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  Box Butte County

1890 Farmers

J - L


E. Jackson Nonpareil
J. M. Jackson Lawn
M. H. Jackson Lawn
Jacobson Brothers  Box Butte
Mars Jacobsen Nonpariel
Jospeh Janda Lawn
Anton Jansen Lawn
Chris Jansen Nonpareil
A. L. Jay Alliance
C. H. Jeffords Alliance
Anton Jelinek Hemingford
John Jelinek Hemingford
Peter Jensen Nonpareil
Samuel Jesse Alliance
W. H. H. Jesse Allianec
W. T. Jewell Lawn
W. H. Hewett Bewrea
Frank Jila Nonpareil
Benjamin Joder BoxButte
Idds Joder Box Butte
J. E. Joder Allaince
Albert Johnson Alliance
Albert Johnson Box butte
Andrew Johnson Nonpareil
B. E. Johnson Box Butte
Ben Johnson Alliance
B. P. Johnson Box Butte
E. L. Johnson Hemingford
E. Johnson Box Butte
Eph Johnson Nonpareil
I. N. Johnson Nonpareil
Janus Johnson Alliance
John Johnson Nonpareil
John Johnson Box Butte
John A. Johnson Box butte
Joseph Johnson Nonpareil
Joanna Johnson Box Butte
M. E. Johnson Alliance
Theor Johnson Nonpareil
W. D. Johnson Alliance
W. F. Johnson Box Butte
W. J. Johnson Alliance
William D. Johnson Box Butte
J. H. Johnston Lawn
J. N. Johnston Alliance
B. F. Jones Hemingford
Evan O. Jones Nonpareil
G. W. Jones Burbank
John S. Jones Alliance
Lewis Jones Alliance
Mary E. Jones Hemingford
Theordore Jones Alliance
J. D. Jordan Alliance
G. L. Judd Hemingford
Ludwig Jude Hemingford
N. C. Judson Hemingford
 Daniel Justice Alliance


T. J. Kaasa Nonpareil
Frank Kalous Lawn
Joseph Kalous Lawn
Frank Kaper Lawn
Frank Kasper Libby
G. Kaulfold Jr.  Nonpareil
G. Kauffold Sr.  Nonpareil
John Kaufman Hemingford
Bridget Kearney Burbank
John Kearney Burbank
Peter Kearney Burbank
John Keefe Nonpareil
C. W. Keene Nonpareil
Martin Kelly Nonpareil
William H. Kelso Alliance
P. M. Kemerling Alliance
James Kennedy Burbank
H. R. Kennedy Hemingford
Jesse Kennedy Hemingford
L. M. Kennedy Burbank
M. A. Kennedy Nonpareil
T. Kennedy Burbank
W. Kennedy Hemingford
R. M. Kent Berea
Charles Kern Hemingford
Enos Kerr Box Butte
W. H. Kester Box Butte
Otto Ketelson Alliance
Pierre Kicken Box Butte
Orville Kidwell Nonpareil
H. A. Kime Alliance
J. H. Kincaid Alliance
Ed Kinsley Hemingford
John Kinsley HEmingford
J. J. Kinsley Hemingford
Mary Kinsley Hemingford
P. Kinsley Hemingford
VKirkendall Libby
O. Kittelmann Alliance
R. Kittleman Alliance
William Kittelmann Alliance
John Kleeman Alliance
Frank Klema Lawn
C. Klemke Lawn
Fred Kline Alliance
Henriet Kline Alliance
William Kline Alliance
Charles Klufer Lawn
Alonzo J. Knapp Alliance
Benjamin Knight Alliance
Henry Koch Hemingford
John Kohrmann Berea
John Kovarnik Box Butte
Anton Krajeck Lawn
A. C. Kramer Alliance
Anton Krivanek Lawn
A. Kroesing Hemingford
E. Kroesing Hemingford
John Kroesing Hemingford
L. Kroesing Hemingford
Frank Krula Lawn
Anthoy Kuchera Alliance
J. Kuckmann Hemingford
Jacob Keunstler nonpareil
Reinhold Kuhne Alliance
Fred Kulper Alliance
William Kuykendall Burbank


S. D. Lack Box Butte
Nelson Lackey Alliance
George W. Lakin Nonpareil
John Lalley Hemingford
Martin Lalley Hemingford
 M. Lalley Jr.  Hemingford
Joseph Lamplot Hemingford
Jacob Lambrick Box Butte
Carl Landan Hemingford
Dennis Landrigan Alliance
James Landrigan Alliance
William Landrigan Alliance
Henry Langford Nonpareil
John Langford Nonpariel
Gus Larson Nonpareil
C. G. Larson Alliance
T. M. Lawless Alliance
John Lawrence Hemingford
J. W. Lawrence Box Butte
O. S. Leach Alliance
J. W. Leaming Alliance
L. F. Leavitt Lawn
T. H. Lee Box Butte
David J. Lehr Hemingford
A. F. Leishman Alliance
P. M. Leishman Alliance
Robert Leishman Alliance
James B. Leith Alliance
Thomas Leith Alliance
Jacob Lembrick Box Butte
John Lemmon Nonpareil
Henry Lemser Hemingford
Marzell Leppert Berea
L. Leppert Berea
C. S. Lewis Nonpareil
D. D. Lewis Box Butte
I. D. Lewis Alliance
S. B. Libby Libby
John Leiber Box Butte
Have Loly Libby
Meickeor Lirch Alliance
John Liska Hemingford
George Lister Alliance
John Lister Alliance
M. W. Littleton Alliance
Francis Lockey Libby
Charles Lockwood Lawn
Martin Logan Hemingford
Sarah E. Logan Alliance
A. T. Long Alliance
Selina L. Long Alliance
W. H. Look Lawn
Jak J. Lorsch Nonpareil
Joseph Losch Nonpareil
Albert Lotspeich Nonpareil
Sara L. Lotspeich Nonpareil
W. E. Lotspeich Nonpareil
H. P. Love Alliance
J. A. Lore Nonpareil
John Lirscher Nonpareil
Jacob Losch Nonpareil
D. C. Lucus Alliance
S. M. Lucus Alliance
J. C. Ludy Box Butte
Augusta Lytle Hemingford

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