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Old Settlers Cemetery, Anoka, Boyd county, Nebraska

Research by Duane Anderson, also Wade Anderson, and Joe Thurstenson; compiled and submitted by Wade.

(for an alphabetical list of those known interred here, see below)

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Old Settlers Cemetery is located about 2 mi. E and a mile N of Anoka, Boyd, NE, in NW corner of Section 36, Township 35, Range 13 West.

Founding members, 18 July 1910: Mrs. Hanna Anderson, John Anderson, MrMrs Nels P. Brood, Mr. H. Gustafson, John Hammerlun, Olaf Munson, J. A. Nordquist, L. A. Nordquist, Thomas Olson, Axel Peterson, Peter Thurstenson.

A cemetery association established by descendants of those interred funds the maintenance by the town of Butte. Messiah Lutheran congregation started (as a sod church, 1894-99) on a ridge just south of Old Settlers Cemetery.

Location: SE corner of 485 Ave and 907 Rd. Directions: Kenton Road north out of Anoka; turn onto 906 Road proceeding 1 mile to 485 Ave, then 1 mile north. Route: After going through Anoka on the oil road to the east, ½ mi. North, 1½ mi. East, and 1 mi. North. Description: from town there is a good oil road swinging a bit E and N, take it up the hill (NE of town) and basically follow it, heading N, then veering E, then a definite turn left to the N; after a hill or two, cemetery clearly visible at about 500 yards on the right of the road.

There are at least 9 unmarked graves. From lawyer Carl Schuman in Butte, copied by Ethel (Anderson) Schuman in 1965, there is a hand-drawn map and listings of names marked 'From the desk of Oscar Peterson'. What the numbers after the names are is uncertain. Carl was asked if the numbers might mean the number of graves or graves allotted, but he was not certain. There might also have been another similar if not identical map entitled 'Old Settlers Cemetery Sect 36-35-13 Boyd Co. Nebr. CW Whitehorn, Surveyor', which is a bit hard to read and no date indications of the map itself. In the order of the Oscar Peterson list (in bold; otherwise, additional info):

Olof Monson 2. Lot 2, Block 5.
Not buried here but at Anoka Lutheran Cemetery. Olaf Monson (1859-1936) & Anna Monson (1856-1930).

Peter Thurstenson 2 moved. Lot 1, Block 5.
No longer buried here. Plot 1 of section 5 is marked P.T. for Peter Thurstenson (2/6/1869 - 7/23/1941). Moved in 1952 to Highland Cemetery, Fairfax SD, when his wife died. Same regarding Peter's nephew and only kin in the US, Emil Anderson, son of one of Peter's half-sisters in Sweden, b. 26 June 1887 in Sweden, d. resulting from the flu epidemic 20 Jan 1918 at Camp Cody, New Mexico.

Axel Peterson 2. Lot 3, Block 5.
Mary Peterson (b. 2/4/1862, d. 4/8/1950) & Axel Peterson (b. 3/23/1863, d. 2/20/1936). Parents of Oscar Peterson. Each with own, good marker.

John Hammerlun 3. Lot 4, Block 5.
John Hammerlun (1860-1936) & wife Sena (1864-1945). Good marker. Herbert J. (b. 2/10/1902, d. 1/31/1918), son of John & Sena Hammerlun. Good marker. Sena came from Norway and first moved to Minnesota. John came from southern Sweden and was the son of Nils Hammerlun. Caroline Olson, Anna & Engri Brood were sisters of John.

Claudie Read (b. 7/27/1918, d. 8/7/1918), son of Claude Read & Anna Hammerlun (daughter of John & Sena Hammerlun). Good marker.

Hjalmer Nordquist 2. Lot 1, Block 6.
note: Hjalmar?

Nels Olson 2. Lot 2, Block 6.
No markers. The NW1/4 (plot 2) of Lot (section) 6 is marked on a cemetery map showing plot owner as "N.O.". This is Nels Olson (b. Jan 1844 at Hässlehult, Glimåkra, Sweden; d. 25 Jan 1923 in Anoka) & wife Hanna Jeppsdotter (b. 14 Oct 1847 at Östaröd, Glimåkra, Sweden; d. 07 Jan 1930 in Huston Twp., Gregory Co., SD). Their son, Thomas, was one of the founding members of the cemetery. They are buried north of Raymond C. Olson (not related) close to plot 2 of section 6, and due west of Johan A. Nordquist and Henry Emmertz, towards the east edge of the cemetery; about in the middle, perhaps a bit north.

Raymond C. Olson (b. 9/28/1902, d. 10/19/1919). Good marker.

Vernon Anderson (1920-1921), son of Ray W. and Edna I. Anderson, located south of Raymond Olson and between the two Olson ones.

Olof Olson 2. Lot 3, Block 6.
Olaf A. Olson (02 Feb 1863 in Sweden, d. 1931) & Caroline (22 Aug 1877 in Burt Co. NE, d. 1964). Plot 3 of section 6, marked on map “O.O.”. On one flat stone. Located south of Vernon Anderson.

Fred Arnold child. Lot 1, Block 12.
Guendolyn, daughter of Fred E. Arnold (b. 10/26/1918 - 8 days). Old marker.

Henry Gustafson 2. Lot 1, Block 1.
Henry Gustafson (b. 6/23/1852, d. 6/16/1910) & wife Elna (b. 9/12/1854, d. 2/6/1924). Good marker. They homesteaded the quarter across the road W. of the cemetery.

Andrew Brood, child 2. Lot 3, Block 1.

Andrew P. Brood 2. Lot 4, Block 1.
The APB in map section 1 is Andrew Peter Brood (Aug 1855-), father of Gilbert Brood (July 1889-).

Nels P. Brood 2. Lot 4, Block 1.
Nels P. Brood (March 1859-1940) & wife Anna Brood (Jan 1872-1966). Each with own, good marker.
The NPB on the map is Nils Peter Brood. The Cemetery is in the corner of their old homestead, which they sold for $5 to establish the cemetery. They later lived in the little house just E. of the church in Anoka. They had two daughters: Martha, born Aug 1891, taught school at Dist. 65, married a Dr. and lived in the East; Sadie, born March 1889, moved to California.

The 3 children below, all on one good marker, belonged to Andrew P. & Engri (Hammerlun) Brood who homesteaded 1/2 mile E. of the cemetery. They moved to White River, SD in the 1910s and are buried there. Notice all three died in 1900 during a flu outbreak.

    Mary Brood (1895-1900).
    Clara Brood (1896-1900).
    Wilfred Brood (1900-1900).

Peter Brood (Aug 1825-1923). Old marker. Peter was in the military in Sweden and his military name was Brod (the cleats on horse shoes); changed to Brood for pronunciation purposes.

John R. Brood (b. 5/8/1901, d. 5/19/1901), son of Nels P. and Anna Brood. Good marker.

Stenerson. ? Lot 1, Block 2.
No marker.

Hedman. ? Lot 4, Block 2.
No marker. note: Halman?

Keeler. Lot 2, Block 2.
Infant daughter of L. L. Keeler (4/4/1925). Old marker. The mother was Mabel Anderson Keeler, born March 1890, a sister of Aaron C. Anderson, below.

Anderson. Lot 2, Block 2.
Andrew Anderson & wife Hannah. They were parents of Aaron Charles, below.

Aaron Anderson 1. Lot 2, Block 2.
Aaron Charles Anderson (b. March 1880, d. 7/5/1909 at age 29) & Frederica Anderson (b. 9/8/1877, d. 11/24/1970). Each with own, good marker. They were parents of Ethel Schuman. Ethel and son Bob Schuman are buried just to the west, also with no markers.

Enoch Peterson 2. Lot 3, Block 2.
No marker. Enoch perhaps homesteaded the NE quarter of the same section as Henry Emmertz.

Johan Alfred Nordquist (b. 28 Feb 1828 in Sweden, d. 1911). Lot 6, Block 1. With good marker, along the E edge of cemetery.

Henry Emmertz, born 19 Jan 1857 in Sweden, died 25 Dec 1918. Lot 6, Block 1. With good marker, along the E edge of cemetery. He homesteaded a place which from the cemetery was 1 S., 1 E., 1 S. and 1/2 E. on the N. side.

Alphabetical List

Anderson, Aaron Charles (b. March 1880, d. 7/5/1909 at age 29).
Anderson, Andrew.
Anderson, Hannah (Mrs. Andrew Anderson).
Anderson, Frederica (b. 9/8/1877, d. 11/24/1970).
Anderson, Vernon (1920-1921).
Arnold, Guendolyn, (b. 10/26/1918 - 8 days).
Brood, Andrew Peter (Aug 1855-).
Brood, Anna (Jan 1872-1966).
Brood, Clara (1896-1900).
Brood, John R. (b. 5/8/1901, d. 5/19/1901).
Brood, Mary (1895-1900).
Brood, Nels P. (March 1859-1940).
Brood, Peter (Aug 1825-1923).
Brood, Wilfred (1900-1900).
Emmertz, Henry, born 19 Jan 1857 in Sweden, died 25 Dec 1918.
Gustafson, Elna (b. 9/12/1854, d. 2/6/1924).
Gustafson, Henry (b. 6/23/1852, d. 6/16/1910).
Hammerlun, John (1860-1936).
Hammerlun, Sena (1864-1945).
Hedman ?.
Keeler, L. L., infant daughter of, (4/4/1925).
Nordquist, Hjalmer.
Nordquist, Johan Alfred (b. 28 Feb 1828 in Sweden, d. 1911).
Olson, Caroline (22 Aug 1877 in Burt Co. NE, d. 1964).
Olson, Hanna Jeppsdotter (14 Oct 1847 at Östaröd, Glimåkra; d. 07 Jan 1930 in Huston Twp., Gregory Co., SD).
Olson, Nels (b. Jan 1844 at Hässlehult, Glimåkra, d. 25 Jan 1923 in Anoka).
Olson, Olaf A. (02 Feb 1863 in Sweden, d. 1931).
Olson, Raymond C. (b. 9/28/1902, d. 10/19/1919).
Peterson, Axel (b. 3/23/1863, d. 2/20/1936).
Peterson, Enoch.
Peterson, Mary (b. 2/4/1862, d. 4/8/1950).
Read, Claudie (b. 7/27/1918, d. 8/7/1918).
Schuman, Bob.
Schuman, Ethel.
Stenerson ?.

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