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  Box Butte County

MARRIAGES   1887 -1914
" I "

Ingram, Lucy                Fratt, Pitt D.              B-1900-613
Ingersoll, Otta A.          Clark, Mildred              D-1912-1624
Irby, Columbus F.           Wiese, Johanna D.           D-1911-1544
Ireland, Artemas L.         Peck, Marie                 C-1909-1278
Ireland, Grace H. (Mrs)     Steele, Charles C.          B-1900-631
Ireland, Richard            Riley, Sadie                A-1888-39
Irey, Della                 Tull, Rollie G.             D-1910-1451
Irion, Charles H.           Lane, Ada M.                A-1893-350
Irion, John A.              Foster, Lulue               B-1897-499
Irion, Sadie S.             Mittlen, Jackson            A-1887-19
Irions, Edward              Moore, Jennie Al.           A-1893-342
Irish, Frank W.             Messix, Eva (Mrs)           D-1911-1619
Irvine, William C.          Suprise, Dora (Mrs)         B-1901-686
Isaac, Dora                 Dorrey, William S.          D-1910-1372
Isreal, Berthold            Bailey, 0. R.               D-1912-1683
Iverson, Jonas B.           Madson, Marie               C-1908-1231
Iverson, Nellie M.          Forstrom, Karl M.           B-1899-607
Ivey, Clarence E.           Lewis, Christina            D-1910-1375

Ivey, Lesta J.                                  Sprouts, Sprouls, Guy 0.                D-1910-137

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