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  Box Butte County

Alliance in 1885-1890

Taken from the Nebraska State Gazetteer 

            Alliance is a town of 1,000 inhabitants on the G. I. & W. C. R. R. branch
            of the B. & M. R. R., in the southeastern part of Box Butte County.  It is
            expected that there will be located the county seat.  It is a division
            station, and a round house accommodating several engines has been
            built. The spirit of public improvement is eloquently instanced in the
            $18,000 flouring mill with a capacity of 100 barrels per day, brick and
            lumber yards, a fine school  house costing $15,000, two good hotels,
            water works are about to be put in costing $40,000.  United Presbyterian
            church costing $1,000 and a Methodist church costing $800, have already
            lifted their fronts to beautify the place.  it has four banks, the First
            National Bank, Capital $50,000, Bank of Alliance, capital $10,000, Box
            Butte Banking Company, capital $25,000, and the firm of Porter Bros. &
            Co., are all in a prosperous and flourishing condition, and have made
            marches to success, and this monetary strength is supplemented by a
            Loan and Building Association.  A  U. S. Land Office is located here of
            which J. H. Danskin is receiver, F. M. Dorrington register.  Two
            newspapers, the Weekly Grip and Times, are alive with the times, good
            advertising mediums and have a large circulation.  The country around is
            excellent for farming purposes and raising and herding of live stock.
            Several secret organizations are represented.  Alliance has all that goes
            to make a city - location, enterprise and means properly invested.
            Stage daily to Hay Springs.

                               Alliance Businesses

            Alliance Dray Line, F. M. Snedeker, prop.
            Alliance Hotel, G. C. Thompson, prop.
            Alliance Milling Co. props Alliance Roller Mills
            Alliance Roller Mills, Alliance Milling Co., props
            Alliance Times, W. E. Hitchcock, prop.
            Atchison, Charles - Insurance.
            Bank of Alliance, (Capital $10,000) F. M. Sands, pres., F. M. Knight,
            Barney, C. A. -  Real estate.
            Barrett, Mrs. E. R. -  Restaurant.
            Barrett, G. W. -  Blacksmith.
            Baxter, Mrs. H. M. -  Millinery
            Beck & Newberry -  Hardware
            Bent, A. S. -  Harness
            Betzold, Fred J. -  Brickmaker
            B & M Hotel, H. C. Freese prop.
            Boone, J. O. -  Hotel.
            Briggs, Asa -  Livery
            Broome, F. M. prop. -  Weekly Grip
            Brown, H. J. -  Physician
            Bucchsenstein, Lou, prop. -  Western Cigar Factory
            Carper, O. M. -  Pres. the First National Bank
            Chapman, S. B. -  Physician
            Chilson, Arthur -  Contractor and Builder
            Clark, George W. -  Postmaster, stationery
            Clark, John, mgr. -  Kendall & Smith
            Cleveland Brothers -  General Merchandise
            Clifton House, Wm. Millsaps prop.
            Collins & McIntier -  Blacksmiths
            Condit, Wayne -  Loans
            Cotton, E., -  Land attorney, justice of the peace, notary and U. S. Court
            Cushing, Mrs. Eliza  -  Millinery
            Cushing, Frank -  Blacksmith
            Danskin & Hasbrouch -  Attorneys
            Dempsey Brothers -  Grocers
            Devore F. M.  - Attorney at law, notary and real estate.
            Dowd, J. W. -  Physician
            Enderly Brothers -  Druggists
            Fay & Cummings -  Bakery,
            Field, A. L. -  Attorney
            First National Bank, Capital $50,000, O. M. Carper pres., A. S. Reed,
            vice-pres, R. M. Hampton, cashier
            Fleck, C., prop -  Grant House
            Fletcher, Nelson -  Real estate
            Freese, H. C. prop -  B & M Hotel
            Graber, J. E. -  Boots and shoes
            Grant House, C. Fleck prop
            Griffiths, Spencer -  Second hand goods,
            The Grip, weekly, F. M. Broome prop
            Hagaman George II & Co.  -  Well borers.
            Halle Brothers -  Barbers
            Hampton R. M. cashier -  the First National Bank
            Hart & Stevens -  Saloon
            Helling, Mrs. -  Millinery
            Hitchcock, W. E. prop. -  Alliance Times
            Holloway H. C.,  Tel Mgr. -  W. U. T. Co.
            Honrby & Carmen -  Lumber, Coal
            Jenkins, Charles T.  - Attorney
            Johnson, Albert -  Wagonmaker
            Judge & James -  Livery
            Kendall & Smith, John Clark mgr. -  Flour Feed, coal, etc.
            Kettelson, Otto -  Hardware
            King, G. W. -  Real estate and furniture
            Krajicek, F.  - Tailor
            Lewis W. R.  - Physician
            Lincoln Land Co., Porter Brothers Agents
            McGlinn Brothers -  General Merchandise
            Markman, F. W.  - Furniture and Jewelry.
            Miller, Wm. K.  - Physician
            Millsaps, Wm., prop Clifton House
            Mitchell, Wm.,  - Attorney at law, Notary public
            Moran, John -  Restaurant,
            Nebraska & Wyoming Investment Co., A. L. Field, sec.
            Nicolas, Charles - Surveyor and locator.
            Noleman, R. C. -  Attorney
            Norton, W. W. General Merchandise
            Passmore, W. G. -  Photographer
            Perleek, Mary Mrs. Laundry
            Phelps, F. M.  - Station and Express agent
            Porter Brothers Co., Capital $40,000, C. A. & F. K. Porter, C. H. Little -
            Preston, A. -  Livery
            Preston, Alonzo -  General Merchandise
            Reek, Sang, C. -  Contractor and builder
            Reddish, Frank E. -  Loans
            Reed, A. S., vice pres. -  the First National Bank
            Richards & Tompkins, Contractors and builders
            Rockwell, W. F. & Co.  - Hardware
            Rumel & Larson -  Barbers
            Rumer, W. D. -  General Merchandise
            Schocker, A. M. -  Jeweler
            Sherman, D. -  Drayman
            Shetler, C. Meat Market
            Sherwood T. J. -  Auction and Commission,
            Shurtz, T. D. -  Drugs
            Sickles, Louis -  Clothing
            Simms, E. R. -  Barber
            Simonson Brothers -  Lumber
            Simonson, W. G. -  Attorney and Notary
            Smith, W. H. -  Physician
            Smith, N. D. & Co. -  Drugs
            Snedeker, F. M. -  Real estate, loans, insurance, notary public and prop.
            Alliance Dray Line
            Snider, G. W.  - Blacksmith
            Soder & Martin -  Restaurant and Confectionery
            Stearns, E. M. & Co. -  General Merchandise
            Stewart Banks -  Groceries
            Stocking W. S. -  Live stock breeder
            Stuart, F. W. -  Loans, insurance
            Swander & Co. -  Bakery
            Thompson, G. C.,  prop.  - Alliance Hotel
            Todd & Lewis -  drugs
            Trainor & Broome -  Job printers.
            Trekle & Rounds -  Lumber
            U. S. Land Office, J. H. Danskin receiver, F. M. Dorrington, register.
            Vanderpool, J. W.  - Harness
            Van Boskirk, H. R.  - Agricultural Implements
            Wagner, Theo, prop. -  Dubuque House
            Watkins Brothers -  Saloon
            Watkins, R. H. -  Meat Market
            Westerhaver Brothers -  Clothing,
            Western Cigar Factory - Lou Beuchsenstein prop.
            Wildy & Zapp, E. S. Wildy mgr. -  Agricultural Implements
            Wilsey, F. A.  - Hotel
            Wood, Joseph -  Confectionery
            Woodyard, Abe -  Contractor and builder
            Yanders, J. F. -  Merchant Tailor.

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