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  Box Butte County

The Debate Team

Debate Team

JAMES FOWLER         RAY EDWARDS          WILLIAM COUTANT         MARIE HOWE                                                      FAUNTINE JOHNSON

On April 19, the Alliance team met its first opponents and enioyed its first victory in debating for the year 1919. We were a little worried when we learned that the debators from Chadron had distinquished themselves along Declamatory lines, but on the debating platform was where we learned the "proof of the pudding." Again the students of the Alliance High School are to be congratulated upon their good representation, as a large and enthusiastic crowd witnessed the contest. This decision was unanimous in favor of the affirmative, upheld by Fauntine Johnson, Ray Edwards, and William Coutant of Alliance.

Sidney has been a stumbling block to Alliance, in debating as well as in athletics. Nevertheless, we journeyed to Sidney with high hearts, and during our entire visit were treated with the utmost cordiality. The regular "baker's dozen" were in attendance at the debate.  "After the usual conflict, the judges came to a quick decision, (for judges) and again Alliance was victor by a unanimous vote. This contest not only decided the District Championship, but also chose the one who would represent this district at the State Debate held at Lincoln on May 16. William Coutant, of ihe Alliance team, was selected as the representative.

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