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  Box Butte County

Naturalization Records

A - C

 The records listed are in this order:
Family Name, Given Name, Address, certificate number, birth location or
allegiance, born/age, arrival date, port,naturalization date, Witness1, Witness 2,
Petition #, Record/Journal, Natural.Rec, Intention, name change, notes
0, XXX and NA means that the information is not available.
K(that's all we have)

Abas Mike, Alliance, 0 Damascus, Syria, 25Jan1895 ,25July 1916, New York, NA,
      Vol3 p.13 , naturalization

Abley Fredolin, N.I. 0 Switzerland N.I. N.I. N.I. 6 May 1890 N.I.    Vol A p.72 Vol B
      p. 50    ABAS

Adams Robert Alliance 3933424 XXX 46 yrs NA  NA   00145     date of Admission

Adams Robert Alliance 3933424  Bellaghy Londonderry Ireland 6 Mar 1889
      27Apr1921 Sweet Grass 28Oct1935 Roy Beckwith N.J.FletcherJr  curntfile
      p.22988     LsLeaf line1 list11

Adolf Friedrich Cornelius Hay Springs 10068633 XXX 3July1920 NA  NA   00449            cert.issued 12Apr1977 Alien Reg#A13492520

       Ahmad Mohamed, Hemingford, 0 Muzra, Syria, 15Mar1894, 22July1907, New York, NA, crntfile p.4126

       Ainlay Wm John, Alliance, 0 Brussels,Ontario Canada, 28Nov1870, Apr1876 Port Huron, NA, cntfile p.188583

       Alberg Henry, Alliance ,0 Orlofskoi Russia 17July1887 2Jan1913 Port Huron NA  crntfile p.814077

       Alberg Maria Kata(rina) Alliance 0 Messer Russia 15Sept1901 21July1913 Port
      Huron NA    crntfile p.814030

       Albertsen Mathias N.I. 0 Germany N.I. N.I.  11May1891     Vol A p.111 Vol.B p.76

       Albrecht Frederik N.I. 0 Germany N.I. NA NA 8May1890     Vol. A p.88 Vol. B p.56

       Allisonas Kostantinos D. Alliance 0  St.Vlassis,Greece 2May1896 14Apr1914 New York NA    crntfile p.4128

       Almanza Jesse Alliance 5476778 XXX  27yrs NA NA NA   00259      Ord of
      Admis.12Oct 1943 Alien Reg#5771701 residing atReno,Ks

       Alonso Frank Rushville 5477511 XXX 50yrs NA NA NA   00251    Francisco Alonso Ord of Admis.8May1944 Alien Reg#4743187

       Alt Henry Alliance 0 Saratov,Russia 3May1872 December 01, 1904 New York NA Vol1 p.81

       Alvarado Fred Alliance 9822483 XXX 26Sept1900 NA NA NA   00448      Ord of
      Admission 4Sept1920 Alien Reg #5226692

       Alvarado Sara Sanchez Alliance 7679367 XXX 31May1913 NA NA NA   00364  
      Ord of Admission 4Sept1920 Alien Reg #5518998

       Alvarez Jose Alliance 0  Chihuahua, Mexico 20May1900 15Jun1905 El PasoTx NA Vol3 p.88

       Anderson Conrad Adolph Alliance 0 Linkoping Sweden 25Jan1885 23Feb1908 New York NA      Vol. 2 p.31

       Anderson Hans Ne 0 Sweden XXX NA NA 2Apr 1895    Vol.A p.457 Vol B p.273

       Anderson Johannes NE 0 Norway XXX NA NA 16May1891    Vol A p.129 Vol B

       Anderson John Berger Alliance 0 Amminnored Sweden 25Nov1890 17Mar1911 New York NA      Vol 3 p.61

       Anderson Lars Erik Canton 0 Dallarne Sweden 12Feb1890 20Aug1908 Boston
      Denied Henry Winten Hans Rensvold  Vol 2 p.25    Witness Hans Rensvold in army 13 mos.cert.cncled 3May1920

       Anderson Lars Erik Hemingford 5478550 XXX 55yrs NA NA 22Oct1945   00299
      Alien Reg#2207355

       Anderson Olga Alliance 7787281 XXX 26Nov1927 NA NA NA   00370     Ord of
      Admission 4Nov1957 Alien Reg#8306667 Gen.Prov.

       Anderson Peter G. NE 0 Sweden XXX NA NA 21Apr1903     Vol.B p.383

       Andre George Hemingford 0 Uppinghime,Germany 17Dec1853 9May1860 New York  NA      Vol.1 p.60

       Andrews Andrew Harrison 5228067 XXX 36yrs NA NA NA   00205    Andrew Ondrej  Ord of Admiss27Sept1941 Alien Reg. #5645917

       Andrews Edith Mullen 7267095 XXX 5June1923 NA NA NA   00352     Ord. of
      Admiss5Apr1946 Alien Reg.#6-398-425

       Andrews  Andrew Harrison 5228067 Sabinov Czechoslovakia  10Jan1905
      28Oct1912 New York 27Sept1941 Emmett Whiteaker Harry Serres 00205 Lslf p.? line5 lst32

       Antonopulos Antonios Alliance 0 Skenolaka,Greece 4Feb1893 28Aug1912 New
      York NA      Vol3 p.11

       Applegarth Henry Wm NE 0 Canada XXX NA NA 10Oct1893    Vol. A p.367 Vol. B  p.214

       Arellano Agustin Garcia Alliance 5476810 XXX 25yrs NA NA NA   00272     Ord. of Admiss30Oct.1943  residing in San Francisco,CA was at Army Air Base in Alliance

       Armstrong John NE 0 Ireland 19June1859 NA NA 21Oct1891     Vol.B p.149

       Arnot Rosemarie Ingeborg Merriman 8938635 XXX 3June1928 NA NA NA
      00421     Ord. of Admiss14Nov1959 Alien Reg#ALL936506

       Asboe Andrew Herman Edwin Alliance 0 Hopedale Labrador, Newfoundland
      18Sept1889  28Jun1928 New York NA      Crntfile p.22986

       Austen Veronica Kethleen Alliance 7058047 XXX 2Jun1941 NA NA NA   00336  Ord. of Admiss2Nov1953 Alien Reg#6043487

       Austen Mary Frances Alliance 7257488 XXX 19Oct1949 NA NA NA   00348     Ord of Admiss31Oct1955 Alien Reg#7824528 --James Frederick Austen Jr signed on behalf of Mary Frances Austen

       Aylward Mary NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 5April1905 Anna Aylward John P.Aylward  Vol. C p.19

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      Backwall Peter E. NE 0 Sweden XXX NA NA 27May1901     Vol. B p.372

       Bahrck Johann NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 10Oct1893    Vol. A p.367 Vol. B p.208

       Bakaloff Steve Alliance 0 Ohrida, Turkey 3Jan1877 3May1910 New York NA
      Vol. 3 p.6

       Balatic John E. Alliance 0 Bukarest, Romania 22Nov1891 9April1908 New York

      NA      Vol.2 p.28

       Bandjoff Mile Zofir Alliance 2459360 Ohrida, Turkey 21Oct.1888 15Aug1907 New
      York 22Jun1927 Frank Abegg Elias Essay  Vol.2 p.61

       Bandjoff Stovro Dimus Alliance 0 Ohrida, Turkey 14Sept1884 5Sept1907 New York
      NA      Vol.2 p.46

       Barclay Charles  NE 0 Great Brittain XXX NA NA 11May1891     Vol. A p.111 Vol. B

       Bare Olga Souix Cnty 6057796 XXX 26yrs NA NA NA   00316     Ord. of Admiss 16
      April 1951

       Barry Bernice Josephine Alliance 0 Athens, Canada 10Aug.1913 4Jun1914 Port
      Huron Denied Nettie F.Whaley Jean Thomas 00207 LsLeaf Line7list33    cncld
      27Sept1941--no valid cert. of arrival--Pet. filed under Nationality Act of 1940 line2

       Barta John NE 0 Austria N.I. N.I. NA 7May1890    Vol. A p.87 Vol. B p.63

       Barta Josef NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 14May1891    Vol. A p.124 Vol. B p.104

       Barta Louis NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 11Apr1894    Vol. A p.403 Vol. B p.242 Vol. A

       Bartos Moric NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 10Apr1894    Vol.A p.401 Vol. B p.226 Vol.
      A p.26

       Basse Herman NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 11Apr1893    Vol. p.326 Vol. B. p.185

       Basse Herman NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 19May1902     Vol. b p.377

       Bauer Franz SR. NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 29August1895    Vol. B p.1 Vol. B

       Baum Anna Margaret Mitchell 5228065 XXX 50yrs NA NA NA   00198     Ord. of
      Addmiss27Sept1941  Alien Reg.#1845743

       Baum Anna Margaret Mitchell 5228065 Kukes, Russia 7March1891 10Jun1907 New
      York 27Sept1941 Evert Thomas Dorothy Thomas 00198 LsLeaf line1list32    Pet.
      filed under Nationality Act of 1940

       Baumann Fredrick NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 10Mar1896     Vol. B p.310

       Bean George Alliance 0 Norka, Russia 14Jun1883 28Jan1910 Baltimore NA
      Vol.2 p.59

       Bearss Nelson  0 XXX XXX NA NA 10Apr1894    Vol. A p.401

       Bearss Nelson NE N.I. Canada N.I. NA NA 10Apr1894    Vol. A p.401 Vol. B p.254

       Beaumont Mathew C. Hemingford 164251 Yorkshire, England 25 Apr1855  year
      1856 New York 12Dec1910 B.F.Gilman Smith P.Tuttle  Vol. A p.21

       Becky Joseph R. Butte, MT 0 Bosiljevi, Austria 17Jan1855 10Jun1914 New York
      NA      Vol. 3 p.79

       Behner George Herman Hemingford 19929 Berje, Germany 24Nov1868 10Mar1890
      New York 21Mar1910 Jens Peter Kristensen Peter Kjor Kristensen  Vol. 1 p.14

       Behnke Fredrick NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 12May1891    Vol. A P.119 Vol. B p.92

       Beleff Ivan Dimush Alliance 0 Oheida, Turkey 22Dec.1889 5Oct1907 New York
      NA      Vol. 2 p.49

       Belekanic George Alliance 0 Eysemere, Austria year 1886 24Dec1907 New York
      NA      Vol. 3 p.55

       Belgum Peder J. NE 0 Norway XXX NA NA 13May1891    Vol. A p.122 Vol. B p.98

       Bendins  Christoph NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 31August1892    Vol. A p.291 Vol. B

       Bennett Ann Alliance 5478594 XXX 66years NA NA NA   00297     date of order of
      Admsn. 22Oct1945  Alien Reg.#5647921

       Bennett Ann Alliance 0 Houghton LeSpring, Eng 10Mar1879 18Dec1928 New York
      NA      crnt file p.25040

       Bennett Patrick Alliance 0 New Durham, England 29Jan1875 18Sept1907 Boston
      NA      Vol.1 p.46

       Beorgin Dennes NE 0 XXX XXX NA NA 12Oct1887    Vol. A p.10 Vol. A p.5

       Berg John Oluf Alliance 0 Hugsuud, Norway 8Oct1899 6April1920 New York NA
      Vol.3 p.89

       Berglund John Frederick Alliance 164262 Falun, Sweden 16Nov1862 1May1888
      New York 15Jan1912 L A Berry Fred Mollring  Vol. 1 p.28

       Berlinger Marie Louise Alliance 2873954 Waldium Baden, Germany 30Dec1894
      8Feb1914 Halifax,B.C. 4May1929 SR M.Celsa Schmalen SR. M. Teresa Simmons
      Vol. 2 p.71  Vol. 3 p.139

       Berndt Fred Alliance 0 Kierkil-n, Germany 22Oct1886 26Sept1905 New York NA
      Vol. 1 p.42

       Bernhardt George Alliance 734983 Franc, Russia 20July1883 12Dec1912 Balitmore
      29Nov1922 Charles Pyle J.D. Emerick  Vol. 2 p. 37  Vol. 3 p.47

       Bernklau John NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 7May1890    Vol. A p.87 Vol. B p.55

       Bernklau Wilhelm NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 12Oct1893    Vol. A p.383 Vol. B
      p.225 Vol. A p.19

       Berthoud Charles Alliance 5476777 XXX 21 years NA NA NA   00258     residing at
      East Hanover, New Jersey--order of admission 12Oct1943
       Bessey Edgar La Vern Alliance 0 Humboldt, Canada 5Feb1910 22Nov1913 Noyes
      Denied Irvin Peters J.V.Nabb 00197 Lsleaf line2 list33    Pet. continued-ignorance
      of govmnt. 4April1942-Pet. dismissed - already citizen

       Bessey Goldie Estie Alliance 4714550 Canada  13Dec1890 22Nov1913 North
      Dakota 13May1940 George Neuswanger Leslie Burkholder 00174 Lsleaf line4
      list23     Filed under act of 22Sept1922 Sec.4 as amended

       Bessey Ray Everett Alliance 5228056 Canada 2Oct1886 22Nov1913 North Dakota
      5May1941 Leslie Burkholder Ray V. McCall 00183 Lsleaf line3 list28    Petition filed
      under Act of 22Sept1922 Sec2--Alien Reg.#3680107

       Betzhold Katharina Alliance 5477516 Germany 13Dec1888 21May1912 New York
      NA   00254   current file  Sister Mary Bernita Betzhold--Order of
      Adms.8May1944--Alien Reg.#2728388

       Beutler Jakob NE 0 Switzerland XXX NA NA 10April1894    Vol. A. p.401 Vol. B

       Beutler John NE 0 Switzerland XXX NA NA 3April1895    Vol. A p.475 Vol. B p.281

       Bevan Frank NE 0 Great Britain XXX NA NA 2April1895    Vol. A p.457 Vol. B p.272

       Bevan Richard NE 0 Ireland  NA NA 20April1904 Ira Reed Wm Kennedy   Vol. C
      p.6 Vol. A p.73

       Bignel William NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 19Sept1894    Vol. A p.434 Vol. B p.265

       Bills Joseph NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 7June1898     Vol. B p.331 Vol. A p.74

       Bingar George Alliance 0 Dital, Russia 8Jan1874 year 1914 New York NA      Vol. 2
      p. 75

       Bird Robert NE 0 Scotland XXX NA NA 21June1902     Vol. B p.380

       Bjorndahl Arvid John Alliance 0 Skarstad Bya, Sweden 14Oct1885 17Mar1904 New
      York NA      Vol. 1 p.16

       Blak Caroline Aletha Alliance 0 Traec,Iowa 12July1876 NA NA Dismissed    Vol. 2
      p.54    Certif. cancelled 12Apr1926--moved to another state--petition was
      dismissed--omitted under provisions of the Act of 22Sept1922.

       Blak Einar Viggo Alliance 734992 Gurreby, Denmark 17Mar1886 6Dec1905 New
      York 16Mar1925 Thomas Katen Frank Brennan  Vol. 2 p.47

       Blaud Theodore NE 0 Norway XXX NA NA 11Apr1891    Vol. A p.403 Vol. B p.243

       Blume Henry Harry Alliance 734982 Norkua, Russia 31Dec1886 22May1889 New
      York 29Nov1922 Lee Basye Ira Tash  Vol. 2 p.40  Vol. 3 p.87

       Blunt Adam Kim-Lee Chadron 10068684 XXX 15July1977 NA NA NA   00475
      Adam Kim-Lee is child signed by father Larry L. Blunt--Alien
      reg.#A36345683--Date of order of admission 16Mar1979

       Boland Catharine NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 24Sept1900     Vol. B p.366

       Bollinger Simon NE 0 Switzerland XXX NA NA 19Sept1894    Vol. A p.434 Vol. B

       Boness Christian NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 19Dec1903  Ferdinand Seidler
      S.M.Smyser   Vol.C p.3 Vol.A p.76

       Boness William NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 11Apr1893    Vol. A p.326 Vol. B p.187

       Bonzas Argarenos Alliance 0 Arnow Tola, Greece 18Mar1883 15July1907 New York
      NA      Vol. 3 p.12

       Borgert Anna Alliance 0 Coesfeld Westfalen Germany 8Apr1868 31May1893 New
      York NA      Vol. 3 p.65

       Bostron Conrad Alliance 0 Frank, Russia 30Sept1887 21May1913 Detroit NA
      Vol.3 p.58

       Bostron George Alliance 0  Frank, Russia 13Jan1890 18July1911 Baltimore NA
      Vol. 3 p.56

       Bostron  Henry, Jr. Alliance 734979 Frank, Russia 21July1894 29Oct1912 New York
      14Feb1922 Charles Pyle J.D.Emerick  Vol. 2 p.28

       Bowman Charles NE 0 Sweden XXX NA NA 10Mar1896    Vol. B p.93 Vol. B. p.309

       Boyer Mary Ann NE 0 England XXX NA NA 9May1890    Vol. A p.94 Vol. B p.39

       Braatz,  Herman NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 4Apr1895    Vol. A p.475 Vol. B p.284

       Bracker Henry NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 18Nov1895    Vol. B p.39 Vol. B p.292
      Vol. A p.84

       Branch Marcus Lafayette Jess 0 Sutton Prov, Canada 29Sept1827 00May1831
      Vermont Dismissed Cyrus Joy L.A. Berry  Vol 1 p.5    A resident of Sheridan
      Co.--comes under their jurisdiction--certificate cancelled 25May1908

       Brandle Leo NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 20Dec1899    Vol. B p.427 Vol. B p.357

       Brasch Albert NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 11May1891    Vol. A p.111 Vol. B p.69

       Braudhoefer Bessie E. NE 0 XXX XXX NA NA 13Aug1902     Vol. B p.382 Vol. A

       Brennan Hilde Martha Alliance 7257479 XXX 19Oct1922 NA NA NA   00347
      Order of admission 31Oct1955 -- Alien Regist.#7818516

       Brennan John NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 21Apr1897     Vol. B p.228 Vol. B p.323
      Vol. A p.4

       Brennan Mary NE 0 England XXX NA NA 27Feb1902    Vol. B p.376  Vol. A p.91

       Brill Mary Catherina Gobel Whitney 5228064 Norka, Russia  23Feb1896 1Oct1919
      Minn. 27Sept1941 Emilie Gobel John Hammer 00203 LsLeaf line3 list32    Pet. filed
      under Nationality Act of 1941--Alien Regist#4722991

       Britton William J. NE 0 Canada XXX NA NA 8May1890    Vol. A p.88 Vol. B p.51

       Brosyuleit Frank Hemingford 0 Loye, Germany 13Aug1882 13Oct1903 New York
      NA      Vol 1 p.8

       Brown Fred Alliance 734986 Frank, Russia 3July1889 22Mar1911 New York
      29Nov1922 S.A. Miller C.W. Jeffers  Vol. 2 p. 27  Vol. 2 p.68

       Brown S.M. NE 0 Dominion of Canada XXX NA NA 21Nov.1901     Vol. B p380

       Brown William C. NE 0 Great Britain XXX NA NA 24Sept1901     Vol. B p375

       Brumm John Adam Alliance 5475893 XXX  Age 58 3April1943 NA NA   00219
      Alien Registration #3489166

       Brus Henry NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 27Mar1900     Vol. B p386

       Brus Johan B. NE 0 Holland XXX NA NA 12April1899    Vol. B p405 Vol. B p346

       Brus Johanna NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 19Dec1899    Vol.B p427 Vol. B p355 Vol.
      A p81

       Brus John NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 6Sept1892    Vol. A p309 Vol. B p172

       Brus Theodore J. Hemingford 0 Anhold, Germany 13Aug1860 1Sept1923 Spokane
      NA      Vol. 3 p.138

       Brus William N. NE 0 Holland XXX NA NA 12April1899    Vol. B p.406 Vol. B p.345
      Vol. A p.79

       Buchel Eva Alliance 734985 Messerich, Germany 12May1878 5May1908 New York
      29Nov1922 S.B. Wright H.M. Dorgan  Vol. 2 p.41  Vol. 2 p.41

       Buck John William NE 0 Germany XXX NA NA 6May1890    Vol. A p.72 Vol. B p.4

       Bullington Maria Lecher Alliance 10068628 XXX 22July1955 12April1977 NA NA
      00458     Alien Regist. A12 973 397

       Burri Rose E. P. Hemingford 6057505 XXX Age 28 29Oct.1951 NA NA   00318

       Burrill Charles Henry Alliance 358773 Quebec, Canada  21Oct1882 2July1899
      Is.Pond,Vt. 19Oct1917 Wilson Mills Ed Walz  Vol.2 p.21

       Buzdigian Kahajan Alliance 0 Ull Aziz, Turkey Easter1884 20Sept1908 New York
      NA      Vol.3 p.77

       Byan W.M. NE 0 XXX XXX NA NA 6May1890    Vol. A p.72 Vol. B p.5   see also
      W.M. Ryan

       Byrne James NE 0 Great Britain XXX NA NA 6May1890    Vol.A p.72 Vol. B p.12

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       Cadek John NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 6May1890    Vol. A p.87 Vol. B p.61

       Carbone Giovanni B.Falls, Pa. 5476781 XXX XXX 12Oct1943 NA NA   00261    John
      Alien Reg. 2264863  Army Airbase Alliance

       Carlson Johan Gottfrid Alliance 0 Kalmar,Sweden 6Sept1889 2May1909 New York
      Denied J.Berglund Thomas Barr Vol.2 p.13     canceled 24Apr1916 not shown due

       Carlson Amalia Alliance 4546492 Sweden 26July1898 NA NA 8May1939 G. Sward
      Opal Davis 00163     LsLeaf Line3 list19 Act of 22Sept1922 amend. sec.4

       Carty Patrick J. NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 21July1906 C. Tiernan G.G. Burke   Vol. C
      p.25 Vol. A p.107

       Casciari Domenick C. Conn. 5476807 XXX Age 19 NA NA 30Oct1943   00270
      Alien Reg.270  Alliance Air Base

       Castro Frances Alliance 8366670 XXX 14Dec1948 NA NA 26Mar1962   00400
      Alien Reg. A-7-365-873

       Castro Mary Helen Alliance 8366671 XXX 23Mar1946 NA NA 3Mar1962   00401 `
      Alien Reg. A-7-364-864

       Castro Wilfredo Alliance 8124021 XXX 5Sept1943 NA NA 7Apr1961        Alien Reg.

       Cavanaugh Denns NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 6Dec1905 F.M.Broome M. Shay   Vol. C
      p.21 Vol. A p.97

       Cermak Alois NE 0 Austia XXX NA NA 12Apr1894    Vol.A p.414 Vol. B p.249

       Cerney James S. Alliance 0 Prague, Bohemia 3Feb1864 5July1881 New York
      NA      Vol. 1 p.58

       Chinn Ng Poy Yuen Mineola NY 5478116 XXX Age 28 NA NA 23July1943   00243
      Lawrence P. Alien Reg. 3580374 Alliance Air Base

       Christensen Christ Hemingford 0 Horman, Denmark 29Sept1860 25Mar1895 New
      York NA      Vol. 1 p.54

       Christensen Christen J. Hemingford 3341474 Skjern 2Feb1899 1Apr1920 New York
      13Nov1930 J.Jesperson Christensen 00128   Vol.3 p.109  LsLeaf line 1 list 4

       Christensen Hans Peter Hemingford 0 Gandrup,Denmark 1Mar1891 19Apr1911
      New York NA      Vol.2 p.22

       Christensen Nels Peter Hemingford 0 Thorning,Denmark 10July1880 1Dec1903
      New York Denied C.Lotspeich J.L.Wiltsey  Vol.1 p.44    cancel 27Oct1913 no
      knowledge contin. res. U.S. 5yrs

       Christensen Peter K. NE 0 Denmark XXX NA NA 10Apr1894    Vol. A  p.401 Vol.B
      p.37 Vol. A p.37

       Christensen Thomas NE 0 Denmark XXX NA NA 15Dec1903 S.M.Smyser
      Wm.Mitchell   Vol. C p.2

       Civis  Stanislav NE 0 Klobuky, Bohemia 2Mar1881 27Nov1892 New York NA
      Vol. 2 p.7

       Civish Aton NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 12May1891    Vol.A p119 Vol. B p.85

       Civish Waclav NE 0 Austria XXX NA NA 8Apr1892    Vol.A  p.230 Vol. B p.164 Vol.
      A p.13

       Clausen Viggo Rushville 6056068 XXX Age 39 NA NA 7May1945   00221
      Pederson Alien Reg. 3070855

       Clegg Elva Louisa NE 0 Ontario, Canada 20Jun1854 May1883 Detroit NA      Vol.1

       Cleven Martin K. NE 0 Sweden XXX NA NA 6May1890    Vol. A p.72 Vol. B p.22

       Clifford John G. NE 0 Great Britain XXX NA NA 8Apr1892    Vol. A p.230 Vol. B

       Cody Julia NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 4Apr1905 W.Simonsen W.Mitchell   Vol. C
      p.15 Vol.A p.110  Formerly Dunn

       Colacino Constanza Chadron 5477483 XXX Age 37 NA NA 28Aug1943   00214
      Nancy Alien reg. 3168587

       Colerick In Sun Alliance 9467467 XXX 10Apr1948 NA NA 14Feb1971   00441
      Alien reg. A30523 160

       Collinns Patrick NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 22May1891    Vol. A p.140 Vol. B p.127

       Collins Mary NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 20Apr1897    Vol. B p.238 Vol. B p.324 Vol.
      A p.67

       Collins Michael NE 0 Ireland XXX NA NA 15Oct1891     Vol. B p.147

       Collins Patrick NE 0 XXX XXX NA NA 20Oct1891    Vol. A p.181

       Contonis Katherine Alliance 4840438 Huck, Russia 30Sept1902 25Oct1911
      Baltimore 6Mar1941 James DeBerry Pete S. Stalos 00178    Katharina LsLeaf 1 list
      26 filed under Act of 22Sept1922 sec. 2

       Contonis Samuel Dan Alliance 3399762 Zant,Greece 1Jan1886 1Mar1914 New York
      6Apr1931 James DeBerry Frank Abegg 00135   Vol.3 p.145 Spiridon Daniel Loose
      leaf Line 2 list6

       Conway Margarete Gordon 7681258 XXX 15Feb1929 NA NA 6Nov1958   00380
      Alien reg. A 8 880 448

      Conway Pok Sun Gordon 9413291 XXX 24Feb1936 NA NA 14Jan1968   00438
      Alien reg. A17 818 602

       Cook Charles NE 0 England XXX NA NA 20Apr1897    Vol. B p.209 Vol. B p.256

       Cook  Charles NE 0 England XXX NA NA 20Apr1896    Vol. B p.209 Vol B p.322

       Corey Raja Hemingford 4439630 Furtzul,Syria 6Nov1898 5July1920 New York
      9May1938 Elias Essay Wm.Johnson 00154   p.4123  petition & record Line 1 list16

       Cormano Angelo New York 5478117 XXX Age 23 NA NA 23July1943   00241
      Evaggelos Kormanos Alien reg.3037013

       Cornett Martha Helene Hay Springs 8650502 XXX 6Sept1923 NA NA 22Mar1966
      00416     Alien reg. A12 191 288

       Covell Christine Martha Alliance 10068683 XXX 18May1943 NA NA 16Mar1979
      00474     Alien reg. A14 782 136

       Creuels Mary Alliance 5477515 Tevern, Germany 27Sept1905 21Sept1930 New
      York 8May1944   00253   current file  Alien reg. 5722647

       Crowe Joseph Chadron 5228054 Gort,Ireland 17Mar1906 18July1909 Philadelphia
      5May1941 John R. Carman John Breenen 00195     Alien reg. 2653912 Pet. & Rec.
      LsLeaf Line 8 List 30

       Crowe Mary Chadron 6057795 XXX Age 80 NA NA 16Apr1951   00315

       Crowe William Austine Chadron 6055627 XXX Age 43 NA NA 20Oct1947
      00311     Alien reg. 2692832

       Curry Hallie Hemingford 0 XXX 21Oct1872 19Nov1907 Grand Forks, N.D. NA
      Vol. 1 p.62

       Cusack John NE 0 XXX XXX NA NA 19Sept1894    Vol A p.434

       Cusick Annie Alliance 19922 Caven, Ireland 16Feb1880 Sept1895 New York
      16Sept1907 John Cusick Frank M. Broome  Vol 1 p.2

       Cusick Michael NE  0 Ireland XXX NA NA 20Apr1897    Vol. B p.209 Vol. B p.321


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