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  Box Butte County

Valley Cemetery  - Letan

                                                Box Butte County
                                             From Alliance: 6 miles south

                  ALBAY, Ada Mrs. wife of John                  d. 1891
                  BROWER, infant daughter of D.N. & R. A.       d. May 4, 1894
                  BROWER, infant child of Dave Brower           d. 1894
                  BROYLES, Pruda Mrs.
                  CALDWELL, Raymond                             d. Feb 27, 1899
                  CALDWELL, Earl C.                             d. Mar 15, 1898
                  CALDWELL, Ethel daughter of W. J. Caldwell    d. 1893
                  CARPENTER, Jessie L.   b. Nov 3, 1878         d. Dec 28, 1914
                  CARPENTER, Herbert Harold                     d. Oct I, 1906
                  CONOVER, J. H. son of J. Cedric Conover
                  CONOVER, infant daughter of J. H. Conover     d. Mar 7, 1896
                  COPE, Mrs. Mary daughter of Mr & Mrs Lister
                  _____DAKE, Infant son                         d. Sep 12, 1896
                  EWER, Belle                                   d. 1890
                  FOX, Margaret Elizabeth Lolling
                  LISTER, George son of John Lister
                  LISTER, Mary J.      b. Dec 20, 1855          d. Nov 19, 1903
                  LISTER, infant child of John Lister            d. Sep 1895
                  LISTER, Jack & Mrs, 2 small children
                  McCOYS, various
                  McLAUGHLIN, D. C.
                  McLAUGHLIN, David Coleman Husband of Mrs. Ratohel McLaughlin
                  McLAUGHLIN, Leeman H. husband of Rony McLaughlin
                  McLAUGHLIN, Leona Opal infant                   d. 1917
                  PRIESTER, H. H.
                  PHILLIPS, F. R.
                  PISTER, Ethel Blanch wife of H. H. Pister b. May 17, 1891  d. Apr 5, 1909
                  WHITE, Jack
                  WILLEY, Dessa                                   d. Aug, 1894
                  WILLEY, Dessa                                   d. Sep 25, 1899
                  WILLEY, Olela                                   d. Aug 11, 1894
                  WILLEY, Dennis                                  d. Aug 5, 1894
                  WILLEY, James                                   d. Nov 9, 1891
                  WILLEY, James  son of George Willey             d. Jul, 1894
                  WILLEY, son and daughter infants                 d. Nov 19, 1896

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