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Submitted by Joe Thurstenson

Location: High on the hillside along the road going out the North West corner of Anoka between the Peter Thurstenson home site and the School house.

"My home used to be about one mile north of Old Settlers and my grandfather, Peter Thurstenson was in on the beginnings of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Anoka (their home is still one of the few homes still standing in Anoka but is in the process of collapsing). Since you don't have names listed for these cemeteries, I am providing what I copied from the markers for you to add to your information if you so choose."

Map to Anoka Lutheran Cemetery

Anderson, Albert (1865 - 1948)

Anderson, Augusta C. (1868 - 1925)

Anderson, Emil (6/26/1887 - 1/20/1918) WWI casualty - grave moved to Highland Cemetery in Fairfax, SD in 1952

Danker, Maude Alta (1896 - 1994)

Danker, Paul Ferdinand (2/27/1867 - 4/16/1937)

Danker, Perlie Alice (5/12/1874 - 3/19/1960)

Hammerlun, Anna (10/3/1894 - 3/6/1929)

Johnson, Albert (1865 - 1936)

Johnson, Amanda (1873 - 1928)

Monson, Anna (1856 - 1930)

Monson, Olof (1859 - 1936)

Thomsen, Jacob (1/26/1859 - 8/26/1935)

Thomsen, Petra (6/12/1857 - 5/18/1936)

I know there must be unmarked graves here and if my research reveals those names in the future, I will get back with you.

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