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  Box Butte County

1890 Hemingford

Taken from the 1890 Gazetteer.....


A prosperous and progressive town of 400 inhabitants in Box Butte County, on the G. I. & W. C. R. R. branch of the B. & M. R. R.  The city is incorporated and has every indication of becoming the county seat.  It has several fine store houses and private dwellings, good school house, Congregational church, costing $2,500, lumber yards, two hotels.  The finances of the city are kept on an easy basis by three banks -  Bank of Commerce, Bank of Hemingford, and Box Butte Bank.  These solid institutions exert a more  vital influence upon the trade, reputation, growth and prosperity of Hemingford, than any other agency within its borders.  Its officers are conservative, always accommodating and popular with all who come in contact with them.  They make a specialty of real estate, loans, insurance and collections, a department in which they enjoy unusual facilities for accommodating the public.  The Guide is a sprightly newspaper, deserving and receiving the patronage of the district.
Hemingford Businesses and owners

Adams & Davison - General Merchandise
Alworth, Edward - Saloon
Arnott, John P - Attorney
Austin, H. B. - Cashier - Bank of Hemingford
Bank of Commerce - Capital $50,000, W. A. Knapp, pres., Jas H. Craig, vice-pres, Chas C. Hunt, cashier.
Bank of Hemingford- authorized capital  $50,000, Job Hathanway, pres., H. B. Austin , cashier
Blanchard, R. H. - Millinery
Blood, John  - Physician
Box Butte Bank - C. A. Burley, pres., D. W. McNamara, cashier
Branch, F. E. & Co. - Agricultural Implements
Coates, E. A.  - Real Estate
Craig, James H. - vice pres. Bank of Commerce, Real estate, Loans, Insurance and Notary
Davis, J. R. - Jeweler, confectionery
Enderly Brothers - Drugs
Filimore, H. F. - Justice, Notary
Gilman, C. W.  - Attorney
Gooch, N. R.  - Shoemaker
Green, H. R.  - Hardware
Hall, E. A. & Co. -  Lumber, Coal
Hamilton, E. E.  - Physician
Hamilton, John T. - Loans
Harlow, S. J.  - Drayman
Hathaway, Job - pres. Bank of Hemingford, Real estate, loans, insurance
Hemingford Guide - J. S. Paradis, publisher
Hewett, James H. H. - Attorney
Hunt, Charles C. - cashier Banks of Commerce, notary
Iodence, W. M. - Attorney
Jennings, E. - Station, telegraph and express agent
Jewitt, Charles - Blacksmith
Johnson, John - Painter
Jones B. F. - General Merchandise
Kirwan, Miss M. R. - Dressmaking
McCorkle, J. C. - Flour and feed
McLeod, R. & Co. - General Merchandise
McNamara, D. W. - cashier The Box Butte Bank, Attorney, Notary
Maxfield, L. L. - General Merchandise
Metropolitan Hotel - S. Switzer prop.
Milek F. W. -  Hardware
Mounts, W. C. - Barber
Old Clark - Blacksmith, wagonmaker
Paradis, J. S. - postmaster, publisher The Hemingford Guide
Pinkerton House - J. T. Pinkerton, prop.
Pinkerton, J. T., -  prop. Pinkerton House
Pinkerton & Whipple -  Livery, feed
Reed & Dill - Meat market
Roberts, J. W. - Livery
Shindler, M. - prop Farmers Home
Shirk & Son - Furniture, undertakers
Smith, W. - Drugs
Switzer S. - prop. Metropolitan Hotel
Uhrig, Anton -  Hardware Harness maker
Wildy & Zapp - General Merchandise


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