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Members of Hooton Post #338, Butte, NE

Back row, left to right: Martin Hull, Unknown, Richard Green, C.W. Clute, H.E. Holt, Unknown. Seated, left to right: C.V. Hornback, Charles Dailey, Unknown, Joe Walling.

POST #338, Butte, NE
Name Rank Unit Served In
Atwood, Hiram   74th IL Inf.
Bennett, E.W.   7th IA Cav.
Bennett, Levi   26th NY Cav.
Daily, Charles H.  26th NY Inf.
Dewey, Perry C.  21st IA Inf.
Dykeman, James N.  109th NY Inf.
Fairbanks, Jabez W.  1st CT Heavy Art.
Hensel, William S.  66th IN Inf.
Hull, Martin 16TH IA Inf.
Kelly, William  24th IA Inf.
Parshalt, Jonas  49th WI Inf.
Pepper, Alexander C.  59th IL Inf.
Piper, B. N.Pvt99th OH Inf., CO. C; 50
Satterlee, Francis E. Pvt46th WI Inf.
Smith, A. J.Lt.7th WI Inf., CO. K
Walling, Eden 22nd WI Inf.
West, Parley B. 65th IL Inf.
White, M. 9th IA Cav.

POST #328, Spencer, NE
Name Rank Unit Served In
Brown, WilliamPvt.104th PA Inf., CO. G, 1
Clark, Robert  68th IN Inf.
Cronk, Chauncey A.  9th VT Inf.
French, James  65th IL Inf., D
Marlott, Perry C. 63rd IN Inf.
Sower, William 180th OH Inf.
Steinke, Gottlieb 34th WI Inf.

POST #210, Garwood, NE
Name Rank Unit Served In
Garwood, Cyrus 8th IA Cav.
Halstead, J.I. 4th IA Cav.
Leatherman, Joseph 1st MN Art.
Lee, David 134th IL Inf.
Thorndike, A.P.  1st MO Cav.
Waynick, John S.  46th IA Inf.
Wilson, Homer  44th WI Inf.

POST #353, Gross, NE
Have been unable to identify members of this Post to date

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FOR MORE INFORMATION check the 1893 Nebraska Veterans Census Index