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  Box Butte County

Nebraska Genealogy Links

KNIGHT MUSEUM - where most of the records for Box Butte County can be found in one place.
Carhenge- our most famous attraction
1895 Nebraska Map - This is the picture of the whole state in that year, check further for Box Butte county Nebraska Vital Records - you can find the location of all vital records held in Nebraska plus lots of good information relating to genealogy here.
Old Time Nebraska- read what it was like to live in the early settlement periods of Nebraska.  What brought our ancestors here in the first place?  What did a day entail for them?  Find out that a much more here.
Cyndi's List  -  this lists the Nebraska Resources available currently
The Nebraska Newspaper Project - the preservation of the all the state Newspapers - find out more about this worthwhile project Newspaper Extract Project - Different newspapers all over the state with recordings from many still being added
Nebraska State Genealogy Society - A worthy organization that has connections all over Nebraska.  They offer many benefits to their members who are researching in Nebraska and other locations. NeGenWeb Project- The "What we are and how we came to be" thing.  Play a special part - adopt a county
Nebraska Archives - A great place to look for those church records or maybe a new file that may not be located on the county sites. NeGenWeb Resource Center - Resources listed include, Orphan Train, County Schools, ethnic information, Military Information, Native American Research, Nebraska State Genealogy Society, Nebraska State Historical Society, Research Helps, etc.  A GREAT Site to look, learn, and discover.
Alliance Newspapers - these can be ordered from the NSHS or viewed at the Alliance Library or the Knight Museum
Hemingford Papers these can be viewed in Alliance at the Library or the Knight Museum or ordered from the NSHS
Unknown County - I know they lived in Nebraska...somewhere.  If you are unsure of the exact location, check here. Maybe we can find that missing link and location for you. Alliance Times Herald - our local newspaper
Hemingford Ledger - News about Hemingford and the surrounding area Hemingford - Currant and Historical information about the town of Hemingford
MAPS - Alliance, Hemingford, Berea, Box Butte County or wherever you want to go. NorthWest Genealogy Society

History of Nebraska  - Sterling/Watkins  1918 Newsletters and
Mailing lists

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