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  Box Butte County

Girls' Athletics

This has indeed been a very successful year for girls' athletics.
We were quite slow in getting our team selected and our games scheduled but this delinquency was soon mastered and we started out with a firm determination to end the basket ball season with the highest percentage. This was not easily accomplished for we have played some fast teams and our scores have often times been too close for comfort.
       Our first game this season was with Chadron Normal and as usual was our hardest. Their team was fast and nearer our size than any we have played. At the end of the first half the score was 4-6 in favor of the Normal. We were not at all discouraged at this but weren't playing our best. Chadron has been unable to beat us for a number of years although they run their score up so we have to work for what we get.
        Keeping in mind that we must not break our record we began the second half with a little more speed and played more team-work. Our two points were made up within the first five minutes and we continued to keep in the lead until the end of the game, when our score was 23 and Chadron 19.
       We regret that they have been unable to play a return game on account of one of their best players being disabled.
       Jan. 30 St. Agnes Academy played us in our own gym. At the end of the game the score stood 48-2 in our favor.
       We were fortunate enough to secure a game with the Scottsbluff girls this year. This is one of our near-by towns that we have not played before.
        Our first game with them was played at Scottsbluff. This was an exciting game from start to finish. The score was close during the whole game as neither team had lost a game this season.
        On account of being unable to secure a neutral referee we had to content ourselves by submitting to let their coach referee. This wasn't entirely satisfactory but it was the only thing left for us to do The privileges seemed to be decidedly one-sided and the game ended with Scottsbluff in the lead. This was our first time to suffer defeat but we consoled ourselves by thinking how we would have an opportunity to sympathize with them when they visited our town the following week.
        We gave them a fair deal and took particular notice to have someone referee that was not interested in either school. We out-played them from the very first and the score stood 12 to 36 in our favor.
        Our percentage is much higher than theirs' and now since our basket ball season is ended we are proud to report that we lived up to our expectations.

                                                                    -Frances Collins

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