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  Box Butte County

MARRIAGES   1887 -1914
" Y "


Yanders, Maud                   Trenkle, Fred               C-1906-988
Yarbrough, Robert Lee           Basye, Estelle              C-1905-928
Yarbrough, Virginia             Billings, Fred B            C-1907-1065
Yarger, Nellie                  Ames, Ord C                 D-1914-1883
Yeager, Alfred                  Lawrence, Agnes E           C-1909-1285
Yearns, Isaac L                 Townsend, Lucy A (Rea)      D-1912-1669
Yechout, Augustina              Kimball, John C             A-189-296
Yechout, Joseph                 Kozel, Cecilia (Mrs)        B-1898-539
Yechout, Mary                   Brown, Thomas C             A-1893-348
Yechout, Mary H Brown (Mrs)     Wesche, Charles E           A-1893-357
Yeked, Mary                     Haun,Jacob                  D-1913-1836
Yjoung, Willard B               Petty, Viola                A-1892-263
Yockey, Charles F               Fox, Grace B                C-1907-1117
Yoder, H W                      Flower, Ode                 C-1908-1152
Yoder, Mrs Eva (Dougherty)      Walsh, John P               D-1911-1578
Yoocum, Effie                   Hodge, Wm H                 D-1912-1657
York, Emma J                    Ely, Harry I                B-1903-839
York, J Chester                 Young, Jennie G             B-1904-860
York, Laura Gilim (Mrs)         Reeves, Buell V             D-1914-1923
York, Ruth                      Schemel, Henery H           D-1913-1822
Young, Annie                    Oliver, John H              B-1901-702
Young, Edward C                 Cooper, Carrie May          C-1906-1047
Young,Eva                       ELwon (?) William W         A-1889-117
Young, Eva Elmore (Mrs)         Cook, Everett               D-1914-1917
Young, Fannie B Tolivor (Mrs)   Osborn, Albert P            B-1898-545
Young, Freda S                  Ray, Ellis W                B-1901-688
Young, Harrison M               Phillips, Minnie            A-1892-277
Young, Ida M                    Sturgeon, John N            C-1906-1053
Young, Ida Wycoff (Mrs)         Richards, James F           D-1910-1476
Young, Jennie G                 York, J Chester             B-1904-860
Young, Louisa Mentzner (Mrs)    Korll, Charles              B-1903-842
Young, Martin Edward            Sloan, Ella Crawford        A-1894-407
Young, Pearl                    Wilson, James A             C-1906-993
Younkin (Yomkin), Florence      Post, G B                   C-1910-1353
Younkin, Loyde L                Himes, Blanche E            D-1912-1661
Yount, Peter S                  Kent, Anna                  B-1900-627

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