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  Box Butte County

Marriages 1914-1934

                                            " Y "

Yake, Alice                 Herman, John B              G-160 3972-1929
Y'amada, Cecile             Ekeya, Fred                 G-368 4160-1931
Yanders, Fred W             Pate, Beatrice              F-92 2618-1919
Yarbrough, Estella M        Majors, Arthur R            H-330 3642-1927
Yates, Ethel                Covalt, Joseph K            G-107 3277-1923
Yauney, Ruth                Flaherty, Louis             F-169 2695-1919
Yeager, Elizabeth Agnes (Mrs) Milham, Albert Nathaniel  E-238 2181-1916
Yeager, Mary A              Jesse, Albert H             H-521 3833-1928
Yellow Thunder, Joseph      Two Two, Theresa            H-17 3331-1923
Yeth, Elizabeth (Mrs)       Knigish, Joseph             F-29 2556-1918
York, Ectwin F              Ruud, Gunda K               F-85 2611-1919
York, Lawrence              Mills, Edith                G-461 4272-1932
York, M Orrison             Kebble, Lois Marie          H-93 3407-1924
Young, Alta V               Stockman, Arthur L          F-620 3i 45-1922
Young, Aubrey C             Carlson, Grace K            F-235 2761-1919
Young, Benjamin Pringle     McMurtrey, Charity F        E-411 2354-1917
Young, Doris Marie          Dickinson, Harold D         G-173 3985-1929
Young, George M             Abley, Nellie               F-63 2589-1919
Young, Glen                 Craig, Charles E            G-77 3247-1923
Young, Glenora M (Mrs)      Sayers, William G           H-383 3695-1927
Young, Hazel J              Driscoll, William F         H-377 3689-1927
Young, Helen C              Morrow, Wm                  H-314 3626-1926
Young, Howard E             McCool, Bessie W            E-375 2318-1917
Young, Inez C               Myers, James C              H-284 3596-1926
Young, Lucille              Mathewson, Jesse            G-387 4198-1931
Young, Luta                 Diliard, Clyde W            F-551 3077-1921
Young, Mabel M              Minor, William 8            H-38 3352-1923
Young, Mary L               Pierce, Frank E             F-230 2756-1919
Young, Oral R               Lawver, Alberta R           F-44 2570-1918
Youngblood, Carl H          Knierim, Leah               E-352 2295-1917
Younkin, Eunice             LeMaster, Walba             G-527 4338-1932

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