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Some Lutheran Churches in Anoka, Baker, Bristow, Butte, Doty, Spencer
Submitted and copyrighted © by Wade Anderson

Lutheran churches in Rosedale-Bristow and Baker, and variously Anoka and Dallas (Gregory Co. SD) were dual or tri-parishes.

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church (organized 13 Oct 1894, disbanded 1965) built late 1894 a 16×28' (4,9×8,5m) sod church on a high ridge off the road across the valley S of the cemetery on property, all part of the Nils & Anna Brood homestead, a northern part of which became in 1910 the Old Settler's Cemetery (Ware Twp., Sec 36 R13 T35). The sod church was nearly destroyed by fire - a blacksmith shop owner residing in the southwest corner of section 36 (NW corner of the intersection 1 mile S) was burning thistles one Sunday; Anna Brood was playing the organ which was by a window so she saw the fire and the congregation left their meeting to help put the fire out. A little mound where the sod walls settled back into the prairie might mark the location. In 1899 a 24×28' church was built by Messiah on purchased 2 acres (42ø59'26"N 098ø44'30"W) in Baker (its first frame church). The church was moved to School Dist. 52 in the NE corner of sec. 34, Ware Twp.; it was as a 2nd building and both still standing ca. 2003.

Messiah was often a joint pastorate with Rosedale Evangelical Lutheran Church (organized 14 Nov 1894, moved 1920 into Bristow itself, renamed Trinity Evangelical Lutheran in 1956). Messiah had its own pastor (1911-14), times (1920-27) with Evangelical Lutheran Bethlehem Congregation, Dallas SD (organized 03 Oct 1910, built 1913, dissolved 01 March 1952), and times (1927-) with Rosedale and Trinity Lutheran Church, Anoka (organized 17 December 1923 as a mission church of Messiah, 28 of its members joining to form Trinity; disbanded 1953 and reunited with Messiah).

Trinity Lutheran Church, Anoka
17 Dec 1923 (28 founding members):

Anderson, Ida (Kinman). (husband Frank W.; other children Maynard, Arden, Doris)
Anderson, Raymond. (son of Ida, above)
Anderson, Darold. (son of Ida, above)
Bergstrom, Inga, Mrs.
Erickson, August.
Erickson, Selma. (daughter of August)
Gustafson, Gust & Hulda.
Gustafson, Harvey & Cora. (children Elvera, Marvin, Carl, Henry)
Johnson, Albert & Amanda.
Johnson, Inez, Miss. (sister Viola Monson, below)
Johnson, Maybelle, Miss.
Kinman, Oscar & Ida. (sister Ida A., above; children Arline, Virgil)
Monson, John E. & Esther V. (Bengston) children Lowine, Luther, Donald
Monson, L. D. & Viola (Johnson).
Monson, Olof & Anna.
     Secretary, Deacon
Monson, Olof T. & Mangna (Gustafson).
Thurstenson, Peter & Ida. (children John Josef, Anna Marie)
Tishendorf, Elmer J. & Clara (Bengston). (sister Esther Monson, above).

Rosedale Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bristow (renamed Trinity)
14 Nov 1894 (27 founding members, + 51 children):

Anderson, Albert & Jacobina “Ena” (Jacobson), 2 children.
Anderson, John Magnus & Eva Charlotta, & 7 children.
Bengston, Arvid & Lovisa (Janson), 7 children.
     donated land, Deacon
Bengston, Charles & Bengta, 3 children.
Boman, Carl August & Christina Sofia (Tilly), 4 children.
Green, Gustaf.
     donated land, Trustee
Jacobson, Severt & Anna.
Johnson, Peter.
Johnson, Salomon & Ida, 9 children. (his sister Eva C. Anderson, above)
Nord, Anders (Andrew) Persson & Mathilda (Stenberg), 4 children.
Nygren, Andrew & Matilda, 3 children.
Odlund, Charles “Charley” & Christina, 6 children.
Samuelson, John & Lena, 2 children.
Westerberg, Gustaf Viktor.
     donated land. (brother Nels, below)
Westerberg, Nels “Pete” (Nils Petter) & Anna Matilda (Hager), children Edwin, Vida, Eva, Seth.
     donated land, Trustee

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baker
13 Oct 1894 (21 founding members):

Bergner, E. P. & Mrs. Trustee
Bergstrom, Jonas & Mrs. Deacon
Brood, Nils Peter. donated land
Brood, Peter. (son Nils, above)
Erickson, Carl (Charles). Deacon
Erlandson, Swan & Mrs.
Gustafson, Henry & Mrs. Secretary, Deacon
Hanson, Lars & Mrs.
Höglund, Peter O. & Mrs. Trustee
Karlson, Anna.
Nordquist, John Alfred
Olson, C. E.
Schill, Charles & Mrs.
Tranberg, Olof & Mrs. Trustee

Norwegian Lutheran congregations
Source: Norlie, O. M., Norske lutherske menigheter i Amerika, 1843-1916 / samlet av Pastor Olaf Morgan Norlie; med bistand av pastorerne T.O. Tolo, D. Kvaase, K. A. Kasberg [og andre]. Minneapolis, Minn.: Augsburg, 1918. 2 vols., p. 1077. Trans. Wade Anderson.

Doty Preaching Place.
Boyd Co., Neb. Norske Synod, 1885-86? Begun 1885. Ceased 1886? Pastor: P. T. Hilmen, 1884-85. 130 miles from pastor's home parsonage.

Egen Evangelical Lutheran Congregation.
Doty, Boyd Co., Neb. United Norwegian Lutheran Church 1891-1903? Organized 1891. Dissolved 1903? 41 members in 1891, 20 in 1897, 3 in 1903. Pastors: E. T. Quam, 1891-94; Edias Nielsen, 1897-03. Official in 1892: Secretary, Hege Aarhus; in 1901, Secretary, John Aaarhus.

Høglund congregation.
Butte City, Boyd Co., Neb. Not affiliated with United Norwegian Lutheran Church, 1892-94? Organized August 1892. Dissolved 1894? 31 members in 1892. Pastor: E. T. Quam, 1892-94. Official in 1892: Secretary, E. Westerlund.

Rosendal congregation.
Spencer, Boyd Co., Neb. Not affiliated with United Norwegian Lutheran Church, 1892-94? Organized August 1892. Dissolved 1894? 43 members in 1892. Pastor: E. T. Quam, 1892-94. Official in 1892: Secretary, Jno. Andersen.

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