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The Bristow Cemetery is located  mile south of the town of Bristow in Boyd 
County Nebraska. One must make a turn South off of Highway 281 into an unpaved road. 
It is on a hillside West of the road. 

There are 21 Rows and 118 Plots located in this Cemetery. The layout is as follows:
Three Plots (two 13x24 one 13x14) a 20 foot driveway running east to west, (uphill) 
then three Plots (one 13x14 and two 13x24), the smaller Rows being adjacent to the 
driveway.  The driveway continues west  through Row 15 and then a space for a circular 
turnaround has been allocated. The turnaround eliminates 1 large Plot in Rows 16 through 19. 
Rows 20 and 21 again have three plots. There are 59 Rows South of the driveway and 
turnaround and 59 Rows North of the driveway and turnaround. The Plot map indicates 
there is a space of 4 feet between all Rows.

The Rows are numbered in this manner: Beginning in the Southeast corner we start with 
Plots #1, 2, 3, south to north then Row 2 above it  with Plots #4, 5, 6 north to south etc, this 
continues uphill until Row 21 Plots #57, 58,59 at the West parameter of the Cemetery is 
reached, then it skips 20 feet and start down the hill East with Row 21 Plots #60, 61,62 
going from east to west. The next Row (20) contains Plots #63, 64, 65 going west to east 
and continues down hill in this manner until we are at Row 1 Plots #116, 117, 118.

Thus Row 1 contains Plots #1,2,3,116,117,118. Row 2 Plots #6,5,4,115,114,113 reading 
east to west.

I walked this graveyard on a hot day in July with nothing but a herd of Llamas to keep me 
company. I apologize for the errors. There are many graves that have no markers and though 
I have searched and talked with many people I have not been able to find the original records
 for this cemetery. I wish to thank Lyle Ruff for a copy of the layout of the Cemetery which 
was a great help. If you have family graves that are not marked and wish to add them to this 
list please get in touch with Naomi Sessions:

Bristow Cemetery

Bristow Cemetery Map

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Copywrited for Boyd county by Naomi Sesssions