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  Box Butte County

MARRIAGES   1887 -1914

                                                                                         " U "

Ulvold, Ella Haagen (Mrs)       Forsythe, B 0           B-1903-814
Underwood, Addie                Wright, George W        A-1893-309
Underwood, Basil                Jahnke, Perez           C-1908-1205
Underwood, George A             Hunt, Lizzie            B-1896-475
Underwood, James L              Gilmore, Adelia         A-1890-179
Upton, Estelle A                Holloway, H C           C-1906-1037
Urbansky, Fanny                 Turek, Joseph           C-1906-1035
Utter, Amanda                   Graham, James           A-1890-172
Utter, Daniel W                 Utter, Lucinda Robinson (Mrs)   B-1900-655
Utter, Lucinda Robinson (Mrs)   Utter, Daniel W         B-1900-655

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