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  Box Butte County

Senior Class Notes

                        Leon Alter , president
                        John Carey , Vice President
                        Ruth Lemons Secretary and Treasurer
                        Thelma Larson Spud Representative    
                        Edward Curtis Athletic Representative

    The Senior class and faculty were entertained Tuesday evening, May 13th, at an elaborate banquet given at the Alliance Hotel by Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Harper. The grill room was beautifully decorated in lavender and white, the Senior class colors. After the banquet, toasts were responded to by Mr. Prince, and various members of the Senior class. Mr. Harper presided and proved himself a very efficient toast-master. Mr. Lloyd Thomas was the last speaker of the evening. He gave a most interesting talk on the subject "Courage." Music was furnished by the Alliance Jazz Orchestra, who were joined by the guests in the singing of popular songs during the evening.
    Following the usual custom of allowing the Seniors a special day for their picnic, Thursday, May 15th, was chosen for the memorable event. Just as the sun was coming up seven cars left the High School to enjoy the day at Pine Ridge. The first stop was at Marsland, where we gave a few yells to let the people know who we were. Breakfast was eaten on a small creek near there. Some were lucky enough to catch fish, while the rest explored the country round about. After a short time we again started on our way. The city of Belmont next heard our songs and yells. A little time was spent there, and then we started to our final destination, Crawford. Dinner was eaten on a beautiful spot near the Fort. Different parties started out to investigate the country round about. At about four o'clock we resumed the way, hearing many stories of the experiences of the afternoon. Some went to the river because they wanted to, while others went in because the fell in.  The park at Crawford was the next stop. The homeward journey was started about 6 o'clock, and we stopped again at Belmont, tunnel this time. At Marsland we enjoyed supper, and then speeded on our way home, arriving near the beginning of another day.

    The Seniors take this last opportunity of bidding farewell to the High School. Alas! we are sorry to leave you and to think school days are at an end. We would fain remain, but must ever press onward to a higher goal. So we bid you sad adieu, and hope you will in some way toil along without us, tho we cannot imagine how you will. But as our going is inevitable, we say farewell.

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