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  Box Butte County

MARRIAGES   1887 -1914

" Z "

Zack, Emil                  Hessenstab, Anna                C-1909-1352
Zajic, Alois                Krakesova, Marie Novak (Mrs)    A-1893-319
Zajic, Aubon                Dvorak, Agnes                   A-1894-377
Zajic, John                 Kaper, Julia U                  A-1894-378
Zediker, Wayne D            Swan, Edith M                   D-1910-1476
Zeduoer, Clara or Clare     Suprise, Louis A                B-1900-653
Zehring, Nellie M           Herndon, George W               A-1888-63
Zehrung, Pearl May          Moore, Oswin Chester            C-1905-969
Zehrung, William W          Watts, Anna                     B-1902-728
Zehurrig (?), Nellie M      Herndon, George W               A-1888-63
Zeller, Louise              Cook, John L                    D-1911-1576
Zender, Ralph J             Burris, Pauline                 D-1912-1682
Zerbe, Glenn M              Forbes, Effie A                 D-1910-1416
Zimmerman, Charles W        Powell, Nellie Ethel            C-1906-1050
Zimmerman, George E         Haffield, Hattie C              A-1890-168
Zimmerman, George E         Bright, Lizzie Bright (Mrs)     B-1902-796
Zimmerman, George E         Avery, CiDlia                   C-1907-1093
Zimmerman, Wm H             Wright, Mary E                  D-1913-1745
Zlnouska, Mary E (Wright)   Zimmerman, Wm H                 D-1913-1745
Znik, Harry I               Johnson, Nina 1                 C-1906-1006
Zobel, George W             Nussbaum, Emma                  B-1899-574
Zobel, Matilda              Grove, Arthur H                 B-1897-508
Zook, Abia D                Sharpe, Emma G                  A-1889-107
Zook, Elsie C B Eckley (Mrs)Lyman, Frank W                  B-1900-643
Zopansis, Mary D            Roberts, Lewis I                D-1914-1899
Zurcher, John G             McNutt, Cora L Wilcox (Mrs)     D-1912-1666

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