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Names extracted from:
History of Butte Nebraska
Diamond Jubilee 1890-1965

Submitted by:Doris Counts

Anderson, Albert		page 43
Born Sept 25,1865 Sweden
married Augusta Wilson
she born Feb 24,1869 Sweden
9 children
1. Alder
2. Effie Carlson
3. Ray
4. Ella Waltz
5. Anna Hammerlun
6. Irene Hertz
7. Earl
8. Sophia Pearson
9. Carl married Pearl Arp
	3 children

Anderson, Andrew page 75 Married Hannah Children Mabel married L L Keeler 9 children- Friend- Carl- Dale- Velta- Meryl- Veryl- Donald- June- Leona

Andersen, A P "Pete" page 32 and 33 Married 1924 to Emma Hansen

Anderson, Frank page 44 Born 1890 Married 1902 to Ida Kinnman She born 1879 6 children: Mildred- Raymond- Darold- Maynard- Doris- Arden

Anderson, George page 34 and 35 Married Lydia Daniels Children Chester Born 1896 Mariaville, Nebr Married Feb 21,1917 Mariaville, Nebr to Lura Armstrong Dau of Hanford Armstrong and Fannie White 9 children a. Verlin died age 7 weeks b. Vance married Helen Schrunk c. Garlen married Eileen Wakefield d. Loris married Darlene Munter e. Cressel married Eula Larson f. Bob married Phyllis Haun g. Dorothea married Keith Drury h. Russell married Sandra Fried i. Darlene married Loren Jons

Arp, Adolf page 51 and 52 Born Laboe, Germany Nov 1876 US age 13 years Married Butte in 1904 to Lena Ritterbush She born Mills, Nebr 1887 Farmers Children: Henry-Lucy-Wilford-Margaret-Pearl-Irene-Erma-Ernest-Darlene-Earl

Atkinson, Charles page 42 and 43 Married Mary 4 children 1. Esther 2. Ruth married David Alger 5 children 3. Clarence married Myrtle Miller 4 children a. Gerald b. Marvin married Mary Ellen Hamilton 5 children c. Helen d. Ronald 4. George married Esther Saltstrand 4 children

Audiss, Tom page 50 and 51 Died 1951 Brothers, Wm, Herbert, Laut, Ed Mrs Tom died 1915 8 Children 1. Robert 2. Oscar 3. Irvin 4. Arthur married 1918 to Florence Armfield died 1961 5 children a. Lucille married Arthur Schroetlin b. Arthur c. Betty married Harold Kensaston d. Darold e. Dale 5. Sylvia married A C Bartlett 6. Joy married Wm Ellsasser 7. Clara married Calvin Keeler

Bennett, Levi page 33 and 34 Born 1843 Kenosha, Wis Married Mary Aurilla Cosper She born 1846 Belvidere, Illinois Children Alta born Eagle Lake, Minn 1879 Married 1901 to Arlie U Dix 5 children a. Earl married Helena Sieler in 1931 in Africa 5 children b. Harold married 1936 to Laura M Fried 2 daughters c. Clair married 1942 to Ruby Pavel at Camp Crowder, Missouri d. Elsie married Wilson Andrews in 1940 5 children e. Vern married 1936 to Eva Marie Raymer 4 children

Bradstreet, Henry M page 30 Married Susan 3 children 1. William 2. Eugene 3. Nathaniel P born May 10,1863 Ny married 1886 to Nettie Hubby 4 children a. Howard married Helen Williams 5 children: Harlan- Forrest- Freda- Keith- Robert b. Ethel married George Krikac 2 children: Marjorie- Wilna c. son died in infancy d. Nellie married Gustav A Sieler 2 children: Howard- Marilyn

Brennan, William L page 46 Born Chicago, Ill Son of Henry J Brennan Law degree from U of SD, Boyd Co attorney 32 years, Married 1926 to Frances Sinclair She born Ohio, dau of Allen Sinclair 4 children: Patricia Edgar- William- James-Catherine Randall

Breyers, R H page 67 Children Everett married Alberta Dale married Mary Marlin married Avis

Brunmeier, Henry page 46 Born Odessa, Russia July 4,1887 Married Dorothea Knittel She born Crimea, South Russia June 30,1879 Came to US 1885, Boyd Co 1891,livery barn in Butte, bus line from Butte to Anoka with mail and passengers for 18 years, custodian court house 10 years, 12 children 1. Emma Rosta 2. Katherine Boettcher 3. Henry 4. Martha Fink 5. Albert 6. Louise Vallette 7. Hilda Glass 8. Leon 9. Edwin 10. Gustave 11. Walter served S Sgt Air Force WWII 12. Doris Camin

Carmichael, George page 39 and 40 Born July 23,1853 Married Iowa to Ella Howe She born April 16,1854 7 children 1. Roy 2. Raus married Geraldine Dereg 3. Laura 4. Earl 5. Lillian married Harry Spencer 2 children 6. Lloyd married Hilda Johnson 3 children 7. Clara married Homer Orr children LaVerne Earl married Veryl Keeler 2 children

Clute, Charles Whitney page 63 and 64 Born Oc t8,1846 Scott, NY Civil war veteran, racket Store Married 1876 to Lois Elizabeth Young She died June 25,1950 12 children, all born in Madison Co, Nebr, except Charles 1. Charles born Butte, WWII and Korean War Veteran 2. Lorin 3. Dolly Snavely 4. Bert Spanish American war veteran 5. Edward 6. John 7. George 8. Morse 9. Mary Williams 10. Florence Adamson 11. Effie Lenker 12. Floyd died WWI in England

Couch, Frank page 50 Born Riley, Iowa 1865 Married Stella Cart She born Winterset, Iowa Garage and auto sales Fathers of both served Civil War 5 children 2 died in infancy 3. Willis WWI Veteran 4. Ida 5. Clarence WWII veteran

Cronk, Drayton page 48 Born July 31,1863 Wis Married Nov 3,1886 Springview, Nebr to Lucy Ann Tweed She born Nov 9,1869 Henderson Co, Ill 3 children 1. William Drayton 2. Vera Fern married Earl Peterson 3. Mary Christel married Ira Dick Mrs Cronk’s father - William Tweed enlisted in the Civil War when it broke out and fought in many of the important engagements of the war. He was wounded while sharpshootin gat the Battle of Salkahackia. When only 11 years of age he rode 410 miles alone on horseback to celebrate his birthday at the home of his aunt. Another time he drove overland with his son to Old Mexico from Nebr. a noted botanist. His knowledge came from the Kickapoo and Black Hawk Indians,

Deming, John page 51 Born Waverly, Nebr 1884 General store, post office in Dustin Post office in Anoka and lumber yard Married in Dustin,Nebr on June 12, 1901 to Ruby Hughes She born Dustin 1887 Children Wayne died age 31 years, barber dau died in infancy adopted niece, Bessie Deming married Irwin Armfield adopted niece, Ethel Deming

Determan, August page 34 Died 1910 Wife died 1955 9 children 1. Carrie married Harry Peppel he died 1959 4 daughters a. Lavern Johnson b. Bernice Hamers died 1953 c. Ione Riesselman d. Evelyn Klasna 2. Mae married Joe Brinker 6 children: Edgar- Myron- Vic- Elaine Adamson- Corrine Nekoliszak- Bill

R W Dickerson family page 47 Ray W Dickerson was born in Atkinson in the year 1889, the son of William Dickerson, one of Holt County’s first settlers and an early Nebraska pioneer. He married Hazel E Williams in 1916 and moved to Butte in 1918, where he was one of the owners of the Dickerson and Raymer Hardware Store, now Honke’s Hardware. He helped run this business for 30 years, retiring in 1947. During this time he served several times as Chairman of the Town Board, as Fire Chief, as a bank director and at other community tasks where his services were needed. A town project during one of his terms in office was the paving of the main street of Butte, which he supervised. After retiring from the hardware business he was elected as Boyd County Commissioner, and served on this board for a period of 12 years. In 1963 he was honored by the local Masonic Lodge and other Boyd and Holt County lodge members when he received his 50 year pin for membership in the organization. The Dickersons have 3 children; Dr William J Dickerson of Omaha, Selma (Mrs Lloyd Sinclair) of Butte; and Mary Lou (Mrs William Merrick) of Boseman, Montana. There are 10 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Dick although retired is still a familiar figure on the streets of Butte, always ready for a fishing outing or a romp with one of his grandsons.

Dix, James page 33 and 34 Born 1849 Danville, Va Married Matilda Jane Hanshew- had nine children She died 1905 Married 2nd in 1912 to Mary Ellen Harkrader She had dau before the marriage 9 children 1. Arlie 2. Nola Teachout 3. Malcolm 4. Ibbie 5. Carrie Atwood 6. Henry 7. William 8. Ed 9. Della married O L Fernau 1 step child 10. Marjorie married 1916 in Butte to William Dix page 34 he died 1950 3 children a. Wanda married C J Wendt b. Wm W married Beverly Cork c. James T married Donna Weber

Dopheide, Gerhard page 64 Married Bernadine 4 children 1. Joe 2. Clem 3. George 4. Mary married Frank Reiser Jr

Dye, Isaac C page 42 Married Frances 1 child 1. Perry O married 1906 to Mary Jane Shelden 4 children: Lester-Clara Belle- Clyne- Genevieve

Edwards, Byard page 62 and 63 Born 1854 Delaware Started Perry Town Married in Butte in 1892 to Lydia Blodgett She born 1875 in Minonk, Illinois 5 children 1. Nellie Mae Rife 2. Lucy Long 3. Cecil 4. Ruth died 1899 5. Byrad WWI veteran

Ellwanger, Jacob page 76 Married Christine 14 children- Alwean- Martha- Edith- Elma- Esther- Helen- Albert- Ferdinand- Harry- Curtis- John- Edwin- Harold- Arthur

Engelhaupt, Michael page 44 and 45 Married Marian 7 children 1. Casper F E married Mary Ludwig children a. Margaret married Oct 12,1915 to Edgar R Johnson 9 children: Edgar- Vincent- Francis- Owen- Mary- Margaret- Donald- Robert- Lorena b. Lucy married Louis Kocum c. Casper d. Edward O married Martha Woerpel children 1. Phyllis married Bob Haag 2 sons, 1 dau 2. Mike 3. Gus 4. Chris 5. Ed M married 1910 to Antonia Honke 3 children: Lawrence- Alphonse- Martin 6. Barbara married Frank Reise 7. Margaret Rowse

Fernau, John Lewis page 49 Born Wis 1872 Married Ainsworth to Estella Smith She born 1881 Illinois Children Warren married 1927 to Hazel Luber Children a. Jean Osborn Joe Eldred "Dick", married 1919 to Iva Luber Children: Donald- Charles- Dickie- Larry- Jerry- Vivian Kinzie- Helen Harding- Marilyn Galbraith- Carol Jean Adelia "Ada" married Roy Bartleson in 1915 Children a. Ione died 1940 John J "Bud" WWI air force mechanic WWI Veteran Married Merna Fritz Children: Merna Mae Baker-John-Daryl Orval "Punk" married Della Dix He died 1962 Children: Violet Quick-Elaine Fish Estella Sieler William

Fobair, Henry page 42 3 children: Bertha- Ross- Ervin

Ford, Robert page 52 Blacksmith shop, Married Mary Ann 8 children 1. Elizabeth 2. Robert 4 children a. Robert killed in truck accident b. Charles c. Dora Murphy d. Harry 3. Thomas 4. Barbara Quick 3 children: Helen Rosengren- Bert- Marguerite Reiser 5. John 6. Marguerite Williams 2 children: Milo- Mary Wollenbrock 7. Wm 8. Jerome 3 children: Geraldine Strong- Jerome- Myrna Halverson

Frasch, Art page 60 Born Dallas, SD Married in Butte to Elsie Faatz She born Butte 3 children- Shirley- Vernon- Vivian

Page 70 John and Margaret Fuhrer spent many years on the farm south of Butte. They built their present home in west Butte several years ago. Their sons were John and Delbert

page 69 and 70 William Fuhrer and family lived northwest of Butte for many years. They are retired and own their home in south Butte. A son, Samuel became a photographer with O’Neill Photo Company and has served hundreds from Butte.

Fundus, John page 41 Married in Blynn, NY to Pauline 7 children 1. Charles born NY 2. Frank born Nebr Aug 1885 married Emma Ferrier 2 children a. Pauline married Harry Mitchell b. Dorothy married Alfred Staples 3. William 4. Dan 5. Laura 6. Harry died childhood 7. Lottie died childhood

Grainger, Charles page 75 Married Helen Children Robert

Graves, J A page 50 Died 1950 Married Laverne Hale near Ainsworth She died 1908 3 children 1. Florence Bortz 2. Hazel Martin children a. Mrs Norman Anderson 3. Lloyd WWI Veteran married Hazel Runkel.

Green, Wm Sloan page 38 and 39 and 40 Born Penn Nov 27,1787 Children 1. Richard Married Maria in Thorton, Ind She born Aug 13,1846 in Lebanon, Ind 5 children a. John born Brown Co, Ind Sept 9,1868 died Butte Aug 22,1920 married Feb 23,1890 to Mary Hopkins she died 1892 2 children: Roy- Burel b. Carrie married July 6,1890 Villisca, Iowa to Joe Strain both buried Cashmere, Wash Cem 4 children 1. dau died Aug 22,1910 2. Floyd 3. Harry 4. Merill c. Maud born Valisca,Iowa Feb 16,1882 died Los Angeles Dec 12,1947 married Jan 7,1905 to David Dwight Kenaston adopted a child 1. Darrel d. Benjamin B born March 9,1884 Vallisca, Iowa died Feb 11,1962 married Rose Kyriss 5 children e. Avalyn born Vallisca,Iowa July 7,1887 died Feb 1965 married June 8,1902 to Roy Carmichael 9 children 1. Nora died in infancy 2. Dwight died 1957 married Vera Baumeister 3 children 3. Hazel married Joe Katzer 1 child a. Joan married Bill Hansen 4. Maxine married Chet Wilson 3 children 5. Helen married Wayne Kibby 1 child a. Donald married Marie Grube 2 children 6. Don 7. Vernon 8. Eugene 9. Cleone married William Snider 3 children

Guthmiller, Emanuel page 43 Born May 5,1891 Anoka, Nebr Married Fairfax, SD Jan 9,1912 to Johanna Fromm She born Feb 11,1891 Bonham Co, SD 6 children: Theobald-Ephraim- Alvina- Emanuel-Otto- Aaron

Hafner, Herbert page 64 Saloon Married a sister of Pete Simons 8 children- Margaret- Abbe- Rosalie- Isabel- Edward- Hyacinth- Herbert- Victoria

Hahn, Joseph page 50 Born Germany Married Raeville, Nebr to Clara Tunink She born Carroll, Iowa 9 children: Thersia- Mary- Bernard- Theodor- Gerhart- John- Sylvester- Marcellenus- Rita

Hansen, Godbar page 32 Born Leck, Germany 1865 Married in Germany to Anna Nomensen She born Leck, Germany 10 children 1. baby who died at sea, buried at sea 2. Margaret 3. Minnie 4. Sophie 5. Christina 6. Hannah 7. Emma 8. Andros "Bus" born Plainview, Nebr Nov 20,1903 died 1959 married Jan 1924 Council Bluffs, Iowa to Leona Sieler she dau of Nicholaus and Minnie Sieler born June 6,1901 4 children a. Jim married Iola Statsman 3 children b. Bill married Jo Ann Katzer 4 children c. Patty married Wm Boswell 3 boys 9. John 10. Dorothy

Hoffman, Gottlieb page 45 Married Eva 4 children 1. Eva 2. Pauline 3. John 4. Henry married Alma Miller 4 children: Donald-Verlon- Gaylene- Betty

Honke, Martin page 52 Married Emma 5 children 1. Max married Estelle Maynard- had two children married 2nd to Vera Stoeble- had four children 2 children: Dr Edward, - Marian 4 children: Dr Richard- Max-Jane- Virginia 2. Frank married Mildred Krikac 2 children: Leonard-Mildred 3. Theresa married Herman Krussel 14 children 4. Paul operated street cars and barber married Emma Ertz in Butte, Nebr. 11 children a. Paul WWII Veteran b. Martin, WWII Veteran c. Lawrence WWII Veteran d. Herbert WWII Veteran e. Edgar WWII Veteran f. Francis WWII Veteran g. Ray married Margaret Schmitz in 1937 6 children h. Theresa i. Marie j. Joe k. Marion 6. Antonia

Horst, Wm page 50 Born1887 Worms, Germany Married 1911 Butte to Sarah Scherer She born Butte 1893 to Ludwig Scherer, died 1931 13 children 4 died in infancy 5. Gilbert died 1950, WWII Veteran 6. Edmund 7. Edwin 8. Lenora 9. Lorraine 10. Walter 11. Robert 12. Leo 13. Alice Marie

Hostert,Joseph page 64 Born Germany, Married in Iowa to Mary Simmons She born Germany 3 children 1. Minnie 2. Frances 3. Nick married Theresia Hahn 8 children a. Henry b. Leonard c. Paul d. Eugene e. Louis f. Joseph g. Bernard died in infancy h. Louise died in infancy

Hubby, Ed page 61 Died 1961 Marshall, café, milk route Children Woodrow Merry married LaVere Weesner Dorothy married Bud Luth Dwight died 1949

Jesser, George page 43 and 44 Died 1959 Born 1872 Odessa, South Russia Married 1892 She born 1874 Norga Saratof, Russia 14 children 1. Mrs Herb Walth 2. Clara Walth

Page 67 M V (Jack) Jordan and his wife (Jane Counts) live in West Butte and have six children. Jack served as County Constable for eight years and has been county and township road supervisor many years.

Keeler, Charles L page 75 and 76 Married in Iowa to Ida Mae Harris 4 children- Lazenere L "Bud"- Friend S- Mable- Charles R

Kenaston, Dwight page 67 Constable Married Maude Green

Kenaston, Dr J A page 30 and 31 Children 1. Harry W "Wes" Born Marian Co, Iowa 1868 Died 1964 Married 1892 Springview, Nebr to Susanna Lampitt She born England 5 children a. Ethel married Fred Olinsted children: Willis Elva married Joe Moore 4 children : Alice Ross- Dorothy McChristy-Donald- Polly Stover Bert married Clara Sieler Harry married Betty Munro 3 children: Jean- Marilou- John Tom married Pauline Mitchloff 4 children: Tom- Robert- James- Marianna

Kibby, C A page 40 4 children 1. LeRoy married Pearl Kelley 4 children a. Wayne married Helen Carmichael children Leroy

Kimball, E L "Skip" page 68 Married Etta Bernholtz 8 children: Arthur, Mary Ellen, Edward, Helen, William, James, Virginia, Robert

Kinzie, Elmer page 76 Married Hazel Haney 4 children- Esther- Chester- Wayne- Elsie

Knipping, John page 76 Married Blanche Children- Robert- Alma

Pete Koenig page 46 Carpenter Married 1914 Dorothy Thiel 6 children 1. Mildred Ferguson 2. Bernice Miller 2 children 3. Ed 2 children 4. Raymond 2 children 5. Esther Marie Keha 3 children 6. Lawrence

Koskan, VJ page 44 Married Lynch, Nebr to Pauline Fisher 4 children 1. Allen James married Vieva Courtney 2 children: Carolyn- Allen 2. Paul Frank 3. James Laurie 4. Dolphynie June

Krikac, Andrew page 52 and 53 From Bohemia Married Anna 7 children 1. Rose married Henry Horne 2 children:Wave-. Elna 2. Mildred married Frank Honke barber 2 children-Mildred-Leonard 3. Mary married Bill Clausen child-Helen 4. George married Ethel Bradstreet 2 children-Marjorie-. Wilna 5. Bill married Florence Yance 2 children-. Doris-Billy married 2nd had child-Ronald 6. Tom married Mavis Drown children-Bob 7. child died in infancy

Lancaster, Ben page 48 and 49 Born 1855 Indiana , died 1922 Livery barn in Butte, trucked, carried mail between Butte and O’Neill, Meat Market with Mr Rock, Married in Harlan, Iowa to Mary Louise French She born Iowa, a dressmaker, died 1926 8 children 1. LeRoy died in infancy 2. Loretta married in Butte to Charles Luber he born Waukon, Iowa 1872 she born 1881 Kakman, Iowa children a. Iva married E L Fernau b. Floyd c. Hazel married Warren Fernau d. Mary e. Erlene died 1914, age 4 of diptheria f. Laurence g. Elvin WWII veteran h. Irene married Vernie Johnson i. Lyle j. Marlen WWII veteran 3. Jesse 4. Maude 5. Lucetta 6. Myrtle 7. Inez 8. Claire

Lampman, Henry page 67 Married Mildred James 5 children: 1. Laura Mae 2. Dorothy 3. Raymond 4. Paul 5. Margaret married Arden Anderson

Lappe, Henry page 46 Photographer Born Dattel, Germany 1870 Came to US age 6 years 10 brothers and sisters died 1943 had 1 adopted daughter, Dorothy

Leatherman, Joseph page 35 12 children 1. Frank children Ada married in Fairfax, SD to Roy Kinport He born Savanah, Butler Co, Nebr 1888 5 children: Oma- Wayne- Lucile- Marvin- Duane

Leist, William page 68 Wife, son, and daughter buried the same day 2nd son- Earl

Lewis, David page 59 and 60 Died 1939 Married 1897 to Maggie Bennet She died July 1951 11 children 1. Lloyd died age 13 years 2. Charlie married Mary Mlinar 3 children a. Kathleen Hock 8 children b. Raymond married Charlotte Berry 1 son c. Charlene Meurrens 3. Georgie Ann died age 1 ½ years 4. Anna Mae married Dan Reiser in 1925 5. Elma 6. Leo died 1961 7. John 2 children- Robert- Betty 8. Jessie married Rosella Philben in 1938 3 children a. James married Ruth Katzer b. Billy married Sandra Hansen c. Corlene 9. Jennie married Ed Connot 2 daughters a. Christina Hunt 2 daughters b. Darlene 10. William married Helen Marie Fredericksen 1 daughter-Donna Mae 11. Evan married Blanche Mitchell in 1944 5 children- Marjorie- LeAnn- David- Darlene- Kevan

Lewis, Edward page 52 Ranch Post Office and Store Children Harry Married 1911 Vera Schultz Dau of Fred Schultz 2 Children a. Frank married Eleanor Audiss 3 children b. Delores

Liewer, Len page 67 Married Lila Zink 6 children 1. Connie 2. Stanley 3. Merle married Anita Ellwanger 4. Alice Marie 5. Michael 6. David

Liewer, Wendell page 53 Died 1937 Brother- Michael Married 1906 Carroll, Iowa to Thersa Schultes 10 children- Catherine- Clem- John- Loretta- Alfonse- Frank- Matt- Margaret- Mildred- Marie

Losquist, Nels page 42 Married Emma 2 children 1. Opal Susan married Lyle Eppenbach 2. Anna born 1884 married Henry Harrison Friend he born Indiana

Luber, Lyle page 49 Born Boyd Co, WWII veteran Married Verna Chase 3 sons, 2 daughters

Luth, Henry page 60 From Germany Married in Iowa to Wilhelmina Willhelm 6 children 1. Anna Johnson 2. Henry 3. August 4. Emil married 1909 to Christina Russ coal business 2 children- George- Russell 5. Harry born Wakefield,Nebr plumbing business married 1907 to Serrvina Jensen she born Denmark 6 children a. Rose married D H Osmond b. Hazel married Raymond Oliver c. Wilbur d. Howard e. Marjorie married Layton Van Seggern f. Willis 6. Charles married Dec 18,1912 to Estella Russ plumbing business she and the baby died 1933 children Gwendolyn married Clifford Bridge Charles "Bud" a marshall, married Dorothy Hubby on Aug 5,1942 2 children- Marshall- Rodney Jean Marie married Ken Jensen Robert Stanley

Mahannah, Willis W page 46 and 47 Born March 23,1896 North English, Iowa Son of Curtis Mahannah, (undertaker and photographer) and Evelyn 7 brothers 4 sisters Pharmacy school Married 1909 to Ann Gregory She born North English, Iowa 1887, dau of Lawrence and Mary Gregory 5 children 1.died in infancy 2. died in infancy 3. Mack married Esther Schiessler 4. June married Laurel Lewis 5. Dorothy married P H Burkey

McMillan, Tip page 76 Married Sadie Children- John- Earl- Archie

Meusch, William J page 59 Born Cincinatti, Ohio 1904 Married 1929 in Stuart to Bessie Baumeister She dau of Otto Baumeister Children Evelyn married Vincent Obermire Carmen married Melvin Bentzen Donald

Mitchell, Charles page 42 Born Windfall, Ind 1871 Married Bertha Willey She born 1883 Stanton, Nebr 12 children: Lulu- Adrian-Vera- Hazel- Ethel- William-Harry-Wilbur-Blanche- Bessie- John- dau died in infancy

Mohr, Herman page 63 Born 1879 Germany Married Hilma Nelson She born 1887 Sweden 10 children 1. Marion married Lorraine Fish, dau of Gilbert Fish 2. Margaret 3. Katherine married W K Hayes 4. Florence married Edward Riha 5. Edwin 6. Francis married R J Peat 7. Clarence 8. Loraine married C V Reiman 9. Alpha married LeRoy Hake 10. Naomi married Al Arseneau

Muller, August Henry page 44 Born Hamburg, Germany Married Magdalina Moos Dau of Michael Moos and Johann 10 children 1. son 2. Elsie Kafka 8 daughters

Nordquist, John page 75 Children son children a. Elmer married Hazel Arnold, dau of F M Arnold 3 children 1. Helen 2. Maxine 3. Verna

Obermire, Joseph page 59 Died 1933 Born Beaver Dam, Wis 1864 Catalpa post office was in his home Married Amelia Hearling She born1876 Children John Edith Eugene Elsie Gustave William Francis James Pauline Nick Vincent WWII Veteran

Olmstead, Sol page 31 and 32 Born New Hartford, Conn 1856 Died 1912 Married Lucretia Utley 6 children 1. Ray 2. Fannie married Lowell Zink 2 children a. Harry b. Mildred married Herbert Rittle 3. Florence married Chauncey Fitzgerald 4. Fred born 1888 Ray,Nebr died 1948 married 1916 to Ethel Kenaston she born 1893 1 child: Willis 5. Grace married Nels Andersen he from Denmark adopted 2 children: Harold- Edward 6. Roger married Ruth Usher 3 children

Olson, Olaf A page 43 Born Feb 2,1863 Kilhult, Sweden Married Burt Co to Caroline Hammerlin She born Burt Co, Nebr Aug 22,1877 5 children : Edna- Raymond- Myrtle- Robert- Roy

Parshall, Jonas page 42 6 children: Nettie- James- Ed- Catherine- Pearl- Frank

Pearson, Swan J page 48 Born 1885 Melmo, Sweden Died 1962 School near Solvesborg, Sweden, Swedish Army discharged 1910, Married 1916 Mrs Anna Johnson She came from Sweden with her daughter, Myrtle. She died 1939 Children Dorothy married John Green Son of Rev J C Green

Pfeifer, Joe J page 53 Son of Jacob and Caroline Pfeifer Married July 1904 Butte to Kathryn Coleman Dau of Michael and Alice Coleman 7 children 1. Alice married 1925 to Paul Weber 2. Evelyn 3. Agnes 4. Lucille 5. Joe 6. Frank 7. Virginia

Philben, James page 60 Born Castle Bar,Ireland Race horse jockey, civil war veteran Married Elizabeth Dawson 13 children 1. Frank 2. Alice Coleman 3. Noah 2 children- Harley- Mrs Jesse Lewis

Pierce, PP page 38 Married Jennie Carmichael Dau of Joshua Carmichael 3 children: Harold- Joe- Albert

Raymer, D B page 47 D B Raymer has been active in community affairs in Butte for many years. He served on the school board for forty years, and as Master of the Masonic Lodge for 3 years. He also worked on the clinic board when the Butte Clinic was built. On the lighter side he has always been interested in baseball and played as a catcher after he came to Butte. In the spring of 1918, Ray Dickerson and D B Raymer bought the hardware store in Butte from Casper Engelhaupt. The families moved here at that time, and have been here ever since. The hardware business was combined with a furniture store, and D B Raymer also operated the funeral business. The partners were in business in Butte until 1947 when Ray Honke purchased the hardware store. Mr Raymer continued to operate the funeral business until he sold out to Mr Seger of Atkinson. Mrs Raymer is the former Clara Dickerson of Atkinson, dau of a Holt County pioneer. The children are: Eva Marie Dix of Butte, Delores Story of Denver, Blaire of Lincoln, George of Denver, Jacqueline Lindgren of Spencer, and Mary Ann Rasmussen of O’Neill. There are 15 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Reiman, Ben page 45 Born Breda, Iowa 1878 Died 1963 Married 1903 Templeton, Iowa to Ottilia Reicher She born 1881 She died 1939 11 children 1. Lambert died 1919 2. Maurice 3. Vincent 4. Lawrence married Helen Reiser 5 children 5. Rosalie married Ivan Bright 6. Julius 7. Alva 8. Virgil married Marie Liewer 1 children 9. Norbert married Maragret Liewer 4 children 10. Celestine 11. Rita

Reinheimer, Henry page 44 Born Eric, Ohio 1850 Married Rising City, Nebr 1900 to Gertrude "Bertha" Meusch She born Germany 1863 3 children 1. Edmund married Edith Sonnenfield 4 children: Odeile- Henry- Dan-Eva Marie 2. John married Lulu Whitehorn 3 children married 2nd to Bernice Staples Robert

Richter, John page 66 Married Hattie Honke 8 children- Frank- Martin- George- Edmund- Mary- Gertrude- Agnes- Dorothy

Rinehart, page 66 Children William Clara married Floyd Fast Son of Jesse Fast 2 children a. Elva married Lee Mathre b. Orville Blomenkamp

Roush, James page 49 Born Monroe, Iowa Married Edith Safstrom She born Weston, Iowa Children Manis Ronald WWII veteran Mildred married Louis Klasna Robert Shirley married D O Clifton

Russ, Henry page 61 Born 1863 Sheboygan Falls, Wis Married in Onawa, Iowa to Senah Dullerud She born 1860 Cambridge, Wis Plumbing business 10 children 1. Christina Luth 2. Herbert 3. Emil 4. Samuel WWI veteran 5. Emma Baker 6. Stella Luth 7. Henrietta 8. Senah Medcalf 9. Will 10. Bessie Baker

Sanders, Martin page 71

Schultz, Herman- page 29 Married Genevieve Weber 1927 9 children

Sieler, Jacob page 29 and 30 Killed by lightning Tripp, SD Children Nicolaus- born 1870 near Odessa, Russia Died April 1962 Married 1897 to Minnie Ellwanger She born Russia 9 Children Theresa Clara- married Bert Kenaston Gus- married Nellie Bradstreet- 2 children a. Howard b. Marilyn married Sam Berry Theodore "Pete" married Phoebe Nelson 3 children a. Richard b. Mavonne- married David Capron c. Gordon Leona married A C Hansen "Bus" George married Stella Fernau children a. Hugo b. Dayton c. Merle d. Marilou married Jerry Korff e. David died WWII Helena married Earl Dix 5 children a. Earl Dean b. Donald c. Carrell married Wm Reid d. Minnie Mae married Gene Shoup e. Richard Herbert married Lillian Beebe 3 children a. Judy married Douglas Sieler b. John c. Janet Aaron

Sieler, Jacob H page 29 Born Newgeweh,South Russia Married to Mary Holt She born Troupsburg, NY 1880 3 children 1. Iris- married Willis Couch 2. Orlon J 3. Edwin L

Small, Joseph page 34 Married Susan Children Frank Died 1964 Born 1882 Audubon, Iowa Married 1907 in Butte to Carrie Prettyman 7 children: Ismaye- Erma- Velma- Vincent- Mary- John- Kenneth

Page 70 Brown Smith was the only Negro citizen. Lived to be over 100

Snider, William H "Bud" page 40 Married June 1,1921 in Bassett to Lelia Cornemann Dau of Harry Cornemann 2 children 1. William Nowell married Cleon Carmichael 3 children 2. Mildred Marion married Ben Nelson 3 children

Staples, Alfred page 61 and 62 Died 1911 Born London Married Elizabeth She born London She died 1912 Children John born London Died 1943 Married 1887 to Mary Ann Piggott She born 1865 Tuddingham, England She died 1938 9 children a. Blanche Story b. Elizabeth Clute c. Maude Cansler d. Alfred Bud died 1964 married Mary Willard had five children dau of Whitney Willard she died 1948 married 2nd to Ethel Morrison- no children 5 children 1. Alfred married Dorothy Fundus 2. Mary Alice Hendricks 3. Don 4. Wilbur married Jean Crawford 5. Nina married Bob Reiser e. Marie Pfeffer married 1st to Murdick Donatell in 1920 1 child 1. Francis married Jean Wakefield 3 sons married 2nd to Charles Pfeffer he died 1945 tavern and restaurant f. Bernice Reinheimer g. John Jack married Florence Primus 5 children 1. Jacqueline Clausen 2. Mary Eisenhower 3. Cecil married Judy Crain 4. Jerry 5. Milo 6. Chester

Statsman, Sam page 33 Children 1. Emil Born Naper, Nebr Died 1961 Married Dec 24,1915 to Ruth Bell She dau of Will and Elizabeth Bell She died 1960 2 children a. Verlen b. Iola married Jim Hansen

Stockwell, Roy page 50 Age 4 years came from Naper to Anoka Son of William and Mary Stockwell Mail carrier, Married Grace Adams and in 1935 to Alwean Ellwanger Grace died 1933 7 children 1st marriage 1. Anna 2. Mildred married J Speed 3. Eva 4. John 5. Vere 6. Vaughn 7. Roy

Story, William page 36 and 37 and 38 Children John Died 1913 Born 1846 Wapello, Iowa Married Wapello,Iowa 1869 to Caroline Weber She died 1935 4 children a. Rose married 1892 to J A "Zed" McLaughlin died 1955 he died 1932 one child 1. Ver married in 1915 to Charles Tomsek he son of V B Tomsek he died 1956 2 children a. Mavis married Chet Hammerlun b. Robert b. George born 1875 Wapello, Iowa died 1950 married Oct 1904 to Orla Mae Nickerson she died 1960 dau of Al Nickerson 3 children 1. Howard married Delores Raymer 4 children 2. one who died in infancy 3. died in infancy c. Stella died 1952 married Charles Miller d. Harvey born Kirkwood, near Stuart, Nebr 1884 married 1911 to Blanche Staples 6 children 1. Mary Gayle Roberts 2. Caroline Kimble 3. Jack died 1944 married Marie Stark 4. Bruce married Maxine Hyer 5. Aleen Wagonner 6. June Brinker

Thatcher, A B page 36 Died Feb 1949 Wife died Jan 1932 6 children 1. Ruth married Carson Woods 2. H A 3. L C died 1891 age 7 years old 4. Guy C 5. Mrs R R Thompson 6. Mrs J F Kortmeyer

Tienken, Charles L G page 41 Died 1929 Brother, Henry Married Katherine Ficken She died 1928 4 children 1. Margaret Haskell 4 children 2. Gerhart "Gay" married Clara Disjarlais 2 children 3. Hiene L died 1922 4. Carl married Myrtle Johnson 4 children

Trimble, P F page 68 Children Verdo died WWI Lydia married A Mott May Sinclair Ralph Frank Edith Griffeth

Truman, Thomas T page 43 Died 1925 Born 1848 Illinois Married Josephine She died childbirth 11 children 1. Frank born1880 Carroll Co, Iowa married 1907 Butte to Anna Borrall 8 children: Marie- Hazel- Marian- Earl- Nellie- Don- Crystal- Darlene 2. Rose 3. Marion 4. Alvin 5. Etta 6. John 7. Orrin 8. James 9. Dora 10. Momer 11. George 12. Carl

Weber, Nicholaus page 29 Born Breda,Iowa 1882 Married 1905 Butte to Mae Sanders She born 1884 Dustin, Nebr 10 children 1. Delores- married Ray McKim 2. Leonard- died 1955 3. Sylvester 4. Thelma Mortzfield 5. Fritz 6. George 7. Don 8. Lucille 9. Vincent 10. Leander

Weber, William page 28 and 29 Married Anna 8 children: Arthur- Genevieve- Edgar- Joseph- Marie- Bart- Alice

Wesley, Charles page 64 and 65 and 66 Died 1942 Born Muscoda, Wis 1869 Married May 31,1898 in Atkinson to Mary Jonas She born Schuyler Co, Nebr 6 children- Emma Mauk- Grace Owens- Olive Baumeister- William Wesley- Leona Liewer- Edith Woodruff

Whitla, William page 69 Children Evelyn Kenneth died 1950 Married Flora Fleming 3 sons Myrna Fredericks Helen Fellers

Willard, Willis page 76 Grandchildren Sadie married Jesse Hupp Mary married Alfred Staples

Wills, W T page 35 and 36 Died March 25,1939 Wife died June 5,1920 6 children 1. Robert LeRoy died Nov 9,1918 WWI in France 2. Alice Marina married Guy C Thatcher 3. Lyman Tregloune died Sept 22,1963 4. Mary Esther 5. William Pooley 6. Esther Lauretta died 1908

Wilson, Robert Virgil page 40 Wife died 1952 6 children 1. Royal died 1945 2. Cecil died 1961 married Mildred Conn 8 children 3. Genevieve Priess 4. Chester married Maxine Carmichael 4 children 5. died in infancy 6. died in infancy

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