hopefully find some new cousins. There will be allot of information from around the area for your research. A copying machine is also provided for use (5 cents per copy to help defer cost).

All is free and open to everyone, with light refreshments provided.

Lisa Smith

Education/Publicity Committee Chairman

Genealogical Society of Rockingham & Stokes Counties NC

Barbara Hutcherson ::barbara_hutcherson@yahoo.com

Hello. I am trying to find the name and contact information for a Rockingham county newspaper. Can someone help me?

Re: SAMUEL DALTON, SR. (1699-1806)
Gwen Neumann ::gwenneu7@msn.com no IP_ADDRESS pool-72-64-96-21.dllstx.fios.verizon.net PREVIOUS>303

I presume that you know that the Moore house where he is said to be buried is still standing. I do have pictures of that. Gwen

Walker Family Tree
Sandra Hankins ::sandra.hankins@comcast.net

I am looking for infomation on my grandfather, William Thomas Walkder, born July 15, 1884 in Rockingham Co., NC on Mayfield Road. He married Annie Elizabeth Ferguson on July 6, 1904 and moved to Pittsylvania County, VA.

Any information would be appreciated.

BENTON, George & Eugene Stacey BENTON
Doris Benton Snow ::dsnow99864@surry.net no IP_ADDRESS dialup- PREVIOUS>

benton family

Would love to know more about the benton familyfrom Rockingham county.

My dad was George Benton, his dad was Eugene Stacey benton. Would like for you to contact me. Thanks very much .


Re: MOXLEY - SPURLIN(G) abt 1790s
jenny smith ::jenny13ball@hotmail.com 512

GRANVILLE COUNTY, NC - MISCELLANEOUS -Tax List, 1753 William Moxley |1| http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/nc/granville/court/tax1753.txt

GRANVILLE COUNTY, NC - MISCELLANEOUS- Tax List 1757 William Moxley 1


Rockingham, NC 1790 U.S. Census 531B MOXLEY Nathl



Bird Jackson
Tony King Payne ::sega@rhinotimes.com

Anyone have any information on Bird Jackson who was listed as an inmate on the 1900 us census for rockingham county, NC. In 1910, his wife was listed as a widow. He may have died in prison.

Willibee Watson/Dillie Nash
Peg Biever ::pjbiever@att.net

I am interested in any information regarading Willibee Watson b. 1806 NC and Dillie Watson b. 1810. Thank you,

Re: Crowder Family
lisa ::lisabural@yahoo.com 517

Hi, I finally got the message. Do you know a greenup simpson and leonora eddleman? It is the same people as Green T. Simpson and Hannah Edleman/eddleman. Lisa

greenup simpson and leonora hannah edleman/eddlema
lisa ::lisabural@yahoo.com

hello, I am researching Greenup T. Simpson born 1795 and Leonora Edleman / Eddleman born 1800-02. they are also known as Grren T. Simpson and Hannah Edleman.

John Henderson
Orval Henderson ::olhmilitia@sbc.net no IP_ADDRESS adsl-69-154-32-106.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net PREVIOUS>

John Henderson and wife, Lucy Paris appear on the 1790 U.S. Census. Their first six boys all moved to Wayne County Indiana with names of Hubbard, Agrippa, Samuel, richard, Joseph, etc. Need more information, anything, on John and his father, where they lived, where they came from, etc.

Re: Rockingham Cemetaries
Silas G Sykes ::sykes@adelphia.net 257

I would like to know where the Grogan cemetary is located at. Thanks!

Johnny Mack McGhin" born abt. 1818
Jim Cheshire ::jcheshire@sw.rr.com no IP_ADDRESS nc-76-2-37-54.dhcp.sprint-hsd.net PREVIOUS>

Re: Sylvia Johnson McGhin Obit in Obits Forum

Searching for info on "The Family Of Johnny Mack McGhin" born abt. 1818 in Ireland.

Alman, Allman, Almond
deb ::dayboe@yahoo.com

Searching for Adam Alman (who married Mary?).


Ratliff Family
Deborah Stephens ::Hoeleeschitt@netscape.com

I was hoping that someone from Rockingham County, might possibly know my Fathers Family. I have long since lost contact with my extended family when my Father passed away years ago. I am hoping to find out whether my Grandmother, Dolly V. Ratliff who lived on Live Oak Road in Reidsville is still living. I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone might have regarding my Family. Thank you in advance.

Re: Dearmin
ricardodearmin ::ricardodearmin@yahoo.com 114

hello, my name is ricardo dearmin and i grew upin detroit,mi my grandfathers name was robert dearmin and he was from n.carolina

Nancy Clifton
Kathy Clifton ::chatykat@infionline.net

Can anyone give me any further information on NANCY CLIFTON on the 1790 census for Rockingham County, NC. With two people, one female and one male over 16.

Appreciate any help at all.


Re: Robertson, Lemon
Page Robertson ::page@ropress.com 136

I am also looking for the parents and any other descendants of John Dillard Robertson(8/27/1828-10/11/1896)m.(12/19/1859) Eliza Susan Pratt (3/18/1838-4/17/1901)

Pleasant Webb
Larry Loiselle ::ditvenet@hotmail.com

A lady told me that when she was in the Rockingham NC genealogy library last week, she came upon an old book about the "Pleasant" or "Pleasants Family"

Remembering my long quest, she took a peek in it, and in sort of a footnote, a Pleasant Webb was listed -it was a very old book and she had forgotten my reading glases, so that was about all she saw.

Does anyone have access to this book or know of any Webb-Pleasant(s) connections in Rockingham NC? My Pleasant Webb was born ca 1760-1765 (place unknown). Help?


John Coleman
Linda Steele-Green ::lsteele@yadtel.net

I have a great great grandfather who was born in North Carolina. I found two John Colemans, one of which was in Rockingham County. I am off work tomorrow and want to drive up there to see if perhaps my relative came from there. Where should I go to research the info.?

Mabes of Rockingham, Stokes, and Henry Co.
goudy kellar ::goudykellar@alltel.net no IP_ADDRESS nc-76-2-37-54.dhcp.embarqhsd.net PREVIOUS>

I live in Ohio and am trying to ancestry of my great great grandfather. Most clues point to Irisburg, Henry Co. VA., Montgomery Co., VA , Rockingham Col, N.C. and Stokes, Co., NC

So far I can only trace back to my gg grandfather Edward Lafayette Mabes, Sr. born abt 1798-1809 (also listed sometimes as Edmund or Edmond Lafayette Mabes, Sr.) I am trying to find out where he was born and who his parents were. I do know some of his children were born in Henry Co. and his second wife is buried in Henry Co.

Census records for his son Edward list parents as born in VA. Family notes indicated he had a brother named Reuben but I can't confirm that. I have spent hundreds of hours online trying to find Edward Lafayette Mabes, Sr. and his ancestry but have come to a brick wall.

Any information or suggestions on how to proceed greatly appreciated Nancy Mabes Kellar 288 S. Granger St. Granville, OH 43023

Email: goudykellar@alltel.net _________________________________________________________________________

I have collected these records in my research:

E L Sr. married Elizabeth (Mary) Travis Feb. 18, 1822 in Pittsylvania VA, near Henry Co. and then EL Sr married Lucinda Roach 1809, supposed to be buried in Boxwood Cemetery, Henry Co,. married in either Henry Co., VA or Rockingham Co NC Aug. 23, 1843

Edward and Lucinda's children were:

1. Edward Lafayette, Jr. b. 1834 Irisburg Henry Co VA --MY GREAT GRANDFATHER, died Nov 11, 1912 in Spray Rockingham, NC, buried in Woodland Cemetery, Madison, Rockingham, NC son of EL Sr. and Lucinda Roach.

2. Mary Jane b. abt 1835, d. abt 1916

3. Sarah for Sallie b. 1837 ?

4. Lucinda Grace "Milly" b. abt. 1840 , d. Axton, Henry Co.

5. Caroline b. 1842-1846 Henry Co. d. abt 1914

6. John b. abt 1844, d.1869 Henry Co. see burial below in Rank Isley Cemetery (formerly Pankey Cemetery) Rt. 650, Irisburg Rd.

Lucinda Mabes shows up on 1860 & 1870 Henry Co. census with some of their children, their sons Edward, my great grandfather is on 1860 Henry Co. census, and possible brother Reuben is on 1860 and 1880 census. (See below)

Reuben Mabes married Nancy Gilley Jan. 4, 1821


Surname GivenName Age Sex Race Birthplace State County Location Year


1860 farmer 1000 value real estate, 300 value personal property Nancy Mabe age 63 Adam Gilley age 90 laborer Wm. Hale? age 26 john manor age 8 ALL BORN IN VA



overseer, value per prop 60

Ann Mabes age 23

James B. Mabes age 1

ALL BORN VA ________________________________________________________________


Caroline age 16, born NC

John age 12 born NC _______________________________________________________________

1870 Henry Co census MABES LUCINDA 64 F W VA VA HENRY LEATHERWOOD TWP 1870 keeping house Caroline Mabes age 25 at home

Sarah age 6/12? at home All born VA

RootsWeb.com Biship/Fentress site lists Edward Lafayete Sr.'s death burial as Stoneville, NC and lists his father as William Mabes born 1796 (no other info)

RootsWeb Nance family site lists father of EL Sr. as William Mabes, born 1796, with note that William may have come from Scotland to Yorktown with is two brothers, spouse unknown. Lists William's Children as Edward Lafayette Sr. born 1809 and Reuben (no other info) Notes provided by Joyce Chambers?

However, these facts conflict with NC Mabe family online descendancy by Jim Mabe on RootsWeb.com. ___________________________________________________________________________

1870 and 1880 censuses show Edward L. Mabes Jr. and wife Zeriah Barker and children as in Montgomery Co. Virginia where my grandfather was born. Records are pretty clear after this. MARRIAGE RECORDS FOUND:


General Index  to Marriage-Henry County, Va ....Males          Mabes, Edward  21 yrs     Barker, Zeriah M.   21 yrs  August 17, 1858   Bk 1  Pg 6

        Parents:  Edmond & Lucinda Mabes                     J. M. & M. A. Barker

        Resident:  Henry County

        Officiated:  Joseph H. Eanes


THOMPSON FAMILY CEMETARY  - Located in the Leaksville township on the north side of Price Grange Road (#1516) between Peach and Holly roads. This cemetary is located beside a barn east of a white house where Josephine Carter lives. The cemetary could be seen from the road in the winter but would be hard to spot in the summer because of the undergroth. Recorded 21 Feb 1999 vy Linda C. and Landon Vernon.

  MABES, E. L.  1810  -   1844   In Memorial Thompson, T. A.  10 Dec 1841  -  19 Feb 1914 Nichols, Chas. H. 15 May 1906  =  22 March 1914 Thompson, Herbert Hoover  19 Nov 1928  -  23 Jan 1929

Thompson, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. William Henry Thompson. Died 9 Feb 1955.  (funeral home marker)

_______. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. ___________, died 17 July ____, age 0  -  0  (funeral home marker) R. V. C.   (round rock) There are probably 20 other graves here marked with field stones.



(Formerly known as PANKEY CEMETERY) Location: Rt. 650 (Irisburg Rd.) east of Rt. 625

John E. Mabes

b. 1844, d. 1869 Possibly son of Edward L. Mabes, Sr. who was my great great grandfather _______________________________________________________________________________


MABES FAMILY CEMETERY Location: Rt. 700, 1/2 mile west of Cascade Mill Rd. (Pittsylvania Co.), approximately 1/2 mile down dirt road in woods. Road has a barrier across it put there by the lumber company that owns the land.

Rufus R. Mabes b. 1886, d. 1974 (son of William F. Mabes & Mollie Jo Nance Mabes)

Miss Mellie Mabes b. 1892, d. 1964 (dau. of William F. Mabes & Mollie Jo Nance Mabes)

Charles R. Mabes b. June 11, 1892, d. March 24, 1903 (son of John H. & Mary Mabes) Eddie Mabes b. July 29, 1890, d. October 26, 1908

Infant of W. F. Mabes b. August 22, 1902, d. December 22, 1902

William F. Mabes b. January 10, 1862, d. May 7, 1916 (son of Edmund Lafayette Mabes II & Zeriah Margaret Barker Mabes)




Location: About 100 ft. on right side off Rt. 610 (Axton Rd.), 2.8 mile north of Rt. 650 (Irisburg Rd.)

Carl Ralph Ferguson b. August 5, 1926, d. June 3, 1927 Julia F. Barker b. June 10, 1864, d. April 12, 1927 (Elizabeth Julia "Frances" Mabes Barker, wife of Henry H. Barker & dau. of Edmund L. Mabes, II & Zeriah Barker)

descendants of Thomas Moore
Judy Forth ::jforth@polytainersinc.com

I hope you can help. I'm looking for descendants of Thomas Moore. He was born in Ireland. He died in 1797 in Rockingham, NC. The information I have is that his father was Francis Moore. Anything you can help me with would be appreciated. Please write me at jforth@polytainersinc.com.

Pat Chaney ::imchaney2@comcast.net

Looking for info on Chaneys circa 1790, particularly William and Samuel or any Chaney will do..

Spencer Martin d1795
Jeff Martin ::deacon@hotmail.com

Hi. I saw the following posting on a Davidson County message board regarding a direct ancestor of mine. Anyone know where "loose papers of Rockingham County" live? Is anyone familiar with this Martin line? Thanks in advance.


++++++++ I'm pasting in a transcript of a settlement paper from the estate papers folder for James Martin. These papers and his will are available in the NC State Archives in Raleigh. James was married as an old man (72) to the 19 year old Mary Regina Fuller. His marriage license gives Spencer Martin as his father. I can find a Spencer Martin in Rockingham county in 1790 and in loose papers of Rockingham county I can find where he was arrested, tried and hung for horse theft in 1795. My assumption is that he is the father of James but I have never been able to find any information to prove that.
++++++++++++++ ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Pratt family
Robert Irons ::tbfyou@comcast.net

I would like the help of anyone that can help me trace the Pratt family. My Grandmother is Eunice Gold Pratt ( Baden ) born 1-11-1904 Rockingham,NC.

Re: Pratt family
jenny smith ::jenny13ball@hotmail.com 552

1910 United States Federal Census Record Name: Eunice G Pratt Age in 1910: 6 Estimated birth year: abt 1904 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Race: White Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Relation to Head of House: Daughter Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina; Roll: T624_1130; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 159; Image: 326.

Name: Martin F Pratt Age in 1910: 30 Estimated birth year: abt 1880 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Race: White Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Relation to Head of House: Head Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Father's Birth Place: North Carolina

Name: Gold Pratt Age in 1910: 31 Estimated birth year: abt 1879 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Race: White Gender: Female Marital Status: Married Relation to Head of House: Wife Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Father's Birth Place: North Carolina

Name: William P Pratt Age in 1910: 4 Estimated birth year: abt 1906 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Race: White Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Relation to Head of House: Son Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Father's Birth Place: North Carolina

Name: Phillip H Pratt Age in 1910: 1 Estimated birth year: abt 1909 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Race: White Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Relation to Head of House: Son Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Father's Birth Place: North Carolina

1920 United States Federal Census Record Name: Eunice Pratt Age: 16 years Estimated birth year: abt 1904 Birthplace: North Carolina Race: White Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Sex: Female Marital status: Single Relation to Head of House: Daughter Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Image: 693 Source Citation: Year: 1920; Census Place: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina; Roll: T625_1317; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 211; Image: 693.

Pratt Martin F Head 42 NC

Mary G Wife 42 NC

Eunice Daug 16 NC

Paul Son 13 NC

Phillip Son 11 NC

Mary M Daug 7 NC

Ruth Daug 5 NC

Mark son NC

Name: Eunice P. Baden SSN: Last Residence: 21054 Gambrills, Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States of America Born: 11 Jan 1904 Died: 23 May 2002 State (Year) SSN issued: Maryland


birth certificate
Lynn Hollingsworth ::lynn.hollingsworth@bellsouth.com

I am searching for the birth record of Annie Bryant. She was born approximately 1881 in Riedsville.

Martin family research
Janelda Davis ::zwdavis@wtxs.net

I am checking to see if there has been a response to my James Martin or Enoch Martin line.

train wrecks
cathy adams ::curve372005@yahoo.com

I was involved in a car accident involving a trian in april of 1973 near the mounment in reidsville n.c.I have been trying to find any information concerning this matter. I was four years old at the time .My sister was christy michelle phillips and my father robert franklin phillips were also in the accident .Any information would br greatly appreciated.

John A. Reid ::jareid1@cox.net

Looking for information on James Roland Austin, born abt. 1844. Also his sons, Earnest Edward (1879) and Bringle Oliver (1883). Thanks, John A. Reid

Re: Pratt family
jenny smith ::jenny13ball@hotmail.com 552

1910 United States Federal Census Record Name: Eunice G Pratt Age in 1910: 6 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1904 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Daughter Father's Name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Name: Gold Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Marital Status: Single Race: White Gender: Female Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina; Roll: T624_1130; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 159; Image: 326.

Name: Martin F Pratt Age in 1910: 30 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1880 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Head Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Spouses's Name: Gold Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Marital Status: Married Race: White Gender: Male

Name: Gold Pratt Age in 1910: 31 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1879 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Wife Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Spouses's Name: Martin F Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Marital Status: Married Race: White Gender: Female

Name: William P Pratt Age in 1910: 4 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1906 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Son Father's Name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Name: Gold Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Marital Status: Single Race: White Gender: Male

Name: Phillip H Pratt Age in 1910: 1 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1909 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Son Father's Name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Name: Gold Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Home in 1910: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Marital Status: Single Race: White Gender: Male

1920 United States Federal Census Record Name: Eunice Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 16 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1904 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Daughter Father's name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's name: Mary G Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Single Race: White Sex: Female Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 693 Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina; Roll: T625_1317; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 211; Image: 693.

Name: Martin F Pratt [Martin T Pratt] Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 42 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Head Spouses's Name: Mary G Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Married Race: White Sex: Male Home owned: Own Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 693

Name: Mary G Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 42 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Wife Spouses's Name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Married Race: White Sex: Female Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 693

Name: Paul Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 13 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1907 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Son Father's name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's name: Mary G Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Single Race: White Sex: Male Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 693

Name: Philip Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 11 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1909 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Son Father's name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's name: Mary G Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Single Race: White Sex: Male Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 693

Name: Mary M Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 7 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1913 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Daughter Father's name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's name: Mary G Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Single Race: White Sex: Female Image: 693

Name: Ruth Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 5 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1915 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Daughter Father's name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's name: Mary G Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Single Race: White Sex: Female Image: 693

Name: Mark Pratt Home in 1920: Mayo, Rockingham, North Carolina Age: 2 years 9 months Estimated Birth Year: abt 1917 BirthPlace: North Carolina Relation to Head of House: Son Father's name: Martin F Father's Birth Place: North Carolina Mother's name: Mary G Mother's Birth Place: North Carolina Marital status: Single Race: White Sex: Male Image: 693


Mills/Wheeler 1821-1839
Patsy Taylor ::PJPTaylor@aol.com

Searching for any information about Mills in Rockingham County, NC during 1821-1839. I am looking for William Washington Mills and family. His wife was named Catherine and her parents, Ezekiel and Johanna Wheeler were also in the area. Children of William and Catherine were born in Rockingham but I can find no trace of the family in the census. They moved from Dorchester Maryland to the Rockingham area. After William's death abt 1839, Catherine takes her children and moves to MS with her siblings......and shows up there in 1847. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Patsy

Taylors in Rockingham Co
Brenda Babcock ::eslbab@localnet.com

Does any one have any infor regarding any Taylors or Taylor Cemeteries in northern Rockingham Co.? Am searching for John D. or George Taylor

Harrison familyh
Brenda Babcock ::eslbab@localnet.com

I need info regarding a Martha Harrison who lived in the early 1800's. thanks.

John Coleman
Linda Steele-Green ::lsteele@yadtel.net

I am searching for anyone who may know about my great great grandfather, John Coleman. He was born in North Carolina in the early 1800's. He married a girl from Ohio and lived in western Illinois. He died in Kansas.

Susannah White Oliver
Greg Oliver ::gloliver6@juno.com

Seeking information on the parentage of Susannah White b ca. 1785 married George Oliver 1805 in Rockingham County. Moved to Carter Co. TN by 1810.

Re: The Joyce Family
Karen ::bernardkaren@hotmail.com

I am looking for any information regarding the Joyce Family. I am a decendant of Thomas Joyce born abt. 1771 in Virgina and died in Rockingham County in about 1795 or so. Also I believe that I am a descendant of John Joyce born about 1750 also I think I decend from Elijah Joyce born about 1752 - any info re the Joyce Family would be helpful. Thanks!

Re: Austin
Bill Austin ::billaustin07@adelphia.net 557

John, I have info. on a Robert "Rollin" James Austin Born 1820 Va.Living in Rockingham co. NC. Could this be your James R. Austin?

Re: DeBerry plantation (Slave recordsSeekinf info

dishmon family
nancy dishmon ::nancysuennc@yahoo.com

would like any info on the dishmon family from draper,nc

Re: Benjamin McFarlin
Cheryl McFarlin Corey ::clcorey@comcast.net 279

Change in email address







Christopher and Sarah Branum listed on 1800 Census
Isabelle Terry ::isabelleterry@alltel.net

Want any information about the Christopher Branum listed on the 1800 and 1810 Census in Rockingham County, N.C. Sarah Branon is listed in 1820 (I believe this to be his wife) and in another household a N. Branham. I believe this to be the family of Noah Branham born 1805 in Rockingham and died in Kentucky in 1880. Any information would be appreciated.

Odell/O'Dell Jeffrey Families
Mary ::macurtiss@charter.net

Searching for information about my GG Grandmother, J. Celia Odell/O'dell born l832 in North Carolina. Her Grandmother was, we believe a Jeffery. J. Celia Odell married my GG Grandfather William Gilman/Gillman in l846 in Wythe County, Virginia. J. Celia Odell Gillman died in l920 and is buried in Marrowbone, West Virginia. Any information will be greatly appreciated. I found a Celia Odell in the l820 census of Rockingham County, N.C.

Warmest Regards, Mary Ann

Re: The Joyce Family
robert joyce ::rmjoyce1@hotmail.com 564

related to james joyce from newfoundland @1830s imigrated from devonshire england

Elijah Brown
Tina Chalkley ::arlisP1200@aol.com

Looking for information on Elijah Brown of Rockingham County, N.C. and drifted down through to Alabama, eventually. thank you.

O'Dell/Odell/Odel/Odle/Uriah Odell Gillman
Mary ::macurtiss@charter.net

Searching for information on my Great Great Grandmother, Celia Odell/Odel/Odel. She was born in l832 in N.C. She married my GG Grandfather, William Gillman in April l846 in Wythe Co, VA. I found a Uriah Odell in Wythe Co, VA Census for l880, he was listed as 66 yrs of age, bn about l8l4 and it states he was born in N.C.

I don't have access to all the census records and will greatly appreciate any help with my brick wall.

Thank you,Mac

Donaghe vs. John Kyle 1797
Debra Rookard ::mscongeneology@yahoo.com


APRIL, 1799 (D to I) Donaghe vs. John Kyle, of Rockingham, heir-at-law of William Kyle,deceased--Writ to Rockingham, 31st July, 1797. Plea in abatement shows that William Kyle left two elder brothers, then living in Ireland, the eldest named Charles and second named James, who were both alive when the defendant came from Ireland, which was several years after the death of William, brother of defendant. William died about 1781. Bond by William Kyle, James Blair and James Donago, all of Augusta County, to James Todd, of Macklenburg, North Carolina, 2d August, 1778. The bond is headed State of North Carolina. pg 25

[Spelling as is]

Re: O'Dell/Odell/Odel/Odle/Uriah Odell Gillman
Betty Jo Forrest ::hayes.forrest@verizon.net 575

I just happened to see this and thought it wouldn't hurt to contact you even though I don't have any real info for you. My paternal grandmother was an Odell. I believe she was born in Surry Co. She lived most of her childhood in Alamance and Guilford and all of her adult years were spent in Greensboro. Her name was Ella Laura Odell and her father's name was Cicero. I have never been able to find any info on the family but have to admit I have not done any serious research. I just wanted to touch base with you in case we might be able to help each other in the future. Good luck with your search.

willard and holt familys
T willard ::tdickens3@triad.rr.com

looking for any infromation on stonewall "sam" jackson willard and his wife fannie holt. both are buried at happy homes cemetery. Fannie im having problems finding any thing. any help would be great appreciated. thanks t willard

william jordan
T willard ::tdickens3@triad.rr.com

looking for infromation on william Jordan who is buried on down the road of 158. Married Slona bell wilburn. Cant find a thing.

Re: Cip Hart-may be spelled Sypian or Cypian
Corrie ::cpabst676@yahoo.com 19

Are you related to a Donny Joe Donham in anyway?

Fields genealogy
Cindy Hill ::rickncindy25@yahoo.com

Looking for Fields family in North Carolina. My ancestor was Stephen Fields born 1800-1813.

Re: Taylors in Rockingham Co
Guerry Taylor ::jgtperson@aol.com 560

Which George Taylor are you looking for? I am descended from George and Rebecca Taylor. 1830-?. I believe his father was John Taylor. Guerry in SC

Re: Malinda Dalton
Guerry Taylor ::jgtperson@aol.com 352

Malinda Key (1806, dau of Garland Key) m. Benjamin Stovall (1803-Granville County). They had a dau. Rebecca Stovall who m. George Taylor (m. 1855). Benjamin died (1836) and Malinda later m. Reuben Dalton (1840). These families lived in the Oregonville and Ruffin area. Any info on these families would be appreciated, Guerry in SC.

Confusion about Two Joseph Williamses of colonial SurryCo.
Joan L Wrenn ::Hdanw@aol.com

Dear Researchers of Surry Co., and Rockingham Co.particularly the early years.

I need your help in sorting out these two contemporary Joseph Williamses--but probably of different generations.

My research over a few decades indicates that there may have been two Joseph Williamses in Revolutionary and post-Revolutionary Surry Co. and there may be confusion about labeling these two men in some of the published abstracts of Surry Co., NC. I have not had an opportunity to read the film of the original records.

Can anyone on the list give me a hand in sorting out these two Joseph Williamses?

There was an older Joseph Williams (wife Henrietta Jouett) who was for many years a county official in colonial Lunenburg Co., VA. He reportedly was born ca 1720 in Virginia and died testate in Elbert Co., GA ....... He had two known sons, both identified in his Elbert Co., GA will. The sons of this Joseph Williams were Rev John Williams of Meherrin Baptist Church (southside VA) and possibly other Baptist churches in Southside Virginia and Matthew Jouett Williams. This Joseph Williams was reportedly one of four sons of John Williams (the probable immigrant ancestor) who died intestate ca 1735 in Hanover Co., VA.

There was another Joseph Williams in Surry Co., sometimes called Col. Joseph Williams, reportedly the son of a Nathaniel Williams, probably of Hanover Co., VA. Little is known of this alleged father Nathaniel Williams, who reportedly is another son of the above-named John Williams (immigrant ancestor) of colonial Hanover Co. This Joseph Williams was reportedly born 1748 and died ca 11 Oct 1827 in Surry Co.,NC. He was married to Rebecca Lanier ca Sep 1772 in Granville Co. NC.

(To confuse matters more, Rebecca's sister, Sarah Lanier married still another Joseph Williams, but I am not confused about that Joseph Williams, son of Daniel Williams of Granville Co., NC. This poor Joseph died young but testate, and his widow Sarah now Williams married Robert Williams later of Pittsylvania Co., NC, supposedly another son of the elusive Nathaniel Williams.)

I am confused by these abstracts from the Surry Co. will book 2. and I am wondering whether the author confused the two contemporary Joseph Williamses. It is believed that the younger Joseph Williams, sometimes called Colonel, was partners in the mercantile business with his brother-in-law Robert Lanier.

Abstracts of Surry Co. Will Book are as follows:

[Will Bk] 2:140. 24 Sept. 1779. Agreement between Robert Lanier & Joseph Williams to dissolve partnership of Lanier & Williams, merchts. No rec. date. See next entry.

[WB] 2:141. 10 Dec 1787. Joseph Williams the elder (on his removal from VA to GA) appeared before Wm Thornton, Justice of Surry, to prove agreement above. Rec Feb. Ct. 1789.

(Abstracts from Jo White Linn, Surry County, North Carolina, Wills 1771-1827 [Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992], p. 84)

I can see how one might confuse two Joseph Williamses, since these documents were adjacent to one another, as abstracted, in Will Book 2.

Now the fact that in the second abstract, Joseph Williams is called the elder and that he is removing to Georgia causes me to believe he is the paternal uncle of the second younger Joseph Williams who is said to have died in Surry Co., NC in 1827.

To further my argument that the elder Joseph Williams was probably the uncle of the younger Joseph Williams, there were some land entries in 1779 by one of the sons of the elder Joseph Williams.

1340. Matthew Jouett Williams enters 200 acres of land in Surry Co. on the waters of Deep Creek adjoining Bruce's entry and adjoining Kimborough's former deed land - February 7, 1779. [Warrant granted]

1341. Matthew Jouett Williams enters 100 acres of land in Surry Co. on the waters of Deep Creek between Skidmore and Bruce's entry and adjoining Kimborough's former deed land - February 7, 1779. [Warrant granted]

There was another entry of the same date, and the warrant was granted but the entry was withdrawn and the money refunded, note the authors.

A Joseph Williams entered land on the same date, but unless one knows the geography of the county, it is unlikely one can determine which Joseph Williams may have entered the land.

(Agnes M. Wells, Virginia G. Phillips, Carol J. Leonard, Joseph Winston His Entry Book, Surry County, North Carolina Land Entries, 1778-1781 [Mt. Airy, NC, 1987], p. 117)

Later on April 10, 1779, Matthew Jouett Williams again entered 200 acres of land.

Is anyone familiar enough with some Williams genealogy--and the record-keeping in Surry Co. in this time period--to help me sort out these two Joseph Williamses?


Family in NC
Brian David Moore ::brianorion65@msn.com

Hello, I am a direct descendent of John Moore,of Dorchester,Maryland, father of Thomas Moore. This is my family. I am wondering if I have relatives living in Rockingham County. I'd like to hear from anyone who knows anything.


Brian Moore Central Point, Oregon

Phoebe Fort Tatum
Pam Downs ::pamelasdowns@hotmail.com

Does anyone have a copy of the will of Phoebe Fort Tatum recorded in Will Bk A, page 39 (1807)? Thanks, Pam Downs

Re: John T. Boone and Trucey Jane Noblin
Brenda Gartside ::brugart@mts.net 1

E-MAIL UPDATE: brugart@mts.net Nov. 2006

Still looking for parents and siblings of John T. BOON/BOONE (BOON in census and tax lists;family spelling: BOONE), b. c1820, North Carolina (unknown county); m. Trucey Jane NOBLIN (b. c1828, Rockingham Co., North Carolina), 1843, Weakley Co., TN. Jane's parents were Christopher and Talitha (maiden name poss. BOLLING) NOBLIN of Halifax Co. N.C. and Guilford Co., N.C. I'd appreciate any information about any of these people. Thanks very much. Brenda

Francis Fore
Carol Cox ::mchrcox@verizon.net

Looking for any information on Francis Fore married Mrs. Susannah (Walker) Chenault and lived in Rockingham from 1790 to death 1815. I need to know if he left a will identifying any children.

Stewart's Town
John Harris ::jharris1963@yahoo.com

I found a reference for a Harmon Holleyman purchasing town lots #19 and 24 in "Stewart's Town" in 1801 from John Speed. ref: Richmond Co. DB E p. 296

Has anyone seen a reference to a Stewart's Town in the Rockingham area?

Duncan Aker ::duncanakerjr@yahoo.com

Need to find any connections to Parker and Mount in Rockingham/Caswell counties. Francis Parker b:1793 wed Priscilla Mount in 1818 in Rockingham Co. Francis is my line and have been unable to find his parentage, etc. The only Parker on 1790 Rockingham census is Elisha Parker. My Francis children begin with: Samuel, then Richard, then James, Mary, Francis, Jr. Glad to help anyone and glad to receive help from anyone.


Would like any info on the Moir family, John Fletcher Moir, dob 1872. Son of Robert Alexander Moir, dob 1834. Wife Sarah Elizabeth Allen. R.A. was the son of Robert Dunkley Moir. dob 1796 in Forres, Elginshire, Scotland. His wife was Elizaberth Perray Porter. They settled in Rockingham County. Thank you for any info. J. Morris - Granddaughter of John Fletcher.

Ezekiel Curry
Frances Trimble ::histnut05@yahoo.com

My g.g.g.g.grandparents were James Grier (Caswell Co) and Agnes Cummins (Person Co). Agnes was born in 1769, James in 1770. They married and moved to Sumner Co, TN ca 1790. Their third son was named EZEKIEL CURRY GRIER. There are no other Ezekiels in this family and I assume that the child was named for Ezekiel Curry, who is found in the 1790 census for Rockingham County. Does anyone know where Ezekiel Curry was from or anything about his family?

Lee Family
Nancy ::nancyks53@hotmail.com

I am searching for the family of my gr-gr-grandfather, Harris Lee, born in Rockingham in 1812. He married Winnie Holland in Louisiana in 1843, then migrated to Texas, where he raised him family and died.

Re: dishmon family
LaShawndra Dishmon ::lashawndra696@yahoo.com 567

i am writing this notice to find out jusrt how many dishmonss there are in the world.

Simpson/Boykin Linage
Joanne Simpson Parker ::farmerjo2000@ec.rr.com

Would love to hear from someone doing research on the Simpson/Boykin families that possibly came from Wilson, NC area.

parents place of residence
Joseph L. Howe ::jhowe4@tampabay.rr.com

I was born October 26, 1926, in Leaksville. Am trying to establish where my parents, W.L. Howe and Carrie Wooten Howe were living in Leaksville at the time of my birth. I was always told by my father that they were living at house now listed as 314 Moir Street. Is there any way to verify this? Thank you for your assistance. J. L. Howe

Wm. S. Carter
Connie ::texasmemom@sbcglobal.net

Seeking information on Wm. Carter living Wentworth Twp in 1870 and in Onyleville in 1880 both in Rockingham County. Wife: Cornelia :Mother Martha A. Carter lived with the family. Thanks. Connie

moore surname < BR>charles l. moore ::canopy10@mchsi.com

We are searching for information/descendants of Benjamin Moore listed in the 1810 Rockingham county federal census. He and wife are over 45yrs. of age, with 1 male 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 2 males 16-16, 2 females 0-10, 2 females 16-26, 1 female 26-45. Please contact us if you have any data on this family.

moore surname
charles l. moore ::canopy10@mchsi.com

Listed in the 1820 federal census for Rockingham county is a Benjamin Moore, age, over 45. His wife is also over 45, and only 1 other member of the household is listed, a male 26-45 yrs. of age. We are searching for data on this family. Thanks for any help.

Charles L. Moore, 640 Holly Springs Ests. Rd., Franklin, NC 28734

Re: Confusion about Two Joseph Williamses of colon
Gerry Robideaux ::grobideaux@yahoo.com 584 http://www.usgennet.org/usa/mo/stlouis/williams http://www.usgennet.org/usa/mo/stlouis/williams

Go to the following link:


It should say "Early Descendants of John Williams, "The Wealthy Welshman" of Hanover County, Virginia." Scroll down and you will find both of your Joseph Williams on this site. There are some errors on this page but most of the research is sound. One natable error is on Joseph, s/o Daniel, b. 1742. A death date of 1766 is given. This is wrong. He was married 3 June 1766 to Sarah Lanier. He died in 1774, source-his will.

After the death of Joseph, Sarah married his 1st cousin Robert, s/o Nathaniel.

Scroll down and you will find the other Joseph, Col. Joseph Williams, Duke of Surrey, who married Rebecca Lanier, sister of Sarah Lanier Williams. Joseph is a brother to Sarah's 2nd husband.

It is very confusing.

The Journal of Rockingham County History & Genealogy
Francie Lane ::

Hi All,

I just received the most recent edition of "The Journal of Rockingham County History & Genealogy", published by the Rockingham Co. Historical Society, Inc. and am thrilled to see a project has been undertaken by Betty H. Born to abstract the Minutes of the Pleas & Quarter Sessions, commencing with the court's first term, February, 1786.

The Pleas & Quarter Sessions comprise all the normal business of the court; i.e., bound-out orphans, bonding of county officials, probates, proving deeds, names of jurors, etc. - but the most interesting are the "road orders", which name the jurisdictional boundary for the road work and the *neighbors*, charged with the responsibility of laying out a new road or maintaining it. For example:

August Term 1786: p. 28 - A Petition of the inhabitants praying for a road to be laid from the Iron Works to the Surry* line near Lemuel SMITHs Mill. The following persons ordered to view best way for the road and report to next Court. Thomas MASSEY, MOSES SHORT, William SUTHERLAND, Zaza BRASHER, Patrick MULLENS, Lewis PEEPLES, Andrew HOPKINS, William WILLIAMS, Saml. FINDLEY, Thomas LOMAX and SAML. SHORT. [*Note that Stokes County was not yet created]

In addition, Society Historian, Charles D. Rodenbough, wrote a fascinating article for "The Journal" on "The Early Doctors of Madison, North Carolina".

Check their web site for information on joining the Society or purchasing copies of past years' Journals:


Francie Lane

Guanda ::rainbowwoman12000@yahoo.com

Hi, I am looking for information on the Rakestraw's from Rockingham County, NC. My GGGGGrandmother was Nancy Rakestraw her Grandson James Monroe Rakestraw is part of my family. I am looking for genealogy info on who was James's parents and who was Nancy's husband. My email address is: rainbowwoman12000@yahoo.com



Delmas London Robertson and Muriel Leslie/Lesly/Lester Woodworth
georgia willis ::peach_willis@yahoo.com no IP_ADDRESS nc-69-34-149-105.dhcp.embarqhsd.net PREVIOUS>

I am searching for a marriage between Delmas London Robertson and Muriel Leslie/Lesly/Lester Woodworth from around 1931 or 1932. Delmas was born in North Carolina about 1910 Muriel was born in Virginia about 1914 Thanks you, Georgia Willis Orlando, FL

LONDON, Mary b. 1800 mar RIDDLE, John H. 1834
The Clarks ::clarkfla@eoni.com no IP_ADDRESS nc-69-34-149-105.dhcp.embarqhsd.net PREVIOUS>604

I am also looking for a London...Mary London, born 1800 NC. Married 1834 to John H. Riddle in Rockingham, NC. Need information on her parentage. ~The Clarks



Re: McInville family in Rockingham
Linda Gibson ::lingibson@yahoo.com 488

The McInvilles in Darlington County, SC are my father's family. Edith McInville Odom was my paternal grandmother.

Re: Eliza Norton Vernon
Gary Pardue ::garyp55@earthlink.net 495

Hello, I am the great great granson of Henry and Eliza Vernon. Please contact me. I have limited info and a photo of Henry and Eliza. I am descended from their son James W. Vernon and Rachel Woodard. Gary C. Pardue 99 Mountain Lane Bluefield, Va. 24605

Delila Jones GGG.Grandmother
Barbara Ross Watts ::yona1939@sbcglobal.net

My G.G.G>Grandmother was born about 1817, married Andrew D.Ross Jan 15, 1838 no trace of her has been found, need help please in locating any information on Delila. Blessings yona

PARKER genealogy
Duncan Aker ::duncanakerjr@yahoo.com

I am descended from Priscilla MOUNT b: 1799 Rockingham Co. NC. who wed in 1818 Francis PARKER. In 1830 they are found in Wilson Co. Tenn. and 1840 in Marion Co. Illinois. Many of us are seeking parents of Francis Parker. We have the Mounts far back, but nothing on Parker. Can anyone help? Children minus first 2 or 3 in order: Samuel b:1824, Richard b:1826, Mary Ann b:1827, James b:1830, David and Matilda 1830's-40's And Francis Jr. b:1838 -

Thom Joyce ::tjoyce5@triad.rr.com 606606

Descendants of John Matt Joyce

1 John Matt Joyce b: December 12, 1868 in Rockingham Co, N.C. d: November 27, 1950 in Rockingham Co, N.C. .. +Lou Settie Lee Cardwell b: January 16, 1872 in Rockingham Co, N.C. d: March 11, 1965 in Rockingham Co, N.C. m: December 10, 1890 ........ 2 Jessie Bennie Joyce b: April 24, 1905 in Rockingham Co., NC ............ +Ella Bean Campbell b: December 01, 1905 in Guilford Co., NC d: November 19, 1980 m: July 12, 1925 ................... 3 William Donald Joyce,Sr. ....................... +Olive Kathleen Bryan m: May 13, 1950 ................... 3 Margaret Nean Joyce ....................... +Gilbert Leonard McKee ................... 3 Marilyn Joyce ....................... +Archie Lee Tucker ........ 2 Anna Lee Joyce b: May 03, 1892 in Rockingham Co, N.C. ............ +Frank Robertson m: 1907 in Rockingham Co, N.C. ........ 2 Fletcher Reid Joyce b: April 07, 1898 in Rockingham Co, N.C. ........ 2 Roy Mebane Joyce b: November 29, 1893 in Rockingham Co, N.C.

Duncan Aker ::duncanakerjr@yahoo.com

Francis Parker b:1793 in N.C. married Priscilla Mount, dau. of Matthias Mount. They wed in 1818. Children of Francis: (first 3 if lived unknown), Samuel-1824, Richard-1826, Mary-1827, James-1830, then Matilda, DAvid and Francis Jr. In searching 21 years unable to find parents for Francis, Many in Texas and elsewhere are seeking. Francis Parker dau. Mary Ann Parker wed my Guion Black Pursley in 1845. This Francis Parker was in Wilson Co. Tenn. by 1830-several Mount boys there, Then in 1839 he was in Marion Co. Illinois and onto Texas in 1848

Joyce Family
Larry Hall ::leh4481@yahoo.com

Interested in information on Elijah J. Joyce d. 1804, buring in Madison township

shirley Douglas ::Shirdg@aol.com

Looking for any information on the Lemons That lived in rockingham County around 1738

Susan G. Martin ::bugssbunny@aol.com 212

My mother's maiden name was Plummer. Her father Wade Hampton Plummer,descends from Thomas Plummer(1744-1804) who married Mary Hodges. Thomas and Mary Hodges Plummer's son Charles was born Jan 30, 1771 in Maryland. Charles was married to Mary Boyd,who was born abt 1771 in NC, maybe Guilford County. They at some time migrated to Darlington County, SC. Charles and Mary Boyd Plummer's son Ebenezer B. Plummer born 1824/27 in NC and died 1862 in the Civil War. Ebenezer was married to Sarah E. Mims(born 1824 in Darlinton County, SC) Their son George Wade Plummer (1853-1944) was my great grandfather. He lived and died in Darlington County, SC. Since many of my Plummer relatives lived a long time, it has been easier to trace them back to their ancestors. If you want more on these Plummers and their siblings or other relatives I would be glad to share with you. I would be interested in seeing any documents that might relate to my Plummers. Thanks, Susan


CHARLES CLARK ::charcoalpetsbutterfly@yahoo.com


Susan G. Martin ::bugssbunny@aol.com 212

Where did you get the information that there was a Plummer on the Mayflower? I have seen a list of the names of the men and women who were on the Mayflower. I did not see a Plummer on the list. Thanks for any help. Susan

Re: Crawford family
Julia ::wgmjgm@roadrunner.com 393 Peter Crawford http://wgmjgm@roadrunner.com

If you know anything about Peter Crawford that married Hannah Christy in Rockingham, NC and had a daughter, Julia, please let me know. Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Connie ::deutschalan@bellsouth.net

I was told that some of my family, Mosleys & Moores, lived in Goinstown (late 1700's-early 1800). Would you please tell me exactly were Goinstown was. Also tell me about the people and area. Thanks,Connie

Pritchett family
Lydia Brincefield ::lpbfield@yahoo.com

I'm looking for information for Pritchett family members and family history for the family which lived in the Browns Summit area. Any info or sources are greatly appreciated.

John A. Reid ::jareid1@cox.net 122

I can trace my family back to a Bluford W. Reid, born in Virginia (or Warren Co., NC depending on source of info) but lived most of adult life in Caswell County. He moved to Guilford Co., late in life. He lived from 1764 to 1863. Has this name appeared anywhere in your research and if so is he connected to Clement Reid?

Thanks, John

Jane Gatewood ::janegatewood@bellsouth.net

Looking for Gatewoods who lived near Noblins, Branns, Westbrooks in Rockingham Co, NC. Would like to find where they lived before they all left and went to Tennessee.

Re: LEMONS family
Cassidy Lemons ::jlemons@ortelco.net 289

My husband is a decendant of John Wesley Lemons, who was Mary Ramsey Lemons grandson. Any relation?

Jack Richardson ::jackr@mmind.net

Looking for directions to Strader buriel grounds located near Reidsville NC

My great grandmother Sarah Frances Griggs Powell buried there in 1931. Appreciate any help

Jack Richardson jackr@mmind.net

Re: Witty Family
william witty ::jjbdwitty@alltel.net 124

william witty age 45 living in Bellefonte, arkansas. I would enjoy communicating with you about family history. The witty's were known to arrive in Arkansas in early 1900's from Tennessee. My great grandfather was D.C. Witty. Does this info ty to anything you know?

Gilbert, Issac, Balch and Washburn
Jackie Bendrick ::pawfamily@comcast.net

looking for relatives for the following: Cecil Gilbert married Maude Boyd, Walter Issac married Lala Boyd, Harold Balch married Lala Boyd, Willis Washburn married Larmie Boyd. I know that they lived in Leaksville, Spray now Eden, NC.

Re: Carvers and Oak Grove Bap. Church
Janice Hollandsworth ::hellocentraljph@hotmail.com 35

There is an Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Walkertown, NC. That would be Stokes or Forsyth County I think. Also one in Stokes at Dodgetown.

Portis of stokes Co.
Roxie Portis Oneal ::Roxie1234@netscape.com 35

I'm working on the Poris of Stokes Co. they came from Isle of Wight, va Roxie Portis O'Neal

Gover family
Linda Gover ::lgover410@aol.com

Interested in families of Issac Madison Gover and Thomas Jackson Gover. Both were born in 1860s in Virginia but lived in North Carolina.


William lewis died 1788
Kathy Wood ::lacasita@pacbell.net

Married to Sarah Veron (1750 ) died in rockinghan co

Janelda Davis ::zwdavis@wtxs.net no IP_ADDRESS dialup-65-90-190-158.wtxs.net PREVIOUS>

I am researching Martin, Jarrel, King families. I will exchange info.

Daniel Alexander
Virginia Wood Alexander ::cvalex@cpws.net

Need information on Daniel Alexander, enumerated on the 1790 census of Rockingham Co., who moved from there to Pendleton District (Pickens Co.), SC.

old St. Peters Hospital in Charlotte.
Diane :: old St. Peters Hospital in Charlotte. http://landmarkscommission.org/surveys&rstpetehosp.htm

Picture before and after of old St. Peters Hospital in Charlotte.


Additional area history included.

Donna J Willis ::naxopana@yahoo.com 410

Do you happen to have a John Riley Fair. Born 1822 Max Medows Va. Some of his children were born in Rockingham county North Carolina,and a couple in Rowan county North Carolina, the rest were born in Greene county ,Tennessee. Spouse is Jennetta Scales. Thanks Donna

Re: Alfred Moore Scales
Donna J Willis ::naxopana@yahoo.com 297

I'm looking for the parents of Jennetta Scales,born 1830 in Rockingham county North Carolina, her mother was possible Rachel.Jennetta also had two brother,Eli,and Richard , if you know the father of these people please e-mail me. Thanks

Re: Alfred Moore Scales
Richard Reed ::RReed1924@aol.com no IP_ADDRESS nc-69-34-149-117.dhcp.embarqhsd.net PREVIOUS>635

Sorry. I do not have this information.

However, you may wish to contact Ms. Margaret Wyllie Johnson who is related to Confederate General Alfred Moore Scales.

Margaret has a good deal of information about the Scales genealogy in North Carolina and Virginia.

Her home E-Mail: MMarlam @aol.com.

Best wishes....Richard Reed - RReed1924@aol.com


Daniel Families
GENE dANIEL ::edaniel7@cox.net

Looking for James Martin Daniel m "Sallie" of Va and lived around 1840-70 in Rockingham and Caswell

Thomas Ash
John K. Ash ::jka1930@yahoo.com

Looking for any information on THOMAS ASH/E, borned about 1748?

Black DeBerry Family/Robert DeBerry & F. Robinson
Ruth Davis ::dr1ruth@aol.com

Any info on the Robert DeBerry and Fannie Robinson Family, they were a Family of 7 girls and 2 boys: Maggie, Mary,Sally,Annie,Sadie,Fannie & Ruth,2 boys,Robert and Spurgeon.Most of the Family worked for families in Rockingham. Circa 1840-1910. Any info will be greatly appreciated. I am Fannie Tom DeBerry LeGrande's daughter.

Dillard Family
John Dillard ::john@dillard-eng.com

My father side of the family lived in the Henry County Virginia area from about 1780 until 1873. In 1873 my great-grandfather George Penn Dillard and his wife moved to Gainesville Florida. George Dillard's father’s name was Peter Hairston Dillard. According to Census records George was born in Rockingham County, North Carolina in 1830. One of George's sisters married a Spencer and to information from the Spencer family she was born on a plantation on the Dan River on a plantation known as Plain Valley. I have researched historical information on the Internet of this area and have had no luck in finding any information about this tobacco farm. However, Peter is on the 1830 census on sheet 307a.

George Dillard apparently had a tobacco plantation in the area of Matrimony Creek somewhere only North Carolina/Virginia state line. It is also rumored that Peter's father whose name was John Dillard had property in the area of Horsepasture, Virginia.

George Dillard's wife was Fanny Virginia Penn, and she was the daughter of Peter Philipp and Eli Penn and they apparently lived fairly close to George and Fanny before Peter died in 1873.

I would appreciate any information on any of these properties or contacts are directions to contact who may have the historical information: property/houses in these areas.


Andrew Jackson Overbey
Glenda Neal ::gnmastergardener@aol.com

I am looking for infomation on my great-great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Overbey. My info indicates that he was born about 1831 in Rockingham County. Father: Henry William Overbey, b. Sept. 25, 1808 married mother, Martha Owen Oct. 21, 1834. I need to verify that these are indeed his parents. Andrew Jackson Overbey married Susan Jane Cooper, date unknown. The family moved to Tennessee, probably the Hickman County area, date unknown. Can anyone provide any verification of this or any additional information?

Thanks, Glenda Neal

Duncan Aker ::duncanakerjr@yahoo.com

Francis Parker b:1793 in N. Carolina wed Priscilla Mount b:1799 in Rockingham Co. NC. Wm. Vaughn was bondsman. Many descendants of this couple do not know the parentage of Francis Parker? Could anyone help?

Re: Andrew Jackson Overbey
Jenny Smith ::jenny13ball@hotmail.com 641

Looks like thats his Parents...I see them on the 1850 Census Va and 1860 Census Va.

In 1870 Census Va there is Andrew J Overbey ...wifes name on census is Sarah...But this could be Susan.(or another wife?) 1880 Census Tn Hickman...Andrew and susan

"Tomlins Fork"
Judy C. Fillerup ::colmall@msn.com

I have the historic Rockingham Custom House map. Just north of the Dan River and to the northwest is the name of "Tomlins Fork." I cannot find any information on this area. The reason that I am looking for it is the Tomlin family that married into the Bridges family living nearby.

Thank you, Judy

Re: Mendenhall and Jones
s jones ::redbone1211@hotmail.com 39

That thomas h jones was my gggg grandfather i have some info if you are interested.

Hairston-Brandon Family
Connye Florance ::connyesings@connyeflorance.com

I am in search of decendants of Peter and Sallie Brandon who lived in Rockingham County/Madison Township in late 1800s...parents of Edward, Hattie, Mary and Sadie. Hattie married James Williams, who was born abt 1887. I believe Hattie and William had two sons, James and Arthur. Any info would be helpful.

Minnie M. Fagg
Jaye Cole ::JCole3860@aol.com

Need help finding the cemetery that Minnie M. Fagg was buried and or an obit and or death record. All I know is that she was listed as having died in 1938 in Rockingham co. Stonesville.

Thank you and please email me.

susan wilson evans ::smtevans1@aol.com 132

I am hoping to connect my Georgia Wilsons with their North Carolina Kin. SETH HOMER WILSON B. 1800 NC (unk county) married Louisa Murray 1825 Warren County GA. They had 11 children, sons named William, James Thaddeus, John GW, Solomon David. Each child named their first daugter Elizabeth. I have no data on Seth Homer's parents. He moved to Lowndes County, GA in 1860 (leaving wife and younger children) and moved in with a JOHN WILSON B. 1798 SC/NC. Died, but cannot find burial site. Unique family monikers include Graydon, Homer, Fletcher, Leonidas, Pierce, and Lizzie Lou.

Re: Documentation
susan wilson evans ::smtevans1@aol.com 77

I believe there is a connection between your Brodnax's and my Evans and Wilsons of Georgia and Florida. Do you have a website or family line /FTM I can review? I am currently working on my husbands' Evans, Tucker, Eppes line and I list a Nancy Russell Wilson marrying Robert Brodnax (b. 1797 va). They reside in NC (Leakesville). My husbands line also includes the Otway Glenn family of Georgia.

Van hook
Larry Jones ::sanshag@aol.com

Hi there,Searching for information for Sarah Eugenia Van Hook.She was married to a John Van Hook.She died about 1944,and he in the 1950s. Any and all information will be apppreciated.She was my aunt.Thanks,Larry

Shirley Godsey Joiner ::sgodseyjoiner@suddenlink.net

Searching for family of GODSEY, Edward, sometimes shown in census as Edgar, born in NC about 1839/1840.

Simpson family
Cherrie Tomasovic ::ctomasovic@att.net

I am researching the family of a Dr. Howard Simpson, his wife's name may be Eliza Arrington. They had a daughter, Annie Mae, born in 1883, who was my great grandmother. I got the names of her parents off her death certificate, but have been unable to link Dr. Howard Simpson to any online records. I am pretty sure they were from Leaksville. I would be very grateful to anyone with information on this family. Thanks. Cherie Tomasovic

Samuel Sumner
Paulette M. Switzer-Tatum ::pswitzertatum@peoplepc.com

I'm trying to trace the details of a May 3, 1814 US Army enlistment of Samuel Sumner in Rockingham, NC under Lt. Roane or Doane. Samuel Sumner, age 28, enlisted in the US Army May 3, 1814 in "Rockingham." Would that be Rockingham County? This makes him born about 1786, and according to this document he was born in "Hartford, NC." I can't seem to locate a Hartford, NC - would it be Hertford County? Samuel Sumner was discharged in Aug. of 1815 in Baltimore. Is there a Baltimore, NC?

dr. howard simpson
Cherrie Tomasovic ::ctomasovic@att.net

I am researching the family of Dr. Howard Simpson, believed to have lived in Rockingham County. He is listed on the death certificate of my great grandmother, Annie Mae Simpson Hutchens as her father. Her mother is listed as Lida Harrington, but I believe she may have been Eliza Arrington, who I have seen mentioned with Simpson's in the census. Annie Mae was born in 1883, and I have not found her on any available census since then. I would be very grateful for any information on her parents and siblings. They may have moved to Patrick County Va. as her death certificate says she was born in Va. Thank You, Cherrie Tomasovic

Ellie Stites Swanger ::EllieSS@aol.com

I would love to hear from others who descend from the LEMONS/LEMMONS' families of Rockingham Co. NC. I descend from JOHN LEMONS, SR. who was b. ca. 1731, d. ca. 1810. He had 15 known children. I descend from his son, Jefferson, whose mother was John's 2nd wife, Tabitha/ Talitha Lemons. Please email me at: EllieSS@aol.com

Website Links do not work.
Art ::aklinger@charter.net

Ninety percent of the links that are on ALL paged associated with this website of the "North Carolina AHGP", at http://www.usgennet.org/usa/nc/county/rockingham1/, simply result in "web page not found". Can someone update the links? It looks like the website could be quite interesting and useful to us NC genealogists.

thanks Art

Mills Family
Patsy Taylor ::PJPTaylor@aol.com

Searching for any information about the William Mills family that lived in Rockingham County abt 1800-1840. William died somewhere around 1840-1850 as Catherine and the children traveled by wagon train and show up in Kossuth, Mississippi in 1860. I haven't been able to find them on any census of Rockingham. William and Catherine Wheeler were married in Dorchester County, Maryland, where Catherine was born to Ezekiel Wheeler and wife. Please help......this has been my brick wall for over ten years.

Re: Archived Queries- GOINS
mighael johnson ::reginaj@bellsouth.net 325325

looking for information on obediah and sarah goins and their daughter lameccia ann goinstown indians from surry county nc

Martin family
Janelda Davis ::zwdavis@snydertex.com

I am looking for James Martin family

Janelda Davis ::zwdavis@snydertex.com no IP_ADDRESS 68-88-101-157.snydertex.com PREVIOUS>

Please change my address to zwdavis@snydertex.com.

Neilson (Nelson ) families
Betty Herrell ::snooky7@cox.net

I'm searching for information on Jarrett (Jerrett,Jared,etc.) Neilson (Nelson) in Rockingham Co. during the 1700-1800 time period and his son William F. Nelson born abt. 1780.

Dan Simpson
Jo Ann Stone ::jstone@wctel.net

Looking for husband's great uncle Daniel Douglas Simpson and his wife Stella and their three daughters. His family is from SC but they lived in Rockingham NC and he died there in 1995. Any help would be appreciated.

Duncan Family
ross Duncan ::rwd142@aol.com

My great grandfather was Harison Duncan born abt. 1820 in Rockingham, North Carolina. Married Lucy Jarrell abt 1847, widowed in 1850, several childred. Had a new spouce in 1860 and 1870 census, name "bettie"?? Several children, then moved to Obion County, Tennessee and was ther in 1880 census. I would like to know of any family links to Harison Duncan in the Rockingham, N.C. area. Also a William Dunkins abt. 1794 . His Father I think. Also I believe linked to Horace Duncan, married Betty Hopper 1861 in Rockingham, and a William Duncan married Rhoda Jarrell in 1851 in Rockingham . Many children from that union. I believe Horace and Wm. and Harrison are related. Any information about my ancestors from Rockingham would be greatly appreciated. I have reached a dead-end at this point. Thanks you and God bless. Ross Duncan Defiance, Missouri

NELSON, George Jarrett William F.
Betty Herrell ::snooky7@cox.net

Im searching for a Nelson family : George Jarrett William F.

Watlington, Wadlington
Savolia Spottswood ::savolia@comcast.net

does anyone have information about African American Watlington's living in Reidsville, Oregonville, Simpsonville, Ruffin or any where else near those places? I have traced my Watlington (Wadlington) roots as far back as Jesse and Catherine Watlington in 1870 Census living in Oregonville.

Donna Berry ::littlewhiskers3@sbcglobal.net

here are my families which are suppose to be out of Rockingham County,nc.


Elizabeth Simpson
gary bullock ::garyb1024@verizon.net

I am looking for the NC roots of Elizabeth Simpson, b. abt. 1830, m. John Roberts and lived in Pulaski Co Ky.

Nicholas Rawlins
DONald Asbury Rawlins ::donasbraw@gmail.com

Nicholas Rawlins, born 10 Aug 1821; died 20 Mar 1897. My great grandfather. Moved from south central N.C. area into Pendleton or Cheraws District, S.C.; eventually to Gwinnett Co., GA. Was married to Sarah Ann (Newman)? Son was Asbury A. grandson was Herbert Adrian, my father. Nicholas, Sarah Ann, and Asbury's final residence was in Rome, Floyd Co., GA. (Rome earlier was named: Printup City, Forrestville, and North Rome)

Lee research
virginia hoffman ::branchseeker1@aol.com

Looking for someone to do research on Hezekiah Lee who was in Rockingham Co. in 1810 and 1820 Census?

Lang information needed
Brian Lang ::mraztourism@yahoo.com

I am looking for information on Francis C. Lang Jr. who was b. about 1799.

Fleming family tree
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I am researching John Fleming b: 1785 in NC, married Mahala Griffin b: 1803 in NC. They were married in Rockingham County, NC on 4 Jan. 1820, and bore several children before migrating to Henry/Newton County between 1830 and 1833. Before departing for Georgia, their youngest son, William Tyler Fleming was born in 1830 (he is my great grandfather). After moving to Georgia, his younger sister was born "D. Fleming" b: abt 1833. He had two older brothers, "Elam M and Elma P. Fleming" born abt 1821-1823. Two older sisters W. S. and Elmina(Edwina). I am trying to establish ancestry line of his parents John & Mahala Griffin Fleming of NC, and obtain more backgrd on William Tyler Fleming, actual date of birth, death (prior to 1870) and possible gravesite. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pat

Re: Agnes Starrett
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I saw your earlier post from 2001 recently. Was wondering if you had any info on William Fleming also? I've just recently begun researching my 3rd ggggrandfather (William Fleming)b: abt 1750. Not sure if he was born in NC or Ireland. My grandfather John James (Jim)Fleming, was born in Newton/Rockdale Co, GA. in 1866. He was William's great grandson, & used to talk about his ggrandfather coming from Ireland. I'm not sure if I remember correctly though, it might have been his 2nd gggrandfather instead who came from Ireland. If you have any info on him, please let me know. I know Agnes was my 3rd gg grandmother and her parents were Benjamin Starrett 1724-1778 and Mary Hunter 1722-1755. I believe Benjamin was from New Jersey. Any info you may have is appreciated.

Re: Agnes Starrett
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I just responded to the earlier message from Jim Fleming re: Agnes Starrett. She and William Fleming would have been my 3rd ggggrandparents. Their son, John Fleming & wife Mahala Griffin had about 5 children in Rockingham Co, NC before moving to Newton Co, GA where their last child Sarah D Fleming (#6) was born abt 1833. Their second youngest child, William Tyler Fleming,b: abt 1830,(last child b: in NC) was my great grandfather. I also show that Benjamin Starrett was Agnes's father from New Jersey. Would love to compare notes, & find more info about William Fleming. Any info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks, Pat

William Fleming
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I saw the following post on RootsWeb dated 8/31/2007:

From the Knoxville Gazette of May 18, 1793:

"Franklin County, 17th inst. A party of Cherokees killed and scalped a man of the name of Towery, on Chawgee Creek, between Tugalo and Kiowee, and carried off a number of horses,desparately wounding William Flemming on Grove Fork of Broad River (possibly French Broad R.), who received one wound through the arm, another in his hip, a third through his thigh, and though he made his escape, we are informed he is since dead. This murder was committed by three Cherokee Indians on or near the frontier of South Carolina."

Could this be the same William Fleming from Rockingham County, NC who died in 1793 as will was probated August/1793?

unrecorded wills
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Here is a list of Unrecorded wills.

Phillip Jacob IRION, Feb 1795 prob Edward REYNOLDS, no date Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 18 Dec 1840 date of will Elijah ROBINSON, 14 Dec 1863 Ann WRIGHT, 18 Nov 1796 Edmonia H AIKEN 11 Dec 1864 Samuel Chandler 1862 date on estate Martha KING 6 Jan 1908 probate Joanna LEMONS, 16 Jul 1860 Sally LINDER May 1865 probate Pleasant MARTIN Nov 1865 probate Alexander VERNON no date, fr eeman of color Benjamin WATKINS, 2 Nov 1864 probate Sarah L WOMACK 14 May 1866 date of will Joshua WRIGHT SR 14 Apr 1794 Joshua P ROACH, 14 Jul 1903 date of will Richard STUBBLEFIELD SR, 28 Jul 1802 date of will Charles MITCHELL 7 Jun 1787 date of will Lucy LYTLE 23 Aug 1886 probate Stephen BOWLES 20 May 1850 probate, this will was probated in Amherst Co VA, registered in Rockingham Co NC Burwell LAW SR, 6 Jan 1845 probate in Franklin Co VA George T GOSSETT 8 feb 1922 James WHITSETT, estate dated 21 May 1850 Robert WRAY, 30 Jan 1871, never probated because only had 1 witness

Originals of these wills are in the NC Archives, copies are in Clerk of Court Rockingham and in Library at Rockingham Community College

List by: Lucinda Goad jgoad1@triad.rr.com

  Records & Obits