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  Box Butte County

Marriages 1914-1934

" I "

Ingraham, William J     Harris, Alice L          H-213 3525-1926
Ingram, Clinton         Brown, Anna E            F-365 2891-1920
Inman, Cecil C          Bever, Helen P           H-342 3654-1927
Iodence, Charles G      Kriz, Mary C              -424 2950-1920
Iodence, Mary M         Iverson, Andrew          E-484 2427-1917
Iossi, Irene            Tucker, Hugh             G-275 4087-1930
Irey, Letha L           Schneider, George J      E-191 2134-1915
Irish, Chester L        Eberly, Margaret A       G-631 4444-1933
Ironmonger, Eleanor     Grimes, Arthur L         E-323 2266-1916
Irwin, Virginia         Churchill, Albert        H-597 3909-1929
Isaacs, Frank Jr        Luther, Linnie           G-620 4433-i933
Iverson, Adele          Iverson, Simon           E-205 2148-1915
Iverson, Andrew         Iodence, Ma!y M          E-484 2427-1917
Iverson, Christina      Jespersen, Nels          E-284 2227-1916
Iverson, Simon          Iverson, Adele           E-205 2148-1915
Ives, Marion            Dillan, Arthur           G-327 4139-1931
Ives, Nettie            Carmo                    E-IOO 2043-1915
Ivins, Sema Jean        Colton, Howard F         G-637 4450-1933
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