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  Box Butte County

1912 Senior Class

High School Orchestra

The High School Orchestra

1912 Seniors of Alliance High School


Josephine Hoffland - A member of the class since our Freshman year, with a wonderful vocaulary, also star of the Dutch class.  She has been a good member, always taking part  in class honors and in class quabbles. (J.H. - Jolly (and) hopeful)

Dellight Ufford - A member of the original class, a concientious student and artist of the Botany class, also a member of the girl's basketball team for the last three years. (D.U. - Dignified and useful)

Ruth Rice - Miss "Fluff" of the class play, "Hicks at College", captain of the basket ball team, member of the athletic board, with a wonderful talent for chirography, being secretary of the class adn of the Palladian Society.  (R. R. - Real Romantic)

Nell Shrewsbury - "Terentia" in the "Roman Wedding", secretary-treasurer of the Latin Club, charming collge firl of the class play, class editor and the first girl ever to hold office on the athletic board. (N. S. - Naught but Sweet)

Mabel Worley - A member of the original class, editor in chief of the "Spud," a member of the basket ball team, athletic enthusiast and athletic girl in "Hicks at College", a member of the orchestra, bridemaid in the "Roman Wedding", and one of the "Reds". (M. W. - Mighty Willful)

Evelyn McBurney - One of the "Reds", the beautiful "Tullia" bride in the "Roman Wedding", artist of the Spud staff, adn winner of second place in Dramatic class.  She has been a member of the class for the last two eyars, and has won first place in coquette.  (E. M - Ever Mindful)

Amanda Nabb - A champion of 1912 class for the last four years.  She is a jolly freshman in the class play, "Hicks at College", and a jolly senior at the A. H. S.
(A.N.- Always naughty)

May Graham - The bewitching Flora of the class play, and a member of the girl's basket ball team for two years.  May is very independant and will always stand for her rights, she is also a great stickler for propriety.  At present she is much interesed in students of Wesleyan. (M. G. - Mischievous Gossip)

Cleo Bigelow - a member of the class for the last year and is a "quiet little girl siwht a quiet little way".  She is very much interest in Domestic Scienvce and expects to make a home for some boy in Harrison.  (C. B. - Cordian and Bright)

Ray Bigelow - a boy who has watched over his wicked fellow classmates for one year and who will probably preside over classes in Paleontology, Heterronomy, geogeny, Epistemology, etc.  Ray easily won first place on the Debaters' team, this year, and upheld the glory of the Seniors.  (R. B. - Reasonably Bashful)

Alta Young - a member who started with us in the ABC days.  Her special love and passion is for the scenery, etc., of Chadron.  She won a place on second debating team and took part in "The Roman Wedding".  She is a musician and one of the "Reds".  (A. Y. - Adoring and yearning)

Jay Vance - a debater of noted fame, who is a member of the second debating team and who won second in Oratorical class at the local contest.  Jay is a great favorite among the girls. (J.V. - just vain)

Anna Bernhardt - Whos i the popular "June" in the class play, is a noted musician and great on the scale gigle, which she persists in practicing.  She is a cute and jolly girl. (A. B. - Always Bubbling)

Maude McAllister - a late arrival int he noble class of 1912, having been in our ranks for the Senior year only.  She is the exchange editor for the Spud and is the Stage-struck girl in the class play.  (M. M. - May Marry)

Vera Spencer - A member of the class for the last seven eyars.  She has part in the class play, and looks forward to a domestice life as she is greatly interested in the Domestic Science course.  (V. S. - Very Staid)

Neva Brenaman - Entered our class in 1904 adn has been a fathful member from joining in the honors of 1912 to decorating the pavements with paint.  She takes part in the class play and is one of the famous band of "Reds".  (N. B. - Never Bad)

Martin Nolan - "Old Ironsides", is renowned as a basket shooter and is captain of the Basket Ball team.  He is business manager for the Spud, class president, presdent of the Athletic board, one of the leading characters in "Hicks at College", famous for his Irish wit, and best of all he belongs to the band of "Reds". (M. N. - Much Needed)

Willie Eldred - President of the Latin Club, president of the Tennis Club, President of the Palladian Society, Hick in the class play, Marcus Cicero in "The Roman Wedding", star of the Vergil class, funny man for the Spud, but alas no, he is not one of the "Reds". (W. E. - Wins Ever)

Charles Lamon - Never serious, having a marked talent for teasing.  He is charinetist in the orchestra and is great on off-hand talks.  He is still in the knicker-bocker state and is one of the "Reds".  He is the worst flirt of the class.
(C. L. - Consummately Lively)


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