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  Box Butte County

Marriages 1914-1934

                                            " U "
Uhrig, Margaret E A     Erskine, Lloyd E            H-61 3375-1924
Uhrig, Winifred B       Brown, Ruth                 H-343 3655-1927
Underhill, Abram J      Bauer, ielen D (Mrs)        F-631 3156-1922
Underhill, Della        PIowell, William L          F-394 2920-1920
Underhill, Ernest       Crofrett, Endorah           G-306 4118-1930
Underhill, Harold       Fraedrich, Clara            G-630 4443-1933
Underhill, Minnie       Finley, Albert              F-348 2874-1920
Underwood, Bessie R     Sherlock, William J         G-131 3301-1923
Underwood, Catherine    Ortman, Glen L              F-275 2801-1920
Underwood, George W     Trabert, Norma              H-226 3538-1926
Underwood, Mary E       Roe, Paul E                 F-478 3004-1921
Underwood, Mary E       Harry M                     H-143 3455-1925
Urbanovsky, Sophie      Henry T                     E-180 2123-1915
Urbonosky, Emma         Austin, Wm A                E-52 1995-1914
Ustahol, Blanche        Prochazka, Thomas           G-348 4160-1931
Utter, Edith            Blair, Afton                H-336 3648-1927
Utter, Will F           Jesse, Lottie               E-230 2173-1916
Utz, Edward             McLean,Anna                 E-316 2259-1916

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