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  Box Butte County

1890 Farmers

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Farmers                          Location


Anton Uhrig Hemingford
Fred Uhrig Hemingford
Alex Underwood Alliance
Cal Underwood Alliance
James A. Underwood Alliance
John Underwood Alliance 
J. Urbanovsky Box Butte
Amanda Utter Box Butte
Daniel W. Utter Box Butte


Hy Van Bargen Nonpareil
J. Van Bargen Nonpareil
H. R. Van Hoskirk Alliance
A. Vance Alliance
W. D. Vance Alliance
J. H. Vanderpool  Alliance
Chesley Van Dusen Alliance
B. Van Nest Box Butte
William Varley Alliance
E. Vaughn Nonpareil
M. M. Veatch Box Butte
Frank Vidlak Box Butte
Otto Vogle Box Butte
Kropa Vojteck Lawn
Alb Von Rothburg Alliance
C. Voss Hemingford
Dora Voss Box Butte


Theo Wagner Allaince
George W. Walsner Hemingford
James T. Walt Alliance
George Wakefield Lawn
George Walbridge Lawn
Thomeas J. Wallace Alliance
W. E. Wallace Nonpareil
Joseph Walter Lawn
William Walter Nonpareil
Joseph M. Wanek Lawn
Jospeh Wanicek Box Butte
R. H. Watkins Alliance
H. Watson Hemingford
Joseph R. Watson Hemingford
W. Watson Hemingford
W. H. Watson  Box Buttew
John Watts Nonpareil
B. L. Weed Hemingford
Titus Wehrstin Alliance
John Weinel Alliance
Peter Weinel Alliance
Gottleb Weisner Lawn
B. F. Welch Burbank
W. Welch Burbank
Wilber Welch Alliance
George A. Wells Hemingford
C. E. Wesche Box butte
D. W. West Alliance
C. Westhaver Alliance
Frank Wickert Lawn
F. E Wieland Burbank
Otto Wieland Box Butte
John C. Wiesner Alliance
G. A. Wickstrom Burbank
Oscar Wiskstrom Burbank
Albert Wildy Alliance
C. J. Wildy Hemingford
E. S. Wildy Hemingford
C. P. Wilkinson Box Butte
T. M. Wilkinson Box Butte
Willard Brothers Alliance
F. M. Willard Alliance
Warren Willard Alliance
L. A. Willett Lawn
George E. Willey Burbank
M. A. Willey Alliance
Fred Williams Nonpareil
John Williams Berea
M. Williamson Box Butte
R. W. Williamson Box Butte
W. W. Wilmott Hemingford
Hames A. Wills Lawn
Harry Wilson Box Butte
James Wilson Hemingford
John A. Wilson Box Butte
P. A. Wilson Hemingford
S. J. Wilson Alliance
Frank A. Wiltse Alliance
John H. Wiltshire Alliance
Henry J. Winten Nonpareil
George Wixon Box Butte
G. W. Whalen Nonpareil
G. P. Whaley Alliance
J. E. Whaley Burbank
Harriet Wheeler Nonpareil
James F. Whelan Hemingford
W. H. Whelan Hemingford
A. C. Whitcher Hemingford
Carl White Alliance
Will White Alliance
Edward Whitlock Alliance
Job B. Whipple Hemingford 
John Wolf Hemingford
W. P. Wolf Alliance
E. P. Woods Alliance
Jospeh B. Woods Alliance
John D. Workman Alliance
Mrs. C. S. Worley Box Butte
James T. Worley Alliance
L. M. Worley Alliance
A. A. Wright Alliance
Jesse Wright Alliance
Joseph W. Wright Hemingford
L. S. Wright Box Butte
Mary E. Wright Alliance
Moses Wright Allaince
S. H. Wright Lawn
Valentine Wright Alliance


Frank Yechout Box Butte
Joseph Yechout Box Butte
Frank Yirsa Box Butte
Anton Young Alliance
Frank Young Alliance
G. W. Young Nonpareil
T. N. Young  Alliance
W. B. Young Alliance


Joseph Zabka Box Butte
Aloje Zajic Hemingford
Alojzie Zajic Hemingford
Anton Zajic Hemingford
John Zajic Hemingford
Joseph Zalud Burbank
G. E. Zimmerman Nonpareil
Alba D. Zook Box Butte
U. G. Zook Hemingford
Gregory Zurn Alliance

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